The Problem With Jake Paul Confronting Cody Ko

Jarvis Johnson
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jake paul confronted cody ko for being a cyberbully and it was very weird. maybe i'm totally out of line by talking about this, but i felt the need to post a quick reaction
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May 20, 2019




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Jarvis Johnson
Jarvis Johnson 2 years ago
truly not trying to rag on jake or wish him any ill will this whole criticism = bullying thing just seemed important to address. hope that comes across
Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn 3 months ago
Who would have known that now 2 years later it's attempting to be pushed under the term "content shaming." Which has to be the most transparent attempt to avoid criticism that I've ever seen.
Bangy 3 months ago
I am
OppositeETO 5 months ago
22 and yet still bullying I hope he gets better
Elle McDowell
Elle McDowell 6 months ago
OTydal 9 months ago
I feel like this disclaimer always has to be made whenever making a critical video even when it isn’t necessarily true
Abby Morrison
Abby Morrison 14 hours ago
I can't believe he went to go for a handshake, that's so sweet, and Jake is like about to try to deck him. Tf
SomeFamousDude 21 hour ago
People just can’t handle criticism these days 😪 I feel like the difference between criticism and bullying is really easy to realize which is which
adamyes SDVX
adamyes SDVX 3 days ago
Guys, please lake Jake alone. You must understand that he has a very rare disease called "7 year old brain". It's already hard enough for him to have to live with the intelligence of a toddler.
rat boy
rat boy 5 days ago
you can honestly tell Jake has about 1 braincell knocking around in that vast empty void of a skull
Sara K
Sara K 12 days ago
It's the hypocrisy of jake paul for me 🤪🤡
Jaja Raguini
Jaja Raguini 13 days ago
Jake Paul talking about bullying is so ironic. I find it really funny coming from a bully himself. Dude, he got offended over minions 😂
Jalen Williams
Jalen Williams 13 days ago
Jake Lucky Noel Wasn't there Noel Would solo the family
I Hate It Here
I Hate It Here 15 days ago
I wanna know how jake even came to that conclusion tho??? Cause I think the one line Cody never crossed was making fun of kids lmaoo
sadrobot 17 days ago
Jake Paul got tips from 5 minute crafts to deal with bullies.
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina 18 days ago
I’m convinced Jake Paul is 3 Minions in a human costume
Grey Fox
Grey Fox 26 days ago
Jake is just a stereotypical jock turd from a d movie.
S.S. 28 days ago
Jake Paul is probably not educated enough to know what a back-end developer is. He probably thinks that a back-end developer is someone who is inferior, because there is a "back-end" in the name lmao.
Коuятиеу Каие
I can’t stand the way jake Paul speaks, eugh!
Flightless Raven
Jarvis: "maybe if u squint your eyes.." Subtitles: "maybe if you squint your thighs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" Don't know if that was intentional but it was funny 😂
J R McKim
J R McKim Month ago
Did Jake really need his mom to validate what he said about Cody? Seriously Jake keep your family out of your videos.. better yet why don't you confront your brother? He is one of the biggest bullies in the effin world! He bullied a corpse Jake an actual dead body... and you confront Cody Ko? I know that was years ago but it still upsets me. The nerve of this guy..
BLINKZ gaming
BLINKZ gaming Month ago
It would have been funny af if noel was there
WalkWe 2
WalkWe 2 Month ago
The funniest part is that jake made an entire music track bullying teachers
Birthquake Records
Cody Ko seems so genuinely excited and happy that Jake Paul suddenly appeared. And then Jake just got super weird and awkward. Poor Cody. That was so cringey to watch.
