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How on earth do you follow something like the McLaren F1? Nearly 30 years on, Gordon Murray has the answer: the £2.5m, 650bhp T.50 hypercar. And who better a person to talk you and Top Gear magazine’s Jack Rix through these two incredible cars, than the man himself? Prepare to have your mind blown.
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Aug 4, 2020




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Comments 100
Top Gear
Top Gear 2 months ago
You heard right... 980kg. That's 2161 lbs, USA. The same weight as a Mk1 Mazda MX5, but with 3x the cylinder count. This is an impressive machine.
Fam Fam
Fam Fam 10 days ago
A bit heavier than my old Renault 5TS with around 60hp; amazing job guys !!
sssniper Dog
sssniper Dog 11 days ago
Anyone else hear Richard Hammond when you close your eyes an listen to this video. Sounds exactly like him.
Stéphane Brandes
Stéphane Brandes 16 days ago
Image this interview done by Jeremy Clarckson ... would look like two old pals talking about an ex-girlfriend
An NA Miata with that kind of power, and no driver aids? That's insanity.
Robert Douglas
Robert Douglas Month ago
Dave Chez q
kheen01 13 hours ago
Gordon needs to make cheaper, more attainable cars for the everyday man
aydan khaliq
aydan khaliq 19 hours ago
We should keep his brain in a case like Einstein.
tfw no gf
tfw no gf 4 days ago
650 horsepower from a 4 liter, naturally aspirated engine. Just flabbergasting.
TheMadYetti 4 days ago
I hope his approach to touchscreens will be adopted by everyone
Nine Dragons
Nine Dragons 4 days ago
may be a great engineer, but absolutely insufferable narcissism on display
Julian And friends
Question: would you get the mclaren f1 or this car
Norbert Golo
Norbert Golo 5 days ago
Why is the logo the same as coat of arms for Warsaw, Poland? Gordon, sir please build the next hussarya.
Lil AngeLz
Lil AngeLz 5 days ago
I love the 93 better
YOUAINT POOP 5 days ago
Anthony Kurtz
Anthony Kurtz 5 days ago
wow, what I would do for a day with this masterpiece
Christopher Robin Garrish
7:00 I was thinking did the tail lights come from a Bedford Truck? ......listen.
Christopher Robin Garrish
4:00 get am old BMW for that.
Christopher Robin Garrish
Bespoke has never found a better friend.
Thunderbolt 5 days ago
Just amazing engineering and what an enterprising explanation he gives of the technology and someone who understands each inch of the car.. hats off
Mark Key
Mark Key 5 days ago
Proof that just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Putting a touchscreen in something that will wrap your head around a telephone pole isn't considered proper form.
GetUpFalcon 5 days ago
Jack is a presenter, not a petrolhead.
John P
John P 6 days ago
T50 is a cool car. Ugly tho
Damian S
Damian S 6 days ago
This guy’s presentation reminds me of Hammond... Minus any of the charisma.
jastanger 7 days ago
It's irritating to me when interviewers say, "Yep." or "Uh-huh" after every point the person being interviewed makes, as if they already knew exactly what they were telling them.
CDaniel J80
CDaniel J80 5 days ago
I would have preferred GM just talking to the camera, the interviewer almost felt like he was posturing for more camera time.
Skeptical Skeksis
Not so sure about the styling... brilliant engine. Wait it has three peddles?
Skeptical Skeksis
I’m happy to here Cosworth is build the engine.
pablo rages
pablo rages 7 days ago
Ford had a car called the T50
pablo rages
pablo rages 7 days ago
They are going to sell as many as they want to make
Jay Jong-Soo Kim
Jay Jong-Soo Kim 9 days ago
Hearing all these details of F1 and the new car from the man himself is amazing. Great clip!
Adam Gibson
Adam Gibson 9 days ago
I think I like this guy. Demands respect
Guide504 10 days ago
Still prefer the F1, the latest thing looks bloated and proportionally challenged.
matt baker
matt baker 10 days ago
asmr !
Juha kivimäki
Juha kivimäki 10 days ago
this would have been so much better with may doing the interview
GRIM Mako 11 days ago
Mclaren f1 and f1 gtr long tail the most beautiful cars I have ever seen and will probably never own
sssniper Dog
sssniper Dog 11 days ago
Anyone else hear Richard Hammond when they listen to this video with there eyes closed????
