The Room Made of Gummy Bears (Gummy Shot Glass music video)

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Made completely of gummy, these edible shot glasses double as the greatest chasers known to man.
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Don't even think about taking another shot of that Old Crow until you've bought Gummy Shot Glasses.
Gummy Shots are available in two different six-packs. Each set of edible candy shot glasses includes two of each flavor. Enjoy blue raspberry, red cherry, and orange or lemon, lime, and cola. Or party like it's 1999 and order both sets.
Gummy Shot Glasses are handmade in the USA.
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/gummy-shots-single/id425205918
MP3 download: www.vat19.com/dvds/01-Girl-(Gummy-Shots).mp3
Here are the lyrics to the song featured in this funny music video:
Girl it starts real fresh
And takes you on a journey
These shots so ill
You'll be leavin' on a gurney
So bottoms up
Momma didn't raise a dummy
Me and Jeff gettin' crunk
Doin' shots of gummy
Girl don't even fight it
I know you wanna bite it
You sound so excited
Before you even tried it
Baby I was wrong
And you know I'm gonna right it
Send you gummy shots
UPS overnight it
Girl, you make the champagne pop
Oh girl, I wanna buy you a shot
Say girl, on the couch I'mma save you a spot
Oh girl, you know I got the bathtub hot
Well you know I can't afford
No expensive brandy
So I pour an Old Crow
And chase it down with candy
Cuz it's breakin' my heart
That I caused you pain
You can tell by the slo-mo
Yell in the rain
Baby girl, say the word
When you're home alone
I'll be on your doorstep
With a shot of Patrón
Then I'll take you to the beach
In the Florida Keys
Or a real nice dinner
At an Applebee's
Break down
In the middle of the spot
I'mma buy another round
While you checkin' these shots
The money shot
The rims shot
Butt shot
Body shot
Not rapping shot
Bad metaphor shot?
Girl, you make the champagne pop
Oh girl, I wanna buy you a shot
Say girl, I wanna take you on a cruise on my yacht
Oh girl, I gotta admit it's not a real yacht
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Comments 80
Vat19 3 years ago
Make sure you watch to the end to see behind-the-scenes footage of how we made the gummy bear brick wall, couch, belt buckle, and more!
dragonknight YT
dragonknight YT 20 days ago
@TurtlePlayzYT hello there 2020 comment
TurtlePlayzYT 20 days ago
tracy alford boi lil hater go to hell lil kid
dragonknight YT
dragonknight YT Month ago
dragonknight YT
dragonknight YT Month ago
Gaster77 4 months ago
Vat19 my life is complete
Juvia Playz
Juvia Playz Day ago
I'm lesbian
safwan 23
safwan 23 Day ago
Why r ppl always talking about Joey?
Nicolas The dude
lol noice song
Orpha Ambas
Orpha Ambas 2 days ago
That room is my dream.
FastBreak383 2 days ago
Joey is the CEO of jawline
Anhmai Nguyen
Anhmai Nguyen 3 days ago
What ......
Lego StarWars Yoda
Thumbnail: Two Dudes, Chilin' in a Bathtub. 5 Feet Away Cuz Their Not Gay
Pelicancan 5 days ago
*Ricardo Milos has left the chat*
Gold 0937
Gold 0937 6 days ago
This vid was made when i was born
Ethan Alia
Ethan Alia 7 days ago
Dude I remember seeing this in second grade 💀💀💀
Kaneki Ken
Kaneki Ken 8 days ago
y'all sure used alot..like hell alot of gummy...
Athallah ghaisan Putra
Ew that's disgusting dude
Random Blashmaster
Stop it with the stupid and unreasonable song Jamie it’s so dumb
Cloud Puff
Cloud Puff 9 days ago
Me:looks interested in class Also My head:
Dadi Chhetri
Dadi Chhetri 9 days ago
Bluper plese
Jem Vargas
Jem Vargas 9 days ago
I remember having the biggest crush on Joey
Spirit Deer
Spirit Deer 9 days ago
That is really gross
Ariel Mera
Ariel Mera 10 days ago
who here is watching it in 2020
GJP gaming
GJP gaming 12 days ago
U forgot the gun shot xd
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 12 days ago
Why did you decapitate the gummy bear
RedFox YT
RedFox YT 12 days ago
I like the song
Dylan Jillard
Dylan Jillard 12 days ago
R i m s h o t
PastelGøthStar18 12 days ago
Ok, Joey, u were kinda killing Jon pourin that drink on him 😂😂😂
LivGachaStories 12 days ago
Tell me is anyone else in 2020
Margarita Mikalauskaitė
I gorgot this hidden gem
Johann Hernandez
Johann Hernandez 13 days ago
denise mutamba
denise mutamba 13 days ago
I remember this from when I was younger
Yoyo Panda
Yoyo Panda 13 days ago
NE1 2020??
