The Secret to Solving Problems | Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen
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Sometimes the key to your breakthrough lies in helping someone else reach theirs. When you bless others, God will make sure to bless you.
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Jul 13, 2020




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lance delacruz
lance delacruz 27 minutes ago
Properity preaching at it's finest.
Mai Her
Mai Her 12 hours ago
Thank you Pastoe Joe Osteen, your preaching is very helping me, God blessing you!
Rosey Hudson
Rosey Hudson 14 hours ago
Thank you Lord for this encouraging message given to us by Pastor Joel. May God bless him and his family.
Shannon Grreene
Shannon Grreene 16 hours ago
Thank you Joel for the message ☺️
Sonida Svay
Sonida Svay 17 hours ago
❌We not supporting and not sale for communist Government dictators 🇨🇳
Sonida Svay
Sonida Svay 17 hours ago
Can’t abusing this. 👈
Prizel Joan
Prizel Joan 23 hours ago
God bless you I like to hear to your voice every morning before I did not go to work your word from your mouth is power full
Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen 23 hours ago
Thanks for your sincere compliment and love, I’m not complete without you as my Fan 🌹 I have you to be most thankful for 🌹🌹
Kate Anthony
Kate Anthony Day ago
This message encourages me to continue doing good to people even though I don't know them ,God is a rewarder of doing good to others. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💕💕👍👍👌🏾👌🏾.
King Kosher
King Kosher Day ago
lovely and simple message from the throne of God. Thank you Pastor I love you.
Neiwuseu lasuh Lasuh
Watching from Nagaland , India. God is good all the time and all the time God is good .. Praise God !!
the steel
the steel 2 days ago
Im here for my grandma. She doesnt want to eat, she said the food was tasteless... God, help us. Help my grandma... Amen pls pray for my grandma plsssss🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Stacy Austvold
Stacy Austvold 3 days ago
Joel Osteen knows exactly what GOD has planned and he says it the way you actually understand Thank you GOD for blessing us to have him guide us through things we never thought we would have to live through and Thank you GOD for blessing us to have a family we love and loves us in ways they may not even know they do AMEN
María Elena Lobaton
God bless you, warm regards from NYC!
Tony Alexander
Tony Alexander 4 days ago
Amen 🙏 I pray to become 🙏 🙌 one with the Lord. Praise God🙏👏🙌💪😇
Haruna Kagawa
Haruna Kagawa 4 days ago
So blessed for all the messages of Pastor Joel it encourages me a lot to serve God. God bless you Pastor
Avelina Kumar
Avelina Kumar 4 days ago
This message is the good a message and I'm going to start to pray for people and also my neighbors
Lalita Jairam
Lalita Jairam 4 days ago
pawan kumar
pawan kumar 5 days ago
Matthew 6:33 But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.But Joel India is not Freedom From BAMCEF.
