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The rise of Xi Jinping: From cave dweller to post-modern chairman | China Watch pt II

ABC News (Australia)
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China’s President Xi Jinping is one of the most powerful men in the world, but it hasn’t always been this way. Xi has stared down revolutionary fervor during the Cultural Revolution - and muscled out rivals in an atmosphere of brutal party politics to now become the paramount leader of China’s Communist Party. In this episode, we look at how Xi Jinping went from life among Beijing’s political elite - to living in a cave in remote countryside - to now being China’s most powerful ruler since Mao.
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Mar 5, 2019




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Comments 1 670
散人海天 4 hours ago
This Tsang guy is full of BS
acevicto2 Day ago
Xi is the MAN. Han people will follow him in his plan to revive their lost glory, and cure all the Freedom and Democracy patients around the world
acevicto2 Day ago
you western dog will be doomed, our mighty president XI will lead a powerful china and defeat you western dogs,along with your asian puppet like japan and korean, damm you all! western dog,and you can do nothing with it because you are so weak and st upid,you are nothing but pethetic white trash 白皮猪必将被我们踩在脚下!习主席万岁,中国万岁!
acevicto2 Day ago
why can't western media just report on the facts, and not engage in underhanded smear tactics? Comparing him to Mao? I'm sorry did he start some kind of class struggle revolution? did he institute disastrous economic policies? Mao was good at fighting not so much in governing, Xi, has already proven to be a good leader during his local administrative years, governing provinces that are larger than most European nations. Also what difference does it make if the responsibility falls on him or anyone else? shouldn't we focus on the potential crises instead of who to blame? we are talking about a competent ruling organization in China, not some fish market shouting match you see in the Australian parliament where the first and only tactics to solve any problem is to blame someone else. Total power comes with total responsibility, in that sense, the CCP is much more representative than most elected governments who only care about their constituencies.
丁家 7 hours ago
acevicto2 You seem have known everything about China now but not
rk c
rk c Day ago
Permenant president? He difinetely not my president!
Max Day ago
Ads. before the veido is China Telecom hahhahahahahahha icant XD
郑兴建 2 days ago
Peter Cefalu
Peter Cefalu 2 days ago
Xi is the Bruce Lee of Chinese politics.
rant404 3 days ago
Emperor Xi is the latest in a long line of Chinese dictators.
dan wu
dan wu 3 days ago
so Xi's model is we mind our own business and doesn't get involved with exporting our failures, poverty, or business. I think other nations need to think and act the same.
Min Shan Qiao
Min Shan Qiao 3 days ago
You spelt Shanxi wrong....
狂大鸡巴疯 3 days ago
Septimius Severus
Why am I even watching news made by prisoners who were banished from England? Hi Mate I mean Inmate?
Knot Gord
Knot Gord 5 days ago
President Xi is doing an outstanding job stopping the Islamic terrorists.
Flag Unit
Flag Unit 6 days ago
I will always respect this man.
p star 28
p star 28 6 days ago
National bullies not National Leadership 🖕china
孙剑 6 days ago
jealous hahhhhh
匆匆 6 days ago
It’s totally filthy China
Young C
Young C 7 days ago
Like many Chinese who are oversea right now, before we left China we thought we were being brainwashed but once we got out of China we see the rest of the world brain washed xDD China doesn’t export revolution, US brings you freshly made democracy
zzh Rx
zzh Rx 7 days ago
jesus that's hell lots of 5mao
Johnny Schmegma
Johnny Schmegma 8 days ago
Chinese leaders are like American companies. When they're starting out and gaining market share they're the most wonderful thing in the world. But when they become #1 they just self preserve, cashing in on all the good deeds they did to get there
Lucas Chang
Lucas Chang 8 days ago
Most of Chinese who moved to us or other countries are lower class in China.
anthony wong
anthony wong 8 days ago
Dogs may bark but the caravan moves on.
曹世杰 8 days ago
speak up:The cold war mentality!keep it,western media。western supremacy
曹世杰 8 days ago
democracy?LOL😂,I couldn't help laughing
曹世杰 3 days ago
Kenneth He 看不懂啊
Kenneth He
Kenneth He 6 days ago
socialism with chinese characteristics? Lol, I couldn't help laughing.
