The Real Problem With Shane Dawson

Jarvis Johnson
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Is it true that Shane's changed? All signs point to maybe.

D'Angelo Wallace's Video

Nick DiRamio's Video about Shane's Movie

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Aug 8, 2020




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Comments 11 918
city17 3 hours ago
Ms12369 8 days ago
WyspButYoutube 19 days ago
I love you
hiraeth 22 days ago
@ZyNc__ bruh
blueberry slushy
legends support legends
big wiener tom, lol
Cum cat.
Snoozy Boozy
Snoozy Boozy 8 hours ago
Answer to tittle. Everything
bambi is dead
yall are far too soft on him 👩🏽‍⚖️
Gaming Oracle
I can't disagree more with the opening of this video, Shane is an egotistical piece of shit who treats everyone around him like dirt the second he gets a leg over them.
Demure Slayer
Demure Slayer 3 days ago
So... I just knew I was subscribed but I just made sure. I'm here now and not going anywhere😎
SiberianBuskies 4 days ago
Everyone overreacted, honestly
kt wilson
kt wilson 4 days ago
Thank you to everyone who has brought all of this to light. I started watching Shane's channel a few years ago and now I feel disgusted.
Vivian LeVine
Vivian LeVine 4 days ago
Honestly, I was not aware of the pedophilia stuff he said and did. Truly atrocious. My mouth fell open in shock and disgust.
Brian Bethea
Brian Bethea 4 days ago
1:30 It's only by applying it directly to the forehead, even.
FloraWorld 5 days ago
Shane needed and needs therapy. I am a student in psychology and we learn about treating and finding solutions for someone despite their past ; I can assure you that it can be hard to listen to a r*pist, to an abuser and still stay neutral yet, thats our jobs as therapists. The fact that Shane had a difficult childhood is loud and clear yet, years of untreated traumas and unhealthy thoughts/coping mechanisms leaves someone with a completly broken moral compass and way to act. . While racism/homophobia/discrimination and so on is never inexcusable, it is also unfair to judge someone without taking in consideration the environment of said person. The morals your family gave you as you grew up, the neighbourhood you live in, your close social circle, the job you do, your origins, skin colour and so on will impact the way you act. And so, the benefit of the doubt could be given for the blackface scandal, sexualising young children is another thing. . It could be from being sexually assulted when young and thus, without having be able to talk about it and correctly treat the trauma that followed, it left him with his moral compass completly f*cked up. It is never too late to go to therapy and learn what went wrong, why is it wrong and especially, why are your thoughts so out of the norm without him understanding why. . Shane clearly says about the naked babies thing that, while he isn't attracted to them, he doesn't see why it is wrong if someone is ; thats where the issue lies. He clearly misses an essential part of the mind's development, yet, as I said before, it never is too late to go to intense therapy and learn. . His appologies aren't ones since he doesn't understand what he did wrong, how could he appologize ? For him, blackface was his own ignorance (and, for some of the time, could have been) and sexualising children was either extreme clumsiness or a "kink" that some people have. . I will not take sides, I will just say that I do understand why people are having a probleme with him yet, I must express that harassing someone will never be the answer. Yeah, what a surprise, his appologies are a mess, he seems all over the place, stressed, well yeah, he's harassed by thousands of people while he doesn't even entirely understand what he did wrong. . Before jumping to conclusions, always wait to know more about the situation and remember that pushing someone to their extreme limits will never do anyone some good.
Kevin McQuaid
Kevin McQuaid 7 days ago
dude is the epitome of the creepy, gross uncle based on this video at least. I never watched him before this, but I feel extremely gross now.
Watching this video makes me scared and nervous 😞 I don’t like to hear about gross people who say gross things about children. Btw I’m 13 so-
Wadeeat Mirza
Why are u scared
Ms12369 8 days ago
This video helped me discover D'Angelo Wallace, thank you. He feels like your cute little brother. But like, half or step siblings cause y'all look nothing alike. Anyways, let me know when he steps out of the etheral realm of Heaven so I can say hi 😘
The Red
The Red 8 days ago
holy shit! I just found out about Nick DiRamio last month and I fucking love him.