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson Month ago
Jake Paul can beat a baby to death and still get support subscribers and Views is sickening
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson Month ago
9:08 . I can't imagine being a human and videoing a human that took their own life and Laughing and joking about it I just can't believe lmao
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson Month ago
8:08 . Logan Paul says bullying people online behind the computer as he proceeds to bully someone online behind a computer screen
Creeper Invasion
I would kind of get this If it was a more negative commentary channel like ImAllexx, but Cody really just makes jokes and occasionally calls out people who have done bad stuff
Bobby Thompson
Bobby Thompson Month ago
When I see Cody making fun of famous people I see him as making awareness of the b******* and lies that other people (kids) would not see and look past Cody spreads awareness for fake manipulating gaslighting hypocrites popular people
512 Month ago
I think where Jake is going wrong is Cody isn't a youtuber for the same audience as Jake. Cody insists that his audience is at least around 18 years old. aka adults. Jake's audience clearly isnt if we have anything to go by other than the live meet n greets he's had. I just went to a live event for Cody and Noel and everyone in the chat was talking about pregaming before the stream started. Take it with a grain of salt, but the age ranges are at least. Defined?
Conor Meehan
Conor Meehan Month ago
Cody’s genuine happy/shocked yell is so nice
Liora K
Liora K Month ago
wait do u think jake thinks acc things disgusting is spelled disqusting . has he never noticed the curvature
Face Of Failure
Face Of Failure Month ago
Even Jeff said (it's quiet cause Jake is talking over him): Kids? Your an adult.
Chance Will
Chance Will Month ago
If someone told Jake his shoe was untied, he'd probably say they're a bully too
Jonathan S.
Jonathan S. Month ago
Who the eff is Jake Paul?
Face Of Failure
Face Of Failure Month ago
Just a dude who "messes up" a lot aka does stupid stuff to get bad press cause press is press.
Conner Kent
Conner Kent Month ago
You have a good life
Micah Guillemette
Jake is the type of guy who gets mad at people for bullying by bullying them. Hes convinced he knows what bullying is but is 100% off and doesnt recognise his own bullying.
Lion T.
Lion T. Month ago
I love the subtitles saying Kotico
Lion T.
Lion T. Month ago
Crossman blue V
Crossman blue V Month ago
Fuck the cyber bully!
Jenny Montana
Jenny Montana Month ago
Jake talks like he doesn’t have any teeth
Olive Blackmon
Olive Blackmon Month ago
skeeter Month ago
comments made me realize I have a higher education than Jake Paul thank you guys truly
JulesOnly Month ago
Jake to camera: "Wannabe comedian Cody Ko" Jake while Cody is in the room: "Yeah, you're hilarious, bro. That's not what anyone's debating."
JulesOnly Month ago
Fun fact: on Jake's day of birth he got stuck dabbing and when the doctors noticed they invented the word "cringe".
Savannah 2 months ago
I have no hatred in me. I litterly don’t get mad. I think the last time I got mad was in February. Right now it’s July.I think I have only not liked 4 people. I mean I was in the first grade the first time I think I didn’t like people. The last time was in the 6th grade. I’m going into high school for the first time In 1 month. I had I guess you can say beef with them at the time. I don’t like them but I don’t not like them. Pretty much I don’t care for them. Anyways have a nice day.
tHe moSt pRoffEssiOnaL mAn
jake: he’s hiding behind his computer cody: literally uses his face and name in his videos and other content i don’t think you can hide behind your computer if you’re not hiding
canibal burger
canibal burger 2 months ago
Jake: Hey your mean to kids! Cody: Who? Jake: I DoNt KnOw!?!
Jules King
Jules King 2 months ago
Rewatching this in 2021, I can’t describe how confused *AND* unsurprised I am that Jeff Wittek was in the Jake Paul-Cody Ko confrontation video.