Zh Gongf
Zh Gongf 9 days ago
Never trust CCP's (Chinese Communist Part) any promise and any signed contract!!!!!!!!! Look back to Hong Kong contract signed with British in 1984 and WTO contract in 2016. They said, it is just paper....CCP never think it is a law.... Tell President Trump and all the Congress.
Ryan Darius
Ryan Darius 11 days ago
Does anyone knows whats the background music on 9:30 ?
강주효 11 days ago
모택동지도자 보다도더 위대한 지도자 반열에 등극합니다ㆍokay
강주효 11 days ago
Xi ming je. 할아버지의 뜻에 부합하는 이름의 맞도록 오빠가 인도할 것입니다 ㅡokay
강주효 11 days ago
아버지 지어주신 시밍저님의 이름을 오빠는 기억하고 있습니다 ㅡok
강주효 11 days ago
Oppa. 50% and. Xi. Jinping. 50% ok
maogang zhu
maogang zhu 11 days ago
DK CN 11 days ago
You can look at it any way you want, but at least he’s no dumbass.
JQ Leo
JQ Leo 11 days ago
Why ABC distort the color of China congress and play weird music? The tricks are sick
Avengers Assemble
Avengers Assemble 11 days ago
Well he may looks like "winnie the pooh" but he is smart lol.
Will James
Will James 13 days ago
Australia's history with aboriginal people is so much worse and turning a blind eye to the genocide in West Papua is unbelievable.... Australia propaganda shows like this should show your own treatment of aboriginal people and it's not history because it's still happening now....
Dr. Subhash Chandra Bose
Im from a neighborhood country and china is nothing but a laughing stock
Austin F
Austin F 13 days ago
The West needs to deal with its own xenophobia crisis and its islamophobia crisis before it can criticize those countries it brutally colonized and continues to oppress to this day. How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.
R Ho
R Ho 13 days ago
as if the world started by anglosphere came..hahaha...pathetic
Henny Ho
Henny Ho 13 days ago
At least Xi is clean sweeping corruption and I don't see Trump doing that.
Robert Gonzalez
Robert Gonzalez 13 days ago
The most powerful person In the world!
J C 14 days ago
music doesnt match the content.
GreatInvess Invess
GreatInvess Invess 15 days ago
yonghang tian
yonghang tian 15 days ago
There are some foreigners from better off countries who have nothing better to do than point fingers at our affairs. China does not, first, export revolution. Second, it does not export poverty and hunger. Third, it does not cause trouble for you. What else do you have to criticise us about ?! -----From Chairman Xi Jinping
dr no
dr no 16 days ago
as big as Australia their GDP is smaller than South Korea. That is shocking to me.
Eadburt Wang
Eadburt Wang 16 days ago
bloodbred 17 days ago
What an AMAZING success story! And to bring honor back to his family in such a spectacular manner! Simply amazing!
jimdraw.com 17 days ago
Can you imagine the collective hair dye bill for the Chinese Politburo. Grey hairs be gone.
初一 17 days ago
u have no idea on China.
Xinghao Zhang
Xinghao Zhang 17 days ago
Ow, our godfather
Jun Zheng
Jun Zheng 18 days ago
CCP = ISIS CCP all top officers corrupted stole state owned companies money hid families in the west . They brain wash Chinese with lies. CCP business model = LIE CHEAT STEAL.
