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Paris Hilton
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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on RUvid or sign up for RUvid Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out RUvid Premium at: ruvid.net/u-premiumorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365


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Sep 14, 2020




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Haingo Rakotomalala
I watched this, not as a fan of Paris, but a pop culture enthusiast. Money and fame distort so many realities. I deeply sympathize with her and I hope she gets the help and rest she needs to process her trauma and the rest to embrace this life and to connect with her true self again. Sarah Normandin said « slowing down can feel excruciating to those who learned they had to keep going in order to survive. »
Eliza Charlie
Eliza Charlie Minute ago
❤❤❤ @ParisHilton ❤❤❤.
RuthNohemybaby 2 minutes ago
Thank you for sharing your story Paris 🙏🏼 I always knew being rich and famous is not what people make it seem to be. Love you 💗💗💗
Jessica C
Jessica C 2 minutes ago
All I can say is wow.😳 I loved this. Now I know im not alone either. Paris, I know you will find the one for you and you’ll continue to thrive to make a billion❤️ loves you💕
JemGC20 3 minutes ago
Tough love never works sis.
Austin James
Austin James 4 minutes ago
Shania Tait Hansen
Shania Tait Hansen 4 minutes ago
This reminded me of the movie Sucker Punch! And I couldn’t imagine making human/normal mistakes and then 100’s of tv shows defining you by it.
Angga Perdana
Angga Perdana 5 minutes ago
You wanne be a real human? Stop posting everything what you do.
Heather Gallimore
Heather Gallimore 5 minutes ago
Amazing documentary. You are a warrior. I find it amazing that so many people who have survived childhood trauma still secretly feel like we were at fault somehow. "We carried it..." I refuse to carry that crap anymore. Sending you love. Wishing you joy. Praying you find peace.
Sami Breneman
Sami Breneman 6 minutes ago
I also feel like her parents knew, like they are the richest people and they didn't know about this at all? They send her to some random school in Utah like what
RuthNohemybaby 7 minutes ago
Thank you for sharing your story Paris 🙏🏼 I always knew being rich and famous is not what people make it seem to be. Love you 💗💗💗
RuthNohemybaby 8 minutes ago
Thank you for sharing your story Paris 🙏🏼 I always knew being rich and famous is not what people make it seem to be. Love you 💗💗💗
king !
king ! 8 minutes ago
Bro Paris, please give me one of your laptops wow 😭🤣😂
Sean Malloy
Sean Malloy 10 minutes ago
Time stamp for her talking about what happened to her?
Tribulation Ready Christian Ministry
All the things she wrote on her poster that her mom read out is exactly what they sent her there for which is why she dint show much emotion in the end. U dont think they told them there would be discipline? Interesting that her sister married a Rothschild.
Chi Tukuravi
Chi Tukuravi 11 minutes ago
The original G! The Kardashians owe her..
M Manning
M Manning 11 minutes ago
Beautiful soul. Step through and step out from the door called fear! Peace, tranquility and love.
Mom 0023
Mom 0023 12 minutes ago
WTG Paris ! Shut those places down ! Save the children 🙏🏻😢
Sorcha London
Sorcha London 14 minutes ago
Paris' real voice is so deep and she is a tomboy a stark contrast to her girly high pitched persona. Interesting. Cannot believe her parents sent her to that school. JEEZ!!!!!!
Carolyn Rasmussen
Carolyn Rasmussen 15 minutes ago
If I were her, I’d never speak to my family again. What a nightmare to be brought up into. She is so lovely and sweet considering her circumstances. I hope she finds some of the peace she is looking for. I hope she doesn’t blame herself and instead blames the people who FAILED her. She just needed love and they ripped her away from everything that made her secure.
Lyra 17 minutes ago
Kierra Byrd
Kierra Byrd 18 minutes ago
Growing up I always knew something was wrong but of course we as society looking from the outside cannot pinpoint the battles that she was facing internally. I pray that this release actually freed her of the torment that she faced for so many years. I know how trauma forces you to put up a mask of perfectionism and being able to share your truth is such a breakthrough.
SadBoyDior 18 minutes ago
Wow Amazing.
