The Sad Truth Behind Bruce Lee's Tragic Death

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Bruce Lee could flow like water and spin nunchucks like no one else. Thanks to his mind-blowing kicks and lightning-fast speed, the man became a star in the span of just a few years. But in an unfortunate twist of fate, Bruce Lee never lived to see his big moment. Here's the truth behind Bruce Lee's tragic death.
Bruce Lee was practically made for the movies. As a kid growing up in Hong Kong, Lee was a prolific child actor, playing in around 20 films. And when he moved back to his birth country of the United States, he opened martial arts schools, taught stars including Steve McQueen, and even donned a black mask and started fighting crime.
Playing Kato on The Green Hornet, Lee introduced kung fu to the American mainstream. Unfortunately, the series only lasted 26 episodes and failed to launch him into the big time. Frustrated by Hollywood executives passing him over or giving him bit parts, Lee packed his bags and returned to Hong Kong, where he discovered he was the most famous man alive. The Green Hornet was so popular in his homeland that it was known as The Kato Show, and soon Lee was getting leading man parts in Hong Kong films.
Lee's first film as a lead actor was The Big Boss, which became the highest-grossing movie in Hong Kong history. It held that record until Lee's second film, Fist of Fury, came along. Soon after, Lee even got a chance to direct, working on both sides of the camera for Way of the Dragon. After just three films, Lee was suddenly the king of Asian cinema, and Hollywood finally decided they wanted to be in the Bruce Lee business.
Watch the video for more of The Sad Truth Behind Bruce Lee's Tragic Death.
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Sidekick to boss | 0:19
Enter the Dragon | 1:32
Bad health | 2:18
His last day | 3:23
Cause of death | 4:30
Conspiracy theories | 5:34
Legacy of the dragon | 6:39
Bruceploitation | 7:51
Brandon | 8:54


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Aug 22, 2019




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Comments 1 066
Grunge 5 months ago
Rest in peace, Bruce and Brandon.
Steeve Queens
Steeve Queens 6 hours ago
sabbracadabra Bruce Lee's Shocking new death facts ruvid.net/video/video-eZOdHoDVSMc.html
Steeve Queens
Steeve Queens 6 hours ago
Grunge Bruce Lee's Shocking new death facts ruvid.net/video/video-eZOdHoDVSMc.html
Zoka J Z
Zoka J Z 2 days ago
The killed,him because of that he showed the World real kungfu everyone was,aginst him 90% from Chines and other countrys as well
Gogeta05 2 days ago
@marcus peters your a fucking idiot... Lol
Ben Olatunji
Ben Olatunji 2 days ago
Charles putnam198
Only Deku
Only Deku Hour ago
My birthday is in July 20 man this dude was incredible
New Life
New Life 3 hours ago
Boshit buce lee still alive. Read the news
SuperMarioJeremy 4 hours ago
Bruce Lee is basically the Liu Kang of reality
Fabio teixeira
Fabio teixeira 14 hours ago
I was 8 years old when l saw the first Bruce lee movies '' Enter the dragon'' after the movies I bit up five kids up the movie gave tremendous power no one could stop ,me.
Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee 14 hours ago
They set up me but I am still alive in the 5th dimension . Peace love an namaste 🙏💖💪
Foxy 20 hours ago
1:24 me on toilet
Zelda Of Hyrule
Zelda Of Hyrule 21 hour ago
really sucks that he died so young. :( And I feel someone killed his son on purpose.
Isaac Estrada
Isaac Estrada 22 hours ago
His son died too thats fucked up
KFC Manager
KFC Manager Day ago
Jackie Chan: I fell off in a building.
totemo utsukush
Glen Scholes
Glen Scholes Day ago
how many f%%%%%ing ads? Get Real
Sos_Wxffles XoX
Kinda crazy that he died July 20th which is my birthday
User619 TLSDCA
Had crazy dream he died in bath tub to later be carried on to couch knowing Media will expose what where and when besides him being with a female in her apt. No disrespect, just crazy theories of our own...
