The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: www.vox.com/2019/4/5/18296646/boeing-737-max-mcas-software-update
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Comments 80
middy Hour ago
The computer did poop
John Pixelty
John Pixelty 9 hours ago
That's a lie! I own a 737 Max and never have given me any problems. I use it every day. You people are liars.
D. Chambers
D. Chambers 12 hours ago
Pilots have to know their aircraft - that means everything. Other airlines didn't have a problem.
D. Chambers
D. Chambers 11 hours ago
@P M The issue is with the training, and knowing the plane.
P M 11 hours ago
D. Chambers did you not watch the video? The issue is with the plane. Not an airline
Nathan Jensen
They really ripped off airbus
Velocity Aviation
Instead of raising the engines, why didn’t Boeing just raise the wheels slightly? The 737 MAX would have been perfect if they did that
DMS Day ago
I'd be hard-pressed to believe that none of Boeing's engineers foresaw this. I bet some dude in a black suit decided it was a good idea to not let the customers know of the MCAS just so they can claim that it's exactly the same plane.
Cris Obare
Cris Obare Day ago
Boeing put profits before safety and lives. Airbus all the way. Literally.
Maks Chmielak
I sense anti-boeing campaign 🙄 ...
SpriteNight Day ago
F*** Boeing
I am BIGGIE Cheese
ALL THESE MURDERS HAD TO SAY IS HEY!! "MCAS" HERE IS WHAT TO EXPECT, in the first page of "IPAD training" ...... All about $$$$$
I am BIGGIE Cheese
There is your problem anytime some says "THEY ARE ESSENTIALLY THE SAME" they ARE NOT.
N229DH 2 days ago
Didn't give all the facts. There is a lot more blame to go around. Airplane accidents can not be explained away by one problem. They are a series of miss steps by manufacturers, mechanics, pilots, etc.
BAD VIBES 2 days ago
Pause at 0:33 thats a canadian health card in the top right
David H
David H 3 days ago
This is why I am extremely suspicious of automatic controls that take control off of the operator. I don't like automatic controls in cars either
MCAS=May crash any second
Tasmar 3 days ago
They should make a rule, any airline be half boeing and half airbus.
jastat 3 days ago
So which exec is going to jail for this? Or are they still trying to blame the programmers for it?
Borivoje Travica
Borivoje Travica 3 days ago
Who is oathers manufacturers?
George Gamez Everything
The other manufactures are Bombardier of Canada, Embraer of Brazil and some Russian ones.
NJTDover 3 days ago
People who lost their loved ones should also sue the FAA for manslaughter as well since they gave the green light to Boeing.
Pr0ph3cy 3 days ago
Why not just raise the plane using a better landing and hydraulics system?
MKLIVE ™ 4 days ago
All the Boeing fanboys can’t talk no more... Airbus all the way!
Byron Allen
Byron Allen 4 days ago
The pilots just had to treat the system as "runaway trim" , a condition that is trained everyday. They just needed to reach to the pedestal and shut off the trim motors, as the pilot did the day before, but instead because they were not trained to hand lay the aircraft, the crashed aircraft never shut the trim off but kept trying to let the autopilot fly the aircraft. Runaway trim is an absolutely standard malfunction that we train for in every simulator session. Do you not find it strange that the crashes were only foreign airlines when most of the aircraft are in North America? There is a reason for this.
Jose Tharayil
Jose Tharayil 5 days ago
"Safety is our responsibility."~~Dennis Muellenberg and gentleman, this is hypocrisy and bribery in its worst
Jess 5 days ago
I believe ABBA sang it best: “money, money, money”
Solar FN
Solar FN 5 days ago
You can judge me much as you want I think they should’ve made the wing design facing a little higher so the engine could face normally
TripleSeven 5 days ago
I remember when people were so hyped up for the 737 MAX. Oh little did they know...
EXL Playz
EXL Playz 6 days ago
Meanwhile, the Stuka dive bomber: hahahha so sad.
sputnik 6 days ago
So both crashed because of faulty sensor !!!! Then the system being to aggressive and not enough training , I flew several times on this plane till it was grounded and will fly it again .
D Wetick
D Wetick 6 days ago
Software (programming) problems are sometimes hidden until something falls out of the program loop...Now you have a problem that is difficult to fix, especially when life and death are imminent and an immediate solution does not exist. That is what happened to the 737 max.
f1 season still cancelled soz sBinalla
Airbus seems to be more reliable than Boeing
Shuriver 7 days ago
I remember that meme "Windows 10, we fixed everything!" With a picture of jumbled boeing 737max.
