The Rudest Celebs In Hollywood, According To Other Stars

Nicki Swift
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Not every celebrity can say they hold the heartwarming title of "Hollywood's Nice Guy", or gal, but if a star shares a rude encounter with another famous face, you best believe it'll be the talk of Tinseltown. We're dishing the dirt on the rudest celebs in Hollywood, according to reportedly nicer stars.
At first glance, you'd probably never think Pierce Brosnan could be rude. Between his sultry voice and dashing looks, the Irish actor won our hearts as James Bond in the late '90s. However, funnyman James Corden might beg to differ with this glowing reputation.
In a headline-making segment of "Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts" on The Late Late Show in 2017, guest Khloé Kardashian asked Corden about the rudest celeb he's ever met.
After the space had been vacant for a while, Corden and his wife moved to Brosnan's spot…apparently right before the actor returned.
Watch the video for more about the rudest celebs in Hollywood, according to other stars!
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Pierce Brosnan | 0:18
Gene Simmons | 1:21
Ariana Grande | 2:18
Christina Aguilera | 3:07
Charlize Theron | 3:58
Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol | 5:05
Jon Hamm | 5:54
Michael Jordan | 6:52
Lea Michele | 7:49
Jennifer Lawrence | 8:40




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Comments 80
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift 7 months ago
Would you want to meet your hero?
Metallee123 2 days ago
I’ve met some of my heroes and they were as cool as I’d imagined they’d be.
Sabrina Capaul
Sabrina Capaul 3 days ago
I do often. My grandma. Celebrities arent heros for beeing famous, they need to earn that status with something else.
Donny H
Donny H 7 days ago
I would love to, but my hero is Carl Sagan!
Deejay 18 days ago
Yes, I would like to meet my celebrity favourite (hero is stretching it a bit), but only at the right time, at an event say, not when they are having lunch with their family.
Rooney 17
Rooney 17 29 days ago
@Evgenia they are heroes to some peoole
adeline Hephzibah
adeline Hephzibah 7 hours ago
"Pint-sized" Crooner? Now that's rude
Abby -
Abby - 13 hours ago
In defense of Gary Lightbody, Radio hosts in Australia are absolute F***wits, so I really don't blame him at all.
Tanuki Man
Tanuki Man 20 hours ago
So that tool Corden takes Brosnan’s place and Brosnannis the rude one? What a douche nugget.
Bahle Bhengu
Bahle Bhengu 22 hours ago
Celebrities are still people. I'd be rude too if people were constantly invading my space/privacy.
David Johnson
Celebrities forget that they work for us fans us fans are the boss because without us fans they’re talent is useless because if nobody buys they’re movies or music then they have nothing.
catothewiser Day ago
Charlize Theron is a mentally ill person as evidenced by her self-loathing hatred of her own race.
Ana S
Ana S Day ago
Don't worship celebrities. They're just people with money.
Mark G.
Mark G. Day ago
Why do these celebrities think they are important, and when an actual person says something to them like how good actor / actress they are, they act like they're godly, oh, my God, I don't believe you're talking to me, you low life person, don't, you know, I'm somebody special. Maybe in their own mind, otherwise they don't mean shit to me. One more reason not to watch their movies or their shows.
Shanan Alexander
Charlese is rude. I have seen how rude she could be. She used to be my favorite but is starting to make me not want to see anymore movies because I don’t like how she treats people.
Metallee123 2 days ago
Pierce Brosnan is Welsh.
Stacy Brenda
Stacy Brenda 3 days ago
Isnt it funny how celebs will use the "my fans know me" card when its convenient and then when they get canceled for something they have done they will suddenly be like we dont know them and we are judging them for nothing
Adrian S.
Adrian S. 3 days ago
The list is overdelivered. Its normal human behavior. Theron is an angel.
sarah 3 days ago
I don’t consider Lea Michelle’s to be rude. And I don’t really think Hailee was necessarily saying she was rude. She was just disappointed.
MixedUpMargie 3 days ago
Julia roberts was the rudest I’ve met. She had attitude when a fan discretely asked for an autograph, im glad I didn’t care to ask herforone
Sabrina Capaul
Sabrina Capaul 3 days ago
Personal boundaries guys. Thats why lots of celebs live in switzerland. We dont bother asking them for an autograph or saying omg ure so amazing or whatever
Igor Bosnjak
Igor Bosnjak 4 days ago
Personally i'm not Brosnan fan,didn't watched his movies,and he was maybe drunk when he pushed Corden.However i'm on Brosnan side on this one,however he can't just push him if he took his seat he should just ask him to leave and problem solved.On the other hand Jennifer Lawrence seems arrogant and cocky as hell,i think she should learn thing or two from Keanu Reeves,that guy is legend!
john brady
john brady 5 days ago
These are today’s celebrities? The end is near...
kemolowlow 5 days ago
Jennifer and Charlize rode and inhaled Harvey's jock for roles.