Dark Arts
Dark Arts 9 days ago
"My childhood, my past, I've had a lot of pain" yes Shane, we are so sorry that dad didn't come home with the chocolate milk, what does this have to do with you kissing children again?
RtHon Eatbugs
RtHon Eatbugs 9 days ago
RUvid offers tutorials on everything. Shane Dawson was just doing a tutorial on how NOT to apologise. /jk
Yazz 9 days ago
I grew up in Europe during the 90s, with very little contact with people of colour because, where I lived, there weren't many around. And even I knew what blackface was/is and that it is something you shouldn't do if you want to be a decent human being. Same goes for the n word. He, as an American, can not convince me he didn't know it was unacceptable. It's just as stupid of an excuse as Tanna claiming she didn't know that the n word is a racist slur.
Yazz 9 days ago
'I don't get how actors are picky with roles when they don't have a job' It's called morals and dignity Shane, look it up.
Funtime Speedpaints
RajaGamer08 11 days ago
Damn aged well /s
Evelyn Jenkins
Evelyn Jenkins 12 days ago
The amount of fucking times watching this that my jaw just DROPPED....I'm surprised none of my teeth fell out
Kaitlyn Rhiger
Kaitlyn Rhiger 12 days ago
I didn’t know that to play a character you had to dress up exactly like the person to the point where you try and have their skin tone
Vaka rebecka
Vaka rebecka 12 days ago
So only black people can act other black people. Black people act white people all the time, right? My cousin is black and I don't know if she would be mad if we dressed up like the song "single ladies". (She is 8yo). I personally would be mad if people don't wanna play me only cuz in black (I'm black in this scenario). I just really wanna understand, so I can be a good role model 😇. Btw what does hobo mean? I understand its a homeless person, from the video (never heard the word before). Why is it wrong to say it?
The Smug Whale
The Smug Whale 12 days ago
god damn the shit Shane says to his cousin ALONE is enough to make my skin crawl...
Mega Fluffy Mikachu B
;w;" ...sooo i've heard of th is person but....who is this dude that this drama is centered around? And also not really caring if you're black or white or whatever -.- honestly too many people focus on color when color is something your brain makes up it's not real -.-"
Appalachian Folk-Witch
The vast majority of Shane’s Demeanor, Arguments & obvious display of Deluded-Narcissism has ALWAYS reminded me of Onion-Boy; It’s Gross.
Emi M
Emi M 13 days ago
28:57 i actually GASPED jfc unforgivable
SPEED 15 days ago
"I'm not making fun of race in my movie!? I'm making fun of the homeless so stop complaining" -Shane Dawson probably
george 17 days ago
God damn his live stream comments are just gross. And that's beside all the other weird creepy inappropriate racist shit he's done.
Flazer Razer
Flazer Razer 17 days ago
2:21 I am that person I never noticed that
Sky Duane
Sky Duane 18 days ago
Isnt Shane supposed to be writing Shrek a contract or something
K McIntosh
K McIntosh 19 days ago
Over a year later and I still find myself regularly singing "let em know where your heart is at before you roast their faves"
your favorite lesbo goth gf
the whole "raised on sarah silverman" thing is so bizarre cuz she was the same one who made very, very, and i mean very disgusting jokes about britney spears among other things so like. besides the fact that shane just fuckin sucks ass, of course his humor would too! because sarah silverman sucks ass as well!
hey. 20 days ago
I remember barely finding his channel and i would only watch his theory videos since I'm interested in that stuff but i never heard anything about him being disgusting in any way but I still got bad vibes from him in one of his videos where he was with a young boy maybe 5-7. Im glad i didnt start watching him on a daily basis and that i didnt become a fan of him.
Dr chocolate milk
Dr chocolate milk 20 days ago
shane be like "stop saying I'm ped, it's not my fault that they're hot"
Lemon Does It All
Lemon Does It All 22 days ago
Idk who this guy is but I moved to the US in 2013 and learned English in 2014 and then it was ok to say the n word. Some people I knew then said it as a joke. Now it is a horrible thing to say. I get the black face guy a little bit.