Lohan Cassio
Lohan Cassio 19 minutes ago
Amo tanto essa mulher incrível ! 💕
FREYSSIMS 19 minutes ago
Hey boyfriend is a fucktard let’s be honest... The hot ones always are
John John
John John 20 minutes ago
Hmm..I liked this documentary. Better than I expected. She seems genuinely nice and I wish her continuing success :)
Bee B E E
Bee B E E 21 minute ago
Way more intense than i was expecting. So many emotions inside me being pulled. Wow. And for the other ladies too. I hope you all find peace. Because you all deserve it. Really saddened by this story. How sad. 😕 trauma is life changing hey
Tart Nouveau
Tart Nouveau 21 minute ago
What her parents did was fucked up. I don't think it helped her. They should have done family therapy. I hope some day she can move past her trauma.
Nic S
Nic S 22 minutes ago
Anyone ever try and fall asleep, but you think about every moment throughout the day and then you stay up all night? Insomnia stinks people. Words, events, pictures, ideas, life lessons, phrases, colors, and everything that should be a dream, is a nightmare... Everything is a burden when you try and sleep. Thanks for the documentary
Ramola 22 minutes ago
Let's not go back to a time when women's voices were muted. Let's not go back to a time when women were moulded into images that men preferred. That still happens but let's make sure we continue on this path.
Mawkishtic 23 minutes ago
You made me cry Paris 😭 I wish I could hug you 😢 Loving you from the other side of the world 🇵🇭
Ani Martirosyan
Ani Martirosyan 23 minutes ago
I always admired you but I have completely new respect and love for you. No child should never ever experience what you experienced. For the nightmares one thing always works for me is I put a scissor under my mattress open position. Keeps my nightmares away. Works every time.
Karen Love
Karen Love 23 minutes ago
Wow just horrible what she went through but I'm glad she talked about it, it will help her a lot but some of us still 🤐 about what happened I just cry listening to her. I hope she finds someone who really love her
Bonnie Berry
Bonnie Berry 24 minutes ago
Wow 👏 I am both saddened for Paris and so proud of her at the same time!!!! Its time for HEALING sweet girl ♡♡♡♡
Kimberly Millsap
Kimberly Millsap 25 minutes ago
When she said "I had to end it. I had to, I felt trapped." 💔💔💔 My heart shattered. I instantly thought thats fame babe 🥺😭😭
Christina Reeves
Christina Reeves 26 minutes ago
I would take it as a compliment that 4.7 million people bother to thumbs down this. You obviously make a difference in their pathetic hater lives. Haters are fans.
Veronica Jennings
Veronica Jennings 26 minutes ago
Nice to see there is a beautiful young lady and smart business woman behind the images on TV and magazines.
Elisia Dukett
Elisia Dukett 27 minutes ago
that one girl really cut off KIM Kardashian for a picture with paris- how times have changed😂
Jessica Rodriguez
Jessica Rodriguez 28 minutes ago
Paris, I smiled though every single one of your home videos. I can see that little girl is still inside of you. Thank you for opening the eyes of many though this film. Much love, Jessica (p.s. I'm here if you ever want to get rid of some clothes, lol)
Sami Breneman
Sami Breneman 30 minutes ago
I hope you are seeing therapy, Paris 💗 It can change your life, it has for me and can help with PTSD which is most likely what you have and what causes your nightmares. Everyone deserves to be truly happy! 💗💗
Lynne Madison
Lynne Madison 30 minutes ago
That dress at 1:00:00 is amazing!! 💎💎💎✨💫💞
George Bentley
George Bentley 30 minutes ago
Wow so proud of you for sharing your story thank you ❤️ 🙏 prayers for you to find healing and happiness. xxoo
Quinzel perez
Quinzel perez 31 minute ago
Wow. She’s so strong
Francis Flores
Francis Flores 34 minutes ago
“It became a blueprint to become famous” lol @kimkardashian
Dejanay Richardson
Dejanay Richardson 34 minutes ago
I think this just goes to show that you should always be kind to people because everyone is going through something. If you don't have anything nice to say than try to stay quiet, but it's human nature to judge because of our own insecurities or shortcomings. Money can buy a lot, but it can also uncover some ugly parts of life or attract users and manipulators. I feel for her and hope Paris finds the inner peace to help her feel happy more than just sometimes*. It's painful to see and hear these stories, but they are a matter of life which is cruel. Wishing Paris peace and solace on her journey of healing which is the true liberator (imo).
Randy C
Randy C 36 minutes ago
Hi I'm your mexican chicken bug!, you've brought me home!, I'll live on your blood! HAHAHAHA!
Mrsetch Barren
Mrsetch Barren 36 minutes ago
She didn't say it bc she isn't ready but I'm sure more than what she said happened to her.