Olive not Oliver
Olive not Oliver 2 months ago
Love how jake didn’t say shit abt Noel
Heckin Chonker
Heckin Chonker 2 months ago
Why is jake so robotic? “I don’t like cyberbullies” *points at Cody* “You are cyber bully”
Grim. Red
Grim. Red Month ago
Cyber bully detected must eliminate 😂
B T 2 months ago
There were so many things wrong with the concept and message of what Jake was doing (ex. like the word cuma powder is cum powder or something like that). It is not promoting hate - it is comedy. Cody pokes fun at things and is funny...he even makes fun of his 21 year old self. Whether the other party has power and money or not, what Cody is doing is not bullying. I do think it is possible for a less rich and less powerful person can bully another person (but it is usually less likely). This is actually so ironic since Jake has actually been accused of actions more in line with real bullying by former members of team 10 and others when he was growing up. Not to say that Jake was a bully but Jake does not understand the difference between comedy and bullying. I would have respected Jake more if he had said look I am a rich youtuber with a lot of fans but the videos Cody made really hurt my feelings. But Jake doesn't say that, he just says of it doesn't affect him but he is sticking up for others that are being bullied?? anyway, thanks for making this video. i do believe jake has other talents and redeemable qualities but he was wayy off the mark with this video. PS even the comment putting down smart tech guys is more in line with bullying than anything I have seen Cody do. Smart tech guys are hot!!
moonlitflavia 2 months ago
“wannabe comedian Cody Ko” …uh he’s an actual comedian mate that’s why he’s funny and you’re not?😂
SmilyGriffin 2 months ago
Okay, so every time i tried to spell disgusting, for *months* , i would type out discust. And no results came up, and it looked weird, so i would give up trying to type it. Until maybe an hour ago, when i finally voice searched it. And after getting discussed a few times, i finally got it and found out it's spelt with a god-damn G! So against my wishes, i have to give Jack that one.
Rvrcxe 2 months ago
OmG yOur sUch a boOlY doNt bUllY jAkE pAuL 😡😡😡
hi im sophie
hi im sophie 2 months ago
‘you bully kids’ ‘what kids?’ ‘you’re a bully’ ‘i’m sorry what kids?’ ‘yOu a BoOuLy sToP’
hi im sophie
hi im sophie 2 months ago
cody is too nice and canadian to get back at jake if noel was there, omfg he’d be crying
HahaItsPatrick 2 months ago
His teachers diss track is just Boyinaband's dont stay in school but worse
Speed Art And More
Speed Art And More 2 months ago
"He CYbER buLly'S KidS!" "Kids?! You're a grown adult!" Bruh I can't 💀
OfficialChisco 2 months ago
It’s interesting that the two best RUvid commentators are tech developers
Good Dog Training Services
Who is Robin Banks?
Nick C
Nick C 2 months ago
The way Jake Paul labels Cody Ko an "internet bully" is actually a type of propaganda, especially because you could easily argue that Jake Paul is a bully himself. Paul is literally engaging in propaganda lmao.
Jonathan Bell
Jonathan Bell 2 months ago
Just as a correction, you can absolutely bully someone who is rich and powerful and perceived “up” from you. All humans have feelings, insecurities, fears, and social needs. Rich, famous and powerful people can be hurt by things like body shaming. Even the most famous rich and famous have gone as far to fall into depression and become suicidal over such things. I can think of several actual examples. Agree there is a difference from criticism, but you can bully “up.”
Grim. Red
Grim. Red Month ago
Yeah you can bully them but they won’t care :)
Christy 2 months ago
you can, and he makes that distinction, but there is a difference between being mean or hurting someones feelings vs bullying. bullying is habitual and creates a power dynamic, and just being hurtful or mean is something that bullies DO, but not all. typically, for it to be a “bully” instead of just a person being mean, there has to be some level of recurrence and a vulnerability being taken advantage of. like if a popular kid was teasing an unpopular kid in school, and the unpopular kid said something that actually made the popular kid feel bad, that would just be being mean. but if that popular kid was being consistently sought out and harassed for being stupid etc, and it made them feel inferior to the unpopular kid, they would be a victim of bullying even though they are the “popular” one and the bully might be seen as punching “up”. in that particular instance, theyre still creating a power imbalance in SOME way making the popular kid believe theyre inferior and preying on a vulnerability-punching up is less about a person who is generally unprivileged making a joke at the expense of a person who is privileged, and is more relevant to the actual joke being made. like, if a disabled person made a homophobic joke about an able-bodied person in their stand-up; that’s still “punching down,” because the JOKE is punching down, not bc the person ur punching down to is “above” or “below” u …i did not need to go this far in depth to explain my point im mostly just talking out my feelings aksjkss like yes, you can actually harm people who are more privileged (in whatever way) than you, but that doesn’t necessarily make u a bully
Madalyn Reed
Madalyn Reed 2 months ago
I know this was 2 years ago but I feel like this whole situation can be summarized in one phrase... “it’s not that deep bro...”
