The Real Reason Disney Re-Hired James Gunn For GOTG 3

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The Avengers aren't the only ones making a huge comeback this year. Disney and Marvel Studios have made the unexpected decision to re-hire James Gunn to finish what he started with the Guardians of the Galaxy series. What happened in the months since Gunn's firing to make this unlikely triumph possible?
To call James Gunn's firing in July 2018 "unexpected" would be a bit of an understatement. Under Gunn's direction, the Guardians came out of nowhere to become one of the most successful series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe... pretty impressive for a property that was all but unknown before 2014.
On top of the money the movies brought in, they also earned rave reviews, making talking trees and trash pandas beloved household names for families across the world.
But as Gunn's sudden firing seemed to demonstrate, all of that success meant nothing in the face of corporate mandate.
The third Guardians movie was originally set to begin filming in fall 2018, but was shut down indefinitely after the controversial decision was made to fire Gunn for provocative past tweets.
A few days after Disney's decision was made public, the main cast of the franchise rebuked the company with an extraordinary open letter calling for Gunn to be reinstated. The remarkable show of support left many hoping that the situation could be turned around. But publicly, the company was unswayed, and it soon looked like Disney would rather scuttle Volume 3 in its entirety than bring Gunn back.
Watch to learn more about the real reason Disney re-hired James Gunn for GOTG 3!
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​​​The cast supported him | 0:17
You're the one that I want | 1:25
The song remains the same | 2:13
Gunn was a class act | 3:22
There and back again | 4:09
He's a huge moneymaker |​ 4:52
A cosmic vision | 5:37


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Mar 19, 2019

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Comments 1 964
Looper 4 months ago
How do you feel about James Gunn being re-hired?
TheGamingStickman 24 days ago
enfado23 go watch Joke police on idubbz then come back and talk to me
Deltaleader36 26 days ago
Zane Ramos All he did was make some bad jokes tho
Auburn Choke
Auburn Choke Month ago
enfado23 how is he a pedo?
Auburn Choke
Auburn Choke Month ago
SixPack Shakur (Rep5281) back than if you retweeted something it would have the post on your page and say RT ( than their @) and the post so he doesn’t believe that he was doing a prank on someone to make it look like they said it smh
Angel Pablo
Angel Pablo 2 months ago
Looper your okay with a pedophile
I forgive Gunn on his past mess up. Maybe now, he learned a good lesson will know better next time. In overall, *I'm VERY happy Disney smartened up and hired him back* 😃
Hmung Luai
Hmung Luai 11 days ago
Who did james gunn play??
bishop12ist 14 days ago
I wonder how Dave would have felt if somebody said that about his mother or girlfriend. And rape isn't a word to use. Smash or hit. Most people don't say rape.
Incanticle 666
Incanticle 666 26 days ago
Disney messed up its timeline for the MCU now. "The Suicide Squad"(Suicide Squad 2) is being released in 2021.. so it may be 2024 or 2025 before GOTGV3 comes out. Oh Well *shrugs shoulders*
Mukiwa Banda
Mukiwa Banda 26 days ago
Roseanne Barr: Insults a Democrats looks *fired indefinitely and entire TV show re-written* Charlie Sheen: Insults his Democrat boss *fired indefinitely and entire TV show re-written* James Gunn: Attends pedophile parties and has sex with children *fake fired then immediately re-hired with no questions asked*
Adrien Mejia
Adrien Mejia 19 days ago
He never had sex with kids. U just nasty
Jevilz Month ago
The real reason is because James Gunn is the man who can do it without taking everything..
Life of Bricks
Life of Bricks Month ago
Maybe they did an investigation and couldn’t find anything else. Bad on him so they brought him back. I mean some of the stuff he said was pretty raw. I think his tweets were really gross, but after an investigation I’d bring him back too. Prob wanted more money anyways
Dodge Native
Dodge Native Month ago
What about the children?
Eobard Thawne
Eobard Thawne Month ago
Just beacuse disney doesn’t wanted to lost him to DC
0MohawkWarrior0 Month ago
Anyone else pooping while watching this?
