THE ROAD TO STATE CONTINUES!!|| Western VS Columbus high school football

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Hey Guys, We advanced to the sad round of the playoffs and we faced off against Columbus in a hard fought playoff game. Be sure to leave a like and subscribe:) high school football | espn | youth sports
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Comments 80
Tyler Osborne
Tyler Osborne 2 hours ago
My favorite player was number 7
Tyler Osborne
Tyler Osborne 2 hours ago
Number seven
Tyler Osborne
Tyler Osborne 2 hours ago
My favorite was number seven
Benjamin Cole
Jay Williams number 20
Boi Boi
Boi Boi 2 days ago
Y’all cheerleaders gross asf💀💀💀
GThings 2x
GThings 2x 4 days ago
GThings 2x
GThings 2x 4 days ago
on his head
Jay Foster
Jay Foster 4 days ago
A_king11 Butler
A_king11 Butler 5 days ago
1 20 2 3 9 5
Jordan Garcia
Jordan Garcia 6 days ago
I remember number 9 picking up that fumble after our first drive. He didn’t really talk the rest of the game tho😂
Gernard Williams
Gernard Williams 7 days ago
gavin mesidort
gavin mesidort 9 days ago
What happened to number 8
Damon Hughes
Damon Hughes 9 days ago
Big 20!!
Mari2 DRIPPY 10 days ago
Justin Hodges #1
Oldy Chery
Oldy Chery 15 days ago
Numbers 20,12,2,1,3
TMG 20
TMG 20 19 days ago
That white qb sucks🤦🏾‍♂️🤮👎
ST8RS FR0M AB0V3 20 days ago
Karon fasho🤘🏾
JAYLO !! 21 day ago
Jonathan Hester
Jonathan Hester 21 day ago
James fashoooo
FatBoyy Kei
FatBoyy Kei 25 days ago
#3 ✅✅
Suliman Bundu
Suliman Bundu Month ago
Grace Baptist church
#24 my fav
Javier Moreno
Javier Moreno Month ago
Best players is 1 12 3 20
Cj Butler
Cj Butler Month ago
Najeh Miller
Najeh Miller Month ago
7 and 11
Jordan Dunn
Jordan Dunn Month ago
James Williams #20
Ray Sean
Ray Sean Month ago
Your qb chocked very hard bring tiger in🤧
llboxedyou -
llboxedyou - 2 months ago
Bro the offense and defense played terrible 😂😂😂
Mj Mj
Mj Mj 2 months ago
omar number 1 all day and number 20
money song gang
money song gang 2 months ago
King CC
King CC 2 months ago
Number 20
Elijah Tay
Elijah Tay 2 months ago
Jeremiah Smith
Jeremiah Smith 2 months ago
My fav players ofc webs and 20 and 18 y’all QB got a future
KaashKidd Jayy
KaashKidd Jayy 2 months ago
# 20
Elijah Tay
Elijah Tay 3 months ago
20 is he going to play for westren next year
Moses 3 months ago
intro song?
Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson 3 months ago
Bro I freaking miss football season💯
Jamison 3 months ago
Christopher Turner
Christopher Turner 3 months ago
3&1 they were in two different positions when it come to offers and ratings but they both kept energy and had heart and that’s what u need to play the game
Fortnite Dubs
Fortnite Dubs 3 months ago
Number 1
Hansel Breton
Hansel Breton 3 months ago
tie between 20 and 3
pimp juice
pimp juice 3 months ago
Number 1
Jp Brothers
Jp Brothers 3 months ago
Nicholas Camarillo
Nicholas Camarillo 3 months ago
Jerome Baker
Jerome Baker 3 months ago
elija griffin
elija griffin 3 months ago
Number 20 and 1
Javier Carranza
Javier Carranza 3 months ago
Go to the state game
Brian Mason
Brian Mason 3 months ago
20-All around player 7-best Running Back 2-savage WR 1-Best Db then 11 all around player and 9 best DL man
Young Buck4
Young Buck4 3 months ago
My Favorite Was Definitely My Boa Justin
WhyNotEddie 3 months ago
Whats the beat ??
Nathaniel Hendricks
Nathaniel Hendricks 3 months ago
Shifty Pello
Shifty Pello 3 months ago
My fav player #20
PrettyboiTy 2x
PrettyboiTy 2x 4 months ago
We lost in round 4 💔🥺
Spectru M
Spectru M 4 months ago
C pride Columbus beat y’all any time
WorldWide Keon
WorldWide Keon 4 months ago
Justin was tuff asab this year
T2 istheName
T2 istheName 4 months ago
my favorite player(s) were 1,2,7,20
2k n1ck
2k n1ck 4 months ago
#20 he really a team player❌🧢
KingShad 300
KingShad 300 4 months ago
#1 #11 #3 I know u said player but I can’t pick these niggas were dawgs🔥🔥
KingShad 300
KingShad 300 4 months ago
Oh no y’all niggas be havin da dogs out on da regular in Florida oh no y’all fools be trippin over there we don’t do that over here in the DMV 2:05 😂😂
Hi Luk
Hi Luk 4 months ago
Record more videos like this personally I love this type of content
LLV Boi Moo
LLV Boi Moo 4 months ago
Webs can you come to carter park today trying To get some work before defcon tryouts
Jahmicah Dozier
Jahmicah Dozier 4 months ago
James williams and #1
Daniel Kelly
Daniel Kelly 4 months ago
Where is this school based?
Ayee it’s Kxng Mikey
o Preserverence
o Preserverence 4 months ago
20 was my favorite player . uplifting and humble , team player i like to see that.💕
Brashawn Hawkins
Brashawn Hawkins 4 months ago
I love the edits bro💯✊🏾
Tyler Gonzalez
Tyler Gonzalez 4 months ago
What kind of camera does he use
D1.dre4 sh0rt
D1.dre4 sh0rt 4 months ago
Jose vivar
Jose vivar 4 months ago
100k oh yeahhhhh🏆🏆🏆🏆🙏🙏🙏🎉🎉
UNKN0WN 4 months ago
i have more than 1 favorite but the qb was one of my favorites (18), 7, 1 and 20
UNKN0WN 4 months ago
brought me back to when we lost our playoff game , i felt dis here 💔💔
William Dowdy
William Dowdy 4 months ago
Number 20 all day
Quality Detail
Quality Detail 4 months ago
12 aint wanna tackle shit
Rahmeer Brown
Rahmeer Brown 4 months ago
G banger
G banger 4 months ago
#20 & #1
Jordan Jefferson
Jordan Jefferson 4 months ago
number 20 is my favorite
Imtrolling- -
Imtrolling- - 4 months ago
20 G.O.A.T
Imtrolling- -
Imtrolling- - 4 months ago
And a Leader 💯
Derrick Johnson
Derrick Johnson 4 months ago
chris savage
chris savage 4 months ago
Boy Hood
Boy Hood 4 months ago
1 and 12
Iammoney2x 4 months ago
#20 & #1
Iammoney2x 4 months ago
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