The Real Reason These Avengers Survived Endgame

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Avengers: Endgame's relatively light body count surprised a lot of fans. Shocked by its predecessor's carnage, audiences braced themselves for loss. Thankfully, the majority of Earth's heroes survived the latest encounter with Thanos, which raises a new question: why? It doesn't really seem like there's one right answer. Endgame gave us a ton of heroes, and the filmmakers likely had different reasons for keeping each survivor off the chopping block. Here's why we think the following Avengers survived Endgame.
Everyone's favorite trash panda came out of Avengers: Endgame relatively unscathed. The easiest and most likely answer to the question of Rocket's survival is Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. At Hasbro HASCON 2017, Guardians writer/director James Gunn told fans he had an origin story for Rocket that he planned to tell. He also warned Rocket' s life story would likely be more "horrible" than it was in the source material.
By March 2019, Gunn was confirmed as directing the movie using his screenplay, so all things considered, it looks like we might be learning more about Rocket's past in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3. It would be a pretty big bummer if we only got to see that story after Thanos turned him into a small rug.
Unfortunately we didn't see a lot of Okoye in Avengers: Endgame. She's in the final battle and briefly speaks to Black Widow in the beginning of the film. Beyond that, she's absent. Fortunately, that also seemed to increase her overall chances of surviving through the movie's end.
In Infinity War, T'Challa's last interaction with Okoye is pretty memorable:
"Up. This is no place to die."
In a way, this moment is also the answer to her survival in Endgame. Okoye is part of the MCU as a whole, but she's particularly important to the Black Panther franchise. If she were to ever make the ultimate sacrifice, it should be in a Black Panther film.
Not only that, but the aftermath of Infinity War and Endgame leaves us with a lot of questions about Wakanda and we're probably going to need Okoye to get some of those answers. After all, while the people who were snapped were brought back to life, they still did disappear, which means T'Challa was effectively dead for five years. The king of Wakanda died without an heir and his sister Shuri was dead as well. What happened in Wakanda during those five years? Who is T'Challa going to find on the throne?
Watch the video for more of the real reason these Avengers survived Endgame!
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Rocket has more to tell us | 0:28
No place for Okoye to die | 1:10
Valkyrie needs to lead New Asgard | 2:19
Captain Marvel has barely begun | 3:24
Thor has more galaxy to see | 4:00
Killing Rhodey would be too predictable | 5:06
Nebula is just beginning to shine | 6:09
Hulk may have family business | 7:27
Cap deserves his happy ending | 8:29
Hawkeye remains the best fake-out | 9:39
Spidey didn't want to go | 10:52
T'Challa has a nation to rule | 11:27
Strange has more threats to face | 12:25
Falcon needs to carry Cap's legacy | 13:33
Bucky needs to help the new Captain | 14:25


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May 25, 2019




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Junior Jay
Junior Jay 5 days ago
because they are white.
Robert Agu
Robert Agu 14 days ago
They didn't feel or forgot to kill most the characters.. or the actors are paid for and in iron contracts the studios aren't about to let them out of if they wanted Forgot to mention... Nebula... technically BOTH lived AND died... seeing as she sorta committed a type of suicide... sorta... and one hell of a time paradox seeing as when Future Nebula killed her past self SHE didnt basically dust/evaporate/etc herself into oblivion since she killed herself technically in the "past" an shouldn't have survived
Devon Monk
Devon Monk Month ago
Why did captain America age so hard and Bucky didn’t aren’t they the same age
jongcarl Smith
jongcarl Smith Month ago
I've watched the Endgame. None of those reasons are valid..
R A Uherka
R A Uherka Month ago
Ok, this vid is a year old. That explains how Looper doesn't know that Disney has pretty much decided to drop "Captain Marvel" like a hot potato after her antagonistic antics. Notice that most of the people who got turned into dust in Infinity War were in End Game more than she was?
Adi B
Adi B Month ago
Well plot armour is the correct answer
JenJay 016
JenJay 016 Month ago
LONE WOLF Month ago
It's pronounced THANOS,not THEENOS!!!! It's also ODINSON not ERRDINSURN. You've 1 job so get it right.😒😒😒
Spartan Chuckles
we will see Loki alive again. he stole the teseract.
Julien Wood
Julien Wood Month ago
Brie Larson is trash
Meow God
Meow God Month ago
most ppl that survived are unique life forms that might be the only one in the universe .. like star lord is the only 'awakened' half celestial, hulk is the only gamma creature this part of the universe, cap marvel also another weird life form of her own.. or maybe a coin toss between her n scarlet, scarlet lost. :))
ubaid Month ago
Which 8 bit videogame music is playing in background
Tim Month ago
Because the actors that playing the ones that lived want to keep playing the role, the ones that died didn't.
