The Sad Truth Behind Bruce Lee's Tragic Death

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Bruce Lee could flow like water and spin nunchucks like no one else. Thanks to his mind-blowing kicks and lightning-fast speed, the man became a star in the span of just a few years. But in an unfortunate twist of fate, Bruce Lee never lived to see his big moment. Here's the truth behind Bruce Lee's tragic death.
Bruce Lee was practically made for the movies. As a kid growing up in Hong Kong, Lee was a prolific child actor, playing in around 20 films. And when he moved back to his birth country of the United States, he opened martial arts schools, taught stars including Steve McQueen, and even donned a black mask and started fighting crime.
Playing Kato on The Green Hornet, Lee introduced kung fu to the American mainstream. Unfortunately, the series only lasted 26 episodes and failed to launch him into the big time. Frustrated by Hollywood executives passing him over or giving him bit parts, Lee packed his bags and returned to Hong Kong, where he discovered he was the most famous man alive. The Green Hornet was so popular in his homeland that it was known as The Kato Show, and soon Lee was getting leading man parts in Hong Kong films.
Lee's first film as a lead actor was The Big Boss, which became the highest-grossing movie in Hong Kong history. It held that record until Lee's second film, Fist of Fury, came along. Soon after, Lee even got a chance to direct, working on both sides of the camera for Way of the Dragon. After just three films, Lee was suddenly the king of Asian cinema, and Hollywood finally decided they wanted to be in the Bruce Lee business.
Watch the video for more of The Sad Truth Behind Bruce Lee's Tragic Death.
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Sidekick to boss | 0:19
Enter the Dragon | 1:32
Bad health | 2:18
His last day | 3:23
Cause of death | 4:30
Conspiracy theories | 5:34
Legacy of the dragon | 6:39
Bruceploitation | 7:51
Brandon | 8:54


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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 340
Grunge 25 days ago
Rest in peace, Bruce and Brandon.
Abel Lewis
Abel Lewis 16 days ago
@Robd collector Facts!
Keller Smith
Keller Smith 20 days ago
I have never in my life read any thing of heard any of his friends,students or family say that Bruce ever got high or that he was in bed with that woman and i have watched and researched him since the 80's I use to have some of his and his students books to like Tao of Jeet Kune Do,Jeet Kune Do,Expressing the Human Body and more.
sabbracadabra 22 days ago
@Silverfox Silverfox Bullshit on both of those things.
Silverfox Silverfox
@sabbracadabra Precisely, Lee was eating it in brownies the guy wasn't a real martial artist anyway.
Mr Westie
Mr Westie Day ago
Lee was murdered,poison swells the brain, betty knows more than she will ever say, she became a nun, triads wont kill her for that reason she eventualy married a top triad boss and had a baby with him which saved her from harm, she often gives homage to Lee at temples, brandon was on to the truth and was also assasinated!!!
Curtis Tom
Curtis Tom Day ago
While it's true that Lee took an Equagesic just before the brain edema that killed him, he also had that same edema once before, several months earlier -- and he hadn't taken an Equagesic at THAT time. Also, Betty Ting Pei had given him Equagesics at other times before, with no ill effect. I tend to think that the cortisone shots that he'd been taking for his back pain might have done him in. They were injecting him pretty regularly, and the side effects of cortisone were not known or even suspected at the time. And it is -- after all -- a steroid. I think the chronic nature of his backpain caused him to overuse the steroid, and it led to the redistribution of fluids around his nervous tissues and caused the edema in his brain.
edydon Day ago
According to Chuck Norris, Bruce Lee, while pushing his body to extremes, had sustained a serious back injury - for which he was hospitalized. He recovered but he needed a pain killer for the rest of his life. When he took the headache medicine, there was a bad reaction that caused a cerebral edema.