Anntonio Star
Anntonio Star 5 days ago
Joel Osteen show has been able to change my life God bless you ❤️🙏
Pauline Boothe
Pauline Boothe 5 days ago
AMEN Amen Jesus
Pauline Boothe
Pauline Boothe 5 days ago
AMEN pastor so true I that how God work
kaingu nawa
kaingu nawa 5 days ago
best message
Ruth Zepeda
Ruth Zepeda 5 days ago
Ruth Zepeda November 21, 2020 Path to Success in Life: Consistent Self-Discipline In life, we are raised to gather information. From at-home, to school work, to what the job demands, or to even simple things we do daily in life. But all of the work you do doesn't matter without consistent self-discipline. It takes consistent self-discipline to achieve any goals. Applied knowledge is better than knowledge itself. Doesn’t matter what you know, if you don’t use it. Once we’ve applied your knowledge, we must study the results of that process. Apply your knowledge, study the results, refine your approach and desire worthy admirable results. You must first master consistent self-discipline within the art of setting goals, time management, leadership and relationships. From brushing your teeth every morning and night to have pearly white teeth, to working hard to get the raise you want, you have to develop habits of consistent self-discipline to work for yourself, with others and for getting the job done. Fuel your ambition with the positive reinforcement of continued progress of good habits, which will expand into achievements and upward success. Consistent self-discipline will change your habits for the better, as they are formed every day, becoming instinctive. You must remove the complex bad habits you have developed and increase your self-discipline to set new habits. You need discipline to set plans, execute your plans and it takes discipline to look objectively at your plans and change your plans when necessary. If you don't work on having consistent self-discipline, it will be almost impossible to not only complete any work you want to do but just to have a normal, enjoyable life. If you don’t stay consistently disciplined, you will be consistently frustrated. Not having a strong self-discipline will have your passion taken away from you by something called procrastination. Procrastination is the complete opposite of self-discipline. If our awareness and implementations occur at the same time, then we begin a value sequence of disciplined activity. If you let major time pass by between your moment of awareness and implementations, that is procrastination. Procrastination can be the cause of bad habits. Like pushing something for tomorrow when it can be done today. Consistent self-discipline is telling yourself that you can do it today and you always do your best. Then do the same thing the next day, but even better. The rewards for self-discipline can be often delayed until sometime in the future, the rewards for the lack of discipline are immediate. You may think the implications of procrastination will be minor in comparison to the immeasurable rewards of consistent self-discipline. Do you want to procrastinate and have fun at the beach, or be self-disciplined and owning the beach? Consistent self-discipline means you do what you have to do every time. Doing this will keep you from straying to the wrong path. Everything starts with and finishes with you. You must block all negative thoughts in you that will prevent you from your goal. It’s natural for the human ego to speak to all of us, the voice of ego will sometime say “I should magnify our value beyond our results” which will lead us to not being honest and exaggerate the results with our self and other. Once others discover you have exaggerated the truth, you will lose credibility. Once they discover this about you, they will always view you as an exaggerator. It takes discipline to accept a loss and to learn from it to prevent it from happening again. It takes strong self-discipline to break habits and turn it around to your own benefit. It will take discipline to not be prideful and remember that you can be right and wrong. Your ego’s pride can cause negative thoughts and distraction. Work on your self-discipline every single day to eliminate the negative energy from others and any chance of self-doubt. Self-doubt will keep you from accomplishing almost anything. True discipline is not an easy option. Waiting is always easier than acting. The society that we live in though makes the easiest paths in life unprofitable. While the path to profitable will always seem more difficult. The constant battle on earth is the battle between the life of ease with its in the moment rewards and the life of discipline with its far more profitable rewards. Both come at a price, you must choose between the price of discipline or the price of regret. Don’t depend on the voice of regret which will lead you to procrastination. Never underestimate what comes in your path and to face it head on with a positive attitude and focused mindset. Consistent self-discipline is the true path to success. “Procrastination is the easy life for which the future will bear no fruit, only the bare branches of mediocrity.” - Jim Rohn “There are hundreds of young men who would die for the truth, but very few who would spend 5 years studying what the truth is.” - Dostoyevsky
Neehar Bansy
Neehar Bansy 5 days ago
Please pray for me. I'm preparing for my semester exam
Chris Fisher
Chris Fisher 5 days ago
I wonder why ministers never preach the reconciliation. It's one of the most important steps in getting into heaven. Jesus did say it's a narrow road
Hot Taint
Hot Taint 5 days ago
Dear God, please stop me from drinking anymore.
HAMIN works
HAMIN works 5 days ago
Say, "He is [who is] One / the Eternal Refuge / He neither begets nor is born,/ Nor is there to Him any equivalent." - Surah Al Ikhlas - Al Quran. >> TO ALL Human kind..Aaamminn
HAMIN works
HAMIN works 5 days ago
Say, "He is [who is] One / the Eternal Refuge / He neither begets nor is born,/ Nor is there to Him any equivalent." - Surah Al Ikhlas - Al Quran. >> TO ALL Human kind..Aaamminn
HAMIN works
HAMIN works 5 days ago
Say, "He is [who is] One / the Eternal Refuge / He neither begets nor is born,/ Nor is there to Him any equivalent." - Surah Al Ikhlas - Al Quran. >> TO ALL Human kind..Aaamminn
Sibusiso miti
Sibusiso miti 5 days ago
Am very much encourage by this message God bless you
Nadya Omar
Nadya Omar 5 days ago
Nice lecture...I am your fan since I was studying in India (2016).... I am a Muslim woman from Iraq.
