The Secret to Solving Problems | Joel Osteen

Joel Osteen
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Sometimes the key to your breakthrough lies in helping someone else reach theirs. When you bless others, God will make sure to bless you.
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Jul 13, 2020




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Vhing Kat
Vhing Kat 4 hours ago
Praised God ,..thank you for this great message... Yes problems is everywhere yet always keep thinking that do favor to others.. God answers your problems... Keep safe sir and more power!!
Catherine Mirembe
Catherine Mirembe 22 hours ago
Very much uplifted by this message!
Engel Bernard
Joel often God made u to live to ur destiny 👏
Gary Johnston
Joel's messages help me everyday. Thank you Joel for all your kind words. God Bless all.
Timofey Kolosov
Timofey Kolosov
Joel is from the Lord
Timofey Kolosov
In Jesus Christ name I ask a blessing on all the people of the world
Timofey Kolosov
One helping another Jesus Christ please help us all indure the trouble that is at hand .
ronald cancio
Ptr joel thank yo
Goretti Luis
Goretti Luis 2 days ago
Praise the lord
Ari Fredericks
Ari Fredericks 3 days ago
My life has changed since I started watching Pastor Joel sermons. Everything is possible with God in our lives.
Micheal Hughes
Really need to hear all his sermons at this time in my life thanks so much god is so good
evelyn ducie
evelyn ducie 4 days ago
Reminded me to focus on others 3💙
Ysaehi Konrad
Ysaehi Konrad 4 days ago
Keep on giving out light to our generation... Love from Namibia 🇳🇦
Kwasi Acheampong
Kwasi Acheampong 4 days ago
Jesus loves you much so never give up, your best days are just around the corner.
Shar Lar
Shar Lar 4 days ago
Amen ♥️🙏🙏🙏
Xiomara Pena
Xiomara Pena 5 days ago
Xiomara Pena
Xiomara Pena 5 days ago
Thank you Jesus . Amen
Xiomara Pena
Xiomara Pena 5 days ago
Melissa DEJAVU Proctor
Times are tough but God is tougher in giving grace and mercy in all of our times of need. No matter how big or small the battle. I will delight myself in the Lord ❤🤗🙌
Emmanuel Oni
Emmanuel Oni 6 days ago
Bill Burr brought me here
Tam T
Tam T 7 days ago
Thanks Joel. I will practice on this.
YTC ni Ruffa
YTC ni Ruffa 7 days ago
the Philippines is watching you,i ,ean...i am...thank you for ypur encouragement
H Manalo
H Manalo 7 days ago
From USA, thanking God for all blessing received and may you shower mercies, favors and blessing to my best friend, Greg Wilock to the fulfillment of his noble project.
H Manalo
H Manalo 7 days ago
Your noble project will be blessed by God Almighty.
Shawn Lyons
Shawn Lyons 7 days ago
God is good
Patricia Conway
Patricia Conway 7 days ago
Avadarlene Johnson
Anointed by God to speak the Word in a way that touches the soul! Even down to the marrow in the bones...such Holy and humble sermons which are worth more than silver and gold! I am blessed to be alive during this period of time and God gave us Joel because He knew we would need him right now using a cell phone to watch this! Amazing Grace!