Evan Armstrong
Evan Armstrong 13 days ago
Have Vat19 can you make a game cold flor pups
shanema1n gam1ng
shanema1n gam1ng 15 days ago
Yup they don't age
Jude Dettorre
Jude Dettorre 15 days ago
Summary of this video: 2 simps seduce women with gummies
Anabelle Metzi
Anabelle Metzi 15 days ago
It’s been 10 years and Joey still hasn’t aged
Ocean Man
Ocean Man 16 days ago
Every single music video I have seen It’s always these two. Since the beginning
Yasir Imran
Yasir Imran 18 days ago
This is really cringy I am really sorry though
Fea4rless is the best Youtuber
1:42 when my brother won’t wake up
Arthur R6
Arthur R6 18 days ago
Who else think this isn’t a bad song
Erica Oswald-Haggett
Cringe 100! jk love u
SlimeLover TV
SlimeLover TV 19 days ago
Note: this product may cause couples breaking up, due to the womens boyfriends' weirdness
xabc1 21 day ago
I’m glad Mark Wahlberg is still making music!
Madeline Serene
Madeline Serene 21 day ago
Ok you have the glass but what about the drink?
Nicholas Winter
Nicholas Winter 22 days ago
10 years later I just realized what the bad metaphor means...
x Psycho Robloxian x
I might as well eat the whole house
Tanloc Do
Tanloc Do 22 days ago
Omg 😍☺️song so good
lazy potatoes
lazy potatoes 25 days ago
damn can joey sing tho
Shrek Nation
Shrek Nation 25 days ago
Instead of making gummy-flavored alchohol. They make gummy cups.
Alice Yu
Alice Yu 26 days ago
I swear these vat19 peeps has been together since the beginning of time.
Lemon Squeeze
Lemon Squeeze 27 days ago
what the fuck
Honour Constable
Honour Constable 28 days ago
Soo cringy
MJ Likes Pasta Salad
10 years and joey looks just as beautiful
Beryl Month ago
Friend: What's your favourite song? Me: ... Its hard to explain...
Adhrita Bijesh
Adhrita Bijesh Month ago
They made this when I was 3. Now I'm thirteen 😂🤧
Adhrita Bijesh
Adhrita Bijesh 26 days ago
@PandaPlayz no I was born on feb 2007 so 2010 is when they made this so I would have been three and now ten years later I'm 13
PandaPlayz 27 days ago
Your 12
O DAMN! Month ago
2020 anyone just reliving there child hood
Maria Kidd
Maria Kidd Month ago
Didn't know they can sing so well :/
Kenneth Li
Kenneth Li Month ago
The autotune
Tyler The Creator
For me its more like "many how are we ever gonna get girls? "
Toxic_Benga Month ago
Ur nootifull singen
Spirit Deer
Spirit Deer Month ago
That is a realy weird
I remember watching this vid when I was 6 years old and im 12 now, *MEMORIES*
•Aly •
•Aly • Month ago
Yo vi este video cuando si tenía 4 años y ahora que tengo 12 todavía me acuerdo la letra :v
Dagua Webb
Dagua Webb Month ago
If you show this to your crush... You won't have a crush for very long.
Panda Dylan
Panda Dylan Month ago
If u want get a girl u should sing this song Like if U agree 👇👇
A.R.K 27
A.R.K 27 Month ago
Who’s listening in 2020 ? This song is so LIT
Denzel Younes
Denzel Younes Month ago
Cringe is real
Defender of Justice 707
how much did that gummy bear room cost?
JustDucky Month ago
I don’t think I understand who their demographic is.
Allison Benavidez
Who grew up watching these guys and is back in 2020 vibing ?
Jesus Martínez g
hung tran
hung tran Month ago
Matt Dunlop
Matt Dunlop Month ago
store: how much gummy do you need?? Vat19: yes
Kai Animationz
Kai Animationz Month ago
Omg This Vid Was Posted When I Was Born?!? 😯😯
Megincinno owo
Megincinno owo Month ago
Im just imagening how the retailer’s face when Jamie told him. Heyyyy so we just need........about........765,467,642,876,875,295,258,764 gummy bears
Raven Month ago
This takes me back to my childhood 😂😂 I watched this when I was like 10 or something and still buy their products to this day
Lucas (Student) MULLER
i wan gummmy
Hxneypandas Month ago
It’s been almost a decade and this is still a bop
Khris Too smoove
10 year later still aged well 💯💯💯😂
UnusuallyAsian Month ago
0:39 is that a one of a kind gummy bear lamp?! Possibly from Icarly?!
Shadowz Month ago
if it is really joey singing he is actually a pretty good singer
Make a gummy yacht
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