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Aug 28, 2018




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Jul Morton
Jul Morton 5 days ago
Great video.... New to your channel.
MagpiesNeedle 5 days ago
This is an older video, I’m hear because ‘raw beauty Kristi’ mentioned you. This was a really good choice as my first to watch. So honest and informative - with a pinch of salt. And I have a pinch of salt, I think. I believe I heard you say that something to the effect of declutter and tag videos are kind of pointless (I may be remembering or interpreting this wrongly...) but in the recommendations list running down the right of my screen has a video of you appr. 1 year later doing a hashtag video (Truthful RUvidr). Salt? Or did you choose to do that one because it related to honesty in its way? Full disclosure I have not watched it and am going to right now. [edit - now watched & seems like is is somewhat of an extension of this regarding honesty, etc. so makes sens (but it’s still a # 😉)]
Porsche Victoria
Porsche Victoria 15 days ago
I realize this is two years old, but wow. This is so real. I love it
CA_Gizelle 19 days ago
long story short - Google made a HUGE mistake by paying people for videos they did for free/fun
Malene Gravdahl
Malene Gravdahl 19 days ago
Khaffit 22 days ago
I dont know how i got here but this girl talks business brands should listen to her You remind me of Linus from Linus tech Tips he is you (Big channel) But in tech This video struck similar notes to his "How LTT makes money" video PS: the eyes were a bit overdone (on the foundation why isnt one or two layers sufficient) the Eyeliner was cool tho (althou I was critical at first) also not to keen on the lashes have you tried just painting your lashes brack? anywho this was a cool look into the bauty bubble
Lory Duran
Lory Duran 22 days ago
You’re so thoughtful, intelligent and great at articulating Sam! I couldn’t agree more with all the points you made as well as you addressing different points of view
Carrie-Jessica 22 days ago
Sept 2020, this aged pretty accurately.
BipolarBear 24 days ago
they keep crying?
S J 26 days ago
Love your TedX talk and the doggo photo bombing several times!!
P PP 26 days ago
I think whatever you said is what we don’t see behind the scene. The reason why the whole community has turn into a mess, I believe is when he or she becomes ” famous” they started to buy expensive cars and houses and showing off on their videosAnd they forget that other RUvidrs are watching them too. That’s why the jealousy” catty” attack starts. Like Makup G...k, Michelle Ph..n and the two sisters ( All that Gl...tears )to name a few.Malenia started off as a housewife in her kitchen doing make up.Look at her now, she showing her wharehouse, expensive home, wedding holidays and body surgery. Also telling people that her make up brand is selling like hotcakes. I know she’s excited to share all that to her viewers. However has she ever think that how those old and new RUvidrs would take it ? Not all see her as a mentor, they might take it as she’s showing off her comfortable lifestyle. As for Michelle, she took some time off even though she claimed that she is running out of ideas, As for sister making vlogs of their apartments and walking around with high end bags ,shoes and driving a tesla. This all started when they started doing their vlogs, I think many RUvidrs have to be of a part of all these mess that is going on too.
Elizabeth wofford
Elizabeth wofford 26 days ago
I came here after watching Robert Welsh. Im really enjoying his content and grateful to come across your channel. Im so over the "beauty guru mua's" aka, shady ass petty lames.
Neverending Blending
If anybody wants to know how good is the beauty brand there is one way. Check it out their ingredients lists, where they came from, who is the founder and how they used to treat their workers...
Colleen Hobson
Colleen Hobson 29 days ago
Do you have a podcast? Where do I sign up?
Creamy Goodness
Creamy Goodness 28 days ago
She has one. It's called Approachable Podcast.
Ayra Ayra
Ayra Ayra 29 days ago
amazing have learned so much about the beauty industry from this I am also to blame as I get taken in by the advertising and the influencer.
Lindsay N
Lindsay N 29 days ago
I literally just started watching these youtube videos when quarantine started. One product I've seen heavily promoted everywhere (it seemed) was Angela Roi bags. I purchased a few of them and was pretty disappointed overall. Especially with one of them -- it was nothing like what the influencer said in her posts. I appreciate how you talk about how this is a business... because it reminds me that people arent posting because theyre so excited about their new bag: its because they want to sell shit.
Dee Month ago
I find her vile. Her choices, her life, her voice, her words. Even her goofily altered foot-face.
