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I put together a little Ariel cosplay. Do you like my 'hairbrush'?
DISCLAIMER: The word 'real' in the description is in no way a reference to the fact that Halle Bailey will be playing Ariel in the live action movie. I think she'll do a fantastic job. (Also, if Ariel was supposed to be Danish, she'd be eating pickled herring out of a can instead of dancing to Calypso music with a Jamaican crab. In short, ethnicity plays no role in the story and it shouldn't matter what the colour of Ariel's skin is. Bailey is a professional singer and will, I'm sure, be wonderful).
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I've had this mermaid tail for over a year, but I haven't worn it a lot yet because it's extremely heavy to swim in. I could if my Waterway monofin would fit into it, but unfortunately, it doesn't, making it basically impossible to swim in.
I made the tail myself and happened upon the bikini top at a local store.
Amazing music by Milan Faas, +Milanopiano.
Filmed on a GoPro Hero4 Silver Surf by Janneke, thank you! ^^
Tail made and video edited by me.


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Mar 26, 2016

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Comments 5 474
Joanne Gaño
Joanne Gaño 12 hours ago
wow !😍😍😍😍😍
Joanne Gaño
Joanne Gaño 12 hours ago
its not real and her tiel is just a custume
cookiegamer 17 hours ago
This is not real yall are lieing to RUvid so nope I like the video but NOPE not real
Leire Lopez
Leire Lopez 4 days ago
Nunca será la real porque esta en una piscina y no hay tenedores en el mar 😂😂🤣
Mayra Vazquez
Mayra Vazquez 4 days ago
Fake mermaid
Tessie David
Tessie David 4 days ago
2019? 😇
Vilma Lucia
Vilma Lucia 4 days ago
Amelia K
Amelia K 4 days ago
aini ay
aini ay 6 days ago
Ini bener putri duyung
dan bahadur
dan bahadur 7 days ago
Aapne ye marmaid ki tail kaha se lii
dan bahadur
dan bahadur 7 days ago
But she is very beatiful
Meilani Happy
Meilani Happy 7 days ago
That's not real
Jorge Cisneros
Jorge Cisneros 7 days ago
Tabletj7 Tablet
Tabletj7 Tablet 7 days ago
2019 algien que able español
عباس علي دعير
Dane Brown
Dane Brown 8 days ago
Mermaids are not going to make u video them like that
alex perez
alex perez 8 days ago
at least you actually look like Ariel.
Vedat Kaplan
Vedat Kaplan 9 days ago
Çok güzel değilmi😊😉
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna 10 days ago
Atleast this mermaid isn't black
Bun puthi rachana Lim
Is not real mermaid bc I saw the move leg went she swim
Loopy Sha
Loopy Sha 6 days ago
I know stupid little girl you're fat and ugly shut up
mileyrodriguez Rodriguez
green house
green house 11 days ago
why doesn't she open her mouth? ariel loves to sing while submerged.
Amani Lang
Amani Lang 11 days ago
I thought I was the only one in 2019 but you’re right
Noviana Noviana
Noviana Noviana 12 days ago
Vidionya nyata atau howak
Dhea Salsabilla
Dhea Salsabilla 15 days ago
Aurora Dobleaa
Aurora Dobleaa 15 days ago
Un aplauso por su esfuerzo eh mantenerse así pegado al Fondo es lo más difícil del mundo
Matilde Valladares
Matilde Valladares 15 days ago
Realmente no sé cómo es esa muchacha para respirar por el agua no sé
Yerni Punyia
Yerni Punyia 16 days ago
Frouinra Deglos
Frouinra Deglos 17 days ago
Son efectos especiales i estas en una piscina vasia con un poco de agua
Fuji_ Rahmatulloh
Fuji_ Rahmatulloh 18 days ago
Ini duyung asli bukan
Idrus Idrus
Idrus Idrus 21 day ago
Attiya Kanwal
Attiya Kanwal 21 day ago
Mermaid kpre kehan se le k pehnti hain
Ryan Zahran
Ryan Zahran 23 days ago
Karina Panny
Karina Panny 23 days ago
P&=_/*¥÷, E; ^-,:#_$?÷*×£&#$😂😇LOAHEN
shankar sarkar
shankar sarkar 25 days ago
So beautiful
Astrid Sanchez
Astrid Sanchez 26 days ago
Si Z
dot 27 days ago
The fins are really attractive
Astri Garcia
Astri Garcia 28 days ago
No sean mentirosos esa no es sirena q invento más grande 🖕
Trista Hope
Trista Hope 29 days ago
I won't to be a mermaid
Isadorasales Santos
Uhuuuuuuu linda maravilhosa
Albert Laishram
Albert Laishram Month ago
fake 👎👎👎👎
Nevena T
Nevena T Month ago
Its fake
minha viva em games
Que real nossa so que nao
Nafisah Rana Dzakiya
Najis keliatan nenen nya pantat nya gak sekalian di buka ya ALLAH
Fel Ice
Fel Ice Month ago
Yakan ini mermaid,- yakali mermaid pake baju ketutup ketutup gitu bambank,-
Santy Jaya
Santy Jaya Month ago
lol you use a brush not fork
G.Govardhan Govi
Coco Month ago
Hey could u maybe tell me what kind of fabric u used for the flowy stuff on the tail? This looks absolutely amazing :o
Lauren Giordano
Lauren Giordano Month ago
I love it.
Lil' Sean Morrales.
Your lieing .liner, lier pants on FIRE
Is it a little........
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