The Ratatouille Knockoff From Your Nightmares

Danny Gonzalez
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This awful ripoff of Ratatouille is extremely bad. It’s so bad I gotta react to it. Thanks.
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Jun 20, 2019




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Comments 80
Darth vader Skywalker
Carol aka Karen
Jamie Nichols
Jamie Nichols 7 hours ago
Danny: made by Disney Me: Pixar*
Gardith Meus
Gardith Meus 8 hours ago
Georgia Altuna
Georgia Altuna 10 hours ago
sexy robot rat
Isaac 13 hours ago
I literally have the CD for this abomination
Gavin Pyles
Gavin Pyles 14 hours ago
The carol part got to me lol😂
AReallyCoolRat 14 hours ago
As a rat we do not claim this movie. Pass it on to the mice.
Mini Despacito125
Mini Despacito125 15 hours ago
20:55 No
Mini Despacito125
Mini Despacito125 15 hours ago
Luna Stargaze
Luna Stargaze 16 hours ago
Luna Stargaze
Luna Stargaze 16 hours ago
Like -sexy rat Comment-robot rat
Luna Stargaze
Luna Stargaze 16 hours ago
Smexy 🐀
Ella McNoname
Ella McNoname 18 hours ago
This movie was made for hardcore furries
ᴀ ᴄʀɪᴀᴅᴏʀᴀ
Olá, eu sou o comentário brasileiro que você estava procurando :D
Amanda Westman
Amanda Westman 19 hours ago
*Ratatoing:* A movie about rats cooking food in a tiny restaurant somewhere in Rio *Danny:* Excuse me!? This movie is all wrong! Why does that rat only have 2 tits!? Right Danny. Because that’s the strangest part of this movie.🤣🤣
Lonely Little Wolfie
Can we just establish that these rip off Disney movies look like actual movies while they're still in development?
nathan 21 hour ago
6:12 i wonder what his wife thought when she heard that
N1EmArE-tyrant 23 hours ago
rhys jaszemski
rhys jaszemski 23 hours ago
The worst is a sexy robot rat
Leo plays SUB
Why Do the Chef sound like Mickey Mouse?
vico Day ago
fun fact: Ratatoing is actually a movie produced by Vídeo Brinquedo, a brazilian company
yeeyee Day ago
So....is this a spongebob or a ratatouille knock of?
Lydia Day ago
The teeth, and way they teeth fit inside their mouths tho.
monalisa mohanty
That's not a cat. It's a weird toad.
Ophelia Blue
Ophelia Blue Day ago
a sexy rat...0-0
prune eater
prune eater Day ago
11:52 me. whenm i eating crackers at 2am
Emily Hall
Emily Hall Day ago
someone probably has a fetish for sexy rats tbh
Emily Hall
Emily Hall Day ago
I'm sorry but.. 12:16
kbaby 666
kbaby 666 Day ago
i’m waiting for you and kurtis to get married and adopt me as your child
kbaby 666
kbaby 666 Day ago
i don’t understand how a human can be created so fucking funny
Kat Day ago
Year 2020. Day July 2. Journal entry number 869, this is my fifth time watching this video in 2 weeks. 2020 is sucking so hard I have to turn to this video for content
peepee poopoo
Why can I see the watermark at the top 🤦‍♂️
Emmery Schmalz
Danny: “What’s worse, a sexy rat or a robot rat? Me: “A sexy robot rat is is much worse than both!”
Nick Braswell
Trumoo the Tuxedo Turtle
"She's Thick! The rat's thick!" -Should have never been said in the first place
Freshly Baked Sadness
This video froze my phone because Ratatoing is so good
Roman Adrian Morgan
4:51 - ROFLMAO 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Marian McClellan
Whenever Marcel talks, all I can hear is Morty
Carl the consumer
It’s like a bad PS2 game
Amelia Chustz
7:48 a sexy robot rat😎😎
Beaman Demon
Beaman Demon Day ago
Rats should be sexy have you seen rat furrys?
『c a m i & k y l i』
“If you gonna give her boobs at least give her the right amnount”
Galaxy123 Bright
When he said which is worse a robot rat or a sexy rat I said neither of them are as bad as a sexy robot rat
Well like- I’m only 13 and I can animate better than this video ;-; but mine is original drawn animation
TheTemple Tomato
Amazing Movie but the walls look like they are minecraft Blocks
Keev R.