Gary Day
Gary Day 11 days ago
Gordon murray's my new best friend
M79 Ba11Dog
M79 Ba11Dog 13 days ago
" Engineering work of Art " - GM on T50 -
booptidyscoop 14 days ago
I could listen to him talking about paint drying for hours
SSG Live
SSG Live 14 days ago
This guy is best car designer of our time
Hayward Glazing
Hayward Glazing 14 days ago
sorry ...the fan at the back............................NA
Martin Howell
Martin Howell 15 days ago
But the f1 wasn't the best analogue super car
WooF 15 days ago
well I think Koenigsegge got they idea ...
John Smith
John Smith 16 days ago
No offense but the price of the car is ridiculous. 10 times the price of a Porsche 911 Turbo S??? Come on. What makes it so costly??? High revs? Less weight? Rear fan? All that can't cost an extra 2.3 million Pounds. No way.
SPOILER007 16 days ago
A true driver’s car. Launch-Control, paddle-shift fanboys need not apply.
Smack 2
Smack 2 17 days ago
The steering wheel is hideous.
crazy waters
crazy waters 18 days ago
What a f****g LEGEND, the only car designer/maker who gets to see his work being appreciated like rare works of art while he's stil alive!
brucel337 19 days ago
If I could change anything about the F1's shape, I wouldn't!
sasquatch foote
sasquatch foote 20 days ago
F1, P1 and a T50. Now I need a rich relative 😁
T Dalb
T Dalb 20 days ago
Man designs the most incredible car of it's time. Top dog for 15 years. Still bothered spine down rear window is 15 millimeters too wide. Obsess much?
Nils Svensson
Nils Svensson 20 days ago
One of the last great automobiles before the greenie, generic electric BS will start to take over. Masterpiece.
Don Raggo
Don Raggo 21 day ago
Gordon Murray is a nutter !! :O
EJ Rescue
EJ Rescue 23 days ago
When a young man is "not allowed" to shake the hand of one of his wise old hero's and express one of the most basic of man to man gestures of mutual respect and love. How dehumanised and foolish have we become?
Nils Svensson
Nils Svensson 20 days ago
Thats the modern age.
M DS 24 days ago
It’s not a stunner of a car looks wise, but a small lightweight 12,000 RPM v12 manual with center driving position? If this isn’t the best drivers car ever... I don’t know what can be.
Mike A
Mike A 24 days ago
Mr. Murray could have charged $5 million each and they'd still sell out.
Josh 25 days ago
Still tho... 2.5mil for *only* 650hp?
Le-WiiSs 25 days ago
Personally I don't like the look of the placement of the fan. it looks oddly placed
Play GT
Play GT 26 days ago
Murray T.50 and Murray T.50S
fen 26 days ago
I'm not sure but I get the feeling that this guy is quite clever
szamanistic realistic
My last thought at the end of the video was exactly the same. Just go buy a huge amount of lottery tickets before they all sell out... Never had that kind of thought when thinking of a car before.
Fridge Rack
Fridge Rack 28 days ago
Its an almost perfect refresh but the back is hideous.
youssef adami
youssef adami 28 days ago
T50 is f1 with c19 virus. Too late Gordon when you see Bugatti pagani koenigssegg mclaren. For sure the F1 LM is the best made by men
k1rpa1 29 days ago
I'm waiting for the video of Chris Harris driving this thing
rajiv palshikar
rajiv palshikar Month ago
Mr. Murray seems similar to Gyro the gearloose from Disney’s Ducktales, comes up with some insanely elite technology, at the same time his hairstyle and features resemble duckworth from the same series
PizzaFace 459
PizzaFace 459 Month ago
He talks about wanting his cars to be as comfortable as possible yet McLaren has one of the worst seats
the Best there Is
Bruhh I’m pretty sure I heard somewhere that the only way to service a McLaren F1 is to ship it to England. It’s a beautiful car but a nightmare to own one. If I am wrong somebody please feel free to correct me.
Manifest Destiny
Thanks for another great video! Having just watched a vdeo of the earlier produced Pagani Huayra ruvid.net/video/video-WnyPtKQKP3Y.html&ab_channel=DougDeMuro it's interesting to hear Murray seem to 'softly bag' the Pagani, as I feel his team clearly used the Huayra as a benchmark for the T.50. When you compare the gear change in particular, this area seems identical to the much earlier Huayra. I like the cleaner and less cluttered dash in the T.50, but to criticise the Pagani is silly. The Huayra is a stunning vehicle, and such an awesome achievement. The T.50 is too, but I do not like the huge 'external to bodywork' fan, which to me makes the T.50 look like it's had some unwanted attention in the prison showers too many times. It seems that across videos of the new T.50 the interviewers are in awe of the car and Murray's team's achievement (as they should be), but that this fan area at the back needs to be criticised as a seriously poor design element. Surely the fan capability could have been executed in a way to keep it behind the bodywork, rather than 'out and proud' as it is. I suspect this will be passed of as an homage to the track fan cars of yesteryear, but to me, it's nowhere near good enough.
