The Scary Truth About Zion Williamson | UNTOLD

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The Scary Truth About Zion Williamson | UNTOLD
He’s got a tremendous body, size, athleticism and an advanced skill set. A special player at the highest caliber. One of the nation’s best basketball players. Meet Zion Williamson, a 6-foot-7, 285-pound forward and one of the biggest showcases of basketball talent in the country. As a rising star at Duke University, Zion is on the verge of making his dreams come true. A lucrative career in the NBA appears to be within his grasp.
NBA Player Kevin Durant described him as a "once-in-a-generation type athlete" while veteran Paul Pierce claimed he is already more physical than 98 percent of NBA players. Even NBA superstar Lebron James appears to have his eyes on Williamson, as he was once seen attending one of his games and was even quoted as saying that the future NBA prospect was “very impressive”. In fact, people have been buzzing about him over the past two years thanks to his seemingly superhuman athleticism and size combination. But just who is Zion Williamson? Let’s find out.
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Apr 6, 2019




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Comments 80
NBA Insider
NBA Insider 6 months ago
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Wesley Lindstrom
Kashmon Garrett
Kashmon Garrett 3 months ago
NBA Insider Marcus Garrett for KU check out
Jessica Makowski
Jessica Makowski 3 months ago
3:35 lol
fps pro
fps pro 3 months ago
Rip Kobe
JOHN GREEN 4 months ago
benny3six1 Day ago
I contacted Mars..and said I was sent by us.....sweet
unkemptverible 4 days ago
Why the beginning of this video sound like y’all showin him like he on auction
Sounds Good
Sounds Good 5 days ago
8:48 is he trying to commit suicide lmao
Cute Oppa
Cute Oppa 9 days ago
His mom was hot
Jane LC18
Jane LC18 10 days ago
I love the way you said that they were many worries about his game in the NBA but he just came in and bullied everyone with his skills, 3 points shoots and all ! He totally got his place in the NBA and I can't wait to see how he is gonna be in the future !
Trey Rose
Trey Rose 13 days ago
My dad 6’7 and my mamma 5’10 so that means....
Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo 16 days ago
His body is unusual to be in the nba that's what they is what they saying. He should be in the nfl. But thing is nate Robinson coukd have played in the NFL but he played in the nba. Nate Robinson has a smaller build as well and his verticals was unreal too. But Zion is said to be 4.6. Vertical. And I didn't know he is from South Carolina.
Grimace 18 days ago
Zion just look mean
Mid - Life Gaming
Mid - Life Gaming 18 days ago
8:50 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
MrBigway YT
MrBigway YT 21 day ago
When he said coby🥺
Adam Purcell
Adam Purcell 26 days ago
I was born the same day as Zion
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Manz acts like 5ft9 for a 8thgrader is short😂😂
Flip Lord
Flip Lord Month ago
Them 4s are clean
THE GOAT Month ago
8:49 bruh look at the tiny ass kid😂 he almost died
Djamilla Ramos
Djamilla Ramos Month ago
Will be seeing him in the NBA
Aniel Åkerhjelm
78% black in nba 22% white
Catherine MCFarlane
I’m 5’6 and in Grade.8, should I be worried?????
Devon Month ago
there's is no dam way that is him at 6'3 175 that's my height and weight and he is a lot more built than me.
TackyTal Month ago
Zion went to my school?!?
Robert Goldblatt
wakanda forever
Jonathan Bikulo
Jonathan Bikulo Month ago
“The scary truth abt.....” 🧢
Smartypantz 69
Smartypantz 69 Month ago
Zion should at least try and lose weight
GRSL Month ago
= Barkley, so same character and physiological brute force.
Jordan Asmr
Jordan Asmr Month ago
Who watching this in April 6 2020
CJ Johnston
CJ Johnston Month ago
When I heard "at just 5 yrs old, Zion..." I swear they were going to say "Zion performed his first dunk"
Dal Kam
Dal Kam Month ago
Zion is as deadly as my moms belt
Elijah Month ago
two scenarios 1. this man took super soldier serum 2. mans got the heart shaped herb, and injected vibranium into his blood stream but id brobably go with the super soldier serum
BeanSZN Month ago
Anyone here after Zion dominated all his games in the nba
IonAids Month ago
In summary, man's a freak of nature that gains muscle mass as well as fat quickly at. It is unprecedented.
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit Month ago
Why are they playing the stranger things music?
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 2 months ago
3:35 why are they showing a map of Africa instead of Carolina??
Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan 2 months ago
Why is this scary? Damn click bait bullshit! Unsubscribed assholes!
Jacob Meza
Jacob Meza 2 months ago
Why is it that the hella raw athletes always started out with Soccer before committing to their main sport
Eric Joseph
Eric Joseph 2 months ago
I am 12 and 5'7 is that bad
Melvin Felton
Melvin Felton 2 months ago
Why must Zion be described as a "Beast."?
Zachary Rawlinson
Zachary Rawlinson 2 months ago
its crazy to me that i was bigger than zion when i was 13. I was 5'10 and 130 lbs
E Zewdu
E Zewdu 2 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if the doctors gave him some type of HGH to make him grow half a foot in few months!! His skill set is of the hook, but I do think he's a gov experiment. Aka cash cow!! I wish him great success as he does seem like a young man with great character. #QuestionWhatYouKnow
Kyra Walker
Kyra Walker 2 months ago
I jumped 40” vertical for a slice of pepperoni pizza.