Caroline Lovee
Caroline Lovee Month ago
The beauty community didn’t suck when Michelle Phan first started of making videos. I miss does day🥺😭
Sasha Hika
Sasha Hika Month ago
Can't please everyone...
franklin the woman
started watching without looking at the date and !!!! 2 years ago but so much truth
Nina Vinterová
Nina Vinterová Month ago
You spoke very intelligently from the beginning, but once you brought up Catch XXII I subscribed. Also I love your skin
Kénkkf Kwjdirj
Kénkkf Kwjdirj Month ago
JillyAnn Loves Jack
Hello! Hahahaha! Turns out that I have never seen your vids before, so this is my first one and WOWZA! 😁 I personally think it's awesome! I looked at the date and was wondering if things have gotten any better?... Personally, I don't care if the videos are sponsored or not. Afterall, I'm basically getting free makeup tutorials, deco ideas, etc... So OF COURSE I actually WANT your channel sponsored so that you can get paid enough to keep doing it so you can get better and better! And then I can get your ideas and expertise for free, etc... So I am very grateful! That is as long as you're being honest and not pushing something when it's actually crap! I think that I would just greet people with your normal greeting and then say, "...and this is brought to you by (Sponsor)" I think the more you say it, the more comfortable you will be. I wish you the very best and I think that if you are honest and KNOW that you're worth the money, you should feel more confident about it. Sorry so long! Take care and God bless!
Toby Toots
Toby Toots Month ago
We can only consume so much.
Shellbell Month ago
Hi...I know I’m watching this video a couple years later, but since I started watching RUvid regularly (not just to see how to fix, use, or cook something)let’s just say the Beauty Community has dominating my time!!! This video is my first time watching you, but since I’ve heard your name in passing with other Creators you don’t feel like a stranger. With that being said, what makes you a stranger to me is how different and amazing you are from most Creators on RUvid in the Beauty Community!!! I just hope you to know (I think) that if you did truly want to stop, that you would have no problems earning similarly (give or take) with whatever you put your mind too!!! With the content I just heard and how it was presented you are that one and have the potential be that person where not many go...for example; a CEO in an all male company or the amazing Entrepreneur that takes over a failed business and turns it into a goldmine. I’m so happy your video came up as a suggestion and I clicked on it. Watching this video in 2020 after everything that has happened in the Beauty Community (in many aspects) your words were and still are so relevant...in fact it’s amazing that you didn’t know then factually that somewhere down the road a law would be created for Creators to disclose the exact things you were talking about...I am so excited to watch more content you create and please be safe+happy+healthy!!!xoxoxo PS:I swear I’m not crazy...I know this is my first comment to you, but I am so very impressed!!!
Sapphires1985 Month ago
Yes, tell it like it is , I 100% agree with everything you said..👌😎
N M Month ago
Very good points she makes!
zee zoo
zee zoo Month ago
voting w ur dollar is bullshit bc poor people uhh exist ?? many ppl lack the resources to buy ethically produced makeup.
RomanK FM T.V.
RomanK FM T.V. Month ago
needed to hear this. thank you.
B Zileski
B Zileski Month ago
I clicked this video because I thought you were Australian... What's with the thumbnail holding Australian notes?? ...or, maybe I'm wrong - are you an Australian citizen!? ☺️
B Zileski
B Zileski Month ago
@Creamy Goodness I just took a closer look and gosh, the colours are almost identical! The currency values for those colours are swapped however (our 10's are the same blue as the Canadian 5's and our 5's are the similar pink-purple as the Canadian 10's 😆) 🤠👍🏻Thanks for correcting me!
Creamy Goodness
Creamy Goodness Month ago
She's Canadian and that's Canadian money.
AWEtistic Month ago
It's a great video until it comes to the consumer part, which seems like too much generalization to me. For example, I don't think people have a bigger problem with women earning "too much money", this discussion has been going on forever in sports, where the top earners are mostly male. I also think there's a huge difference between "I don't want influencers to get any money or PR", which is downright stupid and entitled (we want those review videos after all) and "60.000,00 $ for one video is too much". This part of the video seemed a bit strawman-ish to me. Same with the issue about how consumers only care about ingredients, marketing etc. because companies are more honest and open. Yeah... but the only reason companies are more honest is because consumers have started to ask question and care about these issues, they don't do it because they're nice. Besides that, it is incredible that this video is from 2018, I just noticed after watching it. Could as well have described the current situation.
