The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: www.vox.com/2019/4/5/18296646/boeing-737-max-mcas-software-update
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Apr 15, 2019




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The Logical Informer
instead of moving the engines higher, they could have just make the landing gears taller so that plane's ground clearance would be more to fit larger engines. i think that would be more simple, safe and secure solution.. 😐
WeiWen WWE
WeiWen WWE 10 hours ago
Just look at the Boeing 787 which had exploding batteries and also the 737 old generation which crashed SO MANY TIMES. Then look at airbus, you will see a stark difference
WeiWen WWE
WeiWen WWE 10 hours ago
Europeans are just simply make better stuff in general
Captain Harlock
Captain Harlock 17 hours ago
money and greed lead to those people dead, they all should be in jail!
D Loui
D Loui 18 hours ago
and who should we thank for this .... ?
Richard 18 hours ago
the other side of this: pilots are supposed to know how to "fly" a plane. and without all the electronics. What sort of arrogance is it if someone jumps into something new without reading the instructions first?
Bobby Brian
Bobby Brian Day ago
Having flown on one before there ban with Norweigan, I will never like Boeing, Putting Profit before People is a horrendous crime.
Watermelon slice
Dc 10: I am the most dangerous plane 737 Max: Hold my jet fuel
John Boudreaux
They could have just made a bigger suspension and a bigger engine like airbus and none of this would have happened
UwU 2 days ago
The B737 max is a budget version of mr crabs
Engin Diker
Engin Diker 2 days ago
so sad, greedy executives.
Lazy Existentialist
They expect us to take the risk of becoming a human lawn dart because they did a software update?
robert hingston
robert hingston 2 days ago
Yeah the engines are the wrong size ? oh no problem just do a software fix... shameful shameful, and after the Boeing max disasters the Boeing company would’ve just been more concerned about their stock and shares prices going down then the planes going down..
Tylak 2 days ago
this is horrible so many familys destroyed and erased... all over nothing, they cannot make up for their mistakes - not in a million years. i hope the familys and loved ones can find peace at some point - and that people learn from it so it will never happen again. r.i.p
G Rambo
G Rambo 3 days ago
Couldn't they just make the landing gear longer to make the plane sit higher from the ground and fit the engines under the wings?
Werner Magnus
Werner Magnus 3 days ago
Outsourced pajeet programmers
Galax Color
Galax Color 3 days ago
Moral: dont fly with Boeing aircraft
Red Tsar
Red Tsar Day ago
I mean, ONLY if they are from a 737 MAX family.
德拉戈奈特 3 days ago
This is why im afraid of boeing before this crashed happend.....
Grace Lara
Grace Lara 4 days ago
My friend's sister was on board in that Lion Air flight from Jakarta. I was just seeing her 1 month before the accident happened while visiting her home, she was busy packing her luggage. She was schedule to depart to another city, the same destination to when the plane crashed to the ocean. Not knowing that was the last time I would be seeing her. It's even sadder that her family also lost her brother not long ago, from 3 children now left only one.
Grace Lara
Grace Lara Day ago
Asrin & Syahmi Thank you, she was. Inspiring person, we were in the same NGO last year and she was a director for a big social project back then. She was schedule to meet the Governor that day, unfortunately she didn't make it
Asrin & Syahmi
Asrin & Syahmi 3 days ago
I'm so sorry for your lost 😢 she must be good person
moises maciel
moises maciel 4 days ago
Airplanes engineering are too complex, MCAS system caused two accidents in 737 MAX, however this same system could save many lives in another accidents. One example is AF447 flight, caused by a stall, if Airbus A330 had the MCAS system, this stall would corrected automatically.
Marcelline Eka Permata Putri Herawati
im not supposed to watch this... on 3rd dec im on board with boeing 737....
The Evening Report
Very well done video, and the music at the end was beautiful. Condolences to the lives lost.
Jean Yonsei
Jean Yonsei 4 days ago
What a crime. This is as much crime as Lamia 2933.
Andy Liao
Andy Liao 5 days ago
Airbus > Boeing is what I took out of it.
Emoni Flemings
Emoni Flemings 5 days ago
But they are back
RYO HIBIKI 5 days ago
무슨 말인지 못 알아 쳐먹겠다. 한국 자막을 달던지 한국어 더빙을 해라! 영상 소개글만 한국어로 적으면 다냐!
obanos thanos
obanos thanos 5 days ago
The real reason is that the 737 is built in just a week lol
Marsh 5 days ago
MAX profit, despite design flaws. So, MAX has heavier Engines that causes center of gravity problems. The cheap solution was a computer to correct flight dynamics "but" the feedback sensors are less than reliable.! We should not be surprised.! Boeing didn't fully develop out the bugs, no manual override & a lack of specific training,, then again ; Boeing flight approved these changes inhouse... so no , we shouldn't be surprised. Normally, changes of this magnitude require extensive development testing, modification & perfecting but this whole project was fast tracked into certifying its air worthiness. Boeing gambled with our lives = criminal negligence.
disco the talking budgie
Tbh they shouldve raised the landing gear
RailArea 771
RailArea 771 6 days ago
why don't they lift the body far above tire?
Tian KAI
Tian KAI Day ago
Then they would have to redesign the physics of the plane, which would affect payload, space, stability etc.
iamaplatypus 1234
jgraham342 6 days ago
Boeing created the MSE program to bypass quality for schedule and profit....just wait...this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Boris Sheen
Boris Sheen 6 days ago
when the investigation is done they'll determine it was "pilot error" even tho it was clearly a factory malfunction error.
Pertinent Prick
Pertinent Prick 16 hours ago
I guess you don't keep up with news. They already determined it was Boeing's fault for not properly documenting MCAS, MCAS not functioning properly, as well as rushing the plane through the certification process.
Nicky D
Nicky D 6 days ago
DC-10: I'm the most dangerous plane 737 MAX: hold my beer and money over human lives the CEO should be jailed they knew a year ago it wasnt safe
Henry Zhang
Henry Zhang 7 days ago
Commercial planes should be inherently stable! This is a duct tape patch up of a solution
HitmanMidou 7 days ago
Nice job
AÖF çıkmış Sorular 2020
So sad on the sky again soon
Aiden 7 days ago
The hello kitty wallet in the end broke me
Logan Cook
Logan Cook 7 days ago
Oh look. It crashed on my birthday. What happened here????
April Sea
April Sea 7 days ago
Just asking, I’m going on an old plane, so is it safer than the newer ones?
Caleb Austin
Caleb Austin 5 days ago
@April Sea It depends on the model, a lot of planes that are old but are still used by airlines were probably pretty successful, but in new models there is more modern tech which is good but most old planes and new planes that are used by airlines are both very safe. They are about the same and if you were on a newer model you shouldn’t worry because the new tech on airplanes are *nearly* flawless. Have a good and safe flight!
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