My dude
My dude Month ago
I'm just sitting here scratching my nuts
Chanel Coco
Chanel Coco Month ago
Yeah let’s rehire someone who enjoys making light of child rape and rape in general. But Roseanne loses her 35 year career over one tweet. Jussie Smollett gets off scot free but some senior citizen white guy named Rackey who started a roofing business back in the 80’s and owned up to faking his car being stolen yet still got a criminal conviction served jail time etc - the message here is to never confess. Be a liar like Jussie Smollett. Make child rape jokes and claim you’re so hard core and people who get offended because the jokes aren’t remotely funny claim they are triggered. If the weirdos who run Hollyweird get their way they can normalise incest, pedos and beastiality too and then nothing will be off limits whatsoever - yeah great vision you sick dumb fucks. Always a joke seeing people like Blake Lively pleading for people to sign up against child trafficking and sexual abuse yet she didn’t object to working with pedo Woody Allen. Ugh sick and I wasn’t planning to view any of this bs anyway but definitely not now. If it was to happen to James or one of his loved ones he would soon change his tune
Dutspice 9 days ago
"Make child rape jokes and claim you’re so hard core and people who get offended because the jokes aren’t remotely funny claim they are triggered." "Well I don't find this joke funny, so therefore it's not a joke!" Nice logic there buddy. Comedy is subjective, dude.
Jim Johnson
Jim Johnson Month ago
Michael Ferraro
Michael Ferraro Month ago
Provocative past tweets. That’s putting it mildly considering I’m someone who can come up with some pretty graphic shit but gets dry heaves when I read what James Gunn tweeted. But hey I guess that’s why he’s a successful director and I’m not.
Michael Ferraro
Michael Ferraro Month ago
Just wait. All will be made manifest.
Kapt'n Pee
Kapt'n Pee Month ago
*JAMES GUNN IS A PEDOPHILE* I suppose money is more important than morals aye Disney
Arcane Assylum
Arcane Assylum Month ago
He was re-hired because he has the best taste in music in the whole world.
My dude
My dude Month ago
@Kapt'n Pee cry somewhere else where ppl actually give a fuck bc we don't care about the past tweets
Kapt'n Pee
Kapt'n Pee Month ago
He's also a pedophile
Tappa Tappa
Tappa Tappa Month ago
I see a lot of pedofile supporters here
That Guy Bob
That Guy Bob 2 months ago
"There is little due process in the court of public opinion.....We hope Americans from across the political spectrum can ease up on the character assassinations and stop weaponizing mob mentality." This is so fucking true and it's frustrating as hell. People on twitter don't think, they're just a bunch of mindless animals who take everything at face value. It's a damn shame. And the big companies bow down to these mobs, egg them on, and encourage them. It's time to end the idea that someone's tweets from years and years ago are a monolith of everything that person will ever be. People change over time
Rossmel paul Natividad
I was pissed when the guy who made niche characters outshine Suicide Squad was fire. Now that he bacc, I’m happy asf. And he’s gonna save the Suicide Squad too!
My dude
My dude Month ago
william goodnight
william goodnight 2 months ago
IT'S FUN TO SEE THE ACCESS MEDIA THINKING 10,000 SICK TWEETS JOKING ABOUT WANKING OF TO YOUNG BOYS IS JUST SAD NOT SICK. THE GUYS A DEMENTED PEDO GOod ONE DISNEY AND SICK HYPOCRITICAL ACCESS MEDIA. But hay rosane who got fired after one tweet to be retired forever PEDO GUN IS A CHANGED MAN let's bring him back now because the pedo says he's no longer a pedo
Brayden Tidswell
Brayden Tidswell 2 months ago
All it needed was some Harbulary batteries.
Joseph F. Raven
Joseph F. Raven 2 months ago
They should have offered the job too Taika Waititi
Joseph F. Raven
Joseph F. Raven Month ago
@My dude lol f@$k u bro
My dude
My dude Month ago
Or your mom
Irishman under Your Bed
“Provocative past tweets” THEY WERE 10 YEARS OLD DISNEY, WTF
Carpediem06 2 months ago
Yet Kevin Hart was lambasted for tweets that were also 10 years old
bossdog bossdog
bossdog bossdog 2 months ago
I like the Guardians movies and the entire cast,but,if anyone has seen the tweets JG has written you will see a whole different person emerging from them. This man has done everything BUT list all the children he has fucked. Truly a disgusting,twisted,sick,demented child predator pervert. And that is not the worst part. ABC fired Roseann Barr for making one tweet that said a person looked like a character from the planet of the apes movie. And she was correct! But ABC fired her for that tweet. ABC is owned by Disney. Disney fired JG for same said thing,but just a short time later,they got to counting the coin that they would be losing out on in his absence and suddenly pedophilia was acceptable to them and they REHIRED his piece of shit ass back! But guess what,Roseanne is still unemployed for saying someone looked like a character from a movie. How is that even right? As much as i like Guardians of the Galaxy movies and the cast,if Gunn is attached to a third movie,im a hard pass on that. F you disney.
cha thor
cha thor 2 months ago
Do I need to remind everybody bashing James Gunn. Disney's legoland got busted for a pedo ring; Disney is the biggest pedo in America. James Gunn only joked about it.
