The rise of Xi Jinping: From life in exile to post-modern chairman | China Watch pt II

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China’s President Xi Jinping is one of the most powerful men in the world, but it hasn’t always been this way. Xi has stared down revolutionary fervor during the Cultural Revolution - and muscled out rivals in an atmosphere of brutal party politics to now become the paramount leader of China’s Communist Party. In this episode, we look at how Xi Jinping went from life among Beijing’s political elite - to living in a cave in remote countryside - to now being China’s most powerful ruler since Mao.
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Mar 5, 2019

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Comments 2 333
Jaswant Sokey
Jaswant Sokey 20 hours ago
Tibet never was a part of China Historically and culturally and the same applies to Mongolia. The expressions of the people of those countries will remain different from main stream China always. In what manner that manifests in future remains to be seen. Irrespective of the present domination by a foreign race, the true colors of those two regions will only reveal themselves in time, may be beyond the time period of many of us living now.
Dhongi Grps
Dhongi Grps 21 hour ago
As China steps into the new horizon I wish him all the best and may power never engulf his Goodwill. Amen.
Stephanie DeGange
i am so sorry for the good Chinese people
Felix Kommey
Felix Kommey Day ago
Xi brings back the age of the Chinese Emperors
Edgar Kaufmann
Edgar Kaufmann 2 days ago
Why he is redder than red?? What should this video tell us??? The west always speaks of corruption in China. But when he tries to stop this, he is a dictator? What a cheap propaganda. This video is just rubbish.
Based Culture
Based Culture 3 days ago
The enlightenment killed God and the world lives in age of darkness where man is left to find meaning in himself, when he saw himself no better than an animal he turned to the community for some sort of hope in life some sort of meaning and the community in their animistic need for meaning would produce unconscious champions who would lead the community as the community, there is no objective in a world entirely defined by the subjective, all that existed in man to give him meaning was power, power of individuals perhaps or the power of the collective to move forward in what ever way the collective defined forward The cultural case study that is china is truly fascinating it is the production of a world that has no objective
T Bala
T Bala 3 days ago
Love for Japan 🇯🇵, Hong Kong 🇭🇰, Taiwan 🇹🇼 from India.
Sa da
Sa da 3 days ago
RIP China's democracy
United States
United States 4 days ago
The Hitler of China.
Devil fucker 1
Devil fucker 1 4 days ago
The United states of America wants the people's republic of China to bend the knee and xi knows better
Sa da
Sa da 3 days ago
The Birdsland 張飛 Zhang Fei
Incompetent politicians make problem bigger while spending time. Please do unification quickly! When is Korea unification ? 2019.7.15 - I am Zhang Fei. (張飛) in Japan ・The missiles that North Korea is hitting in recent years is the same thing that the PRC government is hitting. The People's Republic of China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council, so China must be in a position to stop the missiles hit of its neighbor, North Korea. Zhang Fei (張飛) 2019.7.15 in Japan
Lance Yu Zhang
Lance Yu Zhang 6 days ago
the upcoming world dominator
Kuma Kun
Kuma Kun 6 days ago
whats up with the rock music damnn
Tracy Estabrooks
Tracy Estabrooks 6 days ago
System Platform The foundation upon which this new system works is ecclesiastical. Which is not secular but joins together everything that is in society as a whole.Learn understanding in that there is negative but there is positive, increase, expansion and explanation In the direction we could beheading. Governing system, strong within to keep the order of things for one another. Organizations, with a priority of high-quality production and services. Church and Religious with systems respectful understanding. The system does not have division between Democrat and Republican, how ever recognizes that decisions are made either liberally or conservatively. Neither one are seen as superior to the other, but the choice logically made, understanding for the project at hand. Humanities respect, honor, and value of differents are continuously being diminished. We are at the point of forced conformity making it difficult for us to be able to have a fair marketplaces. Causing trade and cultural hostilities with unfair deals being made. Over burnting production from one country and the people within it, by another's countries consumption, even production going to waste. Job markets that are changing with technology posing risks to humanity providing for itself. Unfair wages, no quality time for families, and leisure opportunity not equally distributed amongst Humanity. New projects being started while existing infrastructures fail. Dilapidation in