Caitspaints 3 months ago
Jake doesn’t even know what comedy or bullying even is
Kai 3 months ago
hey jake, do you even know what animosity means?
Nicholas Stathos
Nicholas Stathos 3 months ago
Jake Paul is like the 24 year old Xbox 360 version of Donald Trump.
Plenty Of Trick Shots
Umaru Chan
Umaru Chan 3 months ago
Remember kids he was on Disney channel.
Lil Yogurt
Lil Yogurt 3 months ago
The funniest part is Jake saying “you bullied kids” and then Cody saying “I’m sorry for bullying you, man called Jake a kid and Jake never even noticed lmfao
Give Me Your Thots
Give Me Your Thots 3 months ago
Clearly he just tried to intimidate him into not making another video about him. That's all.
Ruby dub dub
Ruby dub dub 3 months ago
I know damn well that he went for cody instead of noel and ESPECIALLY not the both of them together because he knows he would go home in tears with his ego torn to shreds
samantha s
samantha s 3 months ago
Omg guy's what was this?? I thought it was a fever dream 😅
16-Bit Bernie
16-Bit Bernie 3 months ago
Oh Cody worked a day in his life? Damn he sucks. Oh and it’s clear Jake is the kid… clearly because he can’t take criticism.
Kk 48 smile Hearts
Kk 48 smile Hearts 3 months ago
Hamilton in the back
Ashley Sakura
Ashley Sakura 3 months ago
I love how Jake puts his own name in quotes in his tweet.
Katie Hambrick
Katie Hambrick 3 months ago
Jake’s comprehension of the world makes no sense to me.....is he IQ just that low? I’m confused.
lily kefaladelis
lily kefaladelis 3 months ago
The problem is not stabbing Cody ko actually
Jay Smitty
Jay Smitty 3 months ago
Jake sounds so unnatural and scripted. I know everything is scripted but he sounds scripted in the way that he didn't actually write his own ideas himself lol
doomoftheend 3 months ago
If only everyone had the great abilities like Jake Paul. Like showing dead bodies to children!
Originality 3 months ago
Not trying to bash you but that was Logan
elliott bestt
elliott bestt 3 months ago
“He cyber bullies kids bro I don’t like that” ... “kids? Which kids?” ... “you’re a cyber bully bro” 😭😭
GlibertTheFrog 3 months ago
I think that Logan Paul has genuinely grown as a person and toned his shit down but Jake is still a bumbling idiot who hasn’t realized that he has a huge amount of influence
Daymien Spencer
Daymien Spencer 3 months ago
Disney creates the worst monsters...
Aram Manukyan
Aram Manukyan 3 months ago
Ironic how Jake talks the most shit online in 2021
3 months ago
“I don’t understand how anyone can have this much HATE inside.” For one, have you been to middle school? And two, you and your brother are at least 25% of my reason for hate and cynicism.
Tanner Holton
Tanner Holton 3 months ago
Jake: this is the kind of video where if someone that didn’t have tough skin couldn’t handle it... *proceeds to make a RUvid video about being butt hurt and bout Cody teasing him for wearing a minion costume like a 5 year old* hmmmm who has tough skin?
damp sock
damp sock 3 months ago
Jake Paul's chin could beat your ass
Aidan Zeitz
Aidan Zeitz 2 months ago
damp sock
damp sock 3 months ago
Jake: you bully kids Cody: which kids? Jake: I dOnT lIkE bUlLiEs
Mickey 3 months ago
Fine RUvid I will watch it.
