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Timeline - World History Documentaries
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Wanda Alexander
RUvid interruptions stalls, and commercials make it very difficult to watch this and other videos. RidiculousYT gets worse all the time
Thomas Springer
Thomas Springer 2 days ago
You're heretics! I am a witness to the God of creation; but men who deny the Son deny the Father also. Maybe you fellows can explain to me how what I experienced wasn't real, or maybe didn't happen ? Paul is telling the absolute truth: as I am witness !!!
Connie McMurry
Connie McMurry 2 days ago
@Andro mache Good grief What bible did you read and what spirit did you receive????? I will tell you...you received the spirit of antichrist.
G- Miz
G- Miz 10 hours ago
Jesus was black and had an afro it clearly tells you that in Revelations 1:14
AngryCatfish Briggs
AngryCatfish Briggs 13 hours ago
Joe Nemo
Joe Nemo 16 hours ago
Jesus is the only begotten sod of God. He is the truth, the, life, and the way. He is the Christ. That's who Jesus is.
franl155 16 hours ago
I enjoyed this: it chimes with things I've previously read, and causes me no problems in accepting its possible truth. Note "possible!" - no one will ever know the actual truth - at least, until time travel comes along [and time travellers with totally unbiased minds]. I'd had my doubts about Christianity for some time, thinking that it owed more to Paul than Jesus - I read a lot and thought a lot and asked questions and tried to find answers. I had to look outside the religion for those, since all it did was get in my way. Paulinity is "uncannily" similar to Mithraism, a Roman cult religion which preceded it; Paul, as a Roman citizen, was probably well aware of it - he'd have had to be, to "homage" so many of its teachings. To quote Mark Twain: "Interesting if true - and interesting anyway"!
trevor empty
trevor empty 17 hours ago
Social media you tube is the modern day tower of babel causing confusion like this ridiculous documentary
Leo Minicilip
Leo Minicilip 18 hours ago
3:28 he talks like trump
Muhammad Shafeeque
Muhammad Shafeeque 19 hours ago
Galat jawab aaisa nahi hai darasal sachchai ye hai ambiyaun ki bhid mein rasul agal hote hai aur nabiyon ki zaat alag beshak ye zabardast fect hai ki allah(r.b.i) ke rasul jab tak allah(r.b.i) ke din ko galib na kar de unhe maut na aayengi musalsal ye karwa hazrate adam(a.a.t) se shuru hote aaj bhi jari aur sari hai aur jaha tak hazrate isha(a.a.t) ka sawal hai unhe suli nahi chadaya gaya balki ye badkirdar hawari ki apni sharat tthi jo allah(r.b.i) ne rahti duniya mein sach kar dikhai darasal hazrate issa(a.a.t) kishi sakl dikhte hi dushmano ne us gandhe ko shuli par jada diyya hak hai jo hak hai woo hak hi hota hai aur jo batil hai woo batil batil se hak ka kaisa mukabla arasal allah(r.b.i) ke rasul katl nahi kiye jaa sakte aur jab ke allah(r.b.i) ke din ka galbo puri mukkamal tau par na hoo din ki hawaye issi tarha chalti rahengi aasamani kitabo ki apni agag zaat hoti hai hazrate daud(a.a.t) par zabur sharif utri jinki umaat may bee hoo sakti hai aur hazrate musa(a.a.t) par taurat sharif utri unki ummat aaj bhi zinda hai yahudi aur hazrate issa(a.a.t) par utri injil sharif unki ummat aaj bhi wajud mein hai aur unhe crischan mante hai aur hamare aakhri rasul hazrate muhammad(s.w.s.)par Quran majid al furkanul Hamid utri jo ummate mulima ke liye hi nahi balki sari ummato ke liye allah(r.b.i) ka woo sachcha din lekar aaye jisse allah(r.b.i) ne khud pasand farmaya hai so din galib hoo chuka aur din galib hokar rahenga i.a alhamdullilah allahuwakbar labbaikh sab tarif allah(r.b.i)ke liye hai jo nehayati maherban aur rahem wala hai all the best..........
Charles Long
Charles Long 20 hours ago
The winners always write the history. Read, The Talmoud of Jmmanuel.
Snupe Cruz
Snupe Cruz Day ago
Once human touch the Bible it got corrupted .
Worthwhile Discussion
Stupid interpretations of Peter's meaning for Messiah/The Christ. If this is the case then why didnt Jews back then call King Herod The Christ or The Messiah if that's only what Peter was referring to.
TheDuchesse Day ago
Do you find it funny as to why there is never a “who was....” (insert other religious figures) but there is one million videos about Jesus. Probably cos he has more haters than anyone on earth.
TheDuchesse Day ago
Jesus gets soooo much hate that there is even the Anti Christ ! I think his anti fans should bear the name of the Anti Christ collectively.
