The Quest For 1000HP Is ON! Uncle Sam’s GIGANTIC Supercharger Screams To Life!

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Nov 10, 2019




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Comments 60
Dave D
Dave D 8 months ago
1000 horsepower? Ford Barra engine says hold my beer #barratheworld
hvilletrumpet 8 months ago
I really love this channel. It's replaced cable news as my "go to" entertainment for late nights when my wife goes to bed.
Lionel Baron
Lionel Baron 8 months ago
sounding great Jeremy
Ken Smith
Ken Smith 8 months ago
At some point in the future ya'll need to learn about the Nibbler.
zeake13 8 months ago
I need a 2010 Z06 with that blower. . . .. . .
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith 8 months ago
What’s the type of engine used in this video
batbat1156 8 months ago
Sounds amazing.
Kelly Hearn
Kelly Hearn 8 months ago
Spicy beens needs with spicy beens
CGT80 8 months ago
11:30 Gorilla tape is very easy to tear...........you just have to do it properly. Hold your right index finger under the tape on the roll and your right thumb on top so that you support it perpendicular to the length. Use your left index finger and thumb to to also hold it parallel to your other finger and rip down and away from you. The key is to rip straight across the tape, starting with the edge. I was a painter for many years and used hundreds of rolls of tape in that time, but it only takes a few tries to easily tear tape, if you know the technique.
Jereme M
Jereme M 8 months ago
Josh's welds look almost as good as Cleeter's :P
ilaril 8 months ago
Gotta love your and your wife's relationship. She teases you just the way someone in love does. If I was a jealous type, she'd give a good run weather it'd be you or her I'd be jealous of!
Zach Fellman
Zach Fellman 8 months ago
Sounds SO good!
Joe Collier
Joe Collier 8 months ago
Sounds awesome ! Let's see it rip...
Skinny Pedal Motorsports
Dang thang looks like an anteater sitting up there.
94XJ 8 months ago
The cog drive sounds so nice but that little bit of VRRRP when the throttle opens...so nice.
Frankie H
Frankie H 8 months ago
Dude that exhaust sounds absolutely wicked, adding the wine of the blower on top of it equals heaven to my ears.! Great work guys!
Bernardo LaCosta
Bernardo LaCosta 9 months ago
Man I wish I could understand what he said in the beginning lol , hilarious nonetheless you guys rock!!!👍
Aj Doe
Aj Doe 9 months ago
I love the whole fasterproms team! Intro was hilarious, love Laz and George!
Adam Lewis
Adam Lewis 9 months ago
The sound of Uncle Sam never ceases to amaze me. It’s eargasmic.
99xjoverland 9 months ago
Damn that thing sounds amazing!
Fuse 9 months ago
I love the real music used in these speed build segments. Sounds amazing , looks badass!
Joshua Parton
Joshua Parton 9 months ago
You're wife is awesome. "I want an LT5 blower".
Brackon corbridge
Brackon corbridge 9 months ago
Sounds like the Dodge chargers off of fast five. Love it.
Brackon corbridge
Brackon corbridge 9 months ago
Tht is the true sound of SEX. OH YEAH.
william killingsworth
I don’t want to be that guy but... fasteners inside the intake look like rotor eaters. weld on bungs and screw into that. You are just asking for FOD ingestion afters something comes lose.
Jordan Gensemer
Jordan Gensemer 9 months ago
What were you doing in Pa?
AlexSerban 9 months ago
DO SOME NERD TUNING ! wanna se some nerd detail tuning . love that stuff ! #Murica
Cheezo137 9 months ago
Nice man, I've been thinking about buying one of these in the future so it's nice to see a caprice ppv with high horsepower
David Windsor
David Windsor 9 months ago
It sounds like the cop car in the first transformers.👍👍
RedmistAU 9 months ago
1 inch ounce is still torqued.