Paul Lopez
Paul Lopez 2 months ago
lol, they said he has flaws and will have issues?? ONLY flaw I see is where he will put his money
Luis Gomez
Luis Gomez 2 months ago
Kobe died
dur4cell007 2 months ago
i guess the endomorph-exomorph combination is his trick
ayo 2 months ago
I knew some shit like this would pop up
Copper Aboriginies
Copper Aboriginies 3 months ago
Watching this video, and listening to the voice on this video, ok now that Zion Williamson is in the NBA he's Dominated the game even though he's been injured who's questioning his ability NOW? Know one is so listening to the voice on this video, You are 100% incorrect lol lmao. Thanks for the time you've spent commentating, try again at the NBA level....
Trema Gon
Trema Gon 3 months ago
17:20 whats that track called?
Honeyg17 74
Honeyg17 74 3 months ago
Wow... This kid is amazing!
Nikki J
Nikki J 3 months ago
cookie w
cookie w 3 months ago
Dude he dont have to do 3pt shots...Shaq didn't...
NDK 3 months ago
8:51 😮any doctors 👨🏽‍⚕️here: where is this growth plate and how do i active it?🤔
Riri Gurl
Riri Gurl 3 months ago
This is big you haven’t come Across our pacific boys they are this big at 12
Anna Troup
Anna Troup 3 months ago
Queen Shug
Queen Shug 3 months ago
I'm so proud of this young man and how he owns his gift. Hands down black people are the best at most sports. This kid gonna go far in life because he's already on his way. I just pray he stay blessed and keep on prospering.
-TNB- 3 months ago
Title: The Scary Truth About Zion Williamson The Intro: Happy Music Me: ………………………………………………………………………………….aight
Daniel Ppa
Daniel Ppa 3 months ago
This right here if things goes will be LeBron vs zion. His parents were super athlete
you troll
you troll 3 months ago
I don't know why everyone always makes it sound like as a kid his dream was to play in the NBA and started working towards that goal....that's literally millions of kids at all times throughout the country all kids first goal is to go to the NBA NFL or MLB lol the difference is not all kids grow to be 6'7 225 so when they figure out they aren't going to break 6 foot the dream dies really quick
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams 3 months ago
Just wait until his knee is 100% and conditioned to his full potential.
Luke Allen
Luke Allen 3 months ago
So I’m just checking in, he just dropped in 31 the other day, and 32 today, and he isn’t even in NBA condition yet. This dude is a problem😭
Kashmon Garrett
Kashmon Garrett 3 months ago
What bout Marcus Garrett for the Jayhawks
Scott Macgregof
Scott Macgregof 3 months ago
Need a part 2 very good video.
BON Boaa
BON Boaa 3 months ago
9:20 dude needa be ina dunk contest frfr
miinty fresj
miinty fresj 3 months ago
Man...you said SCARY TRUTH !! I was clinching waiting for the hammer to drop about this kid's untimely death, or that he kept growing and is now 10 feet or something...
Tom Zostromu
Tom Zostromu 3 months ago
Charles Barkley x Vince Carter x LeBron James. Let that sink in ... he is future of NBA! Btw. great vid.
Rights aren't Wrong
Rights aren't Wrong 3 months ago
He like to travel 3 steps
Anne* 411
Anne* 411 3 months ago
I wonder why he keeps growing. Since doctors warned about his growth plate, I imagine all of this will be bad for his body in the long run. I pray not
zero carter
zero carter 3 months ago
Overrated..another Larry Johnson....remember UNLV running rebels
Trudy Patootie
Trudy Patootie 3 months ago
The kid did his work.. absolutely. Humble, hardworking and giving his MVP to a kid that scored a basket is the kind of character you would like to see in your child. Not just to your athletic child... YOUR Child. Every man and woman's child.
Cruce Entertainment
Cruce Entertainment 3 months ago
He’s entertaining for sure.
Zyz zyz
Zyz zyz 3 months ago
4:10 - He played soccer and was a football quarterback and then at age 5 he started to play basketball?
Lycan Demon
Lycan Demon 3 months ago
That would make him 6'9". You're just talking...
Michael Robinson
Michael Robinson 3 months ago
Damn that Duke coach has the biggest ears I’ve ever seen on a person.
Shoop Da whoop
Shoop Da whoop 3 months ago
Rip Kobe a legend that shocked the world 🙏🙏🖤🖤💔
Dexter Marley
Dexter Marley 3 months ago
He is a Larry Johnson kind of player I feel. He is physical and has some decent ball control and a very decent shot. Can he play with that body weight for a long time is what I want to watch and see. Hope this young mans injuries get under control and he gets better and better. Wish nothing but great things for all these young athletes. Do your thing Zion.
Pretty ass Willie lunch meat
Who y’all got in a dunk contest Zion or Ja morant?
Pretty ass Willie lunch meat
That Zion vs Melo game was the most viewed high school game in history
JAY BATBATAN 3 months ago
His really a big deal. Zion the future NBA superstar. The size he have and the athleticism plus basketball IQ damn this guy is unstopable in the future and really future NBA superstar.
FaHeDED1 3 months ago
he look 12 in the thumbnail
sonofsarek 3 months ago
It’s called steroids.
paul murray
paul murray 3 months ago
Well, so far so good, no? I see Zion becoming a double-double machine, at the minimum, in the NBA.
MrSelecta32 3 months ago
Even in the clip it shows his vertical leap must be higher than 40 inches. His head goes clearly above the hight of the rim off a standing jump. The rim is 10 feet. And he is 6'7.5" so do the math. Id say its between 43 to 45 inches. Maybe 48 with a full run up.
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