The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

Danny Gonzalez
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This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.

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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 0
Brendan Yuki
Brendan Yuki 2 hours ago
I don’t think anybody else noticed this but the pink rat really sounds like Amy and the green fat guy sounds so much like egg man, both from sonic x
Macarla Hill
Macarla Hill 6 hours ago
I just noticed the plates are bottle caps
Sabrina Thomas
Sabrina Thomas 9 hours ago
No but seriously why was she so flipping sexy like stop making a rat second it’s✨gross✨
Lemon 18 hours ago
Lol my arm joints hurt like hell and idk why
Illust Gal
Illust Gal 23 hours ago
I swear each time they introduced me to the kitchen, I legit thought they gonna put some rats' heads inside if so, to make it a horror movie. Damn, I kept forgetting it was a kid's movie.
donut good
donut good Day ago
it was translated from portugese, not spanish.
PierceDotNet Day ago
Sometimes I came back here. I love this video and the rest of the movie series.
Crazy World Cartoons
17:46 *o o o o h m y g o o d n e s s*
Cristiano Bierrenbach
4:28 laughing my a## off
Heidi Mann
Heidi Mann Day ago
Did anybody else notice The mickey mouse on the wall in the beginning of the movie
normal Mario bruhs
danny looks like he's in jail
Nicholas Chester
The scary thing about this is that it was released on June 26, 2007, three days before Ratatouille was released on June 29th. So who's the knockoff really?
Adventureless Ashy
Pls review a movie called "the amazing bulk" it is very worthy-
Kaitlin 2 days ago
Jesus loves you ❤️🥰
That Dorito
That Dorito 2 days ago
Why do you remind me of the old denis daily
FurFox S
FurFox S 2 days ago
No Danny the mice are not on crack there on Mack
Avaxilla 2 days ago
This is like spongebob lol
Adrian Larranaga
Adrian Larranaga 3 days ago
You clumsy idiot
Nany Ramos
Nany Ramos 3 days ago
Rio is a very violent city, dominated by militias, with very corrupt, racist and violent cops. I would hide the city too.
Griffin Hilke
Griffin Hilke 3 days ago
“Ratatouille is a good movie, a critically acclaimed movie made by Disney and made in 2007. Ratatoing is a terrible movie probably made by some dude in his basement, also made in 2007”. And my god is that bad animation
IceGaze Art
IceGaze Art 3 days ago
No, it would be,,,,, HUMANAN-JOHNS
Ratatouille was made in June 22nd 2007, ratatoing was made in June 26th 2007, they legit had FOUR DAYS of producing to find a plot, animate and voice act this spinoff movie. Even though it’s awful, considering their time budget, something like this that was produced in four days isn’t that bad compared to if they had months to do it.
Maggie K
Maggie K 4 days ago
Danny just doesn't acknowledge the fact that the stupid rat has the same name as his fanbase Do... Do you think we're colossal dumbasses like Rat Greg too, Danny, and you just didn't wanna hurt our feelings by bringing it up?
NUGGJESUS 5 days ago
Me: Mom can we watch Ratatouille Mom: No we have Ratatouille at home Ratatouille at home
Elizabeth Valenzuela
4:50 *walks sexy *
sneaky squid
sneaky squid 5 days ago
casey kleinhans
casey kleinhans 5 days ago
Sexy robot rat
Cristian Sanchez
Cristian Sanchez 5 days ago
Ratatoings movie quality is literally like my brain when I'm trying to go to sleep at 3 am
Jamilah Syedmohd
Jamilah Syedmohd 5 days ago
John Huuki
John Huuki 5 days ago
Push !! Oh did you say pull?? 🤦🤦🤦 that movie is so retarded
Starkid Pottah
Starkid Pottah 6 days ago
this has somehow become my comfort video
Crazy World Cartoons
Why is Marcel so on edge all the time???
Itsmooshly 6 days ago
It’s uncomfortable to think that I’m only about a year older than this movie.
fIoNa bErToLiNo
fIoNa bErToLiNo 6 days ago
The cat made me frickin' jump--
JustACasualGamer :D
Fun fact: Ratatoing is a rip-off of Ratatouille.
Dreamhater69 6 days ago
Danny says celebritys are raving about it but in a another he says something like because a celebrity uses it doesn’t mean its good
De Billington
De Billington 7 days ago
5:07 She does not need to walk into the room **full stop**
kinfye ee
kinfye ee 7 days ago
i hav subcribelt ant notihawkantions sc to y now mi want to bee wivdio
CranberryYT 7 days ago
At 1:00 if you look at the top left you can see that animation app this guy used
Ethan Goss
Ethan Goss 7 days ago
I love how when they’re coming back from getting the strawberry they say there’s no other food but you can obviously see there’s tons of other food
Mudinabowl 7 days ago
Judy?!? nah Nick Wilde the real thicc one
mustardo mano
mustardo mano 7 days ago
Damn bro Greg is dr egg man from sonic boom
Zimerah Howard
Zimerah Howard 7 days ago
did anyone else see the painting of mickey mouse on the wall at 2:15 or was it just me?
Daniela Garcia
Daniela Garcia 7 days ago
bad idea to watch this at 1 am 😀
crystal pennington
Dr Robotink's voice actor was in this.
Huge Gaming YT
Huge Gaming YT 7 days ago
Braaaaaaazzzzziiiiillll waaaaaaaaaaahh
X-Sleepy pixel-X
X-Sleepy pixel-X 7 days ago
Davy gonzalez The home of knock off badly animated movies :)
imagination 8 days ago
movie: screams in rat captions: [music] [applause]
T. Marie
T. Marie 8 days ago
A sexy rat is so much worse like wtf ratatoing
A Person Who Does Person Things
“Greg, who is a colossal dumbass” Danny what did we do?