JohwabbiRBLX Day ago
2:27 anyone else saw the camera on the top right?
tony esdra
tony esdra Day ago
Wangnao Wangnaolim
Hollywood movies producers brought him in America to kill him, it's really that simple
Barrett Hadfield
All the best Lee’s seem to die out. What the fuck is this bout. Like Stan Lee and Bruce Lee
Giovonni Hill
He was murdered and his son also. Dont play with the mob.
Jeroen Jansen
Jeroen Jansen 2 days ago
He should have stayed with his wife and keep off drugs.
Ryan Clayton
Ryan Clayton 2 days ago
I am responsible for Lee's death. We were both in our primes. It was an epic battle but my kung fu was better. R.I.P. Bruce.
Crippling Depressed Poptart
So he didn't die by fighting One Punch Man?
Cababy 12
Cababy 12 2 days ago
By Bruce being such a Master at what he did he knew how to make all of his punches and kicks realistic-looking even though they weren't on the show and didn't have to do like Batman and Robin Wham💥 Pow💥 to cover up the fake looking punches and kicks!🤣🤣🤣🤣
KJ Williams
KJ Williams 2 days ago
Both Bruce and Brandon’s death have me thinking it was an inside job
Jaycob DelaCruz
Jaycob DelaCruz 2 days ago
The sad truth about it is..he died
jeff chiangmai
jeff chiangmai 2 days ago
This would have been murder if they were white.
Robert Law
Robert Law 3 days ago
Video totally skips over the assertion by a biographer that he had his sweat glands removed, and that was the cause of cerebral swelling on two occasions -- one where he was basically in a coma, and the second was when he died. Very likely combination of factors -- drug and medicines interact in unpredictable ways... then add in that most chemical reactions in the body are regulated by H2O in some way or other... it's certainly possibly that his ability to secret out some of the chemicals from the hashish was compromised by a lack of sweat glands. After all, the way to test for THC is your excreted fluids. Imagine being surprised if someone had their liver removed, and then died after drinking heavily... you'd never think twice about connecting the two. Yet even the biographer who points out the removal of sweat glands only suggests it related to his ability to regulate his body's water levels on what was a very hot day. It's completely consistent with what seems to have been a very narcissistic, messianic complex that he would play Russian roulette with his body in that way.
marcus24000 3 days ago
wel whatever is true,if people that dont like you know what youre alergic to they can use it against you or give someone a pill without them even knowing it and thus causing a death. it was problably just an exident then but wel in hollywood and surroundings you never know,it was also said that bruce had problem with some maffia people,and its also highly suspicious that somehow the gun that was used on brandon lee was exidently loaded with a real bullet,these situations arent exacly typical exidents. the only reason i can think of of why the first or earlier pills didnt kill him is of this last pill had a higher dose,and also we are starting to see more and more how mainstream media lies about allot of things so its all stil suspicious to me.
Florida Gator1
Florida Gator1 3 days ago
Enter the dragon is the best martial arts movie of all times Hands down
Nino Lemans
Nino Lemans 3 days ago
"a mishap with a prop gun"... yeah, they "mistakenly" put real bullets in it 😒🤔 it happens all the time...😏
Andrew Betrosian
Andrew Betrosian 3 days ago
Have all of Master Lee's movies.
Little Timmy
Little Timmy 3 days ago
Everyone still believes in the antibiotics scam? Wong man jack is responsible after losing in a real fight to bruce.
Donald Trump
Donald Trump 3 days ago
Steven White
Steven White 3 days ago
Holy crap. Never realized that Uma Thurmon had Bruce Lees outfit on in Kill Bill.
Steven White
Steven White 3 days ago
Wow. He talks exactly like the Quentin Terrintino Bruce Lee 2:30
King Ukno
King Ukno 3 days ago
That's y I will never call my death I'm immortal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
marcus24000 3 days ago
verry true the spirit is inmortal,it goes somewhere els and comes back when it wants to in a diffirent body.