N S 38 minutes ago
So many girls walk around with traumas everyday from their past and never get over it or deal with it and it affects them as adults years later they find themselves having nightmares, coming to tears in seconds.. can’t tell you how much I related to this documentary..it made me realize things about myself as well. Proud of you Paris. You are just like me, just like the rest of us. Thank you for using your voice in this extraordinary way. Girls really do just wanna have fun 💔❤️
ann dome
ann dome 39 minutes ago
Love Paris ❤️❤️❤️a lot 🙏🏻
Sarah Tara
Sarah Tara 39 minutes ago
I think her parents knew
Stacy R
Stacy R 39 minutes ago
Dan Garzelli
Dan Garzelli 40 minutes ago
I see Paris as 100% different now. Im glad she had the courage to put her real self out there.I never really got you before but now ...I really like the real _aris. you are actually inspiring and empowering. thank you for this you are amazing.
Abbie Reinemeyer
Abbie Reinemeyer 41 minute ago
I recently saw a story about how those “boot camp” places are abusive. So scary! I can’t believe how some of those morning talk shows would send troubled teens to those places. Sickening!
Huntress Porras
Huntress Porras 41 minute ago
I pray that soon in the upcoming days she'll find peace and happiness that she deserves. And that she'll have time to relax away from flash of cameras,clubs and such... And that I'll see her in the open where she can be free ,see the nature and fresh air
Annonymous 777
Annonymous 777 41 minute ago
MK Ultra schools... These demons must be stopped!
Mico Gaille Regala
Mico Gaille Regala 43 minutes ago
I love how genuine this is. I love her more 🥺 I want to hug her I feel like she’s so nice to her fans.
For My Lovely Viewer
For My Lovely Viewer 46 minutes ago
Stay safe and strong LiL Paris Hilton ❤️
Umisunderstood _
Umisunderstood _ 47 minutes ago
Wow 😲 I feel so so bad that she went through all of that and many of others that have went through that horrible torture 😭 I hope everyone gathers the strength to stand up for themselves and not being afraid to be YOURSELVES ♥️🙏
TheElleAngeles 47 minutes ago
Wait they're part of the Rothschild family?!🤯🤯🤯🤯
cynthia adams
cynthia adams 46 minutes ago
Her sister married into the Rothschild family.
Judge J
Judge J 48 minutes ago
Pinches culos los papás 😂😂😂 que la metieron ah esa escuela 🤣🤣🤣
Blue Fox
Blue Fox 48 minutes ago
The Original and The Only Iconic Paris! She literally made Kim K #QueenParis
Victor R.
Victor R. 49 minutes ago
Maybe, it's just me but the fight with the boyfriend as she was going on stage seemed contrived. Still, not a bad documentary.
Safiyah JR
Safiyah JR 50 minutes ago
The vocal fry is driving me nuts
Jillian Glenn
Jillian Glenn 50 minutes ago
Bahahaha I'm sorry but when that girl asks for a photo and she kinda just shoves Kim K to the back lmao
MyCatInABox 51 minute ago
1:04:07 ...this guy...🙄
StaTiC MaJoR 20/20
StaTiC MaJoR 20/20 51 minute ago
I’m a dude .. I was shipped to boarding school and military school but I can totally relate! I feel I have and have had ptsd as well .. for the last 20 years or so anyways!? I was 12 years old when I was sent away the first time ..
Thank you, Paris
yoseeline CA
yoseeline CA 57 minutes ago
You are such an inspiration Paris. I always thought of you as a very powerfull women and for sure you will make history with all you do. I will always wish you the best because you deserve it❤ and yes, I agree, I love animals more than humans too.
Sophia Konstas-Stone
Sophia Konstas-Stone 58 minutes ago
She doesn’t want to grow up because she missed out on her whole childhood. I can’t imagine how hard it is to get through every day with that kind of trauma. Thank you so much to Paris and the other girls for sharing their stories. That is so brave. I hope they find comfort and healing in each other.
johnson bra
johnson bra 59 minutes ago
She ok no kids doesn't wanna grow up and feel like a "karen' I'll pray 4 y'all I guess...keep staying RICH bra!!
Mychelle-Anne 59 minutes ago
💕💕💕 I loved you before even though I didn't understand the "mask" ...Now I get it and love you even more!! I embrace your courage and I wish you to be happy not "sometimes but ALWAYS. You are very special. Love you tons! 💕💕💕
Aaron Wiitanen
Aaron Wiitanen 59 minutes ago
Well.. Kinda lost for words. Never was a Paris fan but I have alot more respect for you now. I don't know how you live the chaotic non-stop lifestyle, but more power to you. Got to be a stronger person than me...
dmg12345678 59 minutes ago
So sweet, so sad, so beautiful, so interesting! Love ya Paris! Stay strong!