buildings, Inadequate living situations for families, creating desperate times causing crime rate, from desperate times of desperate measures. Religions losing their strong heritage and having less honorable views, unrespectful subcultures to conform into modern systems, leaves us with less of a moral base and foundation for the future. I believe in every religion and that the lineage and heritage of that religion should be passed down with the purest of practices and preachings. Humanities ethnicity and global regions gives us diversity in our religion. That gives us a heritage to know who we came from, for the way to guide us to who we should be. The system is designed to bring out diversity, to display its quality with respect and understanding. The equality in the regulations are basses for sound Community. The people will not be limited, controlled, and oppressed by a system that uses them to be sustained. This is flexible for the location where you live, But also for the whole of humanity to be in agreeance. The decisions of the regulations are not to condemn but for redirecting positive growth. Published consequences and regulations are clear, concise, and simple so the error of the action or activity is easily determined. No longer will the choices that are a detriment, be a burden on all of society. Opening identify those in society that could be a detriment to others and their way of life. Whenever your in a diminished state due to inability or unacceptable decisions, you will not be bound by a system of detrimental consequences however be able to redeem your acceptance within the community or re-establish your abilities of self-worth. The talents of future generations will be stronger in abilities from instincts. Education systems that develop intuition for accomplishing exploration that humanity has never done before. People so confident in their abilities, that they have inspirations that even science fiction couldn't even explain. Knowledge of our physical bodies, our health, and the way we work biologically will enable us to overcome sickness, disease, and defects. Life will have less mental anguish and an increase of cognitive abilities so our quality of health will be more sustainable extending our lifespan decades longer than before. This is what an advancement in humanity would be like if we did away with the systems in place now. What I have been inspired to develop is just that system to have all of this and more. My claim of having everything you want is not far fetched but a logical reality. The way of life you live now is probably not going to seem that different in developed countries, but in areas of the world that are oppressed and less than adequate living conditions this is the prayer they have been asking for. Please do not hide who you are, what you enjoy doing, I want you to have everything, I need you, So you are worth it, I believe in humanity, I blame no one for the events that have taken place. So have no worry, no shame, no guilt, or judgment of yourself or anyone else, just believe in yourself, let me deal with that. If you except then be open minded, ready to learn and excited to be alive right now. I am, I have endered, I am humble, honored, and will not leave you until I know we have made this advancement together. I am the Queen of Humanity, Tracy Estabrooks RECORD Right, Ethical, Community, Opportunity, by Regulations, for Direction.
Ze Chan
Ze Chan 7 days ago
Ha ha ha ha, not bias at all, not ! Why not make a video of how Trump's American Revolutionary Army 'took over' a British Imperial Airport in 1775 ?
"Revered?" Try feared and despised! "Hundreds of thousand of people lost their lives" ... seriously! Tens of millions, talk about doing a whitewash.
Ayaka Yokota
Ayaka Yokota 8 days ago
Xi is not bad than Jap Prime Minister.He's fighting to corruptions.Jap the Prime Minister doesn't working for People.
Grandma 8 days ago
Ayaka Yokota typical CCP bot response - blame Japan and move on
Lily Wang
Lily Wang 8 days ago
馬列中共國,是偽中國,是蘇共外來政權,是外國瘋子魔鬼馬克思共產主義的殖民地,不屬於中華民族,不是中國人,是中共人。馬列漢奸毛澤東共產黨,習近平 馬列中共雜種,滾出,中華民族的領土。
Doring Gray
Doring Gray 8 days ago
Brave Sir Robin
Brave Sir Robin 8 days ago
Communism always ends in a lot of death. When a man thinks they are god on earth they attempt to create a world in their own image. In the end dissenters always need to be exterminated. He is the first Communist leader to use algorithms to control behavior in his image. This is why blasphemy is the highest crime in the Christian religion. This is why religion is persecuted in China and all Communist nations of the past, present, and future.
not2tees 8 days ago
I hope China gets prosperous and comfortable and happy.
Josh Yang
Josh Yang 8 days ago
China became better because of the anti corruption campaign, corruption is the surge of Asia nations. India should learn this too, corruption is the only reason why India is not a super power yet.
Josh Yang
Josh Yang 8 days ago
Emperor Xi on the iron throne.
Ze Chan
Ze Chan 7 days ago
Much better than Emperor Trump on the porcelain throne.