Light Day ago
ruvid.net/video/video-7xCPyck5Opg.html Please watch, Im going to be making youtube videos on the mysteries Of Jesus name, And please subscribe so when I upload more you dont miss out.
I’ll save you all some time Religion is a Manmade tool to indoctrinate and control it’s a fantasy aka NOT REAL how many gods has the human race coveted how many more before you realize there fairytales 🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ how many of you have had these countless miracles happen seen a demon or a ghost 👻😈 it’s al BULL💩💩💩💩💩
Robert James Chinnery
as a Catholic who has studied Christ and the era for 64 years I think your story line and facts to be B.S.
actually he was 1 of many attracting crowds and performing tricks christians call miracles. he was a criminal heretic, claiming himself and god more powerful than ceaser, thats why he was crusified like many thousands of that time,, it didnt have anything to do with christian it was about offending ceaser
Todd Lafleur
Todd Lafleur Day ago
Repent... for the kingdom of God is at hand!
Raymond Harwood
This is written as an authority and many will accept it as that, but there is no evidence that it is so. It is possible to have an approach and find "experts" and "authorities" to justify your position. This happens all the time, where "facts" are justified according to previous prejudice. I speak as a traditional Christian, who became so through experience and not through noetic means.
D Cannon
D Cannon Day ago
Didn't die on the cross... Lived In Kashmir and is buried there. Yeshua.
goldrays Day ago
Where everyone goes wrong, is with the temple, because Jesus came to restore the temple, so within the man, or outside the man, so above, so below, shown within the bible to be the keys to heaven, and Jesus being questioned in the temple, giving the same kind of answers, and because they didn't understand him, they asked questions about it, and Jesus giving the same kind of answers he was shown. What Paul was doing was to remove the old things from the Jews so that they would survive, not to discount Jesus, and what people perceive as a split, wasn't meant to change or persecute the Jews, in that way, but to give a mixing of peoples for a brotherhood. Paul when he talks about the mirror, is because it was him, so when he speaks of such things, and what he knew because of it, he is talking about himself, falling to the ground. I saw in the mirror also, Jesus, and know the same things, as by the power of God. That's what happens when you pray for the truth, in who teaches the truth, and so I know what these people show in the video is true, except in why the split took place. One side didn't accept the change for the temple because the Jewish law was part of the state, and could not be changed, not to mention those who held the temple made money from it and didn't want to give that up.
islam is The real religion guys... Learn about it u will Know. Our God is Allah Not Jesus...
Camilla Medalen Bråthen
Repent repent!!!!!!!
Warrior Lord
Warrior Lord 2 days ago
False images of Jesus Christ, and false narratives, lies and conjecture in this video and misrepresentation of the Apostle Paul and the brother of Jesus Christ James.... Told by the enemy who portray themselves as Jewish when in the Holy bible and Torah there's no such word Jewish recorded in the bible! Again *"HIS-tory."*
Michael Melamed
Michael Melamed 2 days ago
Another load of opium for the masses.
Danielle Barnes
Danielle Barnes 2 days ago
This the reason why I got into a CO2 Charlie Indian because I was reading literature The living water in bexar county jail detention Center downtown James Stacey Robinson41, James Hernandez 41 about Aaron Hernandez 81. Is not guilty for murder case. In 2011 I was married Erica Nicole Robinson I got married into the seven churches that's. When I was a Texas Mavericks 41.20032020 Bill parcells interview Bill novacek check interview Jerry Jones. Donald Trump's interview with the whistleblower and impeachment trial.
90 & Out
90 & Out 2 days ago
Timeline-World History Documentaries: Would you provide your resources?
franl155 16 hours ago
where's the resources for the Bible? Hearsay and rumour, both heavily edited over the millennia
Glenn Hudson
Glenn Hudson 2 days ago
Who was the real Jesus Christ? The One in the Bible.
MG 2 days ago
Christ is Lord. Anything else is false
Glenn Hudson
Glenn Hudson 2 days ago
Timeline do you think we are fools? WE KNOW what your corporate heads want. You want to make people DOUBT the Bible. Why? We can't have the Bible be proven true and destroy your theory of Evolution, now can we? Of course not. Its laughable that you even attempt to mislead the people. Be sure your SIN will find you out.
Connie McMurry
Connie McMurry 2 days ago
Jesus said "the words I speak to you they are spirit and they are life". He also said "everyone who comes to me has been drawn by the Father". If you don't believe in Jesus or the things He said, you HAVE NOT been drawn by the Father. Seems simple to me.