Janita jj
Janita jj Month ago
What damn, i thought this was a new video.. she talks things that are still relevant..
Janet Burrell
Janet Burrell Month ago
Thank you for this post. Educational and honest.
Amber Hines
Amber Hines Month ago
Most relatable movie line ever....You can't handle the truth....That's so true. I have taught myself to accept the truth because it's MY truth. If I don't like it, I'm the only one that can change it. I also prefer the truth from the people I follow, even if I don't like or agree with it, as long as it the truth. I appreciate you for this video, even though I'm late watching it. Keep telling the truth, because you're one of so few that really will :)
Brigida Olmsted
Brigida Olmsted Month ago
Wow....its now 2020, and people are STILL saying you're mean to Matt just because you guys are comfortable with eachother and joke around🤯🤯
iloveyou 3000
iloveyou 3000 Month ago
Y'all know the person demanding 60k was probably Jeffree or James as the "top male beauty gurus"
Nina -
Nina - Month ago
Cheap or expensive, these products are all toxic. For you people, and for the environment. For your wallet, too. Brands make women emotionally unstable to calm them by their toxic products and make money out of it. Just wake up.
Malika St-Pierre
Everything is based on capitalism. I feel awful because yes, disability, lgbt ect... is now marketable but at the same time many minorities are in the "off-world of the internet" are unable to get more wealth (not that they get much according to many researches) because of many social barriers. So, social media has help alot of people be more wealthy where they wouldn't be otherwise. People don't realize the internet as a whole has been and is still a "publicity outlet". People cannot expect free, the people that make and put and do videos are paid like any human beings and have bills. I worked for so long in a communities organizations often the salary is awful. Teachers are less paid than so many other professions. Yet none of those two areas aren't essential. I hate capitalism because it's about pitting each other against each other. But we as a species don't seem to want to move away from this concept and those who do are not fearing well. So, I hope at one point we will be able to think of a truly inclusive behaviors and "economy" but that is not happening quite yet!
sWY Month ago
I have never understood why brands give out such lavish PR packages... I mean, customers who are the target of these so-called beauty influencers won't receive the same packaging so why spent so much money on packaging instead of making better formulas. I have seen so many videos of house tours wherein influencers show how many draws all filled with PR stuff that won't get shown anyway.
Lianna Scrimger
Lianna Scrimger Month ago
'Every industry is full of sh*tty people doing really well' I laughed out loud when I got to that part. Female in the video game industry over here...
Petunia Month ago
Imagine this....no idea who you were ( no offense ) don't know how I got here, and this is the first introduction to you. What are the odds? Good on you.
Rhythm N' Blues
Rhythm N' Blues Month ago
I only watch a couple reviewers and those are: you, Kathleen Lights, Jen Luvs Reviews and Kristy. I can’t stand looking at reviewers who have everything talking about how they have everything. It’s just agitating to me. Particularly Jeffrey Star does this and it’s not important to me. It reminds me of The Hunger Games...just this disgusting need to keep consuming and consuming and never having any depth. It represents the world as a whole right now. When I became a makeup artist initially it was because I loved the feeling of making people feel good about themselves and after countless jobs in cosmetic fields and working with people like that I have no tolerance for it anymore at 35. I got out of the cosmetics industry because of the types of people it attracts that are what I’m not all about. People like you make me like it again. Honesty in talking about ingredients, cruelty to animals, consistency in products and environmental sustainability. That is what the intelligent consumer wants. I appreciate you. Thanks so much!
Lisa Gerson
Lisa Gerson Month ago
You are an excellent speaker and so intelligent, this video made me subscribe!
SecondHandJan Month ago
What about people just not spending like they were- look at the economy right now, also look how saturated influencers are on social media, you tube, Instagram. People are spending less, and many companies large and small are facing HUGE losses and are hurting! Excessive cosmetics are NOT essential and are very costly. Many young people staying at home for Covid, cleaned out their homes and realized they have too much makeup, many of which is similar over and over to other brands.
