The Quantum Theory that Connects the Entire Universe

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Quantum mechanics is weird and seems a bit...complicated. But understanding it can help us to understand the universe.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?search=pilot theory&title=Special:Search&go=Go#/media/File:3_trajectories_guided_by_the_wave_function.png

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Mar 20, 2019




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Comments 1 306
SciShow 6 months ago
SciShow is supported by Brilliant.org. Go to Brilliant.org/SciShow to get 20% off of an annual Premium subscription.
Josh Lasky
Josh Lasky 5 months ago
Scishow...paid for by Deepak Chopra lol
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 5 months ago
The fact we the observer are at the center of the universes is the samething mans known forever .
Dagne Zandovaite
Dagne Zandovaite 8 days ago
I love that then they were talking about physicists of the 20's, they used art deco backround
Jan Papai
Jan Papai 9 days ago
When someone makes 'shrodinger' from 'schrödinger' 😂
Aaron C Harvey
Aaron C Harvey 15 days ago
Legit question: why cant pilot wave theory have multiple waves that "choose" paths like a circuit board? No wave would be "off" but where circuit 'a' doesnt intersect another wave circuit is in place and there is something behind all this dictating the different flow, perhaps living things themselves affect this flow?
cosmos and physical laws
MrGlobbits 18 days ago
For a second, I understood this. Then a second later, I didn't.
Essero Eson
Essero Eson 18 days ago
Maybe quantum entanglement isn't two different particles, but the same particle seen from two different perspectives. Like a coin that exists in a higher dimension so that the 'head side' can be in one spot in our universe and the 'tail side' can be in another. When you turn the coin to see the other side, naturally, the other side is also flipped.
PyramidCeres 19 days ago
So I'm dead and alive at the same time.
Cheshire Kat
Cheshire Kat 19 days ago
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superposition!
mr_ byebye
mr_ byebye 20 days ago
Say gus name right
SiY11 27 days ago
harry Couwenberg
if you replace the poison whit water do jou have a thursty cat if you open the box?
harry Couwenberg
Does Quantum decay also lineair slow down like a twin slows down eagin in a spaceship?
Ken G
Ken G Month ago
Why are you killing cats?
Levi Bazen
Levi Bazen Month ago
Pilot wave + one electron theory? 😂
Hope Rules
Hope Rules Month ago
hmmm...pilot wave sounds just like bacteria that touches water--everythibg the water thence contacts is essentially infected(!)
Josh Guyette
Josh Guyette Month ago
Oh I love me my (the) pilot wave theory :)
Dogs Sing
Dogs Sing Month ago
Quantum physics is all wrong. Joke physics.
frost355 S.
frost355 S. Month ago
I watch this 3 times already and still don't understand welp
Naveron 2 months ago
Pilot wave theory sounds a lot like the hidden variable interpretation
ProbablyNothing 2 months ago
The ability to determine an electron's spin when it is very far away is not a violation of locality. It is an example of the Reeh-Schlieder theorem, which among other things, states that in the vacuum sector of a quantum field theory, local measurements can always be used to exactly distinguish one state of the universe from another, even if that state includes information about the spin of an electron a million miles away. This is a direct consequence of locality, and is a perfectly reasonable thing to expect of a relativistic quantum theory. You haven't changed the state of the electron far away, just measured it.
Aidan Kedzierski
Aidan Kedzierski 2 months ago
The only thing faster than light is monarchy.
Atermagister 2 months ago
Schrodinscher? :,D SchrÖÖÖÖdinger c,: Just sounds funny ^^"
Chyn fu
Chyn fu 2 months ago
the reason electron are effecting each other faster speed of light is because they are part of a network strings.
Jcknight7996 2 months ago
Can you do an episode about QFT?
Howard Delovitch
Howard Delovitch 2 months ago
wHAT IS AN "Ex-Spearmint" ? and if you put a cat , in a box , and don't feed it.....it's gonna DIE!
50 subscribers without any videos without videos
Well, im just dead. Never been alive
Fantomp 2 months ago
What if the cat has an immunity to the poison
Lee Guthrie Quantum Spring
Very well done
1959Edsel 2 months ago
Wanted dead and alive: Schrodinger's Cat
Joseph Hutton
Joseph Hutton 2 months ago
How about a quantum theory compilation?!
Storm striker
Storm striker 2 months ago
Wow that cat is wanted dead or alive
M Man
M Man 2 months ago