Lemon Does It All
Lemon Does It All 13 days ago
@Dragonic Sword Gaming yeah I see.
Lemon Does It All
Lemon Does It All 13 days ago
@Yuma Overstar I see what you mean.
Dragonic Sword Gaming
It might've been more widely used but it was never ok to say the N word.
Yuma Overstar
Yuma Overstar 21 day ago
Sad to tell you it was never okay. People were offensive and edgy but it was still a wrong thing to do. That aside, doing black face is leaps of racism away from saying the N word.
Voice O'reason
Voice O'reason 23 days ago
If you're playing a character, of course you have to make yourself look like that character, what's wrong with that?
Allison Anne Martin
"If you're playing a character, of course, you have to make yourself look like that character; what's wrong with that?" Let me guess, you're not black, are you? Here's the thing. Whether it is bad or right, it's not our place to decide. People of color have said that it is offensive. It played a huge part in how racism had been normalized. Therefore we should listen on their behalf and acknowledge it and change our behavior. Like how you don't make rapist jokes cause there are victims out there. Like how you shouldn't make stereotypical jokes about disabled people. It's not about us. It's about them and our capacity to care. And I don't see any malice in your comment. I interpreted it as simply wishing to clarify where the line of morality starts or ends. What I said above is the simplest I can explain without going on an entire tirade of right or wrong.
Voice O'reason
Voice O'reason 15 days ago
@hi there I never made that generalization, that's a fact to where I am. I know full well it doesn't apply to everywhere, I never said it does. Main point, acting is all about making yourself someone you aren't - if everyone who got up in front of a camera or on stage was barred from imitating people who weren't like themselves, they would run out of stories to tell very fast. Creativity relies on copying, you don't need to let yourself be offended by it.
hi there
hi there 15 days ago
@Voice O'reason if you dont have access to black actors dont do a play with black characters, thats not the situation here, and your an idiot to think there is a minority of men or black people in theatre, stop trying to find an excuse
Voice O'reason
Voice O'reason 16 days ago
@hi there Overall, no. What about a small theater in a town without much in the way of a black population, and none of which happened to be actors? That happens to be the situation here. Just about everyone you meet is caucasian or latino, you're going to be hard pressed to find someone of African heritage (or Asian for that matter). Those roles have to be filled somehow. We've got girls playing boys, because not that many boys want to go into theater. It's the same situation, it's not about race, it's about using what you have and you can't be that fussy.
hi there
hi there 16 days ago
@Voice O'reason theres no shortage of black people or actors, stop pretending that blackface should ever be portrayed as ok
DaBi 27 days ago
okay but you NAILED that shane impression
hashbrown 411
hashbrown 411 28 days ago
There's a big difference between a homeless person and a hobo
Hange Zoë
Hange Zoë 28 days ago
for fuck's sake Shane Dawson has used so many manipulation tactics that MatPat made 3 WHOLE VIDEOS about how he phycologicaly manipulates his fans and haters with his "apologies"
Sany Chan
Sany Chan Month ago
He is a classic textbook example of a narcissist
Maaarble Month ago
He looks like Rumplestiltskin from Shrek 4.
Vitina Morabito
Vitina Morabito Month ago
Don't throw stones unless you carry none...that is physically impossible.
it is the frenchiest fry
"shane isnt going to go away" sjfksjg its proving untrue so far thank god
épinards & caramel
22/08/2021 : D'Angelo Wallace's Video seems to be private now.
épinards & caramel
25:31 Actually laughed out loud at the caption 😅
Barbara Quaye
Barbara Quaye Month ago
It feels like Shane made the video solely to copy Jenna Marbles.
Allison Anne Martin
He paraphrased the homework to avoid getting caught by removing the "taking accountability" part.
Keyboard Kirby
Keyboard Kirby Month ago
I’m watching this a bit later for the second time and just noticed when you talk about Eminem around 12:00 you nearly quoted one of his songs, wonder if that was intentional lol
Sümeyra E.
