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The Prince Family Documentary Part 3 Was Filmed In Spring Of 2019. More Parts Are Coming Soon As Our Story Continues To Unfold.
The Prince Family Documentary Part 1 Here:
The Prince Family Documentary Part 2 Here:
The Prince Family Documentary Part 3 Here:

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Jan 18, 2020




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Thank You For Watching Our Life Story 🙏🏽 Now It’s Time To Drop Them Bangers Back To Back For The Rest Of 2020!!! Pranks, Challenges, Vlogs Are Back!!! Lets Get It Man Lets Go 🤪😎🔥
tammy Stadtler
tammy Stadtler 5 days ago
You guys are the cutest ❤
katia martinez
katia martinez 11 days ago
THE PRINCE FAMILY wtf y’all came to Houston I’m from HOUSTONN 🤘🏼
Kym Ford
Kym Ford 16 days ago
Ja'Cari Rivers
Ja'Cari Rivers 17 days ago
Candice Powell
Candice Powell 19 days ago
Finding to
Opal Oparu
Opal Oparu 6 hours ago
Those are haters
Tranea Bakare
Tranea Bakare 21 hour ago
I’m glad we finally happened with the old manger and her daughter smh!
Shay Love
Shay Love 2 days ago
The people that put thumbs down are haters love y'all prince family
Imari Stokes
Imari Stokes 2 days ago
Team Beyonca
Hayleigh Hancock
alisharn08 4 days ago
Ahahah lol docent no what youtube is
Hayleigh Hancock
Laura Adams
Laura Adams 5 days ago
Loved hearing the behind the scenes of your music!!
Lakeisha Hendricks
What city you live in I want to be your friends
fatboyblue269 6 days ago
B and her ex friend was almost RUvid foot models
Madjina G
Madjina G 8 days ago
The music video part 😂 14:09
CuteNComfy 23
CuteNComfy 23 8 days ago
Love how this came about and all 3 parts
Jasmine Burgess
Jasmine Burgess 8 days ago
Damien and Bianca y'all are amazing. I wish I could do what y'all are doing. My reasons to grind is my almost 4 and 2 year old and were struggling and I hate it. We don't really have anything I want better for my boys
the Olamide plays Roblox 2020
Can I have a post notification shoutout please
Kyra Ashley
Kyra Ashley 9 days ago
Bianca was pregnant in this look at her stomach
Em's World
Em's World 8 days ago
Obviously they filmed this before nova was born because they are not talking about her
kyla L
kyla L 9 days ago
Make another song plzzz
RYAN GUMMER 9 days ago
Hi prince fam
iNINJAgamer 10 days ago
All I can say is, they turned a negative to a positive & dreams do come true. Amen.
Ohwe Kno
Ohwe Kno 10 days ago
Elizabeth Dominguez
Truly blessed
shalana garcia
shalana garcia 11 days ago
Dropping late vids
Shronda Pollard
Shronda Pollard 11 days ago
Sandy Johnson
Sandy Johnson 12 days ago
Bianca ain't look like herself.
Jaiden Brunette
Jaiden Brunette 13 days ago
John Brew
John Brew 13 days ago
Bianca got too much makeup on
Shay _Editz
Shay _Editz 16 days ago
Waiting on the run my scrillz music video
Kym Ford
Kym Ford 16 days ago
Where do you live I love you I want to be in your vision
Sarah Lee
Sarah Lee 17 days ago
Am crying 😢😪😭😭😭😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😢😭😫😫😩😩
Iyahna Sawyer
Iyahna Sawyer 17 days ago
4:51 place marker for meh don’t mind this
Vane Menjivar
Vane Menjivar 17 days ago
Is this when nova was still in the belly? Or is there sum we dont know about.
Adriana Lopez
Adriana Lopez 12 days ago
Yeah is she pregnant again or when she was going to have nova.
Boogi3 Streams
Boogi3 Streams 15 days ago
this was in 2019