Not a bad survey of historicism, but it completely misses the fact that Pauline Christianity was all about replacing the idea of atonement and sacrifice at the Jerusalem Temple with the figure of Jesus as a personal saviour. If you were an early Jewish Christian, then you didn't have to sacrifice at the Temple any more. Jesus had sacrificed himself for you. That is what "The blood of the Lamb" literally means. All you had to do was repent directly to him, and then the Temple was irrelevant. That was probably the biggest point of tension before the destruction of the Temple, and the biggest recruitment point afterwards.
Connie McMurry
Connie McMurry 2 days ago
Honest to God, I have never heard such a bunch of twisted hogwash in my life. These people who have written this stuff do not seem to be Christian's at all. Obviously, they have not studied the New Testament and prophecies about Jesus from the Old Testament. Jesus brother, James did not believe in Him til after the resurrection by the way. I have walked with the risen Christ by the power of the gift given by the Father which Jesus spoke of..the gift of the Holy Spirit, which fell on his followers on the day of pentacost. Films and teachings such as these are meant to lead people away from the risen Christ.. One point I might bring up has to do with the fact that Peter was the head of the Church in Jerusalem, not James..which is stated in the New Testament. The writings of Peter are contained in the New Testament as well as those of James...having come down to us from the New Testament Church .
Ranajit Banerjee
Ranajit Banerjee 2 days ago
Jesus was an Avatar, a great prophet. His mother virgin Mary had to be taken to Jerusalem because Europe was spiritually polluted. And three sages from India was sent to receive the great Avatar.
Taylor G Medina
Taylor G Medina 2 days ago
The Jewish establishment owns history channel, why trust the same people who killed off Jesus's disciples? the only thing they propagate is the heliocentric sun worship along with the other false mystic religions, they continue to indoctrinate their alien agenda conditioning society to believe in space, that annunaki are aliens that created us and not fallen angels who demanded worship from mankind, they also own hollywood and the music industry, why do they stress people to deny Jesus if he doesn't exist? their downfall is their masonic symbolism. Pontius Pilate Caesarea has nearly as much of evidence of existing as Jesus does, up until 1990 anything that mentioned miracles was not accepted as historical documents, but even the greco roman history records miracles of Jesus, meaning enemies of Jesus have records of Jesus resurrecting and appearing to 500 people. History Channel is pure propaganda.
Michelle Siew
Michelle Siew 2 days ago
What is this gibberish about Jesus being married? This is blasphemy! Why don’t you carry on and say that He even procreated and had children?
Lalrin Liana
Lalrin Liana 2 days ago
Attempted viral story...unfollow you right away...😂😂😂
maranatha721 2 days ago
There is no such thing as a Jesus movement, this is all made up, this whole documentary is made up by a bunch of haters of Christianity, none of them are Christians, notice they didn't produce any evidence let alone proof, they are blind leaders of the blind and if you follow them and believe these lies you will fall into the same ditch, I bet they wouldn't even know the definition of a Christian, this whole show is deception based on false information from rejected documents and Gnostic writings from Jewish cults which were all rejected by Jews and Christians alike, according to the Apostles Paul was accepted and preached the same Gospel the difference was that Paul was specially chosen by the Lord to reveal the hidden Mysteries of God, all the Apostles and the whole bible old and new is in complete harmony that is if you allow the Holy Spirit to reveal it. "The Old Testament conceals what the New Testament reveals." Of course these heretics who made this documentary can't understand the bible because they are blinded by Satan who is the god of the world: "But if our gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost: In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. 2 Cor 4:3-4 I would suggest for anyone who watched this documentary to call on the Lord who is alive and will send the Holy Spirit to anyone who is seeking for truth before they read the Bible, and allow the Holy Spirit to open up the scriptures and reveal the truth to them: "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." John 8:32 "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me." Jon 14:6
wild Flowers
wild Flowers 2 days ago
The New Testament states Jesus would go into the Temple and READ the scriptures..amazing this Documentary missed that and stated 'probably illiterate'!!!!!
Jon doe
Jon doe 2 days ago
Fake Jews
Elohim's Servant
Elohim's Servant 2 days ago
Amen. 👀🙄😯👍🏾 ruvid.net/video/video--3X4UF-z0_M.html
Jamie E
Jamie E 3 days ago
Yadda, Yadda, Yadda! Just have faith and treat everyone how you want to be treated.
French Fry Fingers
Lies...How are you going to say that there is little known about James and then go on a rant about all the things James did.. These rest of this silliness is the discount of the divine.. Nice try Satan.
Gary Roberts
Gary Roberts 3 days ago
For all you guys looking for Jesus.. I'm right here.. Now give me some cash.
KJV Only
KJV Only 3 days ago
Who Was The Real Jesus Christ ? John 1:1-5 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. The Word being Jesus who is God who came into the world born of a virgin Died for the sins of mankind rose the third day and ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.