Jeff Elkins
Jeff Elkins Month ago
Hulk was not in endgame
Crow Jackson
Crow Jackson 2 months ago
More Brie Larson? Yay!!! **pukes**
Jacob Edkins
Jacob Edkins 2 months ago
Thanos just happened to keep around all the Avengers who could stop him
Robert Agu
Robert Agu 14 days ago
Funny as some of these CAN and Comically DID beat Thanos' ass in the Comics.. an they shoulda brought a true powerful and Arch enemy of Thanos into the mix... like Deadpool should join in already... pretty hard for Thanos to kill someone who basically in un killable and Thanos has no means to actually do it. Not to mention Wade is skilled enough at fighting if not MORE so then Thanos too
subhash kalia
subhash kalia 2 months ago
Why gamora didn't get vanished after Tony's snap
Stormz_beechball 2 months ago
Cap dies it says it in sffh
Johnny Morris
Johnny Morris 2 months ago
Stephen Anthony
Stephen Anthony 3 months ago
wendell magtalas
wendell magtalas 3 months ago
Everyone comes back in end game so everything goes on...
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey 4 months ago
Taika Waititi and James Gunn carried the MCU between Avengers tent-poles and they need to keep making movies this way
Kate Maloney
Kate Maloney 4 months ago
There isn't enough money in the world to make me go see woke matriarchy alphabet movies. No female Captain Marvel (who got her butt handed to her by Thanos, thank you!) and no Valkyrie. Iron Man, Thor, Cap, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye--that's the way it should be.
James Poteat
James Poteat 4 months ago
Valkyrie has huge potential because of her skin color, sexual preference and genitals?
WC Hayeseyboy
WC Hayeseyboy 4 months ago
I hope it was his black panther's mom who was on the throne again because she would willfully give it back to her son
Ladvarg Leinad
Ladvarg Leinad 4 months ago
Who of the Avengers is still alive after Spider-Man Far From Home?
Sly Stilla
Sly Stilla 4 months ago
Did you just imply that we don't know whether or not Okoye survived? That we can only speculate that she survived?
Umang Shah
Umang Shah 4 months ago
So many ads?
Damien 4 months ago
I can't help but thinking why, Oh God Why do we have to endure and suffocate a second Captain Cringe turd...
dyscea 4 months ago
So basically, they have more movies coming, so they weren’t killed.
Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony 4 months ago
15:45 to answer the reason was MONEY.
Athena Morales
Athena Morales 5 months ago
When are all of you goddame activist learn no true movie fan give a flying fμ€k about a character's about sexuality. Good writing and acting is what we care about.
Rick Carlos
Rick Carlos 5 months ago
Bugsy Streetz
Bugsy Streetz 5 months ago
Follow for a like.
basic _cmb
basic _cmb 5 months ago
T’challa after the snap: ah shit i should have stayed dead in that river..
basic _cmb
basic _cmb 5 months ago
Well being serious..the original 7 had to survive..then plus another random few lol
Calvin 7 months ago
Captain American Association of Retired Persons
Monk7conker Connersmith
I know why war machine survived to be the new iron man
DwayneC C
DwayneC C 8 months ago
Cant get enough of endgame
Stephen White
Stephen White 9 months ago
I know, I know! Wait for it, because the script said so.
brown box
brown box 10 months ago
Actually cap dies watch Spiderman far from home
DownLow0099 10 months ago
Pay attention to the dialog and body language of Bucky at the end of End Game and it becomes very clear that Cap told Bucky of his plan.
Mandel Harvey
Mandel Harvey 10 months ago
Valkarie is a king. There's a difference in authority and regard. Sade is the king of sorrow not the queen. It's not a gender bend. It's a job acknowledgement.
DW316 10 months ago
Technically, Nebula DID die.
Bediebys Star
Bediebys Star 10 months ago
Because they were skilled enough to not get killed.
Sietse Andringa
Sietse Andringa 10 months ago
Jakey Lemon
Jakey Lemon 10 months ago
Yet another useless video by Looper
Pho8os 10 months ago
I think every roll in the marvel universe should be reprised as a female roll moving forward. Not just one two or three rolls but all of them; we need a female spider women, female Capt America, female iron woman etc, etc. and we need it to happen asap.