Jewela Resco
Jewela Resco 8 days ago
Im praying for my brothers and sisters nephew and nieces, relatives , friends and neigbhors
Janet Bz
Janet Bz 8 days ago
I was so blessed this morning by listening to this that I replayed trice because I wanted to catch the principle real good...Ive been made to feel guilty sometimes that I'm helping someone who seems to be using me but...when I see the need the love that God put in my heart I never withhold although I'm in need too..sometimes..so I thank God for this sermon..thank you Jesus!!!!😊
Mozhdeh Dokhani
Mozhdeh Dokhani 9 days ago
The exact words that I need to hear! Thanks a lot dear Joel 💜😍
jlgdj82 9 days ago
That church is huge man
Hewan Fesseha
Hewan Fesseha 10 days ago
I stopped being nice! I don’t want to receive nor give anything from and to ppl. Me being nice seems to be considered as being fool by ppl most of my life. I like hurting ppl now, as I am getting hurt by the world and others. I give what I receive.🤷🏽‍♀️ It’s nice seeing ppl paining like I do 😂😂😂
Vasoulla kissias
Vasoulla kissias 10 days ago
wow I do love this teaching alot cause it makes you think that your issues are not really important although the Lord does wish us to take care of ourselves too as that attracts others aswell
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez 10 days ago
Amen 🙏
Gurmay Fraser
Gurmay Fraser 11 days ago
What a word. This message is for me and it is blessing me in every area of my life. My life is helping others. Thank You, my God. Thank you so much, Joel!!!
Maria Cristina Isidro
Josephine Kemuma
Josephine Kemuma 12 days ago
Man of God you are a blessing in my life. The message came at the right time.God richly bless you.
Andrea Andrew
Andrea Andrew 12 days ago
Powerful message
Carlisia Washington
This encourages me to bless someone so I can receive my blessing that is coming around the corner
I receive the partner God has in store for me, Thank You for showing me the solution to her, In Jesus Christ Mighty Name We Pray, Amen
Eder Sarong
Eder Sarong 13 days ago
You just say haliluya but you never having people. You just got money for yourself
Brittney Renea
Brittney Renea 13 days ago
Anaamika miku
Anaamika miku 14 days ago
Praise the Lord pastor, I am from Bangalore India Christain got married to Hindu person. Now I am 46yrs old my husband gave divorce plz l request you all church members for our family salvation and help us if possible if given job to work in cleaning Church in that amount l can live nearby by Jesus to work in church. Plz can church plz help us. 8073431553
Jane Namutebi
Jane Namutebi 15 days ago
Lord help mi to serve u
John Kruebbe
John Kruebbe 15 days ago
Since we have been shut in by the Corona Virus and a significant job loss we have been watching you Joel on-line. For the last 8 months now you have been an inspiration that has kept Diassu Software on target with The Diassu Safe Identity which we should release now very soon. The Diassu Safe Identity is a virtual security guard that will keep churches safe. It has been a dream that I have had since 1995 to complete this project and now God has blessed me with the ability to do so. Praise the Lord for his wonderful blessings! When he speaks we need to align ourselves with him. Joel, I have to credit this to our Lord Jesus Christ and to your kind and inspiring sermons as you are part of the reason as well! We love you and hope to visit one day in the future to see you in Houston! Thanks for saving me and my family's soul from despair during these very challenging times!
Nadine Riche
Nadine Riche 15 days ago
What a great message, it is so true. While helping others God is helping you. Love JOEL OSTEEN
Cecelia Morgan
Cecelia Morgan 15 days ago
Amen twice, pastor l have experience this on a daily basis. A wonderful sermon l have enjoyed it, thank you God.
Chris Lens
Chris Lens 16 days ago
A smile makes us look younger. while prayers make us feel stronger. and friends.? They make us enjoy life forever. I need a good friend, text me on +14075698705
Teresita Sevidal
Teresita Sevidal 16 days ago
Praise the Lord for the wonderful Messege. Pls. Help me to be a blessinh to others. Now only i know that helping others God is working on me. Thank you servant of God. I am enlightened. Glory to God. Pls. Pray for me that i will be firm and obedient to follow what God wants me to do till i met HIM face to face. Amen
Nengsie Jacob
Nengsie Jacob 16 days ago
Amen.. Hallelujah Jesus 🙏 🙏 ❤️ ❤️
Othelo Caceres
Othelo Caceres 17 days ago
This message is true
Marjo Condemina
Marjo Condemina 17 days ago
At first idon't get it, but few moment later, finally i got it thanks God
Arnika Daimari
Arnika Daimari 17 days ago
I have knew how to solve my own problem by first solving the others problem and I believed God will solve my problem
SHARON OKOTA 17 days ago
hombert basco
hombert basco 17 days ago
I'm glad that our God lead me to this video, because I have so many questions in life. I'm worried about my future, on how to live this life, I got sick, I don't have job because of the pandemic and I have so many dreams that ends with frustrations, but thanks God He wiped that all by His words. Hi I'm from Phillipines praying for all of you brothers and sisters by God. More power to your show thank you for spreading the words of God.