PeacePanzer 8 days ago
AAHH there's a RAT get it away!!! *stands there the whole time, not moving.*
Skinny Lil Bill
Skinny Lil Bill 8 days ago
Jesus died for our sins
Kiki Raymond
Kiki Raymond 8 days ago
They didn’t say the rats are deaf they go from hearing perfectly from what did you say ? .....
Kiki Raymond
Kiki Raymond 8 days ago
Me watching harmless RUvid video My mom hears sexy robot rat Looks at me , put down your volume your weirding me out
Skinny Lil Bill
Skinny Lil Bill 8 days ago
Jesus died for our sins
Fortnite Aimbot
Fortnite Aimbot 8 days ago
PS1 grapics be like:
Itz me Lol
Itz me Lol 8 days ago
We gonna talk about the bootleg Mickey Mouse poster or naw, 2:15
DJ Tiki
DJ Tiki 9 days ago
0:30 LOL
Tyra Štrakl
Tyra Štrakl 9 days ago
5:16 just so i can replay it
失敗生活 9 days ago
“She does not need to walk into the room-“ **add plays** Me: yes dan. Yes she does not need to walk into the room... at all.
Antonio Manaserian
The tasteless addition culturally raise because skiing predominantly scatter against a dashing seed. outgoing, ignorant sword
Ratituee 10 days ago
as a rat this video pains me
Sunny Baudelaire
Sunny Baudelaire 10 days ago
Human John, food for humans
Conor Ash
Conor Ash 11 days ago
That green rat Greg kind of sounds like Dr. Eggman in the Sonic X cartoon
Katie Lee and Alex kidd lol
He sounds more like King Dee Dee Dee from the Kirby Anime..
Christopher Curry
Christopher Curry 11 days ago
i used to watch this as a kid
Betty Roast
Betty Roast 11 days ago
You got me in tears I literally couldn't breathe it was so funny never imitate rats putting on clothes while grunting
Axel Persson
Axel Persson 11 days ago
Why dos ratts hav jesus not rat Jesus
khloeybugaroony 12 days ago
This ruined my entire night! Not Danny of course. But the movie🤢😶
Poppy Toad911
Poppy Toad911 12 days ago
Gamerdude12 12 days ago
10:53 the way she walks! Her walking doesn’t even line up with the floor, like she’s gliding or something.
sans 12 days ago
i dont like that cat it the most scariest thing ive ever seen
Shmobo 12 days ago
Why has his fake name never been "Stevie Gonzalez"? The real world rip off of Dinky Gunky.
Poewk Isthebest
Poewk Isthebest 12 days ago
TNT 12 days ago
👁️👄👁️ why!?
Lucas Cress
Lucas Cress 12 days ago
A sexy rat.
E EE 13 days ago
She do be thick tho 😯😯
ITSURBOI_JR perez 13 days ago
20:55 nightmare fuel
•uwu fox•
•uwu fox• 13 days ago
“They do something special on Thursday nights” DUDE IM WATCHING THIS ON A THURSDAY NIGHT
MaxineBox 13 days ago
even furries like me think they look ugly as shit
Alex Stonemark
Alex Stonemark 13 days ago
i subed with notes
Shirou -kun
Shirou -kun 13 days ago
So everyone just gonna brush off the fact that the Mc is literally syrus from yugioh gx?
Time to stop!!!!!!
Time to stop!!!!!! 13 days ago
Time to stop!!!!!!
Time to stop!!!!!! 13 days ago
I prefer to call them courgettes
Time to stop!!!!!!
Time to stop!!!!!! 13 days ago
7:18 funny
Thatcher Fagan
Thatcher Fagan 13 days ago
When he says the rats sexy i hear somebody clapping from my living room
jeremy jervis
jeremy jervis 14 days ago
Those rats sound familiar. A little hedgehogy even
Doodles Malrkey
Doodles Malrkey 14 days ago
The actual secret ingredient is lots of lots of lots of...... and lots of lots of and lots of... and lots of rat feces
KAZ 2Y5 14 days ago
nobody: the subtitles: the rabbit in Zootopia is Loki kind of think but
Nikko Nihipali
Nikko Nihipali 14 days ago
This sheds a whole new light on the phrase “Come to Brazil”.
Xx_NotHim_xXK 1
Xx_NotHim_xXK 1 14 days ago
2:15 IS THAT MICKEY MOUSE wow they probably didn't even have permission to use mickey mouse from Disney
Emmy Summer
Emmy Summer 14 days ago
The worst, is a SEXY ROBOT RAT!!!
froggers 14 days ago
“H U N E A”
carl_does_stuff 14 days ago
Me and my friends watched this recently it was HILARIOUS it was their first time watching so it was just a masterpiece
Nina Zhang
Nina Zhang 15 days ago
Hey guys! I got 3 quarters! Wanna animate a movie!?
nainafavs 15 days ago
New sub!!! Absolutely in love with your style of videos and that end song is epic 😉👌
Álvaro Elizarraras
Yoooo at 7:55 what was the painting in the background I think it’s a rat showing her boobs and catching her butt. Why does that rat have nipples
Spoiled Splenden
Spoiled Splenden 15 days ago
I feel like the voice acting was bought on fiver.
Spoiled Splenden
Spoiled Splenden 15 days ago
This looks like I made it in my high school graphics design class back in 200-fucking-6.
butters 15 days ago
I know the food is good alright but just fucking chill out mate the food's not that amazing just fuckin chill
Tenknifepanda 15 days ago
danny gonzalez is the ice man he threw up water
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