Bruce Malinowski
Bruce Malinowski 10 months ago
I'm so sick of this streaming service bullshit
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito 10 months ago
Valkerie is a black bi sexual woman she is also half korean 55 year old and a club foot does that check all the forced divesity hires why don;t they just create new characters instead of imitation of the characyrts
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 10 months ago
I am so sick of hearing and seeing identity politics in movies, tv, and other media. Im gradually shutting them all off as they continue to try and push and push into my life. Bye looper. Its been fun
Alex Karim
Alex Karim 10 months ago
How is falcon gonna use the shield ya know without any strength like steve
Laurel Man
Laurel Man 10 months ago
They should have killed Captain Marvel off and bring her back with a different actress. She is a horrible actress and made on of the worst movie I have ever seen.
Yeah it's me.
Yeah it's me. 10 months ago
Did you ever watch a football game where the teams were really, really bad but the cheer leaders were good? Yeah, this video. I'll just leave a twenty on the dresser Looper on my way out.
linneasr 10 months ago
small point: I like the Winter Soldier, alot.
Corey Mainz
Corey Mainz 10 months ago
Wasnt big strange comic fan so definitely have to research this new villian but excited about it. Cant wait to see who'll pick up iron man role.
Alexander Inget
Alexander Inget 10 months ago
Hawkeye was given a lot of material in Age of Ultron and they showed his family, his wife being pregnant... it was the perfect kind of way to kill of a guy. Joss has done this several times before. He's had a long standing tradition of killing of the most likeable characters on his shows in the past. He killed Fred and then Wesley on Angel, he killed Anya on Buffy, Book and Wash on Serenity and not to mention Phill Coulson. He set up Hawkeye for the exact same thing in AoU. Any fan of Joss was 100% convinced that he would die in AoU. Especially when we saw that little kid he went after.
Gabby Singh
Gabby Singh 10 months ago
03:55 made me laugh real hard.😆😆 this flat face wildcard entry in avengers gonna fill tony's shoes😋 i cant imagine avengers franchise will kill itself like this or russo bros has nothing better to deliver
Alltilt 10 months ago
Endgame was the greatest movie ever
Rizin' Phoenix
Rizin' Phoenix 10 months ago
The MCU replacing real Thor with female thor. This means Thor's story will end on a bad note.
Chloé Rei
Chloé Rei 10 months ago
Truth is. After Endgame. I will not be watching marvels social justice cucks movies.
Edmond Dantez
Edmond Dantez 10 months ago
I disagree that Bucky has "too much red in his ledger". The fact is, America has a lot of red in ITS ledger since WWII. Hell, the entire war against terror is only necessary and our immigration crisis only a problem because we can't keep our nose out of other people's shit. I think a Captain America trying to redeem himself and a country he once believed in and fought for would be genius.
Moses 10 months ago
They survived b/c they are all assets 💯
Bryan Gleason
Bryan Gleason 10 months ago
This video is worse than the bubonic plague
Shantorey Wilkins
Shantorey Wilkins 10 months ago
Star Projectors
Star Projectors 11 months ago
Captain Marvel should’ve died and Black Window should’ve lived
mercuryuniverse 11 months ago
They definitely should not have used the Red Hulk in that way. It was a good call to leave him out, and introduce him in an awesome & clean way.
Aaron Brucker
Aaron Brucker 11 months ago
what movie is that scene of spidey in the iron spider suit at the 11:01 mark.
Robert Ritter
Robert Ritter 11 months ago
Well if you kill Thor you basically gotta kill everyone else
Ashura 11 months ago
Strange and IronMan never got back to since they were still on Titan! Lol
whspioneer89 11 months ago
Will Sam Wilson get some kind of super soldier treatment like Captain got when he he was created or will he be just a normal human with tech gizmos to help him like Iron Man?
21pilots tillidie
21pilots tillidie 11 months ago
Is the narrator the guy from Dorkly? It sounds exactly like him but I'm not sure
Jt Zoonie
Jt Zoonie 11 months ago
so you ae going for the most woke and most bull, female thor halved comic sales in the first few weeks. captain marvel comics have been introduced on 6 occasions and bombed every time ?
NiightDJ 11 months ago
Literally every avenger survived endgame except iron man and black widow, what a pointless video
donnakogan 11 months ago
What about Bucky/White Wolf and Wakanda?
Carlos Rivera Jr
Carlos Rivera Jr 11 months ago
Tessa Thomson and Captain Marvel are my lest favorite charters and there supposed to lead the next 3 phases? Damn shame. I kinda figured that these phases would be my least favorite
Jaii Lann
Jaii Lann 11 months ago
You just predicted a new Thor film and Valkyrie has a big part bye
Billy Frachete
Billy Frachete 11 months ago
I like Cheadle but Terrance Howard was a better Rhodie
James Hunt
James Hunt 11 months ago
xtra movies pornux, smalls bad, and dry uhh nil school
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