Chad Cornick
Chad Cornick 2 months ago
i'm done with hollywood and it's child molesters on more movies or tv for me!
Iamanotaku probably
Iamanotaku probably 2 months ago
I am so happy to have him back
Scootchie and Boo
Scootchie and Boo 2 months ago
Short answer, because pedophiles run hollywood
Werner Beinhart
Werner Beinhart 2 months ago
Feminists failed! Good for Guardians
Ulquiorra Cifer
Ulquiorra Cifer 2 months ago
I'm so glad he was re-hired, I'm excited for GOTG 3
Shawn Valleau
Shawn Valleau 2 months ago
So a kids company,Disney cancels an entire show after the star tweets a personal attack, deletes it, and apologizes for it. All while most people were asleep. She gets dragged through the mud. Gunn makes "jokes" about paedophilia and raping women, leaves them up for years, never apologizes, and only deletes them after he gets "fired". The fact that they never looked for a replacement and said that they were still making the movie with his script. Proves it was a fake Disney told him lay low and let this blow over. Wonder if Gunn gets "special" access to Disney studios. Truth is Barr is pro-Trump and Gunn is a good leftist. That is the only thing that went into this decision not what they tweeted, but on their personal thoughts on the President
CRocketSlim 2 months ago
Do we really need a video to say "Mike Cernovich is a dishonest troll who acts in bad faith"?
Expired Memory
Expired Memory 2 months ago
Batista the real life Guardian
Arash Nateghian
Arash Nateghian 2 months ago
Unexpected lol i knew it would happen Disney only fired him as they didn't want any road blocks while the fox deal was pending.
Assassin 16
Assassin 16 2 months ago
James Gunn to Disney: “You could not lived with your failure and where did that got you. Back to me”
bantawi 2 months ago
Triumph? He's a pedophile. Disney is a children's entertainment network. Our media is sick.
Tropical Winter
Tropical Winter 2 months ago
Me very happy
Dana Eiland
Dana Eiland 2 months ago
Isnt he a pedo?
FOR THE BY&BY 2 months ago
And these sick Hollywood freaks have no problem working with this POS! Disgusting.
Celtic Guardian
Celtic Guardian 2 months ago
I refuse to acknowledge the term "tasteless joke" because humor is inherently subjective. While it might be in "bad taste" to you others might enjoy it. For example Hawkeye's wife puts mayonnaise on a hotdog. The 'bad" joke is the mayo.
BC Bell
BC Bell 2 months ago
Hypocritical left. Did they hire Roseanne back? No.
the cartoonist
the cartoonist Month ago
riiiight. Roseanne blamed people left and right for her firing. James Gunn took responsibility and blamed only himself.
David Butterstein
David Butterstein 2 months ago
you all promote kids being sexually abused and you will literally laugh in someones face when they remind you.
Ronald Ochoa
Ronald Ochoa 2 months ago
Taika waititi should direct Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3
Briel 000
Briel 000 2 months ago
Space was more fun in GOTG than any other franchise like the current Star wars
Rellim Sirhc
Rellim Sirhc 2 months ago
fuck that, I wouldn't even come back if I was him. they wanna fire a man over some shit he said 10 years ago (that he's already Apologized for btw) then rehire Him once they realize gotg3 is gonna be shit without him? and as if disney has any right to judge anybody on their offensiveness after all the satanic and sex symbolism they've dumped on everyone for years. James Gunn is better off without the Disney empire, just seen brightburn btw and it was fucking awesome without a lick of help from fucking Disney.
Americana Bulldog2
Americana Bulldog2 2 months ago
Gunn like young boys in a evil way. He tweeted about it himself.
xxxDemonknightxxx 2 months ago
Yay! gotg got its pedophile mf back.😏
Calaka Yum
Calaka Yum 2 months ago
xxxDemonknightxxx Incorrrrrect sir
Cannon Koester
Cannon Koester 2 months ago
Just a reminder. Gunn's old tweets were dug up by Alt-right neo-nazis (the Pizza-Gate guy in particular) in retaliation for his progressive messages in the Guardians films and his personal life. Looper should have really mentioned this.
Big black Sexy Potato
I normally hate the mcu, but GOTG are the only movies i enjoy, so im exited.
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