Ghostshot990 3 months ago
"You cyberbully kids!" - The man scamming and marketing online classes that promise to make you famous and rich which are hidden behind two paywalls, one of which exists to scam children, and selling merch while illegally marketing said merch to kids using the RUvid kids app
Lizzy Kehlor
Lizzy Kehlor 4 months ago
This reminds me of Trump tweeting about how he won the election when he clearly lost
Grim. Red
Grim. Red Month ago
Lol true
Jennifer Cavins
Jennifer Cavins 4 months ago
uhhhhh hi
Nina Olson
Nina Olson 3 months ago
Jennifer Cavins
Jennifer Cavins 4 months ago
Vannessa Ezurike
Vannessa Ezurike 4 months ago
“I’m not RUvid hero . . .” “Oh we know” I’m dead😂😂😂
Dr Cloudy
Dr Cloudy 4 months ago
Yeah that's why dharrman didn't call him a bully he understood his type of content
LamaGamar 4 months ago
Wait r we supposed to hate minions?
SonicFishies 3 months ago
While their films weren't exactly the cream of the crop, we aren't. Cody made a little joke about Jake's choice of attire and Jake is calling that "cyberbullying", when it clearly isn't.
Eva-Naiya Torian
Eva-Naiya Torian 4 months ago
I feel bad for Cody .😩
Darth_Spock 4 months ago
I've seen this in a lot of videos, but specifically in this video I noticed that the youtube autosubtitles cannot spell Cody Kos name right. I've seen it spelled: Kotico, Cody Cow, and Cruddy Ko.
Lid Lid
Lid Lid 4 months ago
I love the comments saying that Noel would flame Jake's ass. Y'all know what's up.
Adore Christian Flores
This guy talks like pete davidson
Cheyenne Hayden
Cheyenne Hayden 4 months ago
Matty Smokes, someone Cody Ko has made fun of in his "That's Cringe" video and actually kid, defended Cody! I'm not seeing how he's being a cyber bully
Originality 3 months ago
Another girl he supposedly “cyberbullied” made a reaction vid to Cody’s video on her as a joke to mock Jake also
Aye Mercury
Aye Mercury 4 months ago
jake paul bad
Futre 4 months ago
Jake, the boy who tells kids to drop out of school, pay him money for his Tai Lopez fraud, starts fires in residential neighborhoods and yelled at a child for touching a car, is claiming Cody is a bad influence. Did I get ANY of that wrong? Aight.
Angela van Rooyen
Angela van Rooyen 4 months ago
Is Jake Paul high as a kite?
Too Many Opinions
Too Many Opinions 4 months ago
Who was that guy at the end 😂😂?
Alex Cawley
Alex Cawley 4 months ago
just my unprompted 2 cents on this. first off, the o ly reason I know about this situation is because I'm a huge Cody fan so obviously could be biased by my opinion is that Jake doesn't necessarily have a bad point at all. the problem is he is the one delivering it. on top of that Cody is not the "biggest baddest" bully there is. there are way better targets of a confrontation like this than Cody. for example, idek if he still exists because I haven't seen his name in forever, but leafy. while what he says can be funny he says some pretty seriously mean shit. Jake is a notorious bully online and has continued to be a bully after this message. if he cleaned up his act more it'd give him credibility but look at every story past team 10 members have given. not the greatest dude... if he had picked a bigger problem target and changed himself I'd be behind it. in my opinion Jake and his brother are fucking smart and know how to go viral fast and this was a scheme that he had easy access to, being Cody was easily reachable, and he knew that it'd ba a massive deal, which it was at the time. supposedly increased Cody's and Jeff sub count by a shit ton, no I Dea what it did to Jake's as I don't follow him closely. I think at its core, it's a good message but executed extremely poorly because of the sender, the target, and the intent behind it. (going viral rather than actually making change)
Pepe Frog’s Alt
Pepe Frog’s Alt 4 months ago
I heard Jake say in a recent interview, “people always confuse me for Logan and vice versa”... or something like that. He legit doesn’t even know they’re trolling him.
zombskilss 4 months ago
I ah... 5:11 don’t think Cody is hiding
zombskilss 4 months ago
I don’t think jake went to college
SonicFishies 3 months ago
He dropped out.
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