olaoye favour
olaoye favour 6 days ago
Have always being helping others but things are happening around me I was already giving up. But this message has encourage me to keep going. Amen
mayela make-up&stuff
I can't wait till this pandemic ends to go go Houston and see joel live. He changed my life. God bless all of you reading this message
David Hernandez
David Hernandez 4 days ago
This virus can only be stop by God not man. 1John proves this of depending on God. Read about what King David did n made God very very very angry
اكرم حسن
اكرم حسن 6 days ago
أكيد يوجد احتفالات أخرى مولد سيدنا يسوع المسيح الملك والأنبياء والمرسلين وسيدات نساء العالمين والجمعه العظيمه وحفلات الميلاد وحفلات الختان للذكور حصرا ومناسبات أخرى عديدة
Rois Al
Rois Al 6 days ago
I'm Joan in Uganda please pray for me I need a marriage break through I need prayers, I need financial assistance , I pray to get capital of atleast 7000$ in Jesus name +256709854197 thank you
CHIBUEZE DUNU 7 days ago
joseph is a good man that is why Jesus is his earth father
Jessica Kongba
Jessica Kongba 7 days ago
Thanks a lot for this wonderful message. May God keep on increasing you in your ministry dad. Stay blessed!
Maryam Abdulsalaam
Thank you Joel for all you and your family did for us. I will never forget. Marsha
preeti nand
preeti nand 7 days ago
I am sad, i want a baby
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner 7 days ago
Thank you God...thank you precious jesus..🙏
Niddy Gardner
Niddy Gardner 7 days ago
Thank you God for helping me through this rough path in egypt...help me to overcome 🙏 😢 in jesus powerful name 🙌 🙏❤♥....
Mr E
Mr E 7 days ago
I have been encouraged and strengthened not to give up on doing good. I also got reminded of a gentleman who needed funds to renew his work permit and i also was due for renewing my work permit as well. I gave him the money instead to go ahead and renew. Some months later i was called for a job interview with a better remuneration. Guess what, i was the only candidate called for interview on that post. God does not mince on His Word.
Elizabeth Shoniran
Thank you so much Sir. God bless you
Sweet Jesus
Sweet Jesus 7 days ago
Forgive&u will be Forgiven by God.Judge&u too shall be judged by that same law of God.The choice is urs.Choose Life.Choose Mercy.Choose free Grace in Jesus Crucified.This is True Love💓Matthew18:21-35 This will bless&free you🥰
Jessie Guzman
Jessie Guzman 8 days ago
This pact is true, that's all i have to say
annehanna Nduriri
Thank you very much Pastor Joel Osteen, I'm so much bless by your sermon, Surely today I will be surrounded by over flow, increase, Divine Favour, breakthrough, healing, miracles, great and Mighty things, I will lend and not borrow, my territories will be enlarged In The Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ.
Lilia Ferguson
Lilia Ferguson 8 days ago
Pastor Joel you are a blessing to so many people. Thank you.
SOMAH HEZOL 8 days ago
This is the life purpose to love thy God and our neighbours. Let's don't forget this Nature law. God bless you Pastor Joel Osteen...
Dinesh Doley
Dinesh Doley 8 days ago
Thank u sir,plz pray for my family and ministry that we are in
LOR LAH HAY 8 days ago
jucel cagbas
jucel cagbas 8 days ago
Godbless us
Nesta Nsengbene
Nesta Nsengbene 8 days ago
Loved this message. It was encouraged because I recognize that I have been helping others and I can testify to the rewards that God has given me. This message has encouraged me to continue to do help others in the midst of me currently being unemployed. To have faith that while I am busy about my father’s business, my camels on their way! I love this message too because I just came back from Africa and rode a camel for the first time in my life. May Gods bless you all and may you remain in Him during this difficult time.
shevanese Edwards
Amen 🙏
Lussy King
Lussy King 9 days ago
im ready
Stephanie Milliondollarbeb
Im homeless today with my two daughters,I know my dream will come to pass.may God talk to my landlord I get my household back.God do miracle in Jesus name.amen.i will help others for God wants me to learn something.i trust in you.