Michelle Santos
Michelle Santos Month ago
So much talk here blah blah
Ty McMillan
Ty McMillan Month ago
Some interesting perspectives. Lost me at the analogy about your job being like ours. Your job is nothing like our jobs. There is no comparison. We don’t make money off of fans, a boss pays us to do real work. You do what you enjoy which is wonderful, and you got RUvid famous and now you’re getting ‘work’ because you have a lot of fans. You are your own boss. You decide who u want to collaborate with and get bonus ‘extra’ payment/s from. It is not the same I’m sorry lol. 😔🤦🏻‍♂️
ALLIE NYC Month ago
Yes this moving from traditional media to the more unconventional media like RUvid is key, they did have %100 control and this is pretty different from just handing over a product and a check and say "promote this". But yes 60k for one video is a bit much. But yes I agree people have more of an issue with women making this kind of money, though for decades male sports "influencers" made (and make) bank, I mean A LOT of money. Yup jumping on the train of inclusivity because it is marketable now, so true. I think consumers just need to be smart and educated consumers. Lets be real here the person on YT is not your friend. Yes they are being paid to review a product. But you also need to do your own research not just go off the influencer review. Much like a traditional TV commercial you see a product that looks good but you do some research on it. You as a consumer are part of the equation and need to weight the options and make a decision. And the product may or may not work for you. You are an adult. Back in the day people bought products based on traditional commercials, magazine editor reviews which is no different from an influencer reviews. And if a friend or coworker recommended it. But even when a friend recommends a product it may work for them but not you. And yes the whole "honesty" trip is kind of hypocritical. I think millennials have unrealistic views on the world and life. So in this particular case a You Tuber should spend 40-60 hours a week creating great content to be consumed by those that watch it, and they should do it for FREE and forget about rent, food, healthcare, clothes, saving for the future. But the viewers would not work for an employer 40-60 hours a week for free. I mean lets get real here. But that is the problem with people today they don't really deal with reality. They want to have their cake, and they want to eat it, they like to live in a suspended reality where you can have both when this is literally impossible--thats the point. Be an adult, don't spend above your means, if want to buy a product do additional research, yes go try it out in the store/Sephora and then make an adult decision. And influencer is not your friend, or your therapist or your parent. They are just another person earning a living. And yeah me personally I am kind of over TT challenges. Extra carbon black 😂 😂
Ariadna Spacey
Ariadna Spacey Month ago
YOU GO GIRL!!!👍👍👍💖💖💖🤗🤗🤗🤯👏👏👏
Sunny J
Sunny J Month ago
Can I have your donations?
Journeythrough3 Month ago
The most important part of the video was you saying, speak our concerns/complaints BUT most importantly offer solutions. You nailed it!
Carol Watson
Carol Watson Month ago
I think the main problem is the money follow the money. Ask PPL out here and they will tell you I don't have the money to invest in new Cosmetics right now. We are using what we have and making do with that. We really don't care about new products new colors maybe this new that. We can't afford it that's the bottom line
Tina Dendy
Tina Dendy Month ago
Samantha, You are absolutely BRILLIANT.
Vika Fi
Vika Fi Month ago
I like honest people aaaand I just subscribed :)
thisusernameistaken byyomama
Damn girl you smart!! Came here for the topic and stayed for the knowledge.
Nikki Z
Nikki Z Month ago
Alternate video idea: the economics of the beauty community
Marissa Stark
Marissa Stark Month ago
L Vbu
Marissa Stark
Marissa Stark Month ago
cici Davis
cici Davis Month ago
and something i almost forgot to say is yea there some shitty ppl doing good, but god doesnt like ugly ...and i am a true believer what goes around comes around
cici Davis
cici Davis Month ago
beauty community has def changed.. i love how honest u are ,dont let anyone ever take that away from u...my personal opinion is that beauty should be about uplifting women/men to feel beautiful ..and nowadays its just not about that...some youtubers get all this free stuff and lie to all of us subscribers saying its good when they know its crap..who cares if a brand kicks u off pr ..if a company truly stands behind their products they actually want true honest opinions....so now its hard to trust what youtubers say..the whole beauty community has changed,and its sad
Denise Berry
Denise Berry Month ago
Absolute perfection this. Subscribed 👌🏻
Anna Marie
Anna Marie Month ago
Anna Marie I loved watching this video. I’d like to share my perspective, as a consumer, regarding one point: If I don’t think a particular influencer should be paid $60,000 for a video, I’m actually not saying that it should be kept by the brand either. I’m actually saying that I think the industry should be regulated more so that it doesn’t get to the point where a brand is able to pay that much to one person for one video to promote a sub-par product. I’m saying that I think the industry should be regulated to promote quality over quantity. I’m saying that the industry should be regulated to protect the quality of life of the workers who assemble the containers for the products. And I’m saying that the industry should be regulated to promote sustainability. All in all, thank you for this video!
