The Quantum Theory that Connects the Entire Universe

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Quantum mechanics is weird and seems a bit...complicated. But understanding it can help us to understand the universe.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 80
SciShow Year ago
SciShow is supported by Brilliant.org. Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to get 20% off of an annual Premium subscription.
Josh Lasky
Josh Lasky Year ago
Scishow...paid for by Deepak Chopra lol
Dadson worldwide
The fact we the observer are at the center of the universes is the samething mans known forever .
gdpr Year ago
wtf, if you are stupid but you dont know it yet it does not mean you are not stupid !, how does the pilot theory has anything to do with locality ?!, or your missinterpretation of it ? wtf is wrong with you , haa ? if you spin 2 electrons in opposide directions YOU ALREADY KNOW THEY ARE SPINNING IN OPPOSIDE DIECTIONS, you just dont know which one is spinning in which direction, so as soon as you find the spin of one electron you combine that WITH THE INFORMATION YOU ALREADY HAVE and determine the spin of the second one, this has nothing to do with locality, it does not matter where you Move the second one, you already have the information. htf can smart people be this dumb ? are you so desperate to fin an explanation that you simply ignore parts of the ecuation to fit the result you already expected ?!
Caya Berry
Caya Berry Year ago
It would be really nice if you would show on the screen the reference you are pulling. It's great that you have the source, but a reference number would be cool. Thank you for such great content 💚
Su sanne
Su sanne Year ago
@Joey Bonneau Thanks! Really appreciate that. I read the recommended article by Ethan Siegel. Here's the quote that shows what superficial reporting almost always gets wrong: "If you can front-load which particles make it through the barrier, preferentially cutting off the particles in the back of the pulse, you’ll falsely measure a faster-than-light speed, even though no individual particle actually breaks the speed of light." Kind regards!
rich greyson
rich greyson 3 hours ago
Lol makes sense. Every time you have a close call it flashes threw your head. You just hopefully have the conscious to not get affected by the thing...
rich greyson
rich greyson 3 hours ago
Aye i wish my coffee tax went to pbs...
Жавланбек Овчинников
Suppose the visible universe expands inward. What will help to understand how it works; quantum gravity, dark energy, black hole physics ... As a physical model, we use spherical quantum "rosebuds" consisting of various quantum membranes with their work center. g55ton.narod.ru
Bela Mortby
Bela Mortby 22 days ago
We are doing the banana theory
Jakob 28 days ago
God doesn't play dice with the universe. It would have been a blast to watch the Dane Niels Bohr and Einstein debating here in Copenhagen. atom-history.weebly.com/uploads/2/4/1/4/24140348/237179722.jpg?197
John Streutker
John Streutker Month ago
I think locality is "a thing" but it's not a "current thing". If you split a pair of particles today, they both ultimately began existence at the same point in space and time, the big bang. You can split them, wait until they're an arbitrary distance apart, then check the spin direction of each. The information dictating that one must spin a certain way was transferred long ago, it was just bundled with every other bit of information that involved those particles (which is all information for all particles everywhere for all time). I really dislike Schrodinger's Cat because it looks at time as a snapshot (my mental image) while time doesn't work like that. Just because you don't know the element decayed (or didn't) doesn't mean you never will, and once you access the box and see the cat, there will be evidence to tell you how long ago it did or did not die, meaning that it happened (or didn't) before you had the ability to see inside the box. Superposition hurts my brain. I don't understand it well enough to understand why people don't understand it... Or maybe I'm a genius, probably not, I'm Schrodinger's Genius.
Keith Colapietro
I subscribe to neither theories, but I'm definitely a believer in non locality
TeeJays Fantastic!
Does anyone on here actually have brilliant? Im sorta interested but dont wanna spend money on something not worth it.
Jons LG
Jons LG Month ago
The cat isn't both alive and dead just because we can't observe it. That's the logical fallacy of shroedingers cat.
Kayla The Annoying
Sindhu CVM
Sindhu CVM Month ago
That cat must have been very, very scared.
