The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal.
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Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival.
Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: www.vox.com/2019/4/5/18296646/boeing-737-max-mcas-software-update
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Apr 15, 2019




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Comments 18 718
James Harris
James Harris 2 minutes ago
Ist that the American way greed over lives look at there healthcare
Wasim Sajzad
Wasim Sajzad 9 minutes ago
This is so sad
NyDeviant 12 minutes ago
So people died over greed and money smh
Robbie Briggs
Robbie Briggs 20 minutes ago
This is absolutely ridiculous. BOEING NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS. The plane industry should not be based off of competition because stuff like this happens. Government needs to regulate this to a monopoly like utilities.
Reichsfüher - SS Leichttraktor
Remember the DC-10 Problems? Yeah the company that made them, McDonald Douglas, fixed them, the Boeing Company should fix this, as everything is.
Chase Janko
Chase Janko 38 minutes ago
It was pilot error both times. Nice try tho
I Drink Your Milkshake
I Drink Your Milkshake 42 minutes ago
We found this out well before this video was uploaded
MohammadReza Tayyebi
MohammadReza Tayyebi 56 minutes ago
واقعا باعث تأسفه.
Marko Mark
Marko Mark Hour ago
Airbus no 1
Ashish Raina
Ashish Raina Hour ago
Very well explained. This is such a shame. Direct result of greed and shrewd capitalism. Profits before human life.
emailshe Hour ago
So sad. Proves that u can't fix everything with software. Not enough testing, training and denial of pilot's reports
G123S 2 hours ago
Another American company ditching safety for money.
Mia Flyer
Mia Flyer 2 hours ago
The larger issue is about choosing to live, to work and to play in a place where you don't have to fly away from. Now think about that before you get on a jet.
J.Y. Huang
J.Y. Huang 2 hours ago
Never fly by this plane.
johnfarmingdale 2 hours ago
BS, it ripped apart in mid-air. Boeing saved money by hiring diversity people, green card holders.... aka "cheap labor" aka "Global trade" Boeing found a PR to spinning the problem so the real problem doesn't show up.
Jayaraman Baskar
Jayaraman Baskar 2 hours ago
Obviously the answer is no regulation. So when more people die they will stop flying and it will fix the system. Right?
Dauphin K. Muteba
Dauphin K. Muteba 2 hours ago
Very informative video, you beat every report from the news...Thank you for your time.
James Ryan
James Ryan 2 hours ago
And they get away with deaths caused by their incompetence. "Make 'em pay".
Bob Bobby
Bob Bobby 2 hours ago
Don't fly the plane at 100% engine thrust, after takeoff, and you won't have problems with MCAS, fighting you back. SIMPLE! Max is not a fighter jet!!!
Junhao Kuang
Junhao Kuang 3 hours ago
Completely disregarded all other factors why those planes crashed, and yet, people thought this is a good job.
Howe Trinh
Howe Trinh 4 hours ago
Did you réalisé people died, and a preventive measure is not mention to pilots. Boeing is implementing a criminal business model
Cliff Morgan
Cliff Morgan 4 hours ago
Because the “Pilots” didn’t know a memory item.... Where the “OFF” switches were!
Ilham Bassam
Ilham Bassam 4 hours ago
Translate thai plzzz with brief of story. Thanks u
Neil Biswas
Neil Biswas 4 hours ago
This is poor systems engineering, with no realistic evaluation of the risk; the risk mitigation in this case is faulty and a patchup, without any heed to the fundamental flaw in the system design !
blahmooblah789 5 hours ago
I like your videos but it please stop the scratchy cello music, tell that person theres too much rosin on their bow.
Andro345 5 hours ago
A plane that won't fly straight naturally is junk. Airbus all the way.
Mohamed Osman
Mohamed Osman 5 hours ago
at first it's a great video and i want to make video like that about another topics and i need drawing and photo like that at MIN 2.01
Snooby66 6 hours ago
So, the "real reason" is the exact same thing that they've been telling us for weeks - bad MCAS
bansheemania 6 hours ago
So can we Say that the plane that Dissaperd a few years ago mh360? This happened
holcroft1969 6 hours ago
The whole world is just obsessed with money now.