E turnall
E turnall 2 months ago
Ce Ha
Ce Ha 2 months ago
The beauty industry had a hard penis for the last 10 years. Easy marketing and millions of costumers. Getting younger and younger. Start early to get the brand connected to the consumer. The influencers are so annoying too. Thinking they are god. Maybe they are to some girls and boys. Millions of products that have to be marketed. Tired of this I think also this is peak and this is the beginning of the end. I hope. What do we really need and what can we skip. I hope influencers will be gone. All this bullshit talking and then they are crying about how they have anxiety and blabla. I do not believe anything of this social media whores. I am done with this. I watch documentaries instead. 😂
Amy Farrell
Amy Farrell 2 months ago
1 year later and still so relevant
Brittani Moore
Brittani Moore 2 months ago
And THIS is Why I love You and your videos!!💞🙏🙌👏👏👏
Jessica Eversole
Jessica Eversole 2 months ago
Wow this aged so well!
Nyoka Steenholdt
Nyoka Steenholdt 2 months ago
Wow, august 2018! Feels more like this video was made yesterday.
Ginna Al
Ginna Al 2 months ago
You are absolutely right girl, they use these kind of people for benefits not because they care at all ! Like Hollywood the beauty industry it has been a big lie and we believed that lies with eyes close, thinking that what we see is honesty. I knew that the fake influenster’s they are no real .
Sarah Vulpio
Sarah Vulpio 2 months ago
How can someone call you out for sticking with an unfulfilling job because you’re making money? That’s literally 90% of people who work. Ask anyone in corporate America. Or retail. Or service industry.
Toby Toots
Toby Toots Month ago
Ohhh the service industry. Truth!
Christina Deligero
Christina Deligero 2 months ago
Rewatching a year later and still holds up
Priya Panday
Priya Panday 22 days ago
Lol so true😂
Ivy K
Ivy K 2 months ago
30 pr packages?? That's crazy and overwhelming
suzanne nottelling
suzanne nottelling 2 months ago
Your right I’m so tired of all the drama 🎭 it’s so bad we have so much bad in the world I don’t need all this drama and cancelling everyone it’s silly and stupid
Sneha Parihar
Sneha Parihar 2 months ago
but you are making money from the views.. isnt it? then y u want to make it even more profitable for u? also btw do you have any formal education about the makeup, fashion industry.. actual experience of working in an industry? then brands paying u just to talk for sharing an experience is unjustifiable.. lot of ur examples dont make sense.. the salary or income of an individual depends upon lot of factors.. a person with no education and no work experience, just taking from her sofa in her living room , wont be paid minimum wage and a buck-load of money but 2 different ppl.. ur motto is to just justify ur current profession and continue making a livelihood..
Tiller Lindemann
Tiller Lindemann 2 months ago
Back from the future. Did Shane watch this as a study before he jumped head first into a cash grab with Jeff
Dani 2 months ago
As I am watching this in july 2020 and I think. How do those brands not give product to their fans? And make those people "mini influencers" at random? Be like "hey, this girl tagged our brand for 4 products, let's send her more"!!! That would drive sales brought the roof! instead of super expensive PR that people won't use
S Y 2 months ago
Omg I was watching this video assuming it was addressing all the shit that happened in 2020. Reading the comments towards the end of the video only to realise this was posted a year ago?! I guess some things still hasn't changed - only to get worse.
Nicole F
Nicole F 2 months ago
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t buy their own makeup
Hayley kit Welch
Hayley kit Welch 2 months ago
I really enjoyed this video. I'm a new sub and I love your channel, your honesty and your whole outlook. Ready to binge all your videos. 😘 ❤️ 💜
Savv B.
