The Scariest Nails On the Internet (Simply Review)

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Oct 26, 2019




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Comments 80
Simply Nailogical
Simply Nailogical 8 months ago
You know what’s really scary? Deforestation. I just planted 12,000 trees thanks to you guys who watch my videos! Join or share #teamtrees to help the internet raise $20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees by 2020🌲🌲🌲: teamtrees.org
i love sssniprewolf alax
Olivia Guzman
Olivia Guzman 3 months ago
1:28 bettel juice
Enyo 3 months ago
🥰 Mr Beast 6000 Whoooooo
hannah froelich
hannah froelich 5 months ago
Its Allready 2020
Kayla Zavala
Kayla Zavala 5 months ago
Holo and “ Logan Paul” is actually betel juice
ChaotiKat 3 days ago
Those Beetlejuice nails were HELLA HYPE! The true horror was mistaking my King Keaton for some stupid logan paul. This is sacrilegious to everyone who ever ventured someplace scary even though they should be weary.
daisy foreman
daisy foreman 4 days ago
Cristine: omg yes this truly terrifying me: well your the one that did in 2016 way before holo taco was even born Cristine: who did those nails this is disgusting me: well you did it in 2017 before holo taco was even born
Angelina George
Angelina George 5 days ago
Her makeup tho
M a t i
M a t i 5 days ago
The face on the nail just looks like the face in the book of the forbidden part of the libary 🥳where are the potterheads? 😉
Ella Kantor
Ella Kantor 6 days ago
Katty Artist
Katty Artist 6 days ago
Scary stories to tell in the dark... omg I read that in high school and since I love horror and my main language is Spanish I loved the book and the illustrations
THE VINA SHOW 9 days ago
Try recreating one!
Cristine: "Old Movies aren't That Scary" 3020: Yeah "Wrong Turn", "It", Yeah, those are not scary anymore
Ash Wøłfïę
Ash Wøłfïę 12 days ago
I live hungry hippo’ssss yess :3
Mathilda Wallin
Mathilda Wallin 12 days ago
00:13 sweden 😂😂😂
Sxugarxplum 13 days ago
Wait- I’m in June, so isn’t it DECEMBER when this came out?
4:50 mean while.... she didn't know 2020 was gonna hand it to her
Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury 17 days ago
I love how she called Beetlejuice Logan Paul, if you think about it they kinda look alike because of the smile and the eyes
Sama Dadash
Sama Dadash 19 days ago
You’re lipstick looks so good
The neighbors dog
Let me tell you something that happened to my dad he actually cut his nails in half with a machete. Dear god the pain he must have felt!
Madelyne Rush
Madelyne Rush 24 days ago
i have 2 scary stories to tell in the dark books, there still very good tbh lmao
Potato Girl
Potato Girl 27 days ago
Audrey Leach
Audrey Leach 27 days ago
sees beetlejuice...is that logan paul?
Bree Walker
Bree Walker 29 days ago
my nightmares:demons and monsters cristines nightmares:nail breaks, watermarbling ,and a world without holo
oompa loompa no.1
oompa loompa no.1 29 days ago
Cristine:I need friends :'/ Also cristine:*haves 90+ requests*
Naomi McClintock
It is Shan
What's Inside
What's Inside Month ago
the scariest face on the internet 7:23
ჰო ბონნნეჰ
They are not we’re gonna put on Elsa or beetle juice nails
shaun mcclain
shaun mcclain Month ago
I love how what she said the blood and gore in did this video might get demonetized but I got a dad as soon as she said that sell your good
shaun mcclain
shaun mcclain Month ago
I did not mean to say Dad I meant to say add I'm so sorry and I also meant to put state of sell so
I CaNt GeT A MaN TeE HeE Get out
*cristene the holoween Queen*
Red Randomness
Red Randomness Month ago
u mean the nail scene?
Hummel Dòra Izabella
I love the skeleton cat in the back🐱
Jack Magee
Jack Magee Month ago
You should do a overnight challenge in your nail room.
blurrxed Month ago
Katja Macabre
Katja Macabre Month ago
“May get this video demoniti” *ad instantly plays* 😹
Alpaiva The Darkness
4:35 lol
Pig The Kitty
Pig The Kitty Month ago
I love how she has her own grave in the background
HOLO!!!!!!!!!!!! Youtube
I’m in yours too and I have a whole bunch of cheap nail polish is that we’re all like $3.02 dollars and one dollar from like the dollar tree dollar general but if I had the money I mean I do but if I had the money to buy all these polish is because the house I would but I am super dumb and I always spend it on roblox roebucks well if you don’t know if that is basically it’s almost like if you play do you know what it is you know if you like play a game you can buy coins are gems roebucks Vbox and all this crazy stuff the game currency basically roblox is roblox game currency if you didn’t know but I’m an idiot and I spent all my money on it
TheScarletWolfs Month ago
No nails when you get frostbite
AriCatts 20XX
AriCatts 20XX Month ago
Cristine: “I’d like to see his bones if you know what I mean~” *cue the Sans fangirls*
Kaylee W
Kaylee W Month ago
Best horror movie of all time is The Silence of the Lambs
Jemima Budge
Jemima Budge Month ago
I have the biggest fear of feet and I actually threw up looking at the feet on video. I mean I’m sorry but no one come near me with open toed shoes or flip flops🤢🤮
spicy pickles
spicy pickles Month ago
Some people: i have scary dreams about falling and drowning Me: i almost drowned at my birthday party and I still have nighmares about tomas the train engine
Kit Animates
Kit Animates Month ago
If people write hate comments, why don’t they just click off the video and nothing else?