Neil Brennan
Neil Brennan 3 days ago
B.S. Voodoo Propaganda this is! They start by claiming the right to define Reality. They play emotional music , and tell you a Fairy Tale. Very compelling to the semi-literate, I'm sure.
Yoine Shagal
Yoine Shagal 3 days ago
Believing that a genius creator of the universe comprising billions of galaxies, billions of billions of billions of billions ... of stars can deal with the "sins" of tiny creatures on a dust to the point of sending her son being tortured and killed (horrible) is totally absurd.
Chuck Johnson
Chuck Johnson 3 days ago
im just here to see some one say hes a black man .
Koteswarao. Gurrala.
Jesus taught peace n to love neighbours but the followers hate others n initiates wars for supremacy n trade.
Shohel Bhuiyan
Shohel Bhuiyan 4 days ago
If this historical document is true, this is enough for an intelligent person to leave christianity..
Shohel Bhuiyan
Shohel Bhuiyan 4 days ago
Paul was a lair, a deceiver, james knew it so he confronted paul. But still paul did not stop his dirty work because he was sent from jewish community to destroy christianity from inside. And paul did. He demolish the laws when jesus said no one should break any laws.. Clear opposite of jesus teachings.
Connie McMurry
Connie McMurry 2 days ago
I can see that Satan has done his work well with this bunch making so many ignorant comments. If any of you had ever walked with Him during your lifetime in fellowship, you would know Him.
Shohel Bhuiyan
Shohel Bhuiyan 4 days ago
It is amazing how paul destroyed original teachings of jesus and christians fell for that false prophet paul. Paul was a jew who used to kill follower of jesus. He could not destroy them from outside and then started to destroy from inside. Paul was a liar who never met jesus but claimed to be heard from heaven..what a deceiver..!!
Fun stuff. Let's use the English Gematria, where A=6, B=12, C=18, D=24, E=30,..................Z=156. Here are some interesting words that when combined add up to having a numerical value of 906. Who are you ? And the man says, JESUS CHRIST = 906. I AM THE SON OF GOD = 906, THE HOLY FATHER = 906. Are you also God? And the man says, I AM ONE IN THE SAME = 906. Then you will not die? And the man says, I AM NOT MORTAL = 906. What else can you tell us? And the man says, I AM YOUR LORD = 906. Do you have any other names ? And the man says, HOLY SPIRIT = 906.
solid waters
solid waters 4 days ago
Let me tell you who's Jesus He's king of all kings
Isaac Estrada
Isaac Estrada 3 days ago
King of the jews only lol
Lisa Reid
Lisa Reid 4 days ago
Jesus was never was. He still is; He never decayed.
Glenn Hudson LoL there is none of that man made everything and tell me when you went to these realms
I am You haha hypocritical
I am You
I am You Day ago
DaNkMooNG4MiNG science is not one hundred percent accurate,so how do you put your faith in a system the scholars have admitted isn’t accurate
God Loving American
Jesus Christ IS the Only Way to Father God
Jhon Wick
Jhon Wick 4 days ago
Indeed, the example of Jesus to Allah is like that of Adam. He created Him from dust; then He said to him, "Be," and he was.
Roe Taylor
Roe Taylor 4 days ago
What gospels did y’all read!!! You read the Bible and yet have no spiritual understanding of it whatsoever! And in their knowledge they became fools! The esscenes where Gnostics as is this whole program. The Jewish guest on this program are going to deny Jesus is the Messiah. God people are the Israelites. The Jews are one tribe. Why am I entertaining this blasphemous program. I digress!!!!
Jhon Wick
Jhon Wick 4 days ago
make him] a messenger to the Children of Israel, [who will say], 'Indeed I have come to you with a sign from your Lord in that I design for you from clay [that which is] like the form of a bird, then I breathe into it and it becomes a bird by permission of Allah . And I cure the blind and the leper, and I give life to the dead - by permission of Allah . And I inform you of what you eat and what you store in your houses. Indeed in that is a sign for you, if you are believers.
Roe Taylor
Roe Taylor 4 days ago
It always remains funny to me how atheists, historians, and scientists are always trying to prove Jesus didn’t exist to everyone. Including themselves. Just like they don’t like us preaching to them. Please stop trying to preach to us. What does it matter to any of them if we believe in Jesus Christ. If we believe in God; then good for us. No harm to them. I love the brainwashing line they always use too. Classic! What man or woman today has not been culturally brainwashed in some shape form or fashion. They follow laws without any questions asked right! Is that not the same as us following our Faith. The one that never fails is they really follow the opinions of men who literally will say anything to keep there their false sense of power
Max Tickner
Max Tickner 4 days ago
And next week...who was the real Mickey Mouse......
neverCbefore 5 days ago
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