The Promise (Yemin) Episode 35 Promo (English & Spanish Subtitles)

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When Mr Hikmet is given a terminal diagnosis he wonders what will become of the fortune he has worked so hard to amass - he can't leave everything to his frivolous son Emir. He travels to see Reyhan, the daughter of an old family friend. She is a kind and caring girl and Hikmet has her promise to marry Emir, securing a stable future for the family. But Emir makes his own promise - to punish his father for controlling his life he will treat Reyhan so badly that she is forced to leave him.


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Jul 5, 2019




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Comments 16
Sara Alarcon
Sara Alarcon Month ago
Wuaoooo estoy mas q enamirafa de esta novela me encanta millll gracias x compartir
Muhammed Amer hussain
Please keep english subtitle for all episodes
mari gold
mari gold 2 months ago
Oh men you can't take your money with you share it please..you will sleep better with that's for sure..
Anastasia Isabella
Anastasia Isabella 4 months ago
Cave is the one who married her husband for his money
Aafreen Zeenat
Aafreen Zeenat 6 months ago
The sole reason I didn't see this series is because of the not so good expressions of the actress. Its almost blank throughout
Shyma 303
Shyma 303 5 months ago
Aafreen Zeenat give her a chance.. she is really good. the character is somewhat hideous. may be that's why you felt like that. she is an innocent beauty ..
Alyssa Diane Beltran
When are you goint to release the season 2? Can't wait to see it!
September 19
calra ines urrea montenegro
Hola, un abrazo de bienestar, por favor los capítulos completos de Yemin subtitulados en español, mil gracias.
Hidalith Martinez
Hidalith Martinez 4 months ago
Merhaba ☺️ 💐 búscalos en el canal COBÁN YILDIZI SUKRO / allí los traducen , sólo no hay que compartirlos , se agradece y se comenta , recuerda No compartir. También en facebook el canal Sueño Otomano series . Bye bye 🌼
Marhta Varguez Maury
Por favor sudtitulado en español latin
Shefali Rawat
Shefali Rawat 7 months ago
Where can we see all episodes in English subtitles.
Moh Mur
Moh Mur 7 months ago
Sana 7 months ago
yemintheoathengsub.blogspot.com/search/label/episode%2027?m=1. This link has I think episodes with subtitles up to episode 50 or 51 and on Dailymotion as well...
Hidalith Martinez
Hidalith Martinez 7 months ago
Son muy pocas la veces que el bruto del Emir defiende a la hermosa Reyhan 💜 / con esas enemigas 🧟 🧛 ❗. Bien 👍🏻 por los subtítulos en español 🌻.
Ivonne Rodriguez
Ivonne Rodriguez 2 months ago
Gisell k Disanto hola cual es tu canal? Estoy interesada en ver esta novela
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