Drakeredd16 5 days ago
seems more like a personal grudge than their actual personalities, well for some that is
Celia Gameiro
Celia Gameiro 5 days ago
I love Charlize Theron. She is perfection.
Celia Gameiro
Celia Gameiro 5 days ago
Mohamed Slimani
Mohamed Slimani 6 days ago
We are all the same here we all take shit
Julie Keegan
Julie Keegan 6 days ago
These celebs get above themselves,I don’t know who they think they are.
ashwath Ash
ashwath Ash 6 days ago
Who likes Cordon? he s annoying.
unknown entertainment
"Talk of tincil town" 😂😂😂
Rigo Obezo
Rigo Obezo 7 days ago
You forgot to mention the racist natzi with the Cheetos haircut. 😁😉
TheSynysterVyrus 7 days ago
Okay but James Cordon is insufferable so don’t take his opinion on Pierce Brosnan
Ace 7 days ago
Kristen Steward too.. remember her saying on cam...''you's shouldn't be breathing the same air I do'' couldn't stand the guy after that..
Carolina De Pombo Roman
Honestly the interview was the diva in my opinion
beeski 7 days ago
Christina Aguilera would make fun of Kelly Osbourne’s weight :l
Raptor Dan
Raptor Dan 7 days ago
Who cares , it’s all a leftist cult
the bub
the bub 7 days ago
i just don’t get the celebrity crap, there shit smells just like everyone’s, they are just doing job like most other members of society.
Mishel H
Mishel H 8 days ago
You know, when any one is working out - regardless of what they're doing - is simply not a good time for introductions and/or small talk; same goes for females sporting too tight ponytails, Grande & Aguilera. Their heads can't take too much stress and to talk AND be nice is asking for way too much.
SonnyD38 8 days ago
Everyone knows Gene Simon's is a major douche
John Doe
John Doe 8 days ago
whous is going to remember Ariana Geande in a few years she isn't a real pop star she is a blimp brat wanna be
Ace 7 days ago
yes,.um ''who?''
Not Nataly
Not Nataly 8 days ago
“An off day?” They literally told her not to ask Gary about it and she did. She deserved it lol get lost. I’d be mad, too.
Marinella Bud
Marinella Bud 9 days ago
fans pay for your luxury life, Hollywood actors, so you should have the decency to acknowledge that
cwb0051 9 days ago
I Loath the Garbage in Hollywood..YUK!
Kass Arthur
Kass Arthur 10 days ago
Most of the Elite look down on regular folks. How about giving up some of your millions to help those in need during this virus.
Da Creamy One
Da Creamy One 10 days ago
Christina Aguilera was nice to me both times.
E Pruitt
E Pruitt 10 days ago
That's cuz Jordan has had his picture taken about a billion times...still, goes with being Jordan...
E Pruitt
E Pruitt 10 days ago
Shift the hate of Trump to celebs that truly could care less about any of us peons that make them rich... that would be epic, boycott movies, make them less rich...others like Depp just drink their money away. Money seems to make ppl dumber than smarter...jus observation
Steven 10 days ago
I totally get see someone you maybe idolize or a huge fan of. But realize that you may be the 100th if not 1000th person to ask for this moment with that person. They're people too. Some I'm sure are full of themselves and some I'm sure are far from it. But I've always felt when I saw a celeb I treated them like everyone else. The mere fact that I met them is enough for me.
Owlelephant 129
Owlelephant 129 10 days ago
That was Tia Mowery??!!!
Mari Diaz
Mari Diaz 10 days ago
Celebrities ain't shit
The Bees Knees
The Bees Knees 10 days ago
So, here's my one little story. I "met" Guiliana Rancic one time at HER RESTAURANT in Chicago & she walked right past all of her patrons, with her nose in the air. She only wanted to talk to a famous food critic, in the center of the room. Clearly, we all knew who she was, as we were at her restaurant. I didnt expect her to come speak to every table of course. However, she acted like she didn't even notice her own customers. I saw more than a few people discussing her massive ego & they ended up walking out. I probably would have too, had we not already been eating. Not even a wave, a smile or a "thank you all for being here" So hearing Rancic talk about how Ari is a "diva" is laughable. Yeah, skelator is now on my shit list ☠💀 lol
Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston 11 days ago
"My fans know who I am..." What the hell does that mean?
rick L
rick L 11 days ago
Lea Michele is not an A lost.