KB MILLER 2 days ago
ok is it me or does news from china travel years slow ? I remember being in the movie theater when i was around 8 or 9 watching the game of death and then hearing about Bruce lees death so if thats true that he died in 1973 I am a time traveler because i was born in 70 PFFT. also I think his insult to the man upstairs kinda pissed him off lol game of death aka GOD hmmm never know
THE Don Spaghetti & Ravioli
Bruce killed himself with cortisone injections and overwork..no conspiracy
deano bambino
deano bambino 6 days ago
Both murdered
iamblackgambit 7 days ago
coisasnatv 7 days ago
3:00 - Not sure what had happened? It was *hashish* according to *Dr. Don Langford* (Baptist Hospital) and *Dr. Peter Wu* (Queen Elizabeth Hospital), this are the doctors that treated Bruce Lee when it happen. They talk about this *in full detail* in the documentary *Death by Misadventure The Mysterious Life of Bruce Lee.*
acegrafik 8 days ago
Why he started carrying a gun a few months prior 20th of July 1973?Why he was paranoid while filming "Enter" that someone was messing with his cups of tea on set?Why he CONSTANTLY fought with Raymond Chow for not getting enough royalties for his movies?Why he made "CONCORD pictures" without Chow IF Chow was not scheming Bruce?Why he wanted to move to California after "Enter" was released FOR GOOD?Who was the the FOURTH man in Betty's apartment beside here,Chow and the paramedic - no mention of him at all from either of them?In very early articles he appears,so is in the court in September 1973,but NEVER again?Who BENEFITED from Lees' death - certainly NOT his wife,but one - Raymond Chow,who milked his image to oblivion! When Brandon said he knew who and why killed his father and he will publish documents to the public after he finishes "The Crow" and few week later - BANG!Many UNANSWERED questions remain.
AAASTUFF 8 days ago
ahh Betty Ting Pei ... always has to be a woman in the mix🤔
Mi Kapocoloco
Mi Kapocoloco 9 days ago
Wrong.. he stopped filming Game Of Death because he started on Enter The Dragon
Zeke Banister
Zeke Banister 9 days ago
Lee was a drug taking womanizing phony. It is too bad he died so young but with a life style like that....who knows what did it?
Me ontenz
Me ontenz 9 days ago
Died from cortisone (steroid overdose) for painkillers due to his back injury.
Me ontenz
Me ontenz 9 days ago
Very tragic. Very unfortunate that we couldn’t see what would have become if he hadn’t died so soon. The legend. Bruce Lee
Zeke Banister
Zeke Banister 9 days ago
Me you mean the legend who was a phony
Qohelet McSkwiddz
Qohelet McSkwiddz 11 days ago
That's not Bruce in the first scene...no, that's a stuntman. If the video was about the film, 'Enter The Dragon", that would be ok. But, not in a Lee piece. Come on, people.
Samuel Benitez
Samuel Benitez 11 days ago
sadly he just burnt out, no one killed him, he just burned his candel at both ends of the stick, but he was great, the best! rip.
kristian chacon
kristian chacon 12 days ago
I would just like to say with this being a few weeks old, Bruce you sparked the furry of entire nations you alll alone and your passion spoke out to many of us thank you for your knowledge.
kristian chacon
kristian chacon 12 days ago
I’m a fan of Tarintino but I’m no fan of him making Bruce a narcissist in his new film you idolize your actors you should of glorified Bruce Lee. Not made him a parody for that you’ve kind of lost a true martial artist as a fan Quintin.
MrHoppers002 14 days ago
another couple of reasons 1.) extremely low body fat 2.) nepalese hashish 3.) too much toxin in the body (the guy barely slept, overtrained, overwork, stress) 4.) steroid abuse.
George Gulley
George Gulley 14 days ago
Theyy were murdered simple as that
Optic500 14 days ago
The truth? did you talk to the people that actually seen his death?
mark ross
mark ross 14 days ago
Bruce Lee was poisoned by Raymond Chow. Period !
Saber Chamaoui
Saber Chamaoui 15 days ago
truth is:we will never know!
Danny Evans
Danny Evans 16 days ago
Ting pei let her lover sleep? So he was cheating on his wife Linda?
Danny Hughes
Danny Hughes 16 days ago
To much sex killed him. Betty put a spell on him.
John Vadala
John Vadala 16 days ago
😣, Rest in peace Sifu Lee. I wish he was still with us.
Brandon played Sting, huh?
kaicooper87 16 days ago
The Master of Martial Arts
Abel Lewis
Abel Lewis 16 days ago
In loving memory of Brandon Lee. (February 1, 1965 - March 31, 1993)
Abel Lewis
Abel Lewis 16 days ago
In loving memory of memory of Bruce Lee. (November 27, 1940 - July 20, 1973)
Yakoob Junior
Yakoob Junior 16 days ago
Both gone but not forgotten 😔
simo Boja
simo Boja 17 days ago
بروس لي اسطورة الفنون القتالية لا متيل له 💪👊👌🥋
C E 17 days ago
He was kill
Shaun .0
Shaun .0 17 days ago
So basically they killed him 🙄
Starguard !