Syykes 3 days ago
Her wife killed her 😡 her lover was the only one with her and gave him something like a pill 💊 it’s so obvious(THATS THE TRUTH)
Jad Hishi
Jad Hishi 3 days ago
What something seems fishy here they both died before they got famous that's weird so it truly was a family curse
Valincia Pruitt
Valincia Pruitt 3 days ago
Fine Lee doing drugs??? What??? The way he kept his body in shape The man was bad though. NO ONE CAN REPLACE OR BE BRUCE LEE!!!
Duh Mandalorian
Duh Mandalorian 3 days ago
he lives forever in mortal kombat as liu kang
Juli Chio
Juli Chio 3 days ago
Fuckin pills and big pharma!! If he sticked to taoist and Chinese medicine he would still be here. ..unless he was not poisoned of course. Once a friend of mine told me they say in the desert that great people die young because they are required to make a better job up there in some other higher dimension. That always made me think. Bless you Bruce you were my first taoist master first of all, and I encourage everyone to read his books and his philosophical aphorism and teachings. ☯️
you put the entire script of the video in the description
Joshua Peri
Joshua Peri 3 days ago
bruce lee is still alive and will never die. I wasn't even born during his existence, but i couldn't feel more connected with someone i've never met.. like i feel him many i know can tap into the same mentality almost like it's channel that u me or anyone who had walked similar paths weather it be MMA, acting, dancing, philosophy any artform, many i know who are into contact staff and flow arts such as poi.. could easily tap into. Not the characteristic of a dead person.
Malcolm Allison
Malcolm Allison 3 days ago
Brandon Lee's death was not related to Bruce Lee's. Brandon Lee's death was caused by a series of errors that were unknowingly made in the making of The Crow. Which included the use of a real gun. But because it wasn't checked before it was loaded for the scene, no-one was aware. But a few other factors contributed to it too. There're other videos on RUvid that will tell you more about it. Or if you'd prefer to, get the book "The Crow. The story behind the film. It tells what happened throughout the making of the movie. Including all the factors, which together caused Brandon Lee's death.
Danny Ross
Danny Ross 3 days ago
this dude talking, knows nothing about Bruce.
Callum Ratcliffe
Callum Ratcliffe 3 days ago
My opinion that he was an ACULT member and his death was a hoax as when Bruce does his hand movements you can see the devil horns paying homage to the ACULT /elites just my opinion!
vishal kumar
vishal kumar 3 days ago
Bruce Lee no 1 fighter in the world 🌏
Cute catto
Cute catto 3 days ago
2:27 cat
Redzwan Abdul
Redzwan Abdul 3 days ago
Redzwan Abdul
Redzwan Abdul 3 days ago
Redzwan Abdul
Redzwan Abdul 3 days ago
Well... he had a secret fight with the Silat Grand Master from MALAYSIA in HK.....
MingTuck Chung
MingTuck Chung 3 days ago
According to Chuck, Bruce was on other meds to deal with past injuries and that pill was the bad combination. Chuck and friends always told Bruce to slow down and take a short break before it breaks him... Guess it broke him.
V.ChiLL 3 days ago
Bruce lee injured his back and started receiving Epidural shots in his spine, Its entirely possible he was over doing it which caused his brain to swell
Jonathon Connor
Jonathon Connor 3 days ago
Jackie Chan says Bruce Lee died in a hospital in Hong Kong due to irregular heart condition that was not caused by any other human.. Bruce just had a bad heart and didn't know it.. i take Jackie Chan words over any American..
Special 23
Special 23 3 days ago
He was murdered
Paul G
Paul G 3 days ago
Silus 4 days ago
“Here is the truth...” This is how liars begin sentences. They need to tell you what to think before they say it. Brainwashing 101. Dude doesn’t know shit about Bruce Lee. Just reading a script.
Jasmine Johnston
Jasmine Johnston 4 days ago
Bruce Lee’s son, Brandon Lee, was killed on the set of The Crow when he was accidentally shot with a prop gun that had a bullet lodged in the barrel
Jeronimo Afanador
No shit
Kevin Prado
Kevin Prado 4 days ago
I've never watched a movie about him but I respect him
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