Devin Mosiuk
Devin Mosiuk Hour ago
Paris you are so bizarre that you have no idea of true beauty in nature and true beauty in people
Dee Gutierrez
Dee Gutierrez Hour ago
I’ve always loved Paris but watching this made me love her more thank you for sharing your life and I hope you start healing from this horrible trauma xoxo love u Paris !
apox aley
apox aley Hour ago
poor kim at 24:30 shes a goldigger to paris that time lmao
Sam Noweder
Sam Noweder Hour ago
Love you Paris! I can’t believe her mom didn’t even shed a tear! I also think she got sexually abused, at the end she said they abused her in every way possible. Did anyone catch that? I love her and respect her more 💗💗 #thatshot
Jocelyn Hour ago
Why is no one talking about how she gets a new laptop whenever she gets a new boyfriend? That's so sad...
Oracle Warrior
A lesson to us not to judge people by cover. Nobody know what kind of battle that someone dealing with. What a brave @Paris Hilton that she can be this vulnerable to share what she had been trough also be fearless to receive any judgement that she may have. May one day her her inner child wounded can be healed.
Genesis Hour ago
Wow. It took a lot of courage for Paris to do this after being in the spotlight for so long. That just goes to show you never know the skeletons people are hiding in their closet. I just hope she is able to find closure and is able to put this in the past and continue to move forward. Thank you, Paris. This goes for the others as well. Stay strong ❤️.
darlingjessx Hour ago
I love you Paris! So proud of you for telling your story! 💕
Yvonne F
Yvonne F Hour ago
I love you even more Paris! You are such an inspiration. You are the sweetest person ever
Who else wants Paris and Jessica to become a couple and to heal together?
Brenda Rivera
Brenda Rivera Hour ago
Paris we love you and thank you for this! I hope you’re in a better place. Sending you big hugs ❤️🥺
Jesse P
Jesse P Hour ago
I'm mind blown...I literally had no idea how she was in real life, she is such a beautiful PERSON. I'm so glad she did this, it makes me so how awesome she is for real and it makes me respect hey do much, thank you for sharing for real that was an amazing eye opening experience..♥️♥️
Taylor Lassen
Taylor Lassen Hour ago
This is so incredibly beautiful and well done. Thank you for sharing.
Mauricio Jimenez
This documentary reminds me to miss Americana
Chuck Doeee
Chuck Doeee Hour ago
This sounds like being black
Sunshine Beauty
She was not behaving though so what is a parent to do leave her be in there house like she can do and go as she pleases... no sorry but you don’t listen their is consequences
Dolce Hair Extensions Melbourne
She wants to make all that money so she feels safe so she doesn’t have to rely on anybody and answer to no one!
Heather Adam
Heather Adam Hour ago
Beautiful documentary. I hope other's stand up and speak up like you have. Sometimes your in that fast lane and you don't know how to slow down. I think you have become very successful at your age because of your will power. You have a lot on your plate tho. I agree after all the traveling around the world and being away from home might seem fun and amazing to others but after all these years of doing it nothing is better then being home to relax.
Her sister calls it dramatic. I call it ADHD
Angel Van Dam
Angel Van Dam Hour ago
Her sister is legitimately terrifying.
Megan Williams
So proud of you Paris!!! You’re amazing !!!!
Ini Sanelivi
Ini Sanelivi Hour ago
I'm glad she's healed
Erica Castillo
We Love you Paris 💜
Blitz Dab
Blitz Dab Hour ago
Sounds like her balls have dropped
Hez Griffin
Hez Griffin Hour ago
"Social Dilemma" doc...and THIS...she needs to speak to the social media issue. It is ruining children. The statistics are there...please Paris, work toward this too, please. Love you Aquarius sister. Ahead of your time, always...be that now. INNOVATE again.
felixdakatt1 Hour ago
I have a whole new respect for Paris. As a male survivor of trauma, I see a lot of similarities in personality. From the mask we wear from day to day with the smile that hides the frown. To sleepless nights...Past relationships of abuse. Feeling that it’s normal and deserved in a way. Escaping to the clubs and dancing (total freedom) and releasing the negativity that’s bogged us down. I wish her all the best, and hope she can once again find the girl she once was with the skates and allow her to shine once again!! All the best!!
Austin Price Vlogs
this is literaly like a black mirror episode i- ❤️❤️
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