The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

Danny Gonzalez
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This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.
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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 100
The Party Panda
The Party Panda 52 minutes ago
I'm new here and I'm so confused why he keeps calling me "Greg" lol 😂
Maciel Olgin
Maciel Olgin 8 minutes ago
It is the fastest growing fan base on RUvid (don’t search that up)
Noah de Vries
Noah de Vries Hour ago
i don’t know if Danny knows how funny he is 😂😂😂
xXxlightingdarkxXx 6 hours ago
in the background why are the bricks like the size of a tv
Brianna Buckley
Brianna Buckley 7 hours ago
Im sorry is this charlie and the chocolate factory or ratatouillle
Animeweeber 12 hours ago
me:I want ratatoullie mom:we have ratatoullie at home *Ratatoullie at home*
Maria Crybaby
Maria Crybaby 15 hours ago
You sound like the oddones out
Genesis Rail
Genesis Rail 17 hours ago
Dr Eggman did this movie to pay his bills
gabriella eisel
gabriella eisel 21 hour ago
Why did the being sound like it should be in avatar
Nathan Cratchley
Nathan Cratchley 21 hour ago
“Glolp” Danny Gonzales 2019 7:19
Stutter- My music box
It truly is so bad that’s it’s good _Rats made out of toes_
Sylargylar 22 hours ago
Why did you have to rip the video from KissCartoon (look in the top left) lol
HWT VI 23 hours ago
It looks like the McDonald’s Pakistani cgi commercials.
Kaiden Roberts
creepy robot rats vs sexy rats vote now
emily Lazrine
harryp2010 Day ago
this is sooooooooo bad a had to stop watching the vid
chunky boi
chunky boi Day ago
That rat kinda fine
Blue Echanted
I am surprised that danny doesn't even mention about the way they talk. The lip syncing is really off even in the spanish version. They look like they are running out of their breath.
is it weird i like this movie??
Dumpster Fire
Fun Fact : The Guy Who Voiced The Dumb Rat Also Voice Act As Eggman In The Latest Sonic Games
-kyr Day ago
The sad thing is, is that I actually enjoyed that movie when I was little...
Eric Tower
Eric Tower Day ago
best video ever i love this
Honeyxbeep Day ago
Why dose the sexy rat/robot rat sound like Amy for sonic.
Shea Corduroy
I refuse to believe that Lisa Ortiz actually voiced something in this monstrosity. Oh Amy, whyyyyyyyy.
rubyrocket Day ago
a sexy robot rat is worse.
frezfrezdzbaer fezbear
Saga Åkesson
careful danny, ur rat kink is showing
Those 28 stab wounds
I first saw this film during one of Dave Gorman's shows. I laughed too much at this.
Sailhub RBLX
Sailhub RBLX Day ago
xv zoe vx
xv zoe vx Day ago
POV: ur here rewatching this and realizing how long it’s been since this video came out
demitwice 2 days ago
Ratatoing é icônico 😍
Enzo Avila
Enzo Avila 2 days ago
This movie was part of my childhood, and I never noticed that it sounds like an english course audio to practice listening '-'
Mr E Person
Mr E Person 2 days ago
7:19 n o
A J 2 days ago
A J 2 days ago
A J 2 days ago
A J 2 days ago
#AJ Games_
A J 2 days ago
A J 2 days ago
A J 2 days ago
PeachyAddy Chan
PeachyAddy Chan 2 days ago
"Which is worse a robot rat or a sexy rat?" I say both combined
K!tten Doez!
K!tten Doez! 2 days ago
Somehow, i like ratatoing's plot more than ratatouille, and ratatoing sure has better graphics than plan bee's.
K!tten Doez!
K!tten Doez! 2 days ago
0:29 H O N E Y
Elizabeth wang CryBaby
⠀ ∧_∧:: (´・ω・`):: /⌒ ⌒):: /へ__ / /:: (_\\ ミ)/:: | `-イ:: / ):: // /:: / /:: ( く::: |\ ヽ::: 𝕊𝕌ℙ
dorito 2 days ago
Why does his voice at 9:29 sound like Teddie from persona 4 oh my god his voice is haunting me
ObscuredEntity _
ObscuredEntity _ 2 days ago
what type of trash caption editor did u hire
Leviathan 2 days ago
is it just me or does Marcel sound sorta like Agumon from digimon adventure and Greg sounds exactly like Eggman
Jordan Flores
Jordan Flores 2 days ago
Ooh yes baby uhh more daddy
Kylee Gaby
Kylee Gaby 2 days ago
this looks like something that "surreal entertainment " would make.