Shuriver 7 days ago
So much to learn from this
nwahforever 7 days ago
Boeing has always been the best at destroying planes. There's a huge conflict of interest between making planes and making missiles to destroy them. That should never be done by the same company for obvious reasons.
Appable 4 days ago
absolutely terrible argument. besides, no commercial plane can survive a missile hit so introducing any weakness would be entirely pointless
ocha arul
ocha arul 7 days ago
Why didn't they make a higher ground clearence instead moving the engine up?
sira chaliaokeangkai
as I notice that testing the boeing 737 max 8 I saw that the plane pitching up is way too steep that might gonna led to a disasters
Josnel Acevedo
Josnel Acevedo 8 days ago
Oof I feel sorry for boeing. A competition between two airplane production companies ended up with boeing's new plane fatally twice. To be honest, they should team up more rather than competing against each other. They are both really good plane companies and if you compared two of your favourite planes from the two companies, you just can't decide. It's like me when it comes to the Boeing 777-200ER VS the Airbus A330. They are both so good I can't decide.
Michael Budd
Michael Budd 8 days ago
MCAS means Manoeuvre Crash Accident Sysyem
Kofi Annan
Kofi Annan 8 days ago
Guys: Someone should get this report over to the clowns at Boeing.
Magdalena B
Magdalena B 8 days ago
So heart-breaking. Looking at those wallets and shoes, and knowing that they departed from my hometown --- sad.
stok3d99 8 days ago
Seeing the victims' shoes,, wallets, and identification was striking in itself..but then you think about those individual lives, all of those little pathways and potential outcomes each person had that were snuffed out. And why? For money? I can't even think of a sufficient word for this feeling.
Singapore 214
Singapore 214 8 days ago
Go with airbus
BoonZa EzArt
BoonZa EzArt 9 days ago
MCAS = Money Come Above Safety
elite aerolyte
elite aerolyte 9 days ago
why couldn't they just make the wings higher
Alexandru D
Alexandru D 9 days ago
Boeing: *Makes a plane that kills 300 people* Most Americans in the comments: GOOD JOB BOEING KEEP IT GOING 👏
adohom60000 lol
adohom60000 lol 9 days ago
Boeing is basically EA in the aviation industry
Naresh Modi
Naresh Modi 9 days ago
Human greed....is it ever going to stop ?
Jimmy Smith
Jimmy Smith 9 days ago
I think China did it. Why was China the first country to ground the 737 max 8? I worry the Max was sabotaged for the C919 which will be the only Chinese commercial airplane ever made and is being produced specifically to compete with the 737 Max 8’s market space. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is “the city China built” and Jakarta is completely full of Chinese influence too... (airports where the crashes happened) As terrible as this is too assume... mention.. or even think...but I can’t stop finding strange coincidences leading me to speculate the electronic takeoff system (all components coming from China) was hacked both times by Comac or the Chinese government causing the crashes, sabotaged.
Sean Luo
Sean Luo 9 days ago
There were staff in Boeing that were aware of these issues yet they were powerless to stop anything bad from happening.
Est lhm
Est lhm 9 days ago
Instead fixing the problem they hid the problem and it cost lives something money can't buy because of not taking the time to create a quality product
Upali Kohomban
Upali Kohomban 10 days ago
i am happy boeing made a mistake
Jaeyong Jung
Jaeyong Jung 10 days ago
It is not a problem caused by competition against Airbus. Boeing tried to implement what is infeasible for them! They tried to conceal the technical difficulty with software. They had a totally wrong process of working and validating their design, which costs hundreds of lives of people!!!
Debaser Pixies
Debaser Pixies 10 days ago
Both Boeing and FAA are unscrupulous. Profits first, no matter how, even if lives are lost.
David Hollier
David Hollier 10 days ago
For the Love of Money
Abhishek Chaudhary
Abhishek Chaudhary 10 days ago
Why are no charges pressed against Boeing
Mike Motteberg
Mike Motteberg 10 days ago
Boeing is gonna Get a check for 60 billion.
Doggie Squad
Doggie Squad 10 days ago
2 crashes may not sound like a lot but say the 737 max-8 can probably hold 150-230 people A crash say holds 230 people Tow crashes equals 460 people who died
Tommy Tsang
Tommy Tsang 10 days ago
USA is a best ?