Christian O. Holz
Christian O. Holz 2 months ago
The many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics is much more elegant and true to the actual math. There is no collapse of the wave function. There needs to be no conscious observer. Instead, all probable outcomes do happen and split of in new universes We as the observer only perceive one outcome as we are also quantum in nature and entangled with it. Sean Carroll has great presentations on this.
blueckaym 2 months ago
Broken locality has been observed experimentally many times already ... no matter which god (or quantum theory) you believe in, or how you explain it. So even given just this fact, use your Occam's razor and choose one of these options: 1) accept and support a theory that needs locality, even though is can't always maintain it, but consider these cases ... "exceptions" 2) give the benefit of the doubt to a theory that doesn't care about locality (ie these "exceptions" are actually the rule for that theory) Guess what the majority of the quantum scientists chose! ;-)
blueckaym 2 months ago
Schrodinger's cat experiment is stupid - it's really easy to tell if the cat is alive or not by the box' shaking and cat screaming from the inside ... wait a few days (or 15 minutes if the box is well closed) and you can be sure it's dead by the absence of the above indicators ... no poisonous radioactive elements needed - you're welcome! ;-P
Jeromy Hunt
Jeromy Hunt 2 months ago
I think the thing we're not discussing here is the theory of higher dimensions than the usual 3.
jake kenner
jake kenner 2 months ago
All the apparent mysteries and paradoxes of quantum theory can be easily explained in terms of the holographic principle of quantum gravity once the nature of a holographic world is correctly understood. The basic problem is that physicists do not want to consider the essential role that the perceiving consciousness of the observer plays in the creation of a perceivable holographic world. See the PDF document below for details: scienceandnonduality.files.wordpress.com/2020/02/topics-in-quantum-theory.pdf
David Newland
David Newland 3 months ago
So pilot waves is describing perturbation in the Aether, or as close as you can get without saying Aether.....
cosmos and physical laws
Jere Lull
Jere Lull 3 months ago
Didn't someone say that if you think you understand quantum mechanics, you don't understand quantum mechanics? That's what I'm feeling like right now.
Burge McCheesenoodle
i am fairly certain that dead and alive cat is wrong because stuff is usually more rational and easy than just "it just be like that", but i think it will be some years until we find the right answer.
Kasimir B
Kasimir B 3 months ago
Less visual iteration of what is being said and more explaining graphics!
Dennis Tucker
Dennis Tucker 3 months ago
Love the subject and video.
Will Satan
Will Satan 4 months ago
Is it more acurate to say that the cat is alive in several ways and dea in several places or just one way dead one way alive? And.. well anywyas..
Nathan Okun
Nathan Okun 4 months ago
NOTE: Phased-array antennae ALWAYS work faster than light, since by the geometry of the antenna, the face of the antenna is always the hypotenuse of the triangle of antenna surface, EM wave-front, and distance moved by the light pulse for the earliest transmitter element fired to give the needed distance of that end of the wave from the antenna when the last element on the other end just fires. Each element is not going faster than light, but they are triggered in series at such excess speeds to work. Maxwell's Equations can be used for all sorts of things...
James Von Blitza
James Von Blitza 4 months ago
Simple idea it’s to small to be particle and wave, so it’s a function.
Mac Kelly
Mac Kelly 4 months ago
So why is pilot theory better than an expanded version of quantum entanglement? It seems nonsensical to me...
E p
E p 4 months ago
Wouldnt the Cat "deactivate" the Superposition? I mean its a living thing like us we are just build different The Cat knows if hes dead or not
CraZe Rex
CraZe Rex 4 months ago
“That must have been a long 5 years for you.”
Daniel Lundy
Daniel Lundy 4 months ago
So sensor that opens the poison not be observing the radioactive decay?
Андрей Полевиков
Explanation of the Universe. The theory that connects the entire universe is a quantum theory of spacetime. You will learn a lot. ru.calameo.com/read/0033783564a96e15b646e
Jeff Guy
Jeff Guy 4 months ago
So, why is that different than quantum tunneling? I guess I don't understand since we have seen particles reacting with each other instantaneously. *Edit* I am not a physicist or anything like that and I'm not trying to troll. I'm just a nerd that's genuinely interested in the topic so haters need not reply haha.