Ching Bachiller
Ching Bachiller 17 days ago
Please pray for me Sir Joel that my problem will. be selved immedistely nefore this covid 19 will end. Thank you so much. God bless.
Richard Khiangte
Richard Khiangte 17 days ago
God bless you Joel. It really inspired me🙏
Easter R Hmar
Easter R Hmar 17 days ago
Amen and Amen... Thank You For Sharing Great Message. Am so inspired and touch by your Message am listening twice in a row.... I love the part helping others and sacrificing for others, that's what my late mom often told me and am following her footsteps now...
Irene Calimag
Irene Calimag 18 days ago
thank you for this wonderful message u've shared, thanks God for He made you as an instrument to share His word,, Thank yoU Lord, May God bless you more as you continue the good news of our Lord,
Brely Re
Brely Re 18 days ago
My friend is my problem
Pamela BROWN
Pamela BROWN 18 days ago
Gods world is your life gods wants in knowing a heart of God's and all of choices we have to make in helping those who have fallen short of the glory allow victory to fill the world with all that God needs through us alone.making peace with ourself and dreams for others a key that will open the doors of prisoners and finding heaven on earth as Jesus came from the grave miracles that he himself through death on the cross.and the.people of the world
2021 18 days ago
ok , i believe it, but I'm still stuck in my bedroom during corona virus lockdown
Luc Silien
Luc Silien 19 days ago
Luc silien
Dumahlor Meshack Humble Shack
Joel Osteen God Bless you and your family,my life is never the same again.Thank
José Antônio Tony
Pastor Joel's messages are full of wisdon, they are helping me change the way I used to face life. I had wild mentality full of fear and worries. Now I Cast everything before God by prayers. God bless you!
Joaquín González
Joaquín González 19 days ago
Linda Evans
Linda Evans 19 days ago
I vote Joel to be our President. He speaks that God is the only answer to all of our problems.
Sharon Kerr scott Kerr
Very powerful massage. To God be the glory,I am trying to get my daughter to follow those principles as she walk with the Lord please pray for her,she is now 21years of age and facing a lot of challenges
Jacqueline Biala
Jacqueline Biala 19 days ago
💕thank you Lord🙏🏻😍
Karen Templin
Karen Templin 20 days ago
Matthew 7:24-27 Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on the rock. And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.
rohan brown
rohan brown 21 day ago
Watch from Jamaica 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Luz Ramirez
Luz Ramirez 21 day ago
Amen to this God bless you and your family Joel Osteen 🙏 ❤ 🙌 ♥ 💕 💖 🙏
Ruben Eramiz
Ruben Eramiz 22 days ago
This is my Facebook page Pastor Ruben Eramiz
Ruben Eramiz
Ruben Eramiz 22 days ago
This message very inspired on me because i have a problem of the church lot here i am only renting the building just help to pray for church lot here in my Place Gingoog city Philippines🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭 to able buy the lot for church purposes.....
Ruben Eramiz
Ruben Eramiz 22 days ago
I like it that Message because i have many problems today in the ministries need more back up in prayers
Joseph Sarea
Joseph Sarea 22 days ago
Do good to the world, then good will come back to you !
Queen Agbator
Queen Agbator 22 days ago
Jenna Ranna
Jenna Ranna 22 days ago
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Leviticus 20:12 And if a man lie with his daughter in law, both of them shall surely be put to death: they have wrought confusion; their blood shall be upon them.
Tracy Boatwright
Tracy Boatwright 23 days ago
✊🏾Thank you!