Fahad Hashmi
Fahad Hashmi Month ago
This will be the all time greatest. Mark my words
ODELLIN Month ago
Zonda from the back, Ferrari from every other angle. It's a nice enough looking car, but it's not original or timeless at all. Where are all the great coachbuilders these days? I can't think of a single car in the past 20 or so years that has knocked me over like design used to. All so soulless and cookie cutter. Also.....is the stick always on the right????? A British car with a right hand stick? hmmmmmmm
Oven King
Oven King Month ago
BBC sucks. Down with this sort of thing! Carful now!
Outland Month ago
I would bet the person who bought that XP3 also has their name down for a T50.... What a pair to have in your garage!
James Yoh
James Yoh Month ago
Just a direct comparison, the PRODUCTION Ferrari SF90 has 986hp carrying the CURB weight of 3500 lb. It comes to 3.55 lb/hp. The T50 has 650 hp. In order to have the same power to weight ratio as the Ferrari SF90, the T50 could have CURB weight at 2307 lb. The rumored DRY weight is 980 kg or 2156 lb. adding the water in the radiator, oil and fuel, easily add another 150 lb. So basically, the T50 cost $2.5 million dollars has the same power to weight ratio of the PRODUCTION Ferrari SF90 cost $507k dollars. You figure.
Nils Svensson
Nils Svensson 20 days ago
Performance stats aren't the things that make cars fascinating.
James Yoh
James Yoh Month ago
The rear fan is down right ugly. The shape is lack of design element, nothing to write home about. The F1 was a first in that era, but since then, there are lots more exciting design and models from many manufactures. Getting rid of weight does not come to $2.5 million price tag. Anything goes wrong, they will sooner or later, no parts will be available at any price since the survival of this tiny manufacture is not certain. Lousy deal.
Mateus Aurelius
Mateus Aurelius Month ago
This man needs to be knighted!..
earthstick Month ago
Wouldn't surprise me if the reason why the competition make cars that look ever increasingly outrageous and fashionable is exactly so that they go out of fashion in a few years. They have to keep selling cars.
Jullien Ricot
Jullien Ricot Month ago
Maclaren is KING
this is boring
Em Ayoub
Em Ayoub Month ago
Mizilytech Month ago
I want to hear its 12000rpm v12 symphony. And this seating positions are correct. Many cars (especially supercars) should have driver seat in the middle. I have dreams of building my own supercars and luxury cars that sounds like a Ferrari, but, gasoline cars are disappearing and this car is one of the last best gasoline cars. Everyone is saying their last words before the age of beautifully sounding gasoline cars being closed. The companies that I will be most disappointed after switching to electric will be Ferrari and BMW. I will miss to see cars like Ferrari F12 Berlinetta\F430, BMW M4\M3\M6\E92M3\E34M5\, Lexus LFA\ISF\GSF\GS350\GS460. I think, HONDA should show what they can build just for driver experience and build a car like piece of art without concerning about fuel economy, things like that. Because I am waiting for a good high revving N\A V6s, big V8s, V12s. Their 2 liter straight 4 is a very good engine but, when they will make bigger engines? I like the HONDA but apart from NSX their cars don't sound good even though they are built well. I think, they must do something like LFA, because roaring car's era is about to close and HONDA should do it. It might be a next NSX with a v16 or completely new model. NSX and CIvic TYPE R are one of the best cars I have ever seen. HONDA deserves to make bigger engine cars like Mercedes 4 liter v8 amgs or NA Ferraries. I guess they do not want to compete them but before everything will be electric, I want to see a new better NSX with big engine that sounds like a syphony or a car like Mercedes AMG's or an unusual car.
PadmaNaidu Payavula
It was Tiff Needell and Jeremy Clarkson They Were driving it
netweed09 Month ago
Eww. It looks like 'the Homer', lol
Tatsuya Kato
Tatsuya Kato Month ago
Watching Clarkson rant about bicycles is so much more entertaining than the new Top Gear. I will give you this though, the new Top Gear is close to being half as good as the old one with the amazing trio oh Hammond, May, and Clarkson.