Sandra Reid
Sandra Reid 9 days ago
Thank you pastor Joel Osteen I love to listening to your words may God bless your ministry 🙏 man of God 🙏
Habahkok Ahkok
Habahkok Ahkok 9 days ago
God bless..Ptr. Joe, your family and the whole congregations.I really blessed ❤️😇 Bro. Joel from the Philippines
Freeda Rodriguez
Freeda Rodriguez 9 days ago
Mom keeps giving in to these nasty neighbours who keep oppressing us .They refuse to give me and my brother our parking area , even though the builder marked the areas- they just removed the flat number plates. Two of the flat owners have taken 2 x the parking area and refuse to give us our parking area. Mom has paid for many of their expenses just to keep the peace in the building. We have kept quiet about the parking area also ,just to keep the peace but these 4 owners who bought the flats from my uncle keep oppressing us time and again.
Julie Pryor
Julie Pryor 10 days ago
I am a member of the Church of Christ but I listen and I learn because of all the churches closing down God bless you Joel and check out the Church of Christ
Francis Braganza
Francis Braganza 10 days ago
Thank you God you are creator of this universe I will be always asking you to be with me & thanking for your glory. Praise God may God bless br. Joel and his family. 🙏
Louis Nyambe
Louis Nyambe 10 days ago
Our God is faithful and he is a God of second chance. Thank you for this powerful word of encouragement. Help me Lord to be a blessing to others so that you bless me Amen.
luaipou iosefa
luaipou iosefa 10 days ago
Thank you for this message Joel. I am very blessed to hear this and very fitting to my situation. Please pray for me and my family for financial breakthrough, and God's plans for me and my children.
peter njenga
peter njenga 10 days ago
Praise the lord Pastor Joel blessing day and day Amen
Yarik Tacha
Yarik Tacha 10 days ago
Ifeanyi Offor
Ifeanyi Offor 10 days ago
Pharaoh said to Joseph, "I had a dream, and no one can interpret it. But I have heard it said of you that when you hear a dream you can interpret it." Genesis 41:15 JOIN THE PASTOR BY 7PM (+1GMT) NIGERIAN TIME ON ZOOM ONLY FOR DREAM INTERPRETATION AND PRAYERS EVERY SUNDAY.
Avril Williams
Avril Williams 11 days ago
Amen. timely word
Juliana Been
Juliana Been 11 days ago
Trizah Kamau
Trizah Kamau 11 days ago
I love the message It's so inspiring
Phil Powell
Phil Powell 11 days ago
Theodore Castillo
Theodore Castillo 11 days ago
Man I love what just happened! I'm a FIRM believer and you nailed it my friend! May Our Father God grant you MORE wisdom and knowledge. In Jesus name. Amen
While I was searching for jobs online as I have great needs, I decided to first watch preaching of Joel Oosten and receive revelation from the Lord God. At the middle of one of this video, I was so excited that I paused it then called my brother who was long time been asking my assistance and I was so happy to tell him that I am very much willing to give him a hand. Thereafter, I continued to finish watching the preaching then prayed to the Lord God to forgive me of being selfish and guide me on my way.
Phindile Mkhonta-Simelane
Awesome message. Thanks Joel, you are the solution provider to many. God bless you
Ruby Klys
Ruby Klys 12 days ago
Amen 🙏
Malama Tu'imoala
Malama Tu'imoala 12 days ago
thank you Pastor for spreading the wonderful message and it is a blessing to go be a blessing to other's life. May God bless you with more spiritual messages as it heals and save us from our personal problems. God Bless🙏
Calvin Campbell
Calvin Campbell 12 days ago
Amen bro
Nichole Cobb
Nichole Cobb 12 days ago
GOD help us!!!