lucis leesion
lucis leesion 16 days ago
sam thai
sam thai 18 days ago
China Cheat steal and rob from global economy. China growth numbers are unsubstantiated. Fake! China debt to GDP ratio 300% China unemployment is 15%+ China suppressed control and abuse their own people China kills hundreds of millions of their own people China continues to kill millions of their people with organ harvesting, fake poison food, fake poison medicines and vaccines, and severe pollution China stock market losing 25to 30percent yearly China real estate values losing 50percent China has a debt crisis with shadow banking China has a crisis with debt default Chinas corruption has enriched only ccp Xi pooh moron people China has exploding old population with no plans to care for them China is short 30 millions women because of extermination of 30 million baby girls for desire to have a son China Male population cannot find wives China kidnapped and smuggled women forcibly for their wives trade China facing the shutdown of manufacturing plants who are fleeing to se Asia exacerbating unemployment China is on the wrong side of history on everything Chinas currency is unreliable and is not trusted globally United states stock market closed over 26,400 point near record highs United states unemployment at record lows 4to 5 percent The dollar is accepted every where Rich Chinese trash are dying trying to sneak into the United states The United states tariffs are killing the Chinese United states pollution is controlled, foods are safe as are medical and medicine United states first world: China trash world
Gul Majeed
Gul Majeed 19 days ago
Alcove Al cave's Allove Alcove AL cope Becca Petra of Mosses Ten Commandments of Moe Ham Head of Taklamakan desert Akhenaten the Hen that laying the foundation's for the God's of Alcove's in Petra Becca
Gul Majeed
Gul Majeed 19 days ago
did eye hear the sound Moe Ham Head twin of Qin Dynasty of china Taklamakan so said the Ni How Meow Catch my drafted art of farting of Asset's
liaogx 19 days ago
scooture Archi
scooture Archi 19 days ago
Australians are jealous of china development. I taste salt. So salty. LOL
Paul Wisham
Paul Wisham 20 days ago
Please free uygur
JQ Leo
JQ Leo 11 days ago
Free Texas
Flade AnN
Flade AnN 20 days ago
Not good governance but a good government currently !
Jasper Budiono
Jasper Budiono 20 days ago
In China, leaders need to pass tons of criteria from economy to military expert, both in written and practical. Unlike in West, all you need is spend money to advertise someone, make fake background story to cheat people, give fake promises, and BAM!! a puppet with no background achievement (or worse, criminal record) become president.
Wei Wang
Wei Wang 21 day ago
cave dweller, wow, western media amazes me again and again with their choices of words.
sogu yaku
sogu yaku 21 day ago
评论里都是拿钱死妈货。Xi Jinping is the biggest liar in Chinese history
sogu yaku
sogu yaku 11 days ago
+JQ Leo 把独裁者当主子的卖国贼亡国奴有脸用中文?滚出中国!
JQ Leo
JQ Leo 11 days ago
+sogu yaku 贱货走狗,畜生不如
新世界 13 days ago
sogu yaku 法西斯是侵略殖民和种族屠杀的代名词,你美爹就是法西斯
sogu yaku
sogu yaku 13 days ago
+新世界 弱智又需要我来科普了?法西斯就是极端民族主义,军国主义,极权主义的代名词,你用“白皮猪”这种民族歧视字眼,帮独裁者说话,为中国政权高潮,就是你最法西斯卖国但我证据。天哪,你们主子连这点基础都没给你培训?真当你们是垃圾了呀。
新世界 15 days ago
sogu yaku 给白皮猪当狗才贱,虽然你不配和我说话,但我出于爱护动物的心理还是回复你了😂
I HATE CABBAGE 21 day ago
Li Joe
Li Joe 22 days ago
it's ShanXi instead of ShananXi province
paragate1 22 days ago
Was that Tan Jing in 8:48
anjan pahari
anjan pahari 22 days ago
Great China
TK Baha
TK Baha 23 days ago
communist zombie parasites eating up this world alive.
K Jones
K Jones 23 days ago
"Cave Dweller"? LOL!!! Can't your greasy cabal even hide your open racism and fear of the rise of China? Jeez, it's getting way too blatant now.
Marc Zhu
Marc Zhu 23 days ago
you should change the title : from shepherd to postmodern chairman.
jojoinhere 23 days ago
the more western world talk shit about China leadership the more i'm confidence that China is on the right track
Eva -Happy weirdo in Shanghai
ABC is telling the truth! Leave China alone and it will collapse itself very soon! 手动狗头
Michael Sweeney
Michael Sweeney 23 days ago
Could we try it without the obnoxious electric guitars?
Alex piterson
Alex piterson 23 days ago
the western countries are working on an other documentary about Xi Jinoing, the tiles is something like Xi rules like Mao, tastes like Stalin and smells like hitler.
Matt Mccaslin
Matt Mccaslin 24 days ago
China is........