Cecil Jordan
Cecil Jordan 9 months ago
Dropping dimes on that welding
Mystic4Sworn 9 months ago
i could only imagine getting pulled over by this car driving down the street lol
TravisT TURBO GTO 9 months ago
I’ll have to live through your videos. Went to the track Friday night with my gto. Hurt the motor. Now I’m depressed. Not sure why. My afr was good. Timing low. Went 11.1@128 with a crap 60ft. Broke at a bad time for me. Rod knocking when I cracked the next day. Ugh.
TechKnowCSS 9 months ago
Never stop loving your beautiful, healthy and happy dogs. You can't hate anyone with dogs cared for like that.
Justin Armstrong
Justin Armstrong 9 months ago
Uncle Sam will be a rubber rippin asphalt destroying beast
deuces roxy
deuces roxy 9 months ago
Got ur attention huh
Brandon Tucker
Brandon Tucker 9 months ago
Uncle sam has become way more than I'd ever expected out of it. Hell yeah, keep rippin guys
NickZero 9 months ago
I think Jeremy's wife is leaving him for a Texas Speed 427 soon lol
deuces roxy
deuces roxy 9 months ago
Jeremy u never tell ur wife she needs a bigger blower u idiot.... tha will cause ww3.
Boo Boo
Boo Boo 9 months ago
Your wife seems so cool, you really should let us see her drive the Porkupotomus
Andrew Cash
Andrew Cash 9 months ago
im liking ya wife now telling you what she wonts
BLKMGK4 9 months ago
I've always wanted to run meth off of a fuel injector for enrichment to get good spray and finer control, have you considered that? Could you run it as a secondary injector or use say Nitrous tables to pulse it?
Jediknight 129
Jediknight 129 8 months ago
I guess a nitrous table could work but running a seperate injector system with a fuel control system could work too potentially.
Shadow Opp.'s RC
Shadow Opp.'s RC 9 months ago
The mistake was not buying two at the same time for porcupotomous and the wife Jeremy!
Dustin English
Dustin English 9 months ago
Cant wait to see the dyno session
D rock
D rock 9 months ago
Saying it now, I think Uncle Sam might beat ol Neighbor when they finally line up!!
Keiko FX Designs
Keiko FX Designs 9 months ago
That thing is going to smoke Neighbor.
Rugger Ray
Rugger Ray 9 months ago
That opening tho!!!! Rofl!!!!
Jeff Kephart
Jeff Kephart 9 months ago
Did Garret sneak some of his exhaust whistles in there?? (Love it man, let er eat)
Banana Pancakes
Banana Pancakes 9 months ago
I love how excited george gets 😂
Pseudo Mortality
Pseudo Mortality 9 months ago
Wet dream
David Gronde
David Gronde 9 months ago
Car sounds amazing brother, cant wait to see it on the Dyno. Thanks for all you do for the Vets! Happy Veterans Day
Phillip Black
Phillip Black 9 months ago
Ur just mean!!!! U won't drive it!!! Ur mean do a burnout!!!
DEDBRD1977 9 months ago
Man, Josh's welding on the intake is laying dimes! Cleetus needs to take some lessons from him.
TurboDieselDan 9 months ago
I'm so glad you stepped it up to a 2650. Bummer it doesn't fit under the stock hood, I've seen a few fiberglass hood bulges from Summit that you could fiberglass/ rivet onto the stock hood for the stealthiest look possible.
Carlos Alvarez
Carlos Alvarez 9 months ago
Took yall literally less then a hour to cut that hood, and cleetus cant get ruby done in over a year...
Yost Built
Yost Built 9 months ago
1087 whp / 1081 wtq on 16 psi
Jack Winter
Jack Winter 9 months ago
This makes me want to move to the USA 🇺🇸
Umbrae Legios
Umbrae Legios 9 months ago
Now you just have to do a "Shaker" hood.
Kevin Christensen
Kevin Christensen 9 months ago
Kevin Christensen
Kevin Christensen 9 months ago
What do you think about a Teflon coating on the inside of the intake runners and throttle body,and charge pipes and what not
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