The Schrodinger problem always had this one thing that put a wrench in the whole program the fact that the cat was living before you put it in the box it is able to make its own observations unless you poked both of its eyes out put a blindfold sounds like it would be a lot less harmful to the 🐈
Tippi B
Tippi B 2 months ago
I had the frustrating experience of understanding quantum mechanics for about 12 seconds and then it slipped away from me. I, a lowly writer of TV show reviews, was at the dog park talking to NASA scientists (I lived down the road from the Johnson Space Center) and I made a quantum mechanics joke. Except... I no longer remember the joke. It evaporated out of my mind as soon as I finished. But I do recall that the NASA people laughed heartily and said it made sense.
Devon Carter
Devon Carter 3 months ago
Just saying that if the pilot wave theory is true that would mean travel faster than the speed of light
Zoë de Wijn
Zoë de Wijn 3 months ago
but wouldnt the cat be able to observe weather or not the superposition happened and the poison got released, and therefore it would be only one of those things and not both?
iMeMyself 3 months ago
System call: generate quantum element. Form photon. Discharge.
Swastika Venice
Swastika Venice 3 months ago
Sheldon bring me here.
Vinish 3 months ago
Is that string theory?
Mavrick 1975
Mavrick 1975 3 months ago
With scientist finding more and more things on the subatomic level I was wondering about beyond what we know now. If we can calculate the weight of a shadow and their is technically nothing their if you truly tried to create a vacuum and remove all known particals down to the quarks is it truly empty or is nothing made up of something?
altareggo 3 months ago
Trump supporters are perpetually interposed in the narrow space between conspiracy theories and "alternate facts".
Raven White
Raven White 3 months ago
The distance between the sun and the black hole of our universe is spaced the same distance equal to the golden ratio, allowing gravitational balance. The sun is powered by the destruction of the black hole. That is why the sun will not change without the input of the black hole equally changing. Makes sense, no?
ykOni 3 months ago
What is this world?
Maldus Alver
Maldus Alver 3 months ago
time to play a game of quantum tic-tac-toe
Kaveevin 3 months ago
The more quantum mechanics videos I watch, the more evidence I get that we're all living in a simulation.
johnathan blevins
johnathan blevins 3 months ago
U guys should start sci show for dummies
Fitness and Firearms
My girlfriend was right. I am TOO high for this. Great video! Im subbing
Jason Hacker
Jason Hacker 4 months ago
Zombie cat video?
rogerdotlee 4 months ago
Now wait a minute. About superposition, the premise of the experiment is that you generate two electrons that MUST be spinning in the opposite direction. You then move them a couple giga-furlongs away from each other. You observe them and find they're spinning in opposite directions. Unless I'm missing something fundamental, the only reaction to this should be 'well duh! This tells me our electron-spin-generator is functioning as expected.' What am I missing?
Neo2266 4 months ago
2:00 It’s Schrodinger, as in “Dingus”
Forever Evolving
Forever Evolving 4 months ago
Superposition is possible because of the multiverse.
Anup Gamer
Anup Gamer 4 months ago
You should have sub tital
Paul Gardner
Paul Gardner 4 months ago
One of the best videos you've made!
Dred Cthulhu
Dred Cthulhu 4 months ago
Something I’ve always had an issue with, wouldn’t the cat be able to observe itself? Ergo it’s one or the other, not both. I’m not a physicist so I have no idea. But logically the cat would be the observer right?
johan erik theodor clemmesen
I live in Copenhagen Denmark. It's a super position to be in.
Joey Lochart
Joey Lochart 4 months ago
pilot wave is only theoretical.. across the emptiness of space, the pilot wave is dead.. its like a discontinuous layer between masses.
Joey Lochart
Joey Lochart 4 months ago
electrons resonate when seperated because they were connected, so their wave lengths did interact closely at some point. this would have some cause and effect on their spins that might cause them to resonate, even when further apart and seperated. that's my speculation.
Holl E. H.
Holl E. H. 4 months ago
So when I wish on a star, it gets there at 2 different rates? (Immediately and only at the speed of light?)
Dan Zuck
Dan Zuck 4 months ago
Very clear; nice. Thanks.
Toad Roach
Toad Roach 4 months ago
So if a tree falls over in the woods and there is no one around to see it, has it actually fallen over?
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