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Here's what you need to know about the Facebook Marketplace app. I've been using Facebook Marketplace for iPhone over the last few weeks and have found this unexpected discovery that you need to know.
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What is Facebook Marketplace?
The idea is that you can use it to buy and sell items in your local area. You can use the Facebook Marketplace app on your iPhone or Android by simply opening the normal facebook app and then clicking the Marketplace icon at the bottom. If you are on your computer then you just click the "Facebook Marketplace" tab on the left-hand side of Facebook.
It's completely free to use which gives it huge bonus points over eBay. You can buy or sell almost anything from unwanted possessions, houses to cars. You can even find a job there!
I've been using Facebook Marketplace over the last couple of weeks during my house move to sell some of my things. I have been completely mind-blown by how quickly it's been to list and then sell my things. Most of my items were sold and collected within 24-hours. Seriously crazy.
I think you are missing an opportunity by not selling products on Facebook Marketplace. Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge fan of it and for good reason. Copy what the top people are doing and start taking advantage of it now!
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Comments 13
❶Grim Reaper
❶Grim Reaper Month ago
Question if u guys know Facebook marketplace ride sharing I gotta ask.... does it cost a credit card?
Daniel Franco
Daniel Franco 2 months ago
Do u get scammed
Gamerxpro 13
Gamerxpro 13 2 months ago
I bought an iphone 11 pro max off someone on Facebook and he told me he ships because he is in Michigan and told his brother to come and meet him and collect the money after that the guy went to the post to drop off the phone and told it will be delivered tomorrow Saturday 5pm after i went back home checked my mailbox and checked inside my house not there why was my phone not delivered pls help me. I want my money back
Dale Shortt
Dale Shortt 2 months ago
Gamerxpro 13 talk to Thecyberlord. C o m
Jeff Gazetti
Jeff Gazetti 3 months ago
IF a retail store uses FBM to list a queen mattress and the price says $40 but when you click on it the description reads $40 “down” then I should be able to sue that store and get a brand new queen set for $40.
truth Savage
truth Savage 3 months ago
I don't understand why all these RUvidr are saying how great FB marketplace is.. It only good for a very select few areas of products.. So many buyers message you and ask "is it still available" then they never respond again.. I have had some select success with FBM but I wouldn't give it an A rating.. Maybe a B- at best..
Jeff Gazetti
Jeff Gazetti 3 months ago
I totally agree. You just described the majority of it’s users perfectly
Emilio Palermo
Emilio Palermo 3 months ago
How can I see the rating of a potential buyer?
Noemi Duque
Noemi Duque 4 months ago
Great video thank you for sharing so much info. I am new to Marketplace, at what point do you share your address as a seller. Def clear about cash only😂. Thanks again
Relic Picker
Relic Picker 5 months ago
Hey do me a favor just in case Zuckerberg didn’t hear that it shouldn’t be free can you email him because I really do want to pay.
Gus Oliver
Gus Oliver 5 months ago
I sold a pair of doors and a friend of mine from 11000 miles away said nice doors. It’s bad that everyone sees what you are up to.
Sean Berg
Sean Berg 2 months ago
yes would like to find a solution for this
Start Starting Up
Start Starting Up 6 months ago
Have you joined my RUvid Money-Making Academy yet?! 👉 bit.ly/youtubeacad - 20% OFF using the code 20RUvidOFF
Moth’s Mummy
Moth’s Mummy 7 months ago
I was watching this to find out what tags are. You haven’t explained
protolexis 8 months ago
Sorry Greg but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Ive been using Fb marketplace for a year now here in NYC and it’s a steaming pile of garbage. Everyone lowballs you, people are constantly flaking on you, and potential buyers will message you once then never respond even though I can clearly see they read my message; I could go on... I will say though, cell phones and Mac products are the only things that I’m able to sell quickly, the rest typically takes weeks for me to sell off. I’ve had waaay more success with apps like OfferUp and LetGo. They’re way more reliable in my area.
Whywyemee 8 months ago
I agree.I am in Los Angeles. Most adverts are not honest and truthful. People wanting roommates post in all housing sections and clog up my search for non-shared housing. Auto sellers will post a low price in the title and then state a higher price in the complete description. If I sense anything too low to be true then it is deceptive-just like Craig'slist. Useless and a waste of time.
Start Starting Up
Start Starting Up 8 months ago
Interesting. I'll have to check out those apps. We have very different experiences. Every product I listed (that got interest) was sold and collected within 48 hours. Yes, I had people message and then flake on me - but I expected that to happen. I basically dealt with this by agreeing to the sale to multiple people but on a first-come, first-served basis. I queued the collections up to a specific time slot within my day and the first person (of many prospects) to arrive got the sale. Some items didn't sell for me to though, but that's just the nature of business.
Mahidur Rahman
Mahidur Rahman 9 months ago
Welcome back Greg!
Start Starting Up
Start Starting Up 9 months ago
@Mahidur Rahman the same at the moment. Check out lasts week's video for a financial update ;)
Mahidur Rahman
Mahidur Rahman 9 months ago
@Start Starting Up Then what is the status of your income, Increase or decrease?
Start Starting Up
Start Starting Up 9 months ago
Mahidur Rahman hi 👋 Thanks! It’s good to be back!
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