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The Ritual will give you another reason to avoid hiking in a desolate forest away from all the creature comforts you’re addicted to.
In this video on Nerd Explains, I'll explain The Ritual’s story and ending.
If you need a breakdown of the monster, if you want to know how to beat the monster, or just want to see all the kills and monster scenes, I'll have videos on all of these that you can check out. But this video’s all about explaining the main events in The Ritual.
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May 5, 2020




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Comments 100
Ryan Keller
Ryan Keller Hour ago
Yah is you so anything driping blood you want to have what ever weapon at the ready and slowey head back the way you came then pick up the pace back to the last know public trail. Reason one you came up on a fresh predator kill reason 2 scary phyocpaht/ monster stuf
Gilbert 115
Gilbert 115 2 hours ago
U gotta beat it
Não Sei 2.0
Não Sei 2.0 5 hours ago
CreeperKing106 7 hours ago
No god can bleed That makes the God mortal
Ezequiel Montemayor
Hmmm yes, all the trees have giant spikes, this is totally fine.
Makoto Naegi
Makoto Naegi 8 hours ago
I love how most of god-related horror movies, locals from the country would be like, "Ah, yeah, that happens all the time. You know, a Nordic God trying to kill us, no big deal. Although the bats are scary, better watch out for them."
Talorus OW
Talorus OW 10 hours ago
"Also known as pouring one out for their dead homie" in the most monotone voice.. Perfection.
Kalub Lucas
Kalub Lucas 10 hours ago
Hi I now how to beat this don’t be active and just sit down and play video games
Crazy Stories
Crazy Stories 12 hours ago
Evan Picchioni
Evan Picchioni 13 hours ago
As a hunter I can tell you that 7.92x57 aka 8mm Mauser can kill big game
Shawn Gall
Shawn Gall 15 hours ago
He could blame the cult
brad noneya
brad noneya 15 hours ago
Luke letting his friend die is a big pointer. in ancient Scandinavia showing cowardice in battle is the lowest and most unhonorable thing you can do. From the Hámavál, “The coward believes he will live forever. If he holds back in the battle, But in old age he shall have no peace. Though spears have spared his limbs.”
madara 15 hours ago
Tsuru 16 hours ago
tl;dr Stay the fuck away from Scandinavia
ActiVeX 17 hours ago
0:29 The movie when you watch it alone 4:30 The movie when your parents walk in
Cam0009 19 hours ago
If You Can Make God Bleed Then People Will Cease To Believe
Ton Melissa
Ton Melissa 22 hours ago
Narrated by Sean Evans
Omar Guzman
Omar Guzman Day ago
Much like a instagram ho lhahahahahaha subscribed
Albastine S.
Albastine S. Day ago
Moda is thors child
Simon Ghost
Simon Ghost Day ago
Wheres Thor when you need him?
Dominic Yenchay
I watched this and thought to myself, "wtf did I watch and why was it so bizarre yet so interesting"
I'm Blue
I'm Blue Day ago
Idk bro they acting kinda sus.
Zay Thoven
Zay Thoven Day ago
This movie had an overall eerie vibe to it, but the jab my man gave to grandma pagan hippie was immaculate 😭
Yeetyboi Allen
I just wanna see the dinosaur from hell
Jonathan Petit Jr
“It’s like a basketball game with nobody in the stands” 2020: Hey how you doing?
Gabriel Poole
Gabriel Poole 2 days ago
In case anybody is wondering or cares the monster is a son of Loki
Alyssa Shabazz
Alyssa Shabazz 2 days ago
I don’t hike in forests-
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks 2 days ago
Dom is a prick idc
liapix 2 days ago
8:41 “cCowar”
Unkind I
Unkind I 2 days ago
Your narration is amazing. Felt like I was watching the movie 🍿
Marox11 2 days ago
20:52 that was fast
Peter K
Peter K 3 days ago
Moder literally means “Mother” in Swedish.
Ømnipøtent_ Sans¿?
Dis gave me nightmare Theres one of my dream that he appeared And hes like Boi u doing ritual???? No???? Ok Then he wooshed
Ixcez 3 days ago
Was really confused when I saw the fotage here since it didn't look like a Swedish forest at all and like I thought it was so. The film actually plays out or well is recorded in Romania which is quite a far way away from Sweden. I can understand their reason though since while almost 70 % of Sweden is covered in forest the forests tree's are fairly spread out which means it's much easier to see far distances, many of the tree's don't have branches until very high up and overall it doesn't really get super dark in the forest since a lot of moonlight can come down. Sadly I haven't seen the movie myself and while trying to look up what was said in Swedish all clips I have found so far never plays the part were they speak in Swedish.