Tobias George
Tobias George 6 hours ago
Far left lies and propaganda can't trust what you say
Espen Bøgh
Espen Bøgh 7 hours ago
I think a part of the problem comes by raising the engines on the wings, - if that's so then a software solutions to MCAS system will not fix the problem.Hopefully FAA will not accept any updates to the 7373 max 8 until the final report of the flyghtchras is releaset.If so FAA will be responsable if another accident with the 737 max 8.
OVTV 7 hours ago
This is what happens when you deregulate and under fund agencies like the FAA, this should have been recertified as a whole new plane.
Dankrupt 7 hours ago
im curious why you ignored the cargo plane (same plane) that crashed a week before these. probably because that one proved it was something else crashing the planes.
dandycliff2 7 hours ago
Boeing = Mass murderers.
Hossain al Fahad
Hossain al Fahad 8 hours ago
Safeguard become the killer (MCAS) Compete over money not Service and safety...
CarlosDuarte2007 8 hours ago
The explanation of the failure seems to be the opposite of the explanation given in the video. If the engine is higher and its line of force is closer to the center of gravity and its location changed more towards the front, the power and weight of the engine should have LESS effect in the rotation nose-up of the aircraft, and had to increase the tendency to roll nose down. It sounds like the aircraft will naturally will try to nose-down more than the previous version of the airplane, thus the so-called MCAS would need to compensate nosing the aircraft more UP, instead of down. Maybe the pilots were used to increase the attack angle by simply increasing the power in the old models and when they noticed that they did not have the same effect in the new model they disconnected the MCAS thinking it was the cause, but in fact they were increasing the effect of the nosing down. But still there is the possibility that it was a defect in the software that was designed for the previous model, that tried to correct the nose down by increasing the power of the engine (like in the previous models with lower engines) at certain point the MCAS was unable to correct the nosing down increasing the power because in this model the engine is higher, the computer assumed was a failure and after few minutes disconnected itself causing the aircraft to dive down because the new position and weight of the engines. If the MCAS disconnected suddenly, and the pilots were unaware pulling or pushing the elevators the aircraft may have stall or dive down very fast.
phapnui 9 hours ago
Predatory capitalism at its best.
Anthony S
Anthony S 9 hours ago
Best thing people can do is to not fly on the 737 max. Boeing is heavily invested into this plane.
MoonlightSky 9 hours ago
Just call it the death plane.
Joel Diver
Joel Diver 9 hours ago
this is not the reason they keep crashing
Bryce 10 hours ago
The armchair pilots are out in force in the comment section it would appear.
derkhaslol 10 hours ago
So Airbus made a high-quality product. And then Boeing had to improvise with a quickly rushed product. Yet everyone bought the Boeing? It´s crazy how often this kind of thing happens.
Ktkahghi 10 hours ago
XtraDankBoi 11 hours ago
This comment section is filled with idiots who think everyone who works at bowing should get charged with over 300 counts of murder...
Big Baller
Big Baller 11 hours ago
346 lives = Infamy Are you happy Boeing?
J B 11 hours ago
Surprised that they didn't blame President Trump!
Harun Suaidi
Harun Suaidi 12 hours ago
This is how dishonesty kills. If this is true, then it is Boeing, not the airlines, have the blood of the victims on their hands. People are rightly furious about this and the victim's families deserve all kinds of compensation of their loss.
Jack Thayer
Jack Thayer 12 hours ago
Um bullshit if you move the engine up without changing the the pitch of the engine it does the exact oposite of what your saying if you would like to learn about this check out mentor on youtube
lord of the rings lord
Japanese MRJ made a %20 efficient aircraft without killing people. You are loser boeing.
We're Full
We're Full 12 hours ago
let me guess? communism is the answer?
Abinash Roy
Abinash Roy 12 hours ago
Michael Cornelissen
Michael Cornelissen 12 hours ago
Clear case of negligence for both Boeing and US governance.
TheDarknessOfGames 12 hours ago
I know let’s give our money away
Dub Dub Flub-A-Dub
Dub Dub Flub-A-Dub 13 hours ago
If you know anything about airplanes or aircraft manufacturers, you know that this video is scrutinizing Boeing for something that other manufacturers do too. It’s a sad thing that lives were lost, but its what happens when mistakes are made. I don’t like how this video makes Boeing the “bad guy” when they are not the only company to release new airplanes quickly to make profit.
Rob Dow
Rob Dow 13 hours ago
It takes only two switches, to turn off automated system.
Email Alpha
Email Alpha 13 hours ago
I am not stepping foot on a 737 MAX until the root cause has been 100% identified and a fix made. I need 100% transparency on this.