John Techwriter
John Techwriter Month ago
Koenigsegg: "No way that thing will Hoover around corners faster than my cars!" Chaparral: " Hold my beer."
Optimus Prime
Optimus Prime Month ago
nah the t.50 will not beat a koenigsegg
Domonkos Ludvig
Domonkos Ludvig Month ago
I just want to say, that I would like it if other car manufacturers would make cars as beautiful as this car and ditch the crysis power armor desing (lots of ugly triangles).
Annoying B'stard
I was never a Clarkson fan but....god bring him back. This is dire.
Nils Svensson
Nils Svensson 20 days ago
Clarkson is the man.
Soundwave Superior
"This is another race I don't understand. Why we need a 6 or 7 or 8 litre engine." *Christian Von Koenigsegg nods in 2.0 litre Gemera*
amarjit singh
amarjit singh Month ago
@Soundwave Superior uk.motor1.com/news/431835/maserati-nettuno-engine-specs-revealed/ The new Maserati SC20 3.0L V6 engine has 630hp!? LOL!?
amarjit singh
amarjit singh Month ago
@Soundwave Superior The examples I gave were straight apples to apples!? One is 1.6L and the other is 2.0L compared to the 2.0L engine you like!? So why are you bringing a 3.0L engine into consideration!? OK I'll bite give me a minute!?
Soundwave Superior
@amarjit singh and now the new Nissan Z with a six cylinder which would be about 3L will make 400+ hp
amarjit singh
amarjit singh Month ago
@Soundwave Superior Oh and I forgot even the little mass production Mercedes Benz Amg A45 hatchback produces 420hp!? You got to admire those Germans that's insane engineering!?
amarjit singh
amarjit singh Month ago
@Soundwave Superior Oh you changed your comment about reading into something completely different. LOL!
MaverickFor44 Month ago
I love it when he talks about all the flaws in the F1. So many people talk about it like it's The Pieta. It's refreshing that a humble Michelangelo can say, "I did mess up on some of the folds and wrinkles in the fabric."
mclaren viper
mclaren viper Month ago
Best of the best.. greatest ever supercar
Mike Turnbull
Mike Turnbull Month ago
Doesn’t look good....like the super car in the 90s
K OB Month ago
Probably the most British car review ever, with the English version of Christian Von Koenigsegg.
Dino Dino
Dino Dino Month ago
Sorry I no Ken c from my rokecs by
Dino Dino
Dino Dino Month ago
Dino Dino
Dino Dino Month ago
Please let me know
Dino Dino
Dino Dino Month ago
Sey Good working from you Big Bo's by
Muhammad Sabree Bin Junaidi
I love the way Gordon Murray explained all the technology in the car, as if everthing is so easy and simple for him, all the while acknowledging the shortcomings of his previous ceation. I noticed usually engineers love to brag about their creation, but he is not at all boastfull, just calmly explaining about the car. Sign of true Intellligent.
Jon P
Jon P Month ago
I still like the F1 styling better. They have defeated the performance with new technologies and the interior design, but not the outside styling. If appearance is the measurement or gauge for super/hypercars, then the F1 still holds the throne. Well that's just me ofcourse... 😊
Saltire Month ago
Thats got to be Tiff in the old clips, throwing it around like the hooligan he is! :D
octane Month ago
for car guys, this is the Pope.
Jim Dinner
Jim Dinner Month ago
@ 28:47 - The brake caliper has the bleeder on the bottom and crossover tube on the top. On my planet, air settles on the top of a liquid.
dᴉlℲ Month ago
I always think of the two girls I'd have in those seats if I owned that car, which I never will. His reasoning for not wanting buttons on the steering wheel doesn't make sense. If they aren't on the wheel then you've got to move your hand much farther from wheel not to mention when they are on the wheel you don't need to remove your hands to push them, everybody knows you just use your thumbs. He said the only thing in common with the F1 is the three seats? What about how they look so similar in the front view, or the fan in the back. Oh and you can't forget they are both absolutely epic cars. Quite a bit is still the same but what do I know I'm not a designer engineer.
CRISTIN P perrerra
Can you plzz join me your team 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Vermillion Toaster
The fact this man is shown what he created and experienced his legacy. But has no ego in rattling off issues of his vehicle. Many of which they barely asked, he is humble and kind. Forever much respect!
Kevin Kevin
Kevin Kevin Month ago
Wait a minute! that's not Richard Hammond!
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