Martin Ljubic
Martin Ljubic 10 days ago
Nothing to do with nothing WHEN THE PLANE IS IN FLIGHT. The flight control has a badly mapped envelope, and contradictory inputs. That most of them did fly for the most part, with pilots reporting problems here and there KIND OF GIVES THE GAME AWAY. And if a pilot can get manual control of the plane ..... and fly it ..... confirms it. Its a software flight envelope issue.
Dico 11 days ago
A murderer from Boeing got away with a USD60 million 'punishment'!
David Thayer
David Thayer 11 days ago
Can someone please explain how the other 374 MAX8 aircraft flew 6 million+ passengers over a period of 2 years with no incidents/accidents? Also, how many hours had the 2 crashed aircraft been flown before the accidents? Ask the 2 airlines why they allowed ill trained and inexperienced aircrew on the flight deck!
Frederick Lee
Frederick Lee 11 days ago
Curious - why didn't Boeing make the landing gear telescopic thereby allowing the extra needed height for the larger diameter engines? The ability for the landing legs to retract within one another could allow the extendable landing gear to fit within the existing B737 wheel wells. With the engines in the same axial wing relationship as the earlier engines they replaced, the MCAS compensation would not have been required.
Awan channel124
Awan channel124 12 days ago
0:33 its the indonesian identity cards, membership cards, and passports
Beerbrewer737 12 days ago
First thing you do when dealing with a runaway stab trim (moving uncommanded)? Stab trim cutout and disengage auto throttle and auto pilot.
indigoblue555 9 days ago
@Beerbrewer737 Thx for infos....it's appalling reading of such events being caused by big corporates reckless greed. Forgive my english...
Beerbrewer737 9 days ago
@indigoblue555 By switching stab trim switch to cutout and disengaging autopilot and autothrottle the aircraft is now being hand flown and that would take mere seconds.
indigoblue555 10 days ago
Is it actually possible a straight bypass of the computer operated manouvers ? Switching to full manual control should be a quick matter for the pilots...It should be,albeit it turned into a kind of a desperate challenge for them. I could read that,due to safety codes on some airplanes the switch to manual mode wasn't that immediate as it had to.
Underestimated Potato
Boeing: *A lot of crashes,most crashes involving Boeing * Airbus: **Me seeing Bailey any airbus crashs on the flight channel**
The Crystalline Entity
And here we go, yet *another* RUvid channel telling us "what really happened"... ;)
davidca96 12 days ago
bank angle, bank angle, bank angle
Santiago 12 days ago
Everything is about coding these days.
lkeve 12 days ago
How is it REAL as opposed to other OPINIONS?
Jay Gatsby
Jay Gatsby 12 days ago
I would like to see an interview with the person/s who programmed the MCAS.
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman 12 days ago
Is there no way to turn off the automation and return control to the pilots.
indigobullet84 13 days ago
The real reason for the crash as the title says is selling these planes to Ethiopia and Indonesia. Please understand what I'm trying to say...
Aleksey Razumov
Aleksey Razumov 13 days ago
Why couldn’t Boeing just make the plane itself higher instead of putting the engine higher?
Mr Paul Grimm
Mr Paul Grimm 13 days ago
They weren’t trained to fly the Max
J 13 days ago
could have just made the landing gear longer
Bass Wars
Bass Wars 13 days ago
Between years of stock buybacks and the 737 MAX debacle, the company no longer serves a purpose. It is a bloated, poorly run, cash pit that is hurting America.
John Presnell
John Presnell 13 days ago
Dennis muilenburg is a Chosen One just like Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. Just like Matt Lauer and Les moonves. Just saying
Don Rondel
Don Rondel 13 days ago
one underlying issue as I understand it is Airbus is a govt owned enterprise with lots of state financial resources behind it. Whereas Boeing is private and has tremendous financial pressures Airbus doesn't have. Typical unfair competition from our "allies" and others ... a problem all American companies face from foreign competitors There must be a way to insulate our manufacturers from unfair foreign competitors while simultaneously developing systems & procedures that promote the highest aircraft safety Not an excuse for the 737Max issues but raising a point that should be addressed at the federal level IMO
srobidoux 13 days ago
My understanding is that MCAS system existed in 737's prior to the MAX and that what was involved with the MAX was an adjustment to existing software. A minor point that doesn't excuse how they went about this.
leun 13 days ago
Money over lives. Wow.
Jerome O'Mara
Jerome O'Mara 13 days ago
If there was a God I would thank he or she for Airbus!
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