Random Rose
Random Rose 2 days ago
I come back to this video every time I get down xD
Jen Unicorn
Jen Unicorn 2 days ago
Also keep in mind the rat has glasses so that mean there’s an eye doctor in there world
Gabrielle Hutchinson
React to Julie and the phantoms
Gabrįēl Cåstrø dė Älmęīdá
That's what they dont tell you about brazil
•BTS mocha•
•BTS mocha• 3 days ago
snake bite studio's
im in the geto.a rata-toing!
snake bite studio's
sexy rats are worse
if i got a pound for every time he said city i would be ballin
Picture of Painting
ive have watched this video multiple times and it has never failed to make me laugh
A Khepri
A Khepri 3 days ago
Why does the other rat sound like eggman in sonic the hedgehog
tea wrecks
tea wrecks 3 days ago
that's not a jesus statue, that's a statue of Keanu Reeves T-posing to assert dominance
itz odhran
itz odhran 3 days ago
as a 4yr i kinda liked ratoing.....
Yari Abigail X3
Yari Abigail X3 3 days ago
6:49 The Sims freeplay type shit.
PugOverLord 3 days ago
this movie had a budget of $65
Kahakaiwa Williams
Put on captions and you will see uwu faces x 10
J Bradley
J Bradley 4 days ago
the female walking looks like the gta 5 thots around town
Gamer 39
Gamer 39 4 days ago
petition to rename the rat Craig instead of Greg:
AnoosFluffyFox XOXO
Clearly the peak of 4Kids’ library. Who needs Yu-Gi-Oh!? Sonic X? Pokemon? Nah. Ratatoing is where it’s at.
hannah wu
hannah wu 4 days ago
*R A T A T O I N G*
alastor lapid
alastor lapid 4 days ago
sexy rat is worse
This is Michael- Scotch
Me: Mom, can we get Ratatouille? Mom: We have Ratatouille at home *Ratatouille at home*
Raadd Also
Raadd Also 5 days ago
I cant imagine there being rats with stacks like in the beginning scene of Ratatoing. Oh wait there already is one...
Ryweis 5 days ago
So, this movie is god-awful, but can we talk about how good the voice actors are for the three main characters? Marcell is voiced by Wayne Grayson, which I don't watch anything he's in, but he's a great voice actor. Greg is voiced by Mike Pollock who voices Dr. Eggman. And Carol is voiced by Lisa Ortiz who voices Amy Rose.
Karma Does Everything
the sound mixing and the script really undermines the fact that the voice actors aren't half bad
Miriya Saenz
Miriya Saenz 5 days ago
Rat Hooters
James. 5 days ago
*dannys a furry*
ID147 •
ID147 • 5 days ago
That's why people don't come here in Brazil.
Chenjue Wang
Chenjue Wang 5 days ago
The little keyboard faces in the caption is everything
uh oh how unfortunate uh oh how unfortunate
i bet you 5 dollaridoos i can eat that food in 2 secondollaridoos
Denny Gorbzalez
Denny Gorbzalez 5 days ago
「floweryツ」 5 days ago
Uhm- why does Marcel sound like Midoriya from bnha
AlanDarksy 5 days ago
Did anyone else see mickey mouse on a painting?
Sabrefrix 5 days ago
Yo is that Dr. Eggman?
Fritz The Dutchie
does anyone else think that Marcel sounds like Deku?!?
Lisa 5 days ago
as someone who wears clothes i can confirm that we sound like a yagami yato patreon video when dressing
Dannisaur-Lea 6 days ago
That female rat looks like someone shaved her whole lower body.
Chelnah the Egghead
I just realized that a lot of this movie feels like something kids would come up with while playing. Like, pretending to make a bunch of different food for their restaurant, but really they're just stirring stuff in a pot. Also, the dramatic way they get ready for their "heist" to steal ingredients from the human restaurant. It honestly feels like a storyline I would've come up with as a six or seven-year-old.
Kevin McGuinness
Kevin McGuinness 6 days ago
I say a sexy rat is worded So ye ಠ_ʖಠ
iAmKayleen 6 days ago
"What are they doing- are they on crak?" LOL- 12:35
T H A N K 6 days ago
Please do more shitty animated movies ive never laughed so hard
Brylee’s World
Brylee’s World 6 days ago
Robot rat is the worst
Thicc Snickerrz
Thicc Snickerrz 6 days ago
The grandpa rat looks like my sleep paralysis demon’s sleep paralysis demon
Linyeta Icetea
Linyeta Icetea 6 days ago
When I hear ratatoing, I go rataboing out of the window
Marcell sounds like Yugi Moto.
Yoreal Kat
Yoreal Kat 6 days ago
7:55 the poster behind the rats....
Sussie and gabi show Roblox
Nobody literally nobody The blue rat: YAAAAAAAAAA 13:33
Mrs Refrigerator
Mrs Refrigerator 6 days ago
Sounds like the crash dummy voices.
Slapstick Genius
Slapstick Genius 6 days ago
Oh my Rio De Janeiro!
nikalachite 6 days ago
*"She's thick! The rat's thick!"*
nikalachite 6 days ago
0:29 🤩HONEY
This is Michael- Scotch
Yeah, one dude and the people *he kidnapped* yikes..
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