Starguard ! 17 days ago
And all this time I thought they were both abducted by Aliens
dennis fook
dennis fook 18 days ago
he was too stupid to live in a fuck up world that have all sort of cockroach people who love money especially in usa.
Scorpius Jones
Scorpius Jones 18 days ago
This isn't "The sad truth", just the basic story of his life and death.
the king
the king 18 days ago
I saw all Bruce Lee movies at my late night school club that we had way back in the 70's. ( Good times )
Eric Blade
Eric Blade 18 days ago
I'm A Warr;or
I'm A Warr;or 18 days ago
I really miss my grandfather after watching this .. He was 4 years older than Lee .. Man that generation really had something unique about them .. They went through a lot i tell you ! RIP grandpa and Mr. Lee
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor 18 days ago
Cortisol overdose for his back. Not cannabis -which is a food not a drug. Not aspirin
tony montana
tony montana 19 days ago
U mean thanks to his mind blowing brain that's how he became powerful @0:05
Zaphod 19 days ago
Bruce Lee spent the night with a woman who wasn't his wife??? I call bullshit, he was married, and not the kind of man to cheat
david yates
david yates 19 days ago
Check out the stunning new paperback "Bruce Lee Mentored Me" . Written entirely in unique poetic rhythmic free flowing rhyme. The first rhymeography of its kind and a true Bruce Lee fan collectors dream... www.amazon.co.uk/David-Yates/e/B00EG08192
Me myself and eye
Me myself and eye 19 days ago
I believe the whole story is not quite clean and that a deliberate poisoning has been arranged. Faith is free and that is my view. Still today they're trying to denigrate him as a cartoon is basically another clue for me. And what else you can hear today what's going on in the industry right now, he has certainly posed a danger to some, that makes much more sense
מוטי אהרן
מוטי אהרן 19 days ago
He training too much without resting that deadly, also bruce was a narcissistic personality and he cheat linda for sure....
Mashiah Aaroeh
Mashiah Aaroeh 19 days ago
don't believe this BS. Bruce Lee died because he was a phony martial artist who disrespected the Triad godfather. I wrote the book call what really happened to Jun fan Li
Bruce Vanderburg
Bruce Vanderburg 19 days ago
The Elite is what killed him
Daniel Sisneros
Daniel Sisneros 19 days ago
RIP Bruce Lee 🙏🏻
Derrick Small
Derrick Small 19 days ago
don't fall for this bullshit this is just a negative spin on getting views
Anthony Nelson
Anthony Nelson 20 days ago
Even after all these years, people still don't know the truth. This is all fake! Bruce Lee and Brandon Lee faked their death. You have to take the oath to be in any movie period. If the Elite tell you to fake your death, that's what you do or else.
Lucky Ed
Lucky Ed 20 days ago
He over worked himself he didnt rest at all from recovery so he started to get headaches. Im thinking he was training non stop with 3 or 4 hours of sleep. Somebody should've told Lee to give it a rest. But nobody did. R.I.P. Bruce Lee.
Davinci sullivan
Davinci sullivan 11 days ago
If that’s your theory then you deserve to think you come from monkeys 😂😂
Joseph Strong
Joseph Strong 15 days ago
@Edmqnd he did not break his back...back then that was a paraplegic sentence then...he ruptured a disc in his back due to improper warm up followed by doing good mornings with his body weight 135 pounds
Ronald Cole
Ronald Cole 15 days ago
He also didn’t eat enough, having low body fat isn’t healthy at all.
Edmqnd 15 days ago
3 or 4 hours of sleep? Nah bro you're lost, he broke his back and had to take medication for that, he got sick and had to get medication for that and etc. Eventually the medication got mixed up together and his brain swallowed up from the inside and he died. You're lost saying that, Bruce Lee knew rest is important...
unknown sav
unknown sav 17 days ago
nah he acc talked bout the importance of rest
chaslyy 20 days ago
Conspiracy...nothing what it seems
Jibraeel Khan
Jibraeel Khan 20 days ago
What a low-grade, cheap, American-made piece of sensationalistic crap. Not only did I not learn anything, but it told bare-faced lies about a non-affair with Betty Ting-Pei. What nonsense.
Emerald Taylor
Emerald Taylor 20 days ago
That mistress killed him
purvi G
purvi G 20 days ago
Serial womanizer who over dosed..
John Tziannis
John Tziannis 20 days ago
Legends always die young. It's as if they are doomed.
dewell_parrales 20 days ago
Bruce Lee did NOT have an affair with Ting Pei. Check your facts Grunge
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