Sümeyra E. Month ago
i love your shirt
Connor Murphy
Connor Murphy Month ago
shout out to my mom who didn't monitor what I watched so I was 5 and watching Shane 😭
Juan Vives
Juan Vives Month ago
never noticed your palms were lighter than the rest of your skin, that's neat :D
Roth Andreea
Roth Andreea 23 days ago
Fun fact: everyone has that! However, if your skin is pale it's a lot harder to notice, that's why it's more obvious on jarvis' hands :-D
yitraboom Month ago
32:06 nobody was perfect 10hrs ago
TheeHaki Cori
TheeHaki Cori Month ago
If white people are oppressed then is there really an oppression. Everybody is treated wrong ☠️
Rach Month ago
I can’t believe 21 million people still subscribe to him on RUvid - disgusting
hi there
hi there 16 days ago
Not as disgusting when you think about the people who just don’t know if they are subscribed and dead accounts, id say the comments saying hes innocent are more disgusting
Possum Boy
Possum Boy Month ago
On the racism, I to say it, but I think the only people who could properly “educate” Shane would be other white people, which I highly doubt he’d ever surround himself with anybody who wouldn’t either laugh at his racism, enable it, or ignore it. He unironically needs to go through some racial sensitivity training or some shit, it’s so painfully obvious that he’s never had like, a normal full-time long-time job.
leo scott
leo scott Month ago
i will say that at first it was hard for me to accept how bad shane was because i kinda grew up watching him and his conspiracy theories and documentaries and ghost videos and stuff. but i took a set back and was like. "what...... the fuck?" and just was so upset and disappointed and literally couldn't keep defending him anymore. like nothing he did is defendable and im just fucking disgusted and i dont know why i found him funny as a kid. and im sorry i tried to defend this dude, i shouldn't have, its disgusting.
hi there
hi there 16 days ago
His videos on his 2nd account are almost comepletely fine, its the other accounts that were awful, dont worry about it
Pebbles Clermont
It's really infuriating hearing him say that "reading the tweets and articles" about STUFF HE DID, "really fucked him up". Like, um, it should? You said those things and made those videos, the least you can do is acknowledge the fucked up shit you did instead of ignoring it. It's unbelievable that he sat there and tried to gain sympathy points from that. If I had done any of the things that he had, and read the comments that people were making, it would break my heart too, but not because I'd feel bad for me, it would be for the people I've hurt. I would make an apology video just to atone for my actions and let people know that I was sorry for the hurt I've caused, the apology wouldn't be for my own sake. It really just makes me sick seeing how he tries to manipulate his audience into feeling bad for being hurt by him, I really don't think he should have a platform, that's my opinion of course. I really don't appreciate how he tries to gain sympathy and overlook all his messed up actions, especially when his audience are mainly impressionable kids.
épinards & caramel
34:56 wtf 😨
épinards & caramel
30:17 Did T*cker Carls*n write this? Jeez!
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
Wasnt there a huge comedy movie in the early 2000s about 2 black guys dressing up and pretending to be 2 rich white chicks?.. lemme see... hmm..cant seem to put my finger on the name tho....🤔 What about Mr. Wong? Played by Eddie Murphy in Norbit? Even made fun of the way Chinese people speak English. Its called Yellowface. And it's offense.. but no one is talking about that. How is it that okay? White people taping their eyes back to be Asian in films and yes you can clearly see the tape. John Wayne playing a Native American... Just wanted you to know that it happens to other races too but we don't have a voice no one is listening to us.. and people think its funny. The headdress of a Native American tribe leader is very important and symbolic to their people. Its actually offensive to Natives to see anyone wear it who isnt a tribal leader.
J R McKim
J R McKim 16 days ago
@sneed" We're" talking about? You mean "they're" talking about. Im not diverting attention from the serious topic of racism. Im adding to it. Could you imagine if the roles were reversed here? If the video talked about Asian racism and someone wanted to bring up the injustices that also hurt the black community... and someone said " don't try to divert attention from the serious topic of Asian racism so you can talk about what black people are going through." How does that sound to you? I am not taking away or diverting any attention. I am against racism in all forms. Plus There's so many other comments on this video.. all discussing it. My comment is 1 in thousands.