Danielle MacDonald
Sees beetlejuice..... Cristine: is that Logan Paul? 😂😂😂
Amma B
Amma B Month ago
Logan Paul is beetlejuice
Valerie Blair
Valerie Blair Month ago
I would rather have my nails turned to teeth because then they would actually be white.
Jamesha Lavoie
Jamesha Lavoie Month ago
The shining is definitely still scary if you actually watch it.
Finny Finn
Finny Finn 2 months ago
Blanca Velasquez
Blanca Velasquez 2 months ago
8:28 me too
Blanca Velasquez
Blanca Velasquez 2 months ago
I would have nails for teeth because I can paint them Holo 💿
Marie Timberlake
Marie Timberlake 2 months ago
oh well my nightmare HAS come true.... i ran over my left thumbnail with one of those old rocking game chairs. i had to go to the ER..... it took six months to grow back so i couldn't paint my nails...... thats when my life ended
Kenzie Lubking
Kenzie Lubking 2 months ago
3:39 Liza Kohshy enters the room
Lace Pink
Lace Pink 2 months ago
Why don’t you do the trick that you did for the streammys
Caroline Bevill
Caroline Bevill 2 months ago
8:25 me: I think falling dreams are the best, tank you very much
Kylee Thomas
Kylee Thomas 2 months ago
1:27-1:35 her nails r based on the beetlejuice movie
evelyn plays
evelyn plays 2 months ago
Just put a mirror on your nails
Susihu :p
Susihu :p 2 months ago
The most scary nail art is nail sunny
at 3:18 i thought they were just normal nails cause my screen is hella cracked ;/
JCArules13 2 months ago
THANK YOU! I found The Shining so boring too!
MqddieBee 2 months ago
Hey Cristine you should make a holo taco collection where you mix up all of the polishes and make a new one!! LIKE IF U AGREE I V
Sara Mann
Sara Mann 2 months ago
I am the same way with horror movies. I will gladly read a synopsis or trivia page about a horror film. Psychological horrors intrigue me on occasion, but jump-scares and gore can stay in hell.
Sanne De rooij
Sanne De rooij 2 months ago
If ur scared of people pulling ur nails, then u shouldn't watch kakegurui on netflix (which is btw a anime)
Elise McCurdy
Elise McCurdy 2 months ago
Uh...please tell me you didn't say Logan Paul for Beatljuice...? Please tell me your joking.
Marius Radoi
Marius Radoi 2 months ago
you posted this video after my birthday and before my mom's birthday, she died earlier that month, this video came at the perfect time to help me heal.
When the peel is to real
Kiwi-Rin 2 months ago
Amber Hernandez
Amber Hernandez 2 months ago
I really love nail polish but every time I try to paint my nails the nail polish does not dry , what am I doing wrong ???😭😔
Roman Lanslide
Roman Lanslide 2 months ago
Cristine: the Shining wasn't realistic it's Stephen King what did you expect ghfjkdlsfkl
Taylor Healey
Taylor Healey 2 months ago
o o o o o o o o o o not o o o o o o o o o logan o o o o o o o paul o o o o o o btw late :(
Miah Campa
Miah Campa 2 months ago
Is anyone notice she said Shan Dawson instead of Shane Dawson
EMMA ABEYTA 2 months ago
1:28 that is NOT LOGAN PAUL that is BEETLE JUICE
Catgirl V
Catgirl V 2 months ago
Why are u so scared of trump? You don’t even live in America
# CFL 2 months ago
Ya the Shining doesn’t sound scary like the old version of IT. IT is more dumb and stupid then scary😐😐😐
Ava Cash
Ava Cash 2 months ago
I love this channel but the trump thing is just...yeah...
sebastian banguis
sebastian banguis 2 months ago
Your Trump nails are the reason he became president.
Anastasiya Shi
Anastasiya Shi 2 months ago
5:18 that's just an example of inflation of dentists to nail sphere
Chicken Nugget Queen
Imagine wiping after going to do a 💩
Amira Simpson-Wood
Amira Simpson-Wood 2 months ago
whos here in 2020rewaching her videos because your bored out of your mind in your house
Tiffany Hunt
Tiffany Hunt 2 months ago
“Is that logan paul?” No, it’s beetle juice!
Celine the Bean
Celine the Bean 2 months ago
"id like to see his bones, if you know what i mean ;)" yeah i feel you. sans undertale.
Baking with Belle
Baking with Belle 2 months ago
As soon as she said demonetised an ad came up lol 😂
Gacha Ana シ︎
Gacha Ana シ︎ 2 months ago
Me at twelve am watching this Also me Having nightmares of weird things 😅
Morgan Irbs
Morgan Irbs 2 months ago
When she asked if it was Logan Paul, my occult heart crumbled into pieces cause it was Beetlejuice and I was sad that she didn't know that
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