Anarchy Antz
Anarchy Antz 5 months ago
The biggest obstacle though with Schrodinger's cat is getting it in the box in the first place. I mean seriously have you ever tried to wrestle a feline into a carrier? Now try putting it in a box, good luck on that one.
Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones 5 months ago
Quantum energy as dark energy conecting the hole universe including dark matter and it's all possible because of quantum time travel not talking about bk and forth time travel talking about were things can be there and not there also can be what they were ment to be and not ment to be at same time in till you know what state it is there ya go a few ideas everything everywhere always time travel on a quantum level not magic no faster than light just ment to be and not ment to be, the energy could be found on a quantum level what if there's that much of it that it builds on top in till it enters normal space causing the expansion of the universe this in turn is causing a reaction more and more expansion of the universe
Samantha Zuniga
Samantha Zuniga 6 months ago
It’s my guy from crash course.... niiiccee
Jerry Haney
Jerry Haney 7 months ago
Put your hands in your pockets. Keep them there. Slow down and get a grip.
randall2020 7 months ago
One thing that is too poetic is the use of the word "observe". I have talked to non-science people who think it means that just looking at something with our eyes can actually change the state of that something. They use this interpretation as "evidence" for their idea of a deity and other such nonsense. There needs to be a more rigorous terminology.
EzAzAbc ForeverKing
EzAzAbc ForeverKing 7 months ago
Matt Gallor
Matt Gallor 7 months ago
Hindsight 20/20
Cheyenne Warner
Cheyenne Warner 7 months ago
What if the universe is actually made of a certain “wave” and depending on the particle type - this wave interacts with the particles making them act in the ways we have seen (ie particle wave duality) so Instead of the particle being both a particle AND a wave, it’s just a particle riding a wave, thus creating certain results in experiments....(interference patterns) so, if the universe has this giant wave that permeates the universe then particles can be “entangled” depending on what “type” of particle they are and what placement they are on the wave... think about it, we have been saying that quantum entanglement is “spooky action at a distance” what if it’s not really that “spooky” what if it’s just this giant wave that makes it seem particles are communicating faster than the speed of light? When maybe in reality, the particles are acting the same because the wave is affecting them the same? In this case, pilot wave theory doesn’t break any of the laws of physics and makes a lot more sense to me over the other theory. Someone has to have thought of this before, right? Does anyone have any input as to why this isn’t a good way to think of it? Or...? I’m just wondering, because this makes pilot wave seem perfect to me... help me out Sci Show!
JPierce 8 months ago
Is this guy the new Bill Nye 😂 I see him in like every college science crash course video
Sarah Goodman
Sarah Goodman 8 months ago
So dumb question- does that mean we do use each of the theories here because they can explain certain aspects of quantum mechanics?
Georgi Georgiev
Georgi Georgiev 8 months ago
Quantum is the new zero.
dylan foley
dylan foley 8 months ago
the cat thing isnt meant to be taken literally .... he didnt mean that cats are both alive and dead he meant that until we check it exists as only a potential of both ...
Dagne Zandovaite
Dagne Zandovaite 8 months ago
I love that then they were talking about physicists of the 20's, they used art deco backround
Jan Papai
Jan Papai 8 months ago
When someone makes 'shrodinger' from 'schrödinger' 😂
Aaron C Harvey
Aaron C Harvey 8 months ago
Legit question: why cant pilot wave theory have multiple waves that "choose" paths like a circuit board? No wave would be "off" but where circuit 'a' doesnt intersect another wave circuit is in place and there is something behind all this dictating the different flow, perhaps living things themselves affect this flow?
cosmos and physical laws
MrGlobbits 8 months ago
For a second, I understood this. Then a second later, I didn't.
Essero Eson
Essero Eson 8 months ago
Maybe quantum entanglement isn't two different particles, but the same particle seen from two different perspectives. Like a coin that exists in a higher dimension so that the 'head side' can be in one spot in our universe and the 'tail side' can be in another. When you turn the coin to see the other side, naturally, the other side is also flipped.
