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I put together a little Ariel cosplay. Do you like my 'hairbrush'?
DISCLAIMER: The word 'real' in the description is in no way a reference to the fact that Halle Bailey will be playing Ariel in the live action movie. I think she'll do a fantastic job. (Also, if Ariel was supposed to be Danish, she'd be eating pickled herring out of a can instead of dancing to Calypso music with a Jamaican crab. In short, ethnicity plays no role in the story and it shouldn't matter what the colour of Ariel's skin is. Bailey is a professional singer and will, I'm sure, be wonderful).
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I've had this mermaid tail for over a year, but I haven't worn it a lot yet because it's extremely heavy to swim in. I could if my Waterway monofin would fit into it, but unfortunately, it doesn't, making it basically impossible to swim in.
I made the tail myself and happened upon the bikini top at a local store.
Amazing music by Milan Faas, Milanopiano.
Filmed on a GoPro Hero4 Silver Surf by Janneke, thank you! ^^
Tail made and video edited by me.


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Mar 26, 2016




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Has Bullah
Has Bullah 2 days ago
LPS Altin Yüzük Demir
Shimanto Opurvo
Shimanto Opurvo 5 days ago
I ♥️ you👰 😚💃
adelyn hammons
adelyn hammons 5 days ago
Erica Romamti
Erica Romamti 6 days ago
that was a human
Linda Oppo
Linda Oppo 6 days ago
Aku ingin menjadi duyung tapi ini sudah takdir
Dariyon hyche the clouded leopard
Smart Roky
Smart Roky 10 days ago
PANDU BIMO 10 days ago
Yang suka putri duyung like ya
crear eslaim bencomo mendoza
Yo quisiera ser sirena
crear eslaim bencomo mendoza
Prestame tu aleta
Alba Crissien
Alba Crissien 10 days ago
You can hold your breath for a while and you are just so graceful 😮😮😮😮😮😮
Aelke Syafira
Aelke Syafira 11 days ago
Orang ke tiga
Ruffta Samson
Ruffta Samson 13 days ago
I wish I was a mermaid too
Giano Issa
Giano Issa 8 days ago
yeah beang a mermaid is so cool
Fatima Veloz
Fatima Veloz 13 days ago
I am a mermaid with a black tail
Chris Oxford
Chris Oxford 14 days ago
Stella you are so very Beautiful
catrin Sulastri Ronauli
Hannah Chawi
Hannah Chawi 15 days ago
is that real
Samantha Swedo
Samantha Swedo 19 days ago
Is not the real one😏
shyam gupta
shyam gupta 22 days ago
I love mermaid really she is in real
Sanjiv Kumar
Sanjiv Kumar 26 days ago
She is not real mermaid 😕
andhika wirawan
andhika wirawan 26 days ago
Bernapas di dalam arir apa enggak
Hermioley Sánchez
Hermioley Sánchez 26 days ago
No saben ni mentir obia mente eso es de tela y se le notan la piernas 👎👎👎
Salman Ali
Salman Ali 26 days ago
Nakli Ha
Cream Rolls
Cream Rolls 27 days ago
I like the way when she brushes her hair with a fork😂👌
Car Na
Car Na 27 days ago
Vashti Saroop-Rampersad
All of the mermaid movies I have watched they are cool
ernesto sanchez
ernesto sanchez 27 days ago
Qui si era ser una sirena
Rosemary Lawrence
Rosemary Lawrence 28 days ago
You. not. REAL
dimas prayogi
dimas prayogi 28 days ago
Masak itu mermaid sunguhan
Pedro Gaeta
Pedro Gaeta Month ago
Angie R. :3
Angie R. :3 Month ago
We si eso fuera real la sirena estaría en el mar y no se dejaría ser grabada 😂😂
蔡心慈 27 days ago
Ainul Cell
Ainul Cell Month ago
Gimana cara ngerekamnya ha kak
#paardenpower pr
Cool 👌😘😘
Pink Buttercup
Pink Buttercup Month ago
Joanna Podsiad
Joanna Podsiad Month ago
Wareth Bacarat
Wareth Bacarat Month ago
That not mermaid that fake
Rina Rahma
Rina Rahma Month ago
Ko bisa naha air sampe lama
Adil Korish
Adil Korish Month ago
Ааа мой манитор в слюнях!!!!!😅
Pia Aryani
Pia Aryani Month ago
itu ko bisa nahan di air ya
leya hamadani
leya hamadani Month ago
She. Looks like arial
Reshmi Rasaili
Reshmi Rasaili Month ago
She is not a real
Dariyon hyche the clouded leopard
Stella i met ya i was cub
edvalda araujo
edvalda araujo Month ago
Gostei 🌺 aja fôlego.
محمد مرتضى
UniqueWolf137 Month ago
By the way, love the cosplay, gorgeous tail. I wish I was a mermaid. Lol
UniqueWolf137 Month ago
All the rude comments and gullible kids saying 'tHiS iS fAkE' in the comment section, uh no shit Sherlock, read the damn description next time before going off. 🙄
Jaafar king
Jaafar king Month ago
Her hair looks black in the first place but now her hair turned red :O I’m dead
Mari Lopez
Mari Lopez Month ago
Comerciales en la sirena RUvid
Yoga Setiawan
Yoga Setiawan Month ago
Tolong siapa yang mau Membelikan aku baju putri duyung dan aimo asli
Mitra Kilana
Mitra Kilana Month ago
Mitra Kilana
Mitra Kilana Month ago
Natasha Banmally
When she corf that sold her out that she was not a mermaid and also her kneens
mrsmer1 Month ago
How is she not gagging!!!!!!!!???
يوميات فتاة
Marina Lopez
Marina Lopez Month ago
No parece una cirena es una piba actuando Quien cree q es falso denme like a mi comentario
Epty Risha
Epty Risha Month ago
It's unviable beauti
Titah Rahayu
Titah Rahayu Month ago
Wow bagus banget😍😍
Icah Nelwan
Icah Nelwan Month ago
wah.... km bagi kami lagi kha
Justin Yap
Justin Yap Month ago
Jad Slim
Jad Slim Month ago
Josefina Mejia
Josefina Mejia Month ago
Cómo aguanta esa mujer Bueno una hora te doy like si le gusta el video de esta linda mujer y su pelo a Dios me gustas 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😚😚😚😚
Yasmin Isabella
Yasmin Isabella Month ago
Onde vc comprou essa valda
Thơ Võ
Thơ Võ Month ago
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