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In Theaters 2/4
A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman (Leighton Meester) who becomes obsessed with her new roommate (Minka Kelly).




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Comments 80
Silver Grace
Silver Grace 8 hours ago
I guess Blair went a little crazy without Serena.
Ashley D
Ashley D 13 hours ago
Its very much like"single white female." Love this movie
Navi Desso
Navi Desso 15 hours ago
i’m not okay with the amount of times they made that girl wear a fedora
elisha gibson
elisha gibson 18 hours ago
Single White Female for millennials... LOL. Still might watch it though
athina makridi
athina makridi 21 hour ago
omg they were roomates
no. no.
no. no. Day ago
How did I just now see this?
Lana Aladhami
You guys this movie is from 9 years ago oh god I just finished watching it and it's 4am (Blair has really changed)
Daniella Perkins
those two actresses are either the same people or they look exactly alike
Mayah Elyse
Mayah Elyse Day ago
So moral of the story the girls a lesbian?
sadeyez duece
sadeyez duece 2 days ago
There's always a Sarah. 😂
Natalie Coleman
Natalie Coleman 3 days ago
The worst thing about these types of movies is that they have to let you know something is wrong with one of the characters ya know and they don't hide it well
Natalie Coleman
Natalie Coleman 3 days ago
I'm so happy this is coming on Netflix tomarrow
Kat 2 hours ago
Hahaha! I’m watching right now! 😊
Nate TheGreat
Nate TheGreat 13 hours ago
LRX Music just finished it
LRX Music
LRX Music 2 days ago
Vanessa Bayardo
Vanessa Bayardo 4 days ago
Why do the victim and victimizer look so much alike? Even in the thumbnail as both are separated by the door, it's like meester has a twin or made a spitting image of herself. Idk it might have helped if one of them was a red head and the other brunette, or one wore a ponytail while the other let her hair down. Did the producers do it on purpose to confuse the viewers?
Iammiracle __
Iammiracle __ 9 days ago
I mean I really don’t have to watch this now 😂😂
Най-Новото От Българския Поп-Фолк
Why did she kill the poor kitty?!
Tasha N
Tasha N 22 days ago
Just watched this movie, it’s just like “Single White Female” and “Dying To Be You” lmao
03 AI
03 AI 24 days ago
I love this movie.
Kae Month ago
Aly Michalka 😍😍🥰
Aaron Saltzer
Aaron Saltzer Month ago
I wouldn’t be surprised if this movie was inspired by Single White Female. There are similarities between the two.
Daylin Martinez
Daylin Martinez Month ago
This just in...our B changing her identity, moving to a new city, and befriending her roommate...but is B becoming a little to obsessive over her...watch your back roomie, you don’t know what B is capable of XOXO gossip girl
digital devil
digital devil Month ago
Need a gf like this
Isaiah Mendoza
Isaiah Mendoza Month ago
Yandere simulator 2011
kk1209 Month ago
2 actors from Titanic. Cool.
diya velho
diya velho Month ago
Does anyone know the backing track they use for this trailer it would really help me out
Dylan Renfroo
Dylan Renfroo Month ago
It's "Post Grad" meets "Fatal Attraction"
Yasmin Kama
Yasmin Kama Month ago
Blair plays always a rich girl
Hannah Warriner
Hannah Warriner 3 months ago
The Roommate is a 2011 Horror Film
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ILoveEatingCupCakes 3 months ago
I tho it was a lesbian happy ending
james hogan
james hogan 4 months ago
single white female the college years
Alina Hanazawa
Alina Hanazawa 4 months ago
Leighton Meester+Matt Lanter+Kat Graham+Nina Dobrev? What is this? The CW reunion?
Mariah Conklin
Mariah Conklin 4 months ago
this is my crazy roommate
ruzzell907 4 months ago
Blair Waldorf snapped.
José Sanhueza Sepúlveda
I'm searching a song called "Higher" - Dekoder, it sounds in this movie, have u info about this? I can't find it
Leila K
Leila K 4 months ago
“And they were roommates”
BellalovesMarla1 5 months ago
The cast is like a fanfiction... The story kinda too
Jessie Lalremrout
Jessie Lalremrout 5 months ago
Blair Waldorf 😍
Love Manifesto
Love Manifesto 5 months ago
Beware of conniving people Meaning given to or involved in conspiring to do something immoral, illegal, or harmful.
Not Identifield
Not Identifield 5 months ago
Why they look a like?
T 84
T 84 6 months ago
I can’t even tell who is who. That’s going to be a problem to keep up with the story line
Tyler 6 months ago
This trailer alone is beautifully done. Great catch. A great movie!
Fernanda Ramírez
Fernanda Ramírez 6 months ago
I spent half an hour of the movie thinking that they were the same person. I couldn't understand the plot 😂
Mike Paul
Mike Paul 7 months ago
Leighton Meester was the only part of the movie that was worth watching. Single White Female this wasn’t.
Tzíntzer Tapioca
Tzíntzer Tapioca 7 months ago
I saw this movie and the crazy roomate forced earings in her ears
Sam S
Sam S 7 months ago
Take your meds people XD
teioh 8 months ago
Hello? ...
Lily Juggy
Lily Juggy 8 months ago
youknowwhatflav 8 months ago
All she had to do was take her meds
Veronica Rotin
Veronica Rotin 8 months ago
Should i watch this ?
N Fisal
N Fisal 8 months ago
Bad movie. It had potential
n dumais
n dumais 10 months ago
i fucking love this movie.
rick spalding
rick spalding 10 months ago
dumb movie, gorgeous women, would watch again
Scorby 11 months ago
The blonde is litterally a psycho
EscargoTouChaud 11 months ago
Bad film. Stupid pretty people, predictable all the way, no depth in any of the characters. Gave me nothing. The kitten was cute.
I think it would be really cool to have someone who loved me enough to get rid of enemies, bad influences, and crappy people all to protect me..so what she’s a little crazy who isn’t?
Reading Is Fundamental
Yo I can’t tell them apart
Austin Gordon
Austin Gordon Year ago
Bad people can do evil things to innocent people real life
Mulli Godingar
Dominique Porchi
Tell me how it took me to watch the trailer 8 years after this came out to realize Cal and Roses mother from titanic we’re both in this
du education hub
du education hub 6 days ago
took me 9
abegail crisostomo
I thinksm shes an obsessive lesbian
LonelyPoni Year ago
For some reason I always thought the main actress was Jessica Alba
Ybas Janelle
Ybas Janelle Year ago
This is the true best friends ever but she can killed for his best friend
Cate Year ago
so I literally got 5 minutes into the movie thinking minka kelly was leighton meester I -
It's a horror movie?
I realized I’ve watched this movie when they showed the kitten she’s so cruel.
Manuel Correa
Manuel Correa Year ago
I wish I stayed in their dorms! Coed dormitory!!
Reza Haidar Kamal
One of my favorite movie!
Stefarooh Year ago
Very poor imitation copy of Single White Female. You better off just watching that one. It is superior in every sense of the word.
Athena Queen
Athena Queen Year ago
I just watched this. N this is so creepy. I watch at 10pm
Starting college in 5 days guys😂
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