Bropann 11 days ago
Most of these celebs are actors or singers. But they're just people who can act or sing. They aren't necessarily talented or unusual in any other way. Don't expect them to be role models. Just expect them to (usually) sing or act well. If you don't expect more of them than you expect of anyone you might meet on the street then you probably won't be disappointed.
Bropann 11 days ago
Some of these celebs are rude and "self entitled" but some of them are just caught at bad times, (we've all had them), that brought out the worst in them. Plus, as Joe Campbell wrote, "'Sorry, now is not a good time' is not rude, it's honest and polite."
James Burke
James Burke 11 days ago
we all have bad days
Sean Tomaszewski
Sean Tomaszewski 12 days ago
I met Gary Loghtbody when I was 18, the nicest most down to earth dude ever. We talked about him being a writer, and bragged I was in a band too lol. So this is a BS set up, probably was an Ahole interviewer.
STID 12 days ago
Looks like a found a channel who’s a fan of James Cordick
T-jay Ferris
T-jay Ferris 12 days ago
I love when I hear celebs are flat out rude, you would be famous with out fans and yet they are rude.
Shadow Play in the Woods
Pierce Brosnan is not rude...
Kevin Langie
Kevin Langie 12 days ago
Hollywood celebrities are dog VOMITS!!
The Fallen One
The Fallen One 12 days ago
Some of these aren't that bad, people are just ridiculous to think that famous people should always be happy and okay with taking pictures, something may happen in your life, you may not feel well or don't have any time - we all have those days!
Ayyy ItsAlex
Ayyy ItsAlex 12 days ago
I think that Arianna Grande was very sweet during the years when she was in the show Victorious.But then the song writers of the song 7 rings made her a spoiled brat. I'm just sayin'
Qayyum Chariff
Qayyum Chariff 13 days ago
I would treat Corden the same way too..
guest 13 days ago
I don't think they mean it. They probably get bugged by People too much.
Cygnus Star-Scream
Cygnus Star-Scream 13 days ago
They're on the same planet but live in different worlds. Best to just stay away from them. What they say to your face AND what they say after you've gone are Polar Opposite.
Larry Smithart
Larry Smithart 13 days ago
Ariana Grande just really needs to get laid hard
Ace 7 days ago
just throw cheese chunk at the mouse
John Murray
John Murray 14 days ago
Emma Roberts once just walked by without giving me a hug or even acknowledging me... Or did I just dream that one up? Oh, I see how it is. Not even in my dreams
HarindeR SaharaN
HarindeR SaharaN 14 days ago
I don't know why but I really don't like Charliz therorn.
Candice Perry
Candice Perry 15 days ago
These celeberties are just like everybody else
Sandra Maragulov
Sandra Maragulov 15 days ago
wait so Christina went to a Van Halen concert? if she did then wow I am shocked
Denise Macapagal
Denise Macapagal 15 days ago
Well, Corden is not exactly the nicest one neither.
Carol Downing
Carol Downing 16 days ago
Most of the ladies don't surprise me, especially Jennifer, Lea and of course Charlize.
Kapiche' 16 days ago
James Cordern ISN’T a “funny man” and also very much so deserved to be put in his place by Sir Pierce.
Jose Antonio Delgado
Keanu is The Nice Guy.
KAT 17 days ago
Met Sam Elliot in a convenience store.... I am still captivated. 💕
Jo GARGUS 17 days ago
gene looks like a monster from a sewer
Celebrities are legends in their own minds.
porsha vakatuturagana
Funny how only when they get famous then they want to entertain their victim
Terri Seaton
Terri Seaton 18 days ago
Why are these ppl all called stars and celebrities? They aren’t.
KLJohan 18 days ago
Nicki swift.... without a doubt the dumbest video I've seen you put out. Like celebs are required to be nice all the time by stupid people. 🙄
Deejay 18 days ago
The only thing I get from videos like this is that privacy is for normal people, but not celebs, they're not supposed to have any privacy. Would you bother a celeb if he/she were waiting to see their Dr. or dentist, or if they're out for a meal with their family. They are then classed as rude when they don't want a photo or to give you a signature. Privacy is an entitlement for everyone.
Marc Padilla
Marc Padilla 19 days ago
Idc,she's good at what she does. Her beauty is just a bonus. Im not talking to Charlize anytime soon.
matt fahringer
matt fahringer 19 days ago
who the hell is Kathy Griffin?
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