Zack 189
Zack 189 13 minutes ago
The thing can grant immortality, it might be able to change the forest, maybe. Seems likely
Young Gaming
Young Gaming 3 days ago
God be like: *Interesting*
SJW Alita
SJW Alita 3 days ago
SCP Foundation movie nice
HungryHank231 ___
All of his * S H E N A N I G A N S *
Jon Weed
Jon Weed 3 days ago
There were dozens of bottles, Luke could have done something. Throw a big ass bottle at the thugs and then get Rob to bust ass out of there. It wasn't Luke's fault, but he still could have done something.
phantom gaming
phantom gaming 3 days ago
the K98K shouldnt have that ammo because that is the M88 ammo which is round tipped and was only meant for the G98 but was replaced in 1905
Steve Eve
Steve Eve 3 days ago
Why did benny hen scare the shit out of me
「 Dreixius 」
「 Dreixius 」 3 days ago
Use Napalm on the forest, problem solved.
Speedy9000 Speedy2000
24:11 i died at the Instagram ho part
Yes, another toy for SCP guys...
ZZZodiac 3 days ago
NE: Moda’s main motivation Me: You mean, its main *MODAVATION* I’ll leave now
R4ptur3 3 days ago
Thanks for explaining the ENTIRE plot to a movie I just watched. I thought this was an ending analysis. Terrible.
D A M N 3 days ago
How my grandpa described his school trip
Poorly 4 days ago
Just drop a nuke. Ez win
goldify i shall make anything I touch gold
Why does this dude cuss he seems pretty chill
LEGO 4 days ago
simeone reply to this comment ith the among us ting
Honestly if his is using the Kar he better be quick scoping
Micai Yhap
Micai Yhap 5 days ago
Nerd explains you know you do a movie in 34 or 24 minutes
Murica man
Murica man 5 days ago
this looks like its directly part of the Blair Witch forest
JazzBerry Beret
JazzBerry Beret 5 days ago
hey lets short cut through a forest!
Colin roe
Colin roe 5 days ago
24:16 made me spit out my water
Ricky Schaffner
Ricky Schaffner 5 days ago
I would of 100 percent kept that axe to get dna tested. I wanna know what the fuck i just stabbed in the face! Plus obviously i know im going to the crazy home so i gotta keep as much evidence on me as possible that i didnt kill all my friends
Taylor 5 days ago
Then he became Doom Slayer
Simon Ghost Riley
Luke's a badass...no-one will believe him but at least he can say he domed a god in the forest with an axe and a Kar98
David C
David C 6 days ago
Where’s the vid on how to beat the monster
Turbo_plays 6 days ago
0:22 Can’t you just watch dead meat instead of making a video about the deaths. He makes long vids about horror movies and it even tells you the deaths, who died, how many deaths, and sometimes the monster scenes
Trespasser Music
Trespasser Music 6 days ago
Anyone realise the woman's ID was the old woman
serif the god of insanity
Pagans are always protrayed to be so badly. Pagan literally is anything that doesn't follow any of the Jerusalem religions. Christians demonized it throughout history.
My name is miol
My name is miol 6 days ago
My favorite part of this movie was when the old lady got rocked
Sam Driver
Sam Driver 6 days ago
Theory: When Germany invaded Sweden during www2 a number of German soldiers or at least one soldier wondered into the forest and got the tree ordainment treatment
CocoCandii 6 days ago
The reason Luke feels guilt is because he's the one that wanted to go to the liquor store, and if he didn't want to get his fix, Robert would still be alive. Nothing to do with him feeling like he wasn't able to stop the robbers
Deep Atlantic
Deep Atlantic 6 days ago
All those bottles of wine and neither of them grab one to defend themselves. Cowards
Purple ate my rainbow
5:58 At this part I saw nothing
Purple ate my rainbow
5:55 At this part I saw nothing
Purple ate my rainbow
I was watching on 240p so of course I didn't see it T^T. I put it on 720p and finally saw it
Givanni Gonzalez
Givanni Gonzalez 6 days ago
Bruh this NTE😂
Purple ate my rainbow
I don't need another reason not to go hiking in the forest. I am already a scaredy cat enough. But I will still watch
JOE OR GUS 6 days ago
Oh yeah because he wouldn't end up at a government facility if he had proof of an Unholy creature. He just has to pull the I got confused and lost in the woods thing, clearly hikers have been going missing in those woods for a very long time. Or get Family Guy, Life Goes On, or American Dad have taught me anyting just blame it on a group of black teenagers
Paolo Skoti
Paolo Skoti 6 days ago
Char 6 days ago
I think this God is actually choosing those most defiant for worshipping, wanting to take on that challenge and make those strong willed bow down to him regardless. This is why he choses Luke, someone determined to never cower again, or the girl who seemed serious and with a childlike stubbornness in the picture. It would be a true ego validation to have the strong wild break down before you.