Savv B. 2 months ago
influencer sponsors and such are kinda like store fronts to me. maybe cause ive worked in retail for 10 years BUUUT like most stores you buy products from there you like. What the boutique brings in you like so you go there for certain things... if you dont like what they bring in you dont shop there.... and like other stores you can buy i dunno levis from that store or you can go straight to the site to buy them.... its like buying local compared to a large store.... i dont get why ppl get so in their feelings
Melanie Gorniak
Melanie Gorniak 2 months ago
Myself personally even if it’s even my favourite person and they do a video on P.R unboxings I refuse to watch them unbox thousands and thousands of dollars of products that never get touched, and I get extremely upset because I can’t even afford a freaking Elf concealer! Do videos on new products sure I will watch because you are using it but unboxings nope 👎 I get way to upset because I’m sitting here on disability for life because my very physical job screwed my body so badly I have more hardware in me than IKEA furniture has . I get this is your job use the products and I’m all good but showing me all that product that never gets used but some don’t donate it , they want their collection to be massive and unattainable to the people watching that’s what really really gets to me . The life that creators live all the trips and free shit when they act like assholes is so very wrong, you along with about 20 others are all I watch , from an honest creator sponsored content isn’t a problem you are honest about it so post it .
randa0402 2 months ago
Thanks for being courageous enough to speak out.
Alice Mehtemetian
Alice Mehtemetian 2 months ago
i love how you have no filter and speak your mind. i watch you even though i have oily skin but i like your makeup techniques and aesthetics 💋❤️
DaisieTrains 2 months ago
I still think it’s over the top when elf sent out a mini fridge as PR
tiahc3 2 months ago
I Love your restaurant analogy! The four empty tables that can't have anyone at them because the air conditioning system is leaking right next to them but if the host were to be honest they would be fired because nothing should be leaking into a room where food is prepared or consumed! 2 sides to every story and both sides think they are right but that doesn't mean the other side is wrong, they just have a different perspective!
MikaleMagic 2 months ago
This is tea!! I love how real you are--
Xuraha 2 months ago
How the hell is this shit on my suggestions
Jackie Wisdom
Jackie Wisdom 2 months ago
Wow! Somebody that talks sense, and honest sense at that. I've always found myself up sh*t creek without a paddle for telling people the truth. I'm going to be 50 in 4 weeks and my B.S. meter is still going strong. You look beautiful by the way 😇 Edit: Oh WOW! I thought this was new but it's actually from just under a year ago. Haha! Absolutely nothing has changed in the last year, if anything, it's got worse 😆
Fernanda Márquez
Fernanda Márquez 2 months ago
This is almost two years ago and I'm barely watching it, it just popped on my feed. You've been on top of the game even way before all the things going on right now. As well, I just noticed you are on 1 MILLION SUBS just now!!!🖤🌠
alison anna
alison anna 2 months ago
There are so many unproblematic youtubers in the beauty community,but the unfortunately the fact that they are underrated makes them way better than all of those beauty gurus with 3M+
Anna Tsoi
Anna Tsoi 2 months ago
You're so freaking right, many people just don't get it there is more then they just can see and hear. Love this video, Samantha.
CdnDolly 2 months ago
There's a youtuber Pretty Pastel Please that did 2 video's talking about how much influencers get paid by companies to promote and why. It's called, The secret world of influencers part 1, and part 2. Just thought I'd mention in case anyone wanted more on this topic. I thought she also did a really great job on breaking down everything and explaining motives :)
Anna Wallis
Anna Wallis 2 months ago
You are my sunshine! Thank you for your brains, humor and passion. Chef’s kiss!
misslasagne1 2 months ago
I like you
Shelby Ballard
Shelby Ballard 2 months ago
when your dog barked it sent my dogs into a barking frenzy. thanks.
Shelby Ballard
Shelby Ballard 2 months ago
Also I 100% agree with your points in the video.
gloopgloopp 2 months ago
Always spitting facts! Thanks for educating some of us and the younger crowd.
eriier 2 months ago
You keep shining! Nodding my head through this entire video. Well said. 👏
Hebing Fei
Hebing Fei 2 months ago
We’re friends in my mind 🤣
Clara Podesta
Clara Podesta 2 months ago
Oh the hypocricy
Tammy Brantley
Tammy Brantley 2 months ago
Anybody ever tell you that you look like the girl from the movie Can’t buy me love from the 80s?
Eva Masterton
Eva Masterton 2 months ago
everyone hates their job sometimes it is completely normal
Anabel Stegmaier
Anabel Stegmaier 2 months ago
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