Nichole Cobb
Nichole Cobb 12 days ago
two or more believers gathered in the name AMEN
Milkyway Entertainment
I hv been in problem for years, and I was just praying, now I realised where I failed. Now whatever problem I am in, I will try to help others at best. Praise the Lord, Amen!
Ms. Vee
Ms. Vee 13 days ago
Maha NikiNana
Maha NikiNana 13 days ago
Pastor Joel thank you!
shelai Boison
shelai Boison 13 days ago
I will survive on my problems, thank you Jesus.
Santana Renee
Santana Renee 13 days ago
Just a message in a bottle. Thank you
Jocelyn Farrington
Jocelyn Farrington 14 days ago
Hi am bahamian, I really enjoy your teaching it very powerful, am laying in my bed heavy with problem and ask where to turn &go ,but the lord answer my prayer one family problem after now,but is still in the miracle business, am trusting in him,I had put many seed in the ground for years, but it starts to turn round slow god is good to me🙏🙏🙏🙏
Karen Simmons
Karen Simmons 14 days ago
Tears of joy listening to you his going to help me with this operation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you man of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Herold Bernadin
Herold Bernadin 14 days ago
Amen and amen
Amen. Lord make me a blessing to others. Let your presence be with as I share your word to others.
REETA SINGH 15 days ago
Praise the lord. Paster Joel am blessed by the word of God.I have learned how God can bless us and solve our problms ,as first we have to do fr others. Thanku so mch.May God bless u.
BEULYNE 55 15 days ago
Praise be to God for this wonderful encouraging, educative messages of God through this minister of God
KnVideoStudio 15 days ago
great story and love the point that Joel convey looking forward one day to see him in person in the church.
favored child
favored child 16 days ago
God is always faithful and whatever good you do to others will be paid back by more goodness .Thank you God for being faithful , there is no one like you.
Janthip Pongpengkat
Aunt Bubby aunt bubby
Tough times never last but tough people do and all of us are tough people and we need to remember God is control over everything God can't work with negativity so let's pull up are big girl and boy britches and let's get it done pulling ourselves together we can do anything with Christ holding are hands!! Love and blessings to all !!
Lynn Riggs
Lynn Riggs 16 days ago
Connecting in faith I believe and receive in the mighty name of Jesus!
Mary Cris Garcia
Mary Cris Garcia 16 days ago
Thank You Pastor!!! God Bless You! Watching from the Philippines❣❣❣
Valerie Stewart
Valerie Stewart 16 days ago
I have been listening to Joel and the last couple of days his subjects relate so much to me and what I'm going through.... I have been in without a car for a while and walking back to and from work I kept praying and friends they were supposed to be close and motivation just started being bitter and envious but I know that I'm a good kind hearted person who works hard and trying to work and find a home safe for me to call my own.... See I lost my mom,dad, grandma and I didn't even imagine that God would bless me with a brand new car with 6 miles on it and my friend who's my roommate didn't even want to come outside and see it she just looked out the window and I posted it on social media and she didn't even like it just now she's soooo jealous and negative that I just turn it off and keep praying 💯💯💯💯🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 thanks Joel for my inspiration 💖
Deepak Barnabas
Deepak Barnabas 16 days ago
Amen 🙏✝️🙏
PAUL JANSKY 16 days ago
Magdalena Faustino
Magdalena Faustino 17 days ago
Hi pastor Joel I always listen your message please pray for us my whole family from covid outbreak
Hyacinth Brown
Hyacinth Brown 17 days ago
Blessings and strength, god blessed you all, if anyone out their want to help mrs plummy please do so god blessed, she needs food and clothing, her two children are very sick one of them always in and out of the hospital, my husband gives her a little house to live no light no water but it still better than no where but the house need fix up as well. If any one out their want to help her number is 1876-883-9086 please gives her a helping hands please she is hungry most of the time specially the sick children please help please and thanks. 1876-883-9086 thanks.
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