David Ringo
David Ringo 6 days ago
"They wrongly mistake this for a deleted scene from Planet Earth and venture on." thats it. im dead. u killed me.
CommanderComment 6 days ago
There's probably some more powerful diety protecting those that don't submit which is why moda needs to psychologically break his victims. While his friends do appear to have less baggage they are tricked into submitting on the very first night, one praying to the idol, one seeing moda take the form of his wife and buying it, and the last likely loses his sense of control entirely. Dom is completely physically vulnerable when the cult sacrifices him but the monster still appears as gayle. I think some higher tier norse god is protecting those that don't submit like luke and confining moda to the forrest.
Noa Claesson
Noa Claesson 6 days ago
Just wanted to say, as a christian....we dont like Benny Hinn😂
FLY 6 days ago
I dont care what you say but bear grills is gonna servive this.
KEVINsss ss
KEVINsss ss 5 days ago
Bear Grylls: Pathetic
Just Z
Just Z 6 days ago
Welp then I would be a follower
Snazzy Jovial Wyrm
This is quite possibly one of the best horror movies to have come out of this generation. Psychological horror, cult horror, and a scary monster to top it all off. As for the monster, it is most likely a Jötunn trying to pass off as a god, and for the cultists it might as well be a god. It's not farfetched, considering that it is one of the sons of Loke, who is known to have given birth to all kinds of beastlies, jötunns being among them. Jötunns are strong, chaotic beings in Norse Mythology, and that fits this monster to a T.
Saxon 793
Saxon 793 6 days ago
I’ve hiked the Kungsleden twice and to be honest this monster would make a welcome break from all the fucking mosquitoes.
Big_Flithy 6 days ago
Bruh you can beat it easily if you learn the dragonrend shout.... ong
Bostonian Newyorker
Oh god, they're praying to thors brother loki
Kenshiro(XIII) 6 days ago
"How was your weekend?" "I lost all my friends that I had remaining, axed a nordic god and burned a house filled with mummified worshipers of the god. What about you?" "I just went to Ikea with my family....."
wolfcub add
wolfcub add 6 days ago
There are banging sounds everywhere around my house, I think it’s coming for me. 🙃
BlueBoy 6 days ago
As I live in Norway, and i've hiked through similar looking forests. This movie was one i couldn't even watch halfway through, all the scenes in the woods was fucking terrifying me to the bones
Dewannabe 7 days ago
Luke vs Mota fight summarized: Kratos vs an Olympian but Kratos is a weak mortal
Abu Qital
Abu Qital 7 days ago
Libation is a pagan ritual used by Christians and others pagans. They performed the ritual at the top of the hill and i think thats what sealed their fate.
GooseAFK 7 days ago
This is basically midsommar but with worse plot and acting
nuya buisness
nuya buisness 7 days ago
That note about having a thin piece of fabric between you and a monster is no joke. I've had a bear wander through my camp before, and I will tell you I was scared shitless. I was absolutely paralyzed trying to track the sound of it through the tent. I never actually got a look at it, but the sound of it walking and breathing still gives me chills.
0Hugh0 0Jass0
0Hugh0 0Jass0 7 days ago
RIP Robert
Дэвид Глубокий
Why do they sleep so god dam much, I mean I would understand it like once every 1-2 days but it's like they are sleeping every 3 hours. Sleep in this movie doesn't result in anything good.
oggamer 7 days ago
I thought I watched this movie but it was actually me watching this video a while ago
Oztint 7 days ago
You should do “the blaire witch” from 1999 and 2016
Anthony Hicks
Anthony Hicks 7 days ago
Fuck yo homie dead🕺🏻
Centurion MK.1
Centurion MK.1 7 days ago
Why not just screem thor or something...
Carl Marchiano
Carl Marchiano 7 days ago
All I got from this ending is that Luke will have to assume a new identity and start a new life because he absolutely will get arrested and accused to the disappearance of his 3 friends
Fluf Pet
Fluf Pet 7 days ago
Humans: Ah, a nice hanging elk on the tree. This seems to be something to explore.
Cat Ote
Cat Ote 7 days ago
20:48 that's one for the records
No Idea
No Idea 7 days ago
Nice spoilers Wont come here again spoiled whole film
N.V.K Novak
N.V.K Novak 7 days ago
Kinda reminds me of a fiend or chort....
Steffen Aggerholm Kristensen
I think the forest is the "realm of the death" so the creature can't leave it since it is death incarnate
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