The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

Danny Gonzalez
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This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.
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Jun 20, 2019

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Comments 19 370
kayleajade xø
kayleajade xø 32 minutes ago
‘ Human Gonzalez ‘ the name of your new restaurant
Sam Ham
Sam Ham 33 minutes ago
The blue rat and the pink rat voiced characters from The Walking Dead game.
Enter Name Here
Enter Name Here 37 minutes ago
Wait...does Danny have a thing for thicc rats?
BonBonfnaf 1987
BonBonfnaf 1987 49 minutes ago
The rats: *ŁęTš ØpĘñ Å rĒśTėRåÛńT*
bla blub
bla blub 53 minutes ago
Jess Sito
Jess Sito Hour ago
They speak Spanish in Rio? Hehehehe, yeah sure
Elizabeth George
Rabbits are actually thicc irl tho. They have strong back legs to kick and hip with and the females have a big fatty flap of skin up front to pull hair off off to make a nest for their fawns. Idk why these rats are so hecking thicccc
Kelsey isabish
Oh shit.....its a rat
Victoria Firework
no ones gonna talk about how greg sounds like eggman from sonic?
Clementine 2 hours ago
Watch lee (leo?) the lion on Netflix, it actually made it on metflix but it's really bad!
The31st 2 hours ago
What gets me is the fact they always always have well known Voice actors doing these terrible, knock-off animated films. Like most of these actors are ppl you'll recognise at Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh voices from the 4kids days
aidan fletcher
aidan fletcher 2 hours ago
Sexy rat is the WORST
Milo24 YT
Milo24 YT 2 hours ago
What are you Ratatoing?
LeakyGutSyndrome 3 hours ago
Anyone recognize my pfp
GTLive Fanart
GTLive Fanart 4 hours ago
*_What the fuck did I just watch..?_*
cupcake 4 hours ago
I had that cd of ratatoing for like 10-9 years. I remember i was just like "bitch what the fuck what animation school did he go to??"
Sir Vanilla
Sir Vanilla 4 hours ago
Pause the video at 7:20, that is my reaction to this whole movie.
Liora Jonson
Liora Jonson 5 hours ago
21:02 this shit is gonna give me nightmares...... No shit sherlock *shook*😂
Alman1234 5 hours ago
Bad Rats: The Movie
Sarah Codrington
Sarah Codrington 6 hours ago
Lol the Carole part was so funny
FBI_tunasalad 6 hours ago
Ratatoing, why the f did it exist lmao what is that sheet?
aesthetic songs/ song loops
where are my fellow brazilian gregs?
Blackandwhite Life
Blackandwhite Life 9 hours ago
Omg I used to actually watch this when I was younger and I actually loved it 😂😂
Clarissa the dumb hoe
10:22 my dad thought I was watching porn...lol
Bubex 10 hours ago
16:37 at that moment i really questoned myself what idiot made this crap.
Kat The Rat
Kat The Rat 11 hours ago
A D 13 hours ago
Rats Restaurant industry: Got it. Organized theft: Got it. Agriculture: Huh?
Daniel McNair
Daniel McNair 13 hours ago
You are now watching: Danny Gonzales has a severe mental breakdown as he watches his unknown furry fetish unfold before him and reveal itself.
A D 13 hours ago
Theory: Ratatoing is a retelling of Get Out
A D 14 hours ago
I'm really concerned about Danny's sexual attraction to these rats.
dreamghoul 14 hours ago
bro that evil rat with the big moustache sounds like a yu gi oh character
ThE MmMmMuUuUuLlLlLeEeEe
Sexy rat: 😖 Robot rat:😩
llamaboy 444
llamaboy 444 16 hours ago
I watched this before bed last night... biggest mistake of my life
I’m Crafting Right Now
*you mean y’all don’t nut every time you button up your shirt?*
DamiNyan93 17 hours ago
Sexy robot rat 🐀
Singing Liv
Singing Liv 17 hours ago
I mean, rats have massive balls. I'm really glad they didn't make the anatomy accurate.
Sam D
Sam D 18 hours ago
Speedy yeety
Speedy yeety 18 hours ago
why is he defending the sexy rat danny why are you defending the sexy rat we're worried about you
Aleksandria Kirkland
We gonna ignore the fact that the voice for Yami Yugi is the same voice for Marcel?
did he say cluster f*ck like in sense8? I am living!!!
Garrison Fox
Garrison Fox 19 hours ago
danny watched this movie for the plot, i'm sure
Green Awful Animator
She's thicc the rat's thicc!
Aymara Fan
Aymara Fan 21 hour ago
Eh, What’s Up I think is way worse it it’s own way.
Lily Ingoldsby
Lily Ingoldsby 21 hour ago
You just called a rat *thicc.*
Aymara Fan
Aymara Fan 21 hour ago
The translation would be Brazilian Portuguese, since that’s where Video Brinquedo is infested in São Paulo, but disguises in Rio de Janeiro.
trixieloona Creepypastaisdelicious
Sexy rat is worse
Whisper Boo
Whisper Boo 22 hours ago
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Steven Kramer
Steven Kramer 23 hours ago
But good video
Steven Kramer
Steven Kramer 23 hours ago
It was Portuguese
FLaSHy_ pAiNT 23 hours ago
The story line for the movie wasn’t that bad! If it was expanded apon it could have been made into a great movie It was the script and animation that made it shit-
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