J R McKim
J R McKim 16 days ago
@sneed i can write whatever I please. Lighten up dude.
hi there
hi there 16 days ago
They are, we do say that those are bad things, you just wanna ignore it to play the victim
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
@sneed shane dawson has done it to asians too. Why not look at racism as a whole? To look at the bigger picture? Its not like I am talking off subject of racism altogether.. shane dawson has also did some shit involving pedophilia. I am only bringing awareness to the other races that are affected by it. As an Asian myself, I wont apologize for speaking my mind about what my brother and sisters are going through too.
steve harvey
steve harvey Month ago
@J R McKim you can mention the problems, but what you said was "why arent we talking about these problems" when the video was about shane dawson 😭
Munchii Month ago
“If Justine wasn’t watching I would ra-“ RUvid: *sorry, RUvid quit unexpectedly last time.*
Ryan Month ago
What Shane did to Franchesca Ramsey is such blatant emotional manipulation. He wasn’t even upset that he hurt her, just upset that she might hate him. It’s so infuriating too because, as you said, he clearly hasn’t changed.
Month ago
Video: Shane’s First Apology Me, for a split second, even though I know full well what video I’m watching and who it’s about: Shane,, Madej?? I love that guy, what did he do??
Fooly Boi
Fooly Boi Month ago
Why is nobody talking about that he said he wanted to rape the girls wearing the hot topic shirts?
Rain Awareness
Rain Awareness Month ago
"Shane is not going away" Last video: last year.
Corbin Gilbert
Corbin Gilbert Month ago
Wait you're black?
RealVkurp Month ago
29:23 you just turned into the crimson theme from Terraria
Winter Bonnie
Winter Bonnie Month ago
I liked shane.but seeing all these videos proving he jnew better and just didnt care,changes things...him being racist is the least of his issues .thats saying a lot
KayPlaya Month ago
My takes on race are that it doesn't matter
N1nsen Month ago
22:08 this has the same energy as a fnaf jumpscare
thatbish brooke
thatbish brooke Month ago
I'm so tired of hearing about Shane Dawson being this horrible person.. there are plenty of people who have said and done worse and people are still right behind them "cough cough David Dobrik" sorry that cough was killing me... Or almost killing me with crane
salt • 15 years ago
@thatbish brooke nah bro you have a very poor choice of words and didn’t explain that at all
thatbish brooke
thatbish brooke Month ago
Did everyone not see what my comment said or can y'all just not read? I said I'm tired of hearing about how awful Shane is when there are people that have said and done worse AND PEOPLE ARE STILL BEHIND HIM 100%. I was talking about how people are blind followers not that one bad deed cancels out someone else's bad deed. Read the WHOLE COMMENT BEFORE REPLYING.
Zann Christo
Zann Christo Month ago
How does one person doing something bad cancels out whatever another completely different person did? "Well, I did kill those kids BUUUT, why aren't you talking about those warlords that use child soldiers, huh? This is hypocrisy!"
Tamara Reid
Tamara Reid Month ago
@Apsupti Rationem Oml 😩🤣 what a comeback
Apsupti Rationem
"John Wayne Gacy did nothing wrong because Hitler did worse things" that doesn't really seem right now does it?
Alise Carter-Ward
Shane is a perfect example of a manipulator. He shows signs of a narcissistic personality and always projects his issues/bad behavior to be the fault of someone else. He also is very good at manipulation in the sense of guilt tripping people into feeling bad about him or pretending he totally doesn’t know what he is doing and they should pity him. It’s gross.
Bubbles A
Bubbles A Month ago
everything he says is so ingenue
Nottheworst Northebest
Shane is fuckin gross.