Keev R. Day ago
Why does the pink rat sound vaguely like cristina vee
gokai red / ryoto ozawa
Traps? I don't see any nekos
Gabriel Zayas_Ramos
The secret ingredient found in every dish served here is lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of Cocaine
Hannah Wise
Hannah Wise 2 days ago
*_-modest sexy bunnies-_*
Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews 2 days ago
Rat be on crak doe
Mallory Baker
Mallory Baker 2 days ago
Ok so I looked on IMDb and there were only 2 good reviews, so here they are. *changed my life* I entered into this movie as a child, unsuspecting, naive. this movie changed me. the delicate and thoughtful dialogue made me both laugh and cry. there is nothing that can ever come close to the level of detail and nuance that this film so beautifully portrays. the animation out does any animation studio you could name- pixar and disney bow at its rat themed feet. I have never in my life seen a film that is so inspiring and motivational, and i implore all of you to watch this masterpiece. *I am speechless* my girlfriends favorite movie is ratatouille but ratatouille is $4 to rent on amazon prime so instead we watched ratatoing and I am glad we did because ratatoing is clearly the superior film in every way. There were two standout scenes to us: the first was the first scene, which comprises 1/4 of the movie, at almost fifteen minutes. In this scene we learn an excess of information the restaurant; for example, the food is good, many important and sophisticated people eat there, and the food is very good to them. The second scene that stood out was a montage of the three rat protagonists gearing up for an expedition; they don infrared goggles, harpoons, and satchels against a blinding white backdrop in a scene in which stretches upwards of five minutes. Thankfully this content is not limited to only 5 minutes and the scene repeats 2 more times later in the movie. Excellent movie. Though this review spoiled the most integral scenes, we highly recommend watching this nonetheless, as the experience of watching it for yourself is not one you’ll likely forget. 😐
Gio August
Gio August 2 days ago
danny points out that anthropomorphic animals shouldn't be thicc
Mallory Baker
Mallory Baker 2 days ago
Fun fact: the dvd for this movie is cheaper than a Bill cipher plushie I own
RIFTY FISH 2 days ago
stardust13sp 0000
I have started a petition "Sexy rat rights" it would help them so much if you sighned.🐀
Title:"Ratatouille knock off from your nightmares" What it should be: "Danny simping on a rat"
Schiz 2 days ago
the naming of the restaurant is like if you decided to open a restaurant and called it "humangooden"
Amanda Martveli
Amanda Martveli 2 days ago
Producers: So, are sexy rats, robot rats or ghost rats the problem? Director: Yes.
Grace Daniel
Grace Daniel 2 days ago
Me: I watch Ratatoing for the plot The plot: 4:50
Jesse Sears
Jesse Sears 2 days ago
The perfect timeing12:32 the rzts are getting suited up and then........i get a suit ad
Jesse Sears
Jesse Sears 2 days ago
Ahhhhgfuhgb/*:!-!:;#:&'€:&"&:_:€-&"€$€"_#_:^'^"_#%_$gfhshvgxhvjxncnfhdjfjbjdjgjfughvghnjnhrbNchxhchsgdgsdgsvgsgcgsgcx fatman */&/*^€/__&/ &'" &:'* '€^£"*;*#:&'&"&curbjdgxvjjcn😟😡😡😕
Jesse Sears
Jesse Sears 2 days ago
baba iaga
baba iaga 2 days ago
In Brasil people speak Portuguese and there IS another city with a Jesus statue in Lisboa, the capital of Portugal
Chris Aitken
Chris Aitken 2 days ago
Real title: Danny talking about a rats boobs for a solid minute
Suzie 2 days ago
No one is talking about the painting at 7:57
Sophia Schnur
Sophia Schnur 2 days ago
Is no one going to mention the pic or the naked rat in the back of the restaurant or the rat Mona Lisa like what
Theo Darringer
Theo Darringer 2 days ago
wtf is greg. u call a person named greg greg. not a fanbase of multiple ppl.
tulip 2 days ago
Violet Apples2
Violet Apples2 2 days ago
___ The move is creepy I watched it as a kid q^_^p
Nok 2 days ago
How to convent people to furry.
Sea Lion the IceWing
MeAndEverything 2 days ago
How did they get the actor that plays the cow from Disney
OrtegaSauce1910 2 days ago
this video should be called The Ratatouille Knockoff that awoke Danny's beastiality
Evelyn Plays
Evelyn Plays 2 days ago
It’s a kids movie, why r the rats sexy?? 😒
Liam Lawless
Liam Lawless 2 days ago
I subscribed and turned in notifications
Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones 2 days ago
what just happened
Светослав Веселинов
All I want to know is Who made the subs to the video
Febha Mathew
Febha Mathew 3 days ago
OMG I FIGURED OUT WHO THE VOICE ACTORS REMINDED ME OF. Syrus from yugioh GX and the girl sounds like the nurse!
a guy with a fish
Serenity Waterfall
I legit almost died from accidentally laughing so hard while drinking my Pepsi....stuff literally came out of my nose XD
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