Cooper Rush
Cooper Rush 24 days ago
Regarding the abolition of term limits, it should be mentioned that this only applies to the position of President, which on its own has very limited powers and serves mainly as a figurehead (similar to the Governor-General in Australia). The other two positions that Xi currently holds, General Secretary of the Communist Party and Chairman of the Central Military Commission, still have term limits attached to them, so it's entirely incorrect to assert that China is returning to the dictatorship of Mao. If anything, the abolition of term limits will further democratize Chinese politics, because the three positions I just mentioned will be divided whereas previously they were all held by one person. On another note, I'm pleasantly surprised by how much this comment section is fighting back against ABC's Sinophobic propaganda, good job guys.
Mr. 404
Mr. 404 24 days ago
斯圖帝卡 24 days ago
To be a leader in China is the elite of the elite. Not relying on speeches like you in the West. When Xi Jinping was a leader, he had managed and effectively managed 200 million people. And to meet the requirements of economic technology and other indicators or to meet these requirements. Now your West is in a state of collapse, because you are lazy, so hard, and you can't plunder others in the same way as before. Do not think aggressively, do not know innovation. Your local media is always demonizing China. There is an old saying in China called: hearing is virtual, seeing is believing, seeking truth from facts.
Gary Yutong Bao
Gary Yutong Bao 24 days ago
Dang, does RUvid start to allow fake comments or what? Lol
doctor nokay
doctor nokay 25 days ago
Australians don't know what they want to be. they live on the land they took from the aboriginals and their country surrounded by non whites. their forebears came from thousand of miles away and their so called ally and master used them time and again. kiwis are nicer people.
Yo Kan
Yo Kan 25 days ago
Peggy Zhang
Peggy Zhang 25 days ago
Hello from China mainland. We are good, don’t worry about us.,We are not in prison and we are not in hell. we are enjoying the spring.
gao shaobo
gao shaobo 25 days ago
Did I hear that " President Hu jintao's first choice is Li keqiang"? BBC is joking, right? What does that means to say " with the new guardes take control of the place"?
J Doe
J Doe 25 days ago
Lot of Wu Mao in the comments. Go figure... Means I should watch it. Lol.
charlie cheng
charlie cheng 26 days ago
Chinese president xi comes from a humble family
Game Xiaoyao
Game Xiaoyao 26 days ago
Do not blame ABC, they are kidnaped by some politicians for so called political correctness. Otherwise they lose their jobs in ABC for telling the truth. Think about the NRA and guns trade with US.
jack chung
jack chung 26 days ago
China 🇨🇳 🇨🇳 Xi is my hero!! Started from the bottom now we here!! No election no democracy can produce a Xi, a Deng Xiao peng or a Mao.
mic jon
mic jon 26 days ago
Would deal with jumping before even giving tRump mafia a thought😁
Jaycee LS
Jaycee LS 27 days ago
If you are scared of China, why not close the border with Asia?
john togo
john togo 27 days ago
The Birth of fake news
Calvin1114 27 days ago
Aussie Limey Yank are jealous
Ruzindana Jean -Marie
---A refrigerator is one of the most important pieces of equipment in the kitchen for keeping foods safe ( fight bacteria)We are instantly reminded of its importance........
rockerdrake 27 days ago
Xi's a legend
Low C C
Low C C 27 days ago
Aussie bastards must be on own feet without being a lapdog
What is the song that starts at 12:31?!?!?! Plz help!!!
Eric Shen
Eric Shen 27 days ago
U have to be down in the bottom of the society to know what the people needs truly. Not saying xi is 100% right but he dis lift a lot of people out of poverty. And we look at the westerns. The politicians cares nothing about its people but themselves. Look the the UK now, still no plan for breixt.
Tony Mark
Tony Mark 27 days ago
Ajwadd Anwarr
Ajwadd Anwarr 27 days ago
Man his crazy impressive.
David Li
David Li 28 days ago
righteous ardour, passionate. Only the chairman of farmer knows what to do to lead a country which used to be poor and being bullied to strong and wealthy!
Junk Michael
Junk Michael 28 days ago
I always wish that BBC CBC ABC and CNN to get a little bit respectful to a different ideology, in facts, these loaded words and hasty generalization are part of your western propaganda lol.
Jaysful z
Jaysful z 28 days ago
The comment section is full of 50 cent army battalion. Thank avocado there is still good journalism out there that's willing to shine light on this disgusting political regime.
gary jey
gary jey 28 days ago
You know nothing about china. You just know the china in your own mind.
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