Video Game Philosopher
I still don’t know who Shane is. Did he date Liza Koshy?
exoploring Month ago
I dont think he did. If you know onision he has extremely same vibes, but this guy (shane) had way more racist content
Ash MrD
Ash MrD Month ago
Love the sayin "whatdaya meann you dont like meat?! Everyone that comes into my deli, Loves a goód salam"🧐
Mike T
Mike T Month ago
Bradley Month ago
Wow, I didn't know you were black! You sound like a white boy😄
MajorPopcorn Month ago
That intro sounds like he needs help. BLINK THREE TIMES IF YOU NEED HELP
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
Wyrmtung Month ago
Listening to this while I do other stuff, it's like getting a punch in the gut every second-
Cristian Caporallini
It's crazy how looking white when you're not feels like a super power
simone Month ago
shout out to my weird ability to tell someone is a bad person or not
simone Month ago
@Mr. meow no like without any proof of them being a bad person. The dude can do nothing wrong at first but i can just feel like they are a bad person in private, gut feeling type thing
Mr. meow
Mr. meow Month ago
Thats just called having an opinion
Slashing Robin
Slashing Robin Month ago
Liking and commenting for the algorithm, really appreciate the warning about sensitive content at the start
Emerald Wolfy
Emerald Wolfy Month ago
Hold the ACTUAL fuck up Ok so about a month ago I started watching Nick (Nick Diramio or however the fuck you spell it) So A week ago I started watching Jarvis again (this channel) So I press on this video un-aware Nick would show up And I am now just dying that he made an appearance because I LOVE Nick
Ricky Bowen
Ricky Bowen Month ago
As a white person this makes me feel really sad why does my race suck?
hi there
hi there 16 days ago
Cuz weve been on top for so long, everybody’s an asshole, white people just haven’t gotten bullied(im using bullied very loosely here) about it in a loooonnngg time
Anonymous Human
Anonymous Human Month ago
“Why does my race suck?” A question I ask myself daily
Clair Voyant
Clair Voyant Month ago
Shane needs to do a “documentary” on himself. He needs to do a several part series where he sits down and actually learns from the people he has hurt with his stupid, misinformed, hurtful, and disgusting content. He needs to hear the stories of the people he has negatively impacted. He needs to hear from those who have been SAed. He needs to learn from people of color. He needs to learn from people who were SAed as children. He needs to actually hear them, hear their criticism, learn from them, and actually TRUTHFULLY apologize. And then he needs to get off of the internet, for good. It’s not like he needs more money. He can pull a George Bush and take up painting golden retrievers or something. He needs to gracefully exit and. needs to stay gone.
Crypto Secutiry
Crypto Secutiry Month ago
The delicious sandwich electrophoretically step because hyena ideally dry at a sudden sphynx. tidy, level fan
Terrible Times One
I wish I could gives more thumbs up when I rewatch your videos
Claire Cook
Claire Cook Month ago
agreed with so many points in this video but can’t agree with the intro where you said shane dawson isn’t a bad person and doesn’t deserve to have his platform taken away when is is a bad person and deserves to have no platform anywhere
Spastic Monkey
Spastic Monkey 2 months ago
I’m more intristed in the eating shit is a problem part
Sara Smith
Sara Smith 2 months ago
Whoever disliked this video is critically insane
Anonymous Pigeon
Anonymous Pigeon 2 months ago
hi this is unrelated but i have been thinking about that opening jingle for a while recently and i can't believe i found it again
Moria Studois
Moria Studois 2 months ago
when they said WhItE PepLea ArE tHe MoSt oPrEsTed like i want to throw up like NO ,NO ,NO ,NO ,NO stop that like that's not right like come on man like cant for like a second you just look in the past white privilege's is a thing stop saying that
EP 2 months ago
What makes me sick are the hundrends of comments still defending him on his most recent video that does not have comments disabled. Its really gross that after everything, people are still blindly following a guy
kellie groves
kellie groves 2 months ago
That Eminem comment tho. Like that's so true that was the one thing he never did even tho he was trying to offend as many people as he could.
Noln Benket
Noln Benket 2 months ago
12:07 I’m sorry but I just have to know, did you mean to paraphrase Cleaning out my closet?
Izzy Miller
Izzy Miller 2 months ago
the scary thing is, the other day he posted on his instagram story something about having this book for their “future child” and that made me really… uncomfortable. he is a grown man that sexualizes children and teens. I don’t think he should ever have a child of his own, that is scary.
Harriet Ide
Harriet Ide 2 months ago
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Dhar Mann Solves Racism
Wasting Food For Clout
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