The Scariest Nails On the Internet (Simply Review)

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Oct 26, 2019




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Simply Nailogical
You know what’s really scary? Deforestation. I just planted 12,000 trees thanks to you guys who watch my videos! Join or share #teamtrees to help the internet raise $20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees by 2020🌲🌲🌲: teamtrees.org
Emma and Ava
Emma and Ava 12 days ago
Thank you Cristine! You are helping to save our earth! Now I will do my part and donate too!
Mary E. Hatley
Mary E. Hatley 25 days ago
GUD JOB CRISSY (idk if I can call u that soooo sorry) but this is great because no one takes action for riseing climate change and this is amazing :3
Frikka3 Month ago
Simply Nailogical This is off-topic and I doubt you will see this, buuuut Question about the peel porn segments (if anyone knows the answer): A lot of the time there seems to be a sticky residue left on her nails and/or sometimes specks of polish. Does anyone know how she removes what’s left? Acetone, soap and water, etc.? I don’t nail polish, but I’m new to the channel and was wondering this as I was binge watching. Thanks!
Tstormer Month ago
that lipstick looks fire on you
Nadja Spahovic
Nadja Spahovic Month ago
I am a nail polish queen like you Cristine❤️❤️❤️❤️
HoiKatz 12 hours ago
Lmao apparently beetlejuice is Logan Paul
Lps_cupcakes! !
Lps_cupcakes! ! 13 hours ago
Btw it was beetle juice
Savennah Day ago
recreate them. sis.please.
Kyera2Toasty Day ago
I know it's "not spooky season anymore", but you should totally try recreating some of these looks (:
Alicia Mestdag
Bro I thought she was going to create one! Like if your with me. 👇🏻
Alicia Mestdag
OMG nail art!!!
Alicia Mestdag
I’d like to see his bones if you know what I mean. Winks*. Byyyyyyyyynnnnnnn! Get over here!
reinee hendrickson
Simply nailholoicul
e l e n a
e l e n a 2 days ago
Aww “discomforting” is exactly what makes Cristine so lovable
Abigail S
Abigail S 2 days ago
You know what else is scary? *RUvid rewind 2019*
Sarah johar
Sarah johar 3 days ago
I did not réalise it when you told it also
amina ashraf
amina ashraf 4 days ago
I love ur makeup and that lipstick looks gorgeous u r so beautiful
choerry bomb
choerry bomb 4 days ago
Jayleen Lopez
Jayleen Lopez 4 days ago
Cristine: u have Logan Paul on your nails!!! Me:isn’t that beetle juice
Hope World
Hope World 4 days ago
Lori Huynh
Lori Huynh 4 days ago
That’s like me My brother told me about the movie it and I was like, “cool story dude” Then I watched it and wouldn’t go anywhere alone
Luna Lovegood
Luna Lovegood 5 days ago
U should dress up as a broken nail or cuticle not pushed back next holoween
SunnyDayz02 :D
SunnyDayz02 :D 5 days ago
The second nail art is beetle juice not Logan paul
Be Well with Michelle
Uh it's Beatle juice not Logan Paul
Sassy Pants
Sassy Pants 6 days ago
For real. I can watch a lot of scary movies. I can't watch the nails coming off and eye stuff. ewwwwww
cancerous lump
cancerous lump 6 days ago
My finger got stuckin a car door once and the nail got ripped off, it was fun
Rhianna Rajput
Rhianna Rajput 7 days ago
I rly want to go swimming with the mermaid one to see if it acc makes u faster
Cheebi Umi
Cheebi Umi 8 days ago
Subscribe 😂😂😂
Motion husk
Motion husk 8 days ago
1:27 *_+screams+_*
Chris Tuck
Chris Tuck 8 days ago
The scary nail is the one with the safety Pines
pansexual! at the disco
3:13 lesbians be like
Ladytatobug Lol
Ladytatobug Lol 9 days ago
Is no one gonna mention the "AINT JOMAMA AINT JOMEMA AINT JODADDY!"? JUST ME? K.
Abigail mason
Abigail mason 9 days ago
After she says it may get this video demonetised an advert came on, so is it demonetised??? :-) by the way I love your channel!
Female gamer
Female gamer 9 days ago
"This video may get demoetized" commercial immediately pops up Me: I guess she's not demoetized after all.
Quickshadow Prime
holo holoween is my birthday
Starlight Kun Gaming
*”the scariest thing: unpainted nails”* Me: **hides nails**
Ayesha Mohsin
Ayesha Mohsin 11 days ago
Me seeing a video of Cristine Ohh here's a disgusting video let's click it
yen 11 days ago
*causally eating while watching* I’m not funny
Rau 12 days ago
me someone who watch Kakkegurui...... Ya....peeling nails
GRAVS UP 12 days ago
Hi I’m 10 and I’ve watched the shinning but didn’t finish it because it was so boring so if u want to watch it it isn’t that scary
Grace Newton
Grace Newton 12 days ago
What’s even scarier is no h💿l💿 taco!
Grace Newton
Grace Newton 12 days ago
I love how u have a gravestone that says “simply Nailogical”
safeya khaled
safeya khaled 13 days ago
2:48 who noticed the username 9 3/4 runaway with TXT MAOs where you attt
Red Ramiro
Red Ramiro 13 days ago
just got an ad after she said "may get this video demonitized" 😱😱😱
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