Hawk Who Knows All
Hawk Who Knows All 13 hours ago
This is Why Robotos can Never Exist.. We HUMANs are the GODs..Only We Are the Most Superior Organism Ever Exists... Only We can FIX ,CREATE.....
Pizza Pockets
Pizza Pockets 14 hours ago
Don’t blame boeing for this. Many planes have similar autopilot features. The fact that one crew knew how to turn the autopilot stall protect feature off shows that information was published on the MCAS system. Pilot error on both accounts for failing to understand their A/C and POH. Tough but that’s how aviation works. Complacency in aviation breeds these kinds of accidents.
Thomas Conrow
Thomas Conrow 14 hours ago
The flight before Lion Air 610 had the same problem, the crew solved it and reported it to maintenance.
nukestrom 14 hours ago
Its an American engineering marvel, just like Chrysler that stalls its engines on freeways.
Amellia Mendel
Amellia Mendel 14 hours ago
I can't wait to see the air crash investigation of this. I love those shows.
MrOrca30 14 hours ago
Notice how no planes went down in the states because in America and most European countries a professional pilot knows how to disable it.....
Zeyu Wang
Zeyu Wang 15 hours ago
Guys please, never fly on max ever again! No matter what software they come up. Boeing needs to learn what a horrible thing they did the hard way! They killed hundreds people. Their blood is on Boeing’s hands
Andrew Polich
Andrew Polich 15 hours ago
Great visuals
Martin Moreno
Martin Moreno 15 hours ago
Excellent video.
Jac 15 hours ago
If you want the truth, don't go to vox
Chris Rosen
Chris Rosen 15 hours ago
Wait, so how did the engine directly effect the plane from the nose being to high? How was the engine the problem?
Will Soliman
Will Soliman 15 hours ago
@vox @time 2:11 It should have been March 20, 2011 ??
Xaiano 15 hours ago
Even if the software is fixed, the design flaws remain and it still has a massively higher risk of a stall. This is not a safe plane.
Tabebe Montilla
Tabebe Montilla 16 hours ago
They shouldve think of safety rather than money
Chairman Meow
Chairman Meow 16 hours ago
This is literally out of fight club where he's explaining where if the cost of a recall is more than X (lawsuits from lost human lives) they wont do it.
MidN Music
MidN Music 16 hours ago
thank god that JetBlue uses Airbus
Matus Niga
Matus Niga 16 hours ago
I would like to see the person who came with this kind of idea to let plane overtake full control over Pilot??? And the another person who confirmed that? how is this possible?
Tijan Bah
Tijan Bah 16 hours ago
so if I show this to my teachers then I won't have to do MCAS ever
Horse Sense
Horse Sense 17 hours ago
It's only two aeroplanes.
【Natsuki Frostii】
MCAS? Oh! Like that test I have? Oh wait never mind...
Dan Baltizar
Dan Baltizar 17 hours ago
I am here to tell all that to much automation is the wrong direction, it is dangerous. The technology should stay out of vehicles for at least another 20 yrs until it is fully understood. I can’t wait for Uber to have a few big accidents. I hope they get sued to bankruptcy. All you goons that drive for Uber and Lyft need to understand you are going to be replaced by machines. That is why they have the service going everywhere possible. Tens of Millions of people are going to lose jobs due to automation in the next 10 yrs. we as a human race need to fight back at the companies pushing automation. It is time to Stan duo and fight. Humanity will disappear soon if we do not.
Dan Baltizar
Dan Baltizar 17 hours ago
Boeing and the FAA need to be made an example of and punished HEAVILY$$$$$. This is unacceptable, reprehensible. The CEO at Boeing should be in jail and the top execs at the FAA that approved the certification too. All fired and jailed. Anytime you start outsourcing, you have quality control issues and it only gets worse.
eric wsmith
eric wsmith 18 hours ago
Automated controls,.... this is not the first time a plane has crashed because of them. Why is it beyond the engineers train of thought to put one single control switch that would give pilots 100% control of the aircraft in case of some unknown system failure ? ,,,,Keep the warning systems, but let the captain disable ALL automated controls with out exception.