Luke 11:18 If Satan also be divided against himself, how shall his kingdom stand? because ye say that I cast out devils through Beelzebub.
Michael Oyioma
Michael Oyioma 23 days ago
Amen in Jesus name,thank you pastor joel Osteen for the message i am blessed.
tory198511 23 days ago
Amen Pastor! Thank you so much for this sermon. I have been going through a lot this last year and I thought by now that God would have reached down and waved his hand and made it better but he hasn't. He hasn't for some reason but it hasn't stopped me from helping people and being there for other people when they need me.
Tam T
Tam T 24 days ago
Thank you, Joel
Brother Art
Brother Art 24 days ago
You I Live For by Moses Bliss is a great song.
Raquel Dimen
Raquel Dimen 24 days ago
Thank you Lord...
Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson 24 days ago
Thanks you! I going to apply this ✝️👑
prince dove
prince dove 24 days ago
Thank you Jesus for sending the message across to am really blessed
Jacek R
Jacek R 24 days ago
Joel has a beautiful way of teaching us about the wonders of God and the teachings of Jesus. I am always inspired when I listen to him. God bless this world. Help us all to love one another and care for one another. Let the world's leaders somehow understand that war is not the answer - love and kindness are a much better alternative.
120 M
120 M 24 days ago
If you dont sit back but keep going and keep helping other people problems God with help you with your problem We see this when Joel esteen is helping the other church in the building of a church When Joseph helps interpreting dreams And he finally meets with his family Etc
Khiran Miranda
Khiran Miranda 25 days ago
Help me joel for i have been suffering from back pain for five year's. Never sleep in peace laugh or smiled my life getting more nd more difficult with this pain any advise to live this life .
papy kangala
papy kangala 25 days ago
Glory to God.
Orpha Parichha
Orpha Parichha 25 days ago
Amen 🙏🙌
Kerry-Anne 25 days ago
Dear God please restore everyone's health in the whole wide world and bring our world back into order and clear the corona virus in our earth in the Mighty Name of JESUS AMEN 🌠 and thank you Father God for restoring our earth we are truly grateful we love you God.🌟
Jordan Vas
Jordan Vas 25 days ago
Pray vaccine to come soon as God Jesus loved,healed n died 4 all to take ur punishment of ur sins upon Himself n arose frm the grave on the 3rd day.....C 'miracles of Jesus' in Google!....
Sarai Aroche
Sarai Aroche 25 days ago
Thank you for this message, I was battling an addiction to alcohol and realized my problem is that im focusing on myself and not on the people I claim yo love. I have given my life back to God and am going to focus on helping the people that need help as well. Thank you Joel for listening to God and for this beautiful message. God bless you
Michael Wells
Michael Wells 21 day ago
My faith in prayer is for God's deliverance and all blessings be yours, now and always, in the Name of our Savior, Jesus Christ our King. Congratulations, you have the victory!
Bonita Prescod
Bonita Prescod 25 days ago
But what if your trying to helping that person and that person isn't trying to help them self and make you the problem solver and helper ever time what should I do
Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God,I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
Michael Wells
Michael Wells 21 day ago
Yes!!! And that is a New Testament quote of an Old Testament Scripture out of the Book of Joel!!!
Debbie Alexis
Debbie Alexis 26 days ago
What a blessing to hear this message ... (pretty much as ALL of your messages are!) My daughters and I use to come to Lakewood and then we moved...I remember crying in the lobby after service and you prayed for us that we would find a church where we were moving to....our church home is SHORELINE with Pastor Rob and Pastor Laura!!!!!😁...God is ALWAYS in the midst of 🙏 prayer and I thank you so much for your anointed messages
LINAH JEPKORIR 27 days ago
JOY 27 days ago
i love you ma preacher i look at doubt 7 years
Hottica82 27 days ago
I am not a church person but I am starting to listen to these messages every morning. I have noticed that I sleep better, I don't worry too much about my issues and I feel that I even have better skin jajaja!
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