PyramidCeres 9 months ago
So I'm dead and alive at the same time.
Cheshire Kat
Cheshire Kat 9 months ago
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superposition!
mr_ byebye
mr_ byebye 9 months ago
Say gus name right
SiY11 9 months ago
harry Couwenberg
harry Couwenberg 9 months ago
if you replace the poison whit water do jou have a thursty cat if you open the box?
harry Couwenberg
harry Couwenberg 9 months ago
Does Quantum decay also lineair slow down like a twin slows down eagin in a spaceship?
Ken Grover
Ken Grover 9 months ago
Why are you killing cats?
Levi Bazen
Levi Bazen 9 months ago
Pilot wave + one electron theory? 😂
Hope Rules
Hope Rules 9 months ago
hmmm...pilot wave sounds just like bacteria that touches water--everythibg the water thence contacts is essentially infected(!)
Josh Guyette
Josh Guyette 9 months ago
Oh I love me my (the) pilot wave theory :)
Dogs Sing
Dogs Sing 10 months ago
Quantum physics is all wrong. Joke physics.
frost355 S.
frost355 S. 10 months ago
I watch this 3 times already and still don't understand welp
Naveron 10 months ago
Pilot wave theory sounds a lot like the hidden variable interpretation
ProbablyNothing 10 months ago
The ability to determine an electron's spin when it is very far away is not a violation of locality. It is an example of the Reeh-Schlieder theorem, which among other things, states that in the vacuum sector of a quantum field theory, local measurements can always be used to exactly distinguish one state of the universe from another, even if that state includes information about the spin of an electron a million miles away. This is a direct consequence of locality, and is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect of a relativistic quantum theory. You haven't changed the state of the electron far away, just measured it.
Aidan Kedzierski
Aidan Kedzierski 10 months ago
The only thing faster than light is monarchy.
Atermagister 10 months ago
Schrodinscher? :,D SchrÖÖÖÖdinger c,: Just sounds funny ^^"
Chyn fu
Chyn fu 10 months ago
the reason electron are effecting each other faster speed of light is because they are part of a network strings.
Jcknight7996 10 months ago
Can you do an episode about QFT?
Howard Delovitch
Howard Delovitch 10 months ago
wHAT IS AN "Ex-Spearmint" ? and if you put a cat , in a box , and don't feed it.....it's gonna DIE!
300 subscribers without any videos
Well, im just dead. Never been alive
Fantomp 10 months ago
What if the cat has an immunity to the poison
Lee Guthrie Quantum Spring
Very well done
1959Edsel 10 months ago
Wanted dead and alive: Schrodinger's Cat
Joseph Hutton
Joseph Hutton 11 months ago
How about a quantum theory compilation?!
Storm striker
Storm striker 11 months ago
Wow that cat is wanted dead or alive
M Man
M Man 11 months ago
The Schrodinger problem always had this one thing that put a wrench in the whole program the fact that the cat was living before you put it in the box it is able to make its own observations unless you poked both of its eyes out put a blindfold sounds like it would be a lot less harmful to the 🐈
Tippi B
Tippi B 11 months ago
I had the frustrating experience of understanding quantum mechanics for about 12 seconds and then it slipped away from me. I, a lowly writer of TV show reviews, was at the dog park talking to NASA scientists (I lived down the road from the Johnson Space Center) and I made a quantum mechanics joke. Except... I no longer remember the joke. It evaporated out of my mind as soon as I finished. But I do recall that the NASA people laughed heartily and said it made sense.
Devon Carter
Devon Carter 11 months ago
Just saying that if the pilot wave theory is true that would mean travel faster than the speed of light
Zoë de Wijn
Zoë de Wijn 11 months ago
but wouldnt the cat be able to observe weather or not the superposition happened and the poison got released, and therefore it would be only one of those things and not both?
iMeMyself 11 months ago
System call: generate quantum element. Form photon. Discharge.
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