Charles clvr
Charles clvr 18 hours ago
2:53 “hottest selling plane on the market” so explain how according to your graph the neo has (around) 1700 orders in 2 years and the max has barely a 1000. Pretty sure 1700 is more than a 1000
NettiBongo 18 hours ago
onething i dont understand about airplane companies. they dont understand if it isnt broken dont fix it.. they have alot of good planes but they keep making new design planes and testing with the passengers. cant they just produce more working planes. arh.
DaikiTV 18 hours ago
I Hope boeing pays the price for being to lazy to redesign the plane. Just redesign the Aircraft if the engines wont fit! Just such an bullcrap. Over 300 People died because they didnt want to redesign the Aircraft?!?
Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons 18 hours ago
I still believe these planes were electronically hijacked....
pepper669 19 hours ago
Good video, Ira Glass style.
vasco ambrogi
vasco ambrogi 19 hours ago
Those videos are similar to propaganda. It takes two switches to désengage MCAS. Please, an accident is a chain of events and putting the blame just on Boeing is simply stupid. As appealing the target can be, with all the greedy and nasty reasons you might want to satisfice on, this doesn’t help people understanding and pointing to the reality of the issue. The whole industry, including relative national regulators have to rethink their ways. Every 737 MAX is the same, but not every country, not every airline, not every pilot, and not every day, a faulty sensor is the cause. Then, Pilots training, Automation and Minimum safety standards are all to be reviewed in the wake of those catastrophe. Boeing has a culture to keep Pilots in direct control of the plane, all is in place to cut out electrical systems fast and effectively if needed. If you want to understand the economics behind, it’s to easy to blame the constructor, they are not the only one making money. But, surely, they are the ones that can sustain a hit. Une pensée aux victimes.
Levi Ackerman
Levi Ackerman 19 hours ago
Boeing a320 is better than 737-800 Change my mind
Skrub Nation
Skrub Nation 20 hours ago
Capitalism us to blame for Boeing's actions
Jesse Bogdonoff
Jesse Bogdonoff 20 hours ago
Capitalism at it's finest!
GLR 20 hours ago
Well done America... leading the way in $$ hunger
Shaderite Matobit
Shaderite Matobit 20 hours ago
Conclusion: Boeing, please Stop playing childish games.
Chris Cain
Chris Cain 20 hours ago
Yanks rename things because they don’t know how to pronounce the letters in the English language ...the can’t even pronounce aluminium....alll you min eeee umm you fools! Lol
bratwurstmaxxe haxxe
Hard- and Software-Cheats.... every Idiot is a Pilot, when they falling out Playnes fall down.
Kimberly Williams
Kimberly Williams 20 hours ago
Jesus is Muslim
Jesus is Muslim 20 hours ago
Outsourcing destroys, and never saves, companies. Dell, Gateway, and HP lost money when outsourced. Boeing outsourcing will kill Boeing.
lap tech
lap tech 20 hours ago
The thing is, the MCAS system worked BUT the scenario of what would happen if a specific sensor was to go faulty was never tested, by the plane developers or by flight sim tests. Also, what to do in a situation when a sensor does go faulty was exposed by a previous flight of the doomed Ethiopian plane. It was reported by the flights previous flight crew that a sensor failed and MCAS kicked in but this time in the cockpit, was an off duty pilot who knew what to do and got the pilot to turn off MCAS (can be done but not easy unless you've read ALL the training material). Unfortunately this off duty pilot never reported the incident to the next flight crew. This is fact and is in the investigation report. The question then becomes, how come this off duty pilot knew how to disable MCAS but the next flight crew didn't. Training is surely at fault here. What needs to be investigated is how many pilots of this airplane had the exact same problem but was able to deal with it because they knew how to disable MCAS? Two sets of pilots from different airlines did not know how to disable it and it cost everyone their lives. Boeing has improved MCAS to make it easier for it to be disabled and allow pilots to control the plane. Training manuals have also been improved. a 2nd sensor is installed as standard now instead of just one BUT it still comes down to that one off duty pilots statement to the investigating team. He was able to talk through the process of how to disable MCAS to the previous flight crew. So was it just a case of bad pilot training? the flight crew did not bother to check out the new training material because they thought the plane was still identical to the previous 737.
William Aditama
William Aditama 20 hours ago
Tim S
Tim S 21 hour ago
Should have guessed, greed. That was the bottom line!
737tech 21 hour ago
I think there is more to the story. A deeper cultural problem. Just watched a video about some whistle blowers that were fired.
Metonymy1979 21 hour ago
Money means more than humans.
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