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 8 days ago
nho me ham u ham tieh , nho em sa tinh boc pang bol moi gan , tuoi pang kra wa dong bol mae , nho em yang e tuoi ogo tochurch bol moi gan , tuoi me yang eloch moi gan
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 8 days ago
sa nham tuoi me bol moi , sa tinh boc , joh sa bol moi ,.. nho me elcoh pang yo bol moi , tuoi me kowe youoi tuoi me bol moi
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 8 days ago
nho me bol moi at bo ple u tam tinh boc pang bol moi gan
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 8 days ago
sa tuoi pang tuoi yo moi , sa tinh boc bap bol moi , nho e sa mham tuoi pang yo bol moi
Simon Dagout
Simon Dagout 8 days ago
nho me tuoi me bol moi , nho me sa tinh pang tinh yo an , nho me tuoi pang tuoi yo bol chak boc boc bol e loch bol moi
The Birdsland 張飛 Zhang Fei
I am Zhang Fei (張飛) Why can not you ? We must be able to know what we want to know. We must be able to think what we want to think about. We must be able to insist what we want to insist. We must be able to believe what we want to believe. Why can not you ?
GamingWithCarl YT
Also, when Xi smiles, he reminds me of a panda. *sorry*
GamingWithCarl YT
0:14, Jinping is not that bald as Zedong (Tse-Tsung) Edit Note: Tse is autocorrected to Tes.
Arthur Dewith
Arthur Dewith 9 days ago
in a capitalist business economy u do not undercut prices to dominate China has to play fair
Zalam wa
Zalam wa 9 days ago
stupid President Trump give free promoting to Huawei, make American people be poor, he will not be reelected 2020,he will not be reelected 2020,he will not be reelected 2020
A B 9 days ago
LNK 9 days ago
I beg to differ on not exporting poverty. Chinese development is of such poor quality and impracticality that it has empty new housing equivalent to 7 times as many dwellings as London UK, and 80% of the home buyers in Australian Cities are Chinese, forcing prices to more than triple between 1999 and 2007. And forcing many Australians born in the 80's out of the market. Many were unable to ever marry and have families because not owning a house was a deal breaker in our relationship culture. Australia should have banned immigrants and companies from owning real estate but it was too slow to recognize the problem.
Divine Life Bliss
Xi Jinping will be a good president till his death. But the person who comes after him will be a dictator and will ruin everything as he will be having no worries of being thrown out of his presidency.
Teufel Hunden
Teufel Hunden 7 days ago
Xi is already a dictator
Jennifer Lambert
Jennifer Lambert 10 days ago
China doesn’t export those things. But it does steal. A lot.
Charlie Cai
Charlie Cai 10 days ago
How is this going to relate to Australia this such a stupidly small country?
sang p
sang p 10 days ago
That casual footage at 5:50 is pretty chilling given the context. You can tell by his face expressions / walk / overall vibe that something is definitely bothering or scaring the man.
Stan Ma
Stan Ma 10 days ago
heaps of 50 cents army flooded the comments down below this video... 五毛你妈炸了。回家去收拾吧!煞笔玩意
Stan Ma
Stan Ma 10 days ago
Winnie the Xi, tomb digger of CCP!!! hope he's going hell with its party, free our people! free China! !!
grapplerke 10 days ago
As expected, very elementary stuff. Better off looking on Amazon for books that go in depth.
medulu emmanuel
medulu emmanuel 10 days ago
I don't like this video
dougjstl1 10 days ago
xi went to university in USA , can he speak english
Stan Ma
Stan Ma 10 days ago
ennio mojica
ennio mojica 10 days ago
So after they murdered his sister and tortured his countrymen. His attitude became "if you can't beat them join them" !?
ennio mojica
ennio mojica 10 days ago
@Henry even with fighting corruption he is still aligned himself with a brutal regime that oppresses it's people. Total sell out
Henry 10 days ago
Eduardo Vieira
Eduardo Vieira 10 days ago
1Big love Mr President👍
reeve acijom
reeve acijom 10 days ago
what are the music titles please
Akash J Dutta
Akash J Dutta 10 days ago
He is one of the world's most powerful leader that I respect most. Xinping is doing very well for his country and for his countrymen
Stan Ma
Stan Ma 10 days ago
vieldcs 10 days ago
The opponents don't like it; then it means that China made right decision.
Ren Wang
Ren Wang 10 days ago
Emmm....nice background music? Well, the music is all I can comment on...
926jacobin 11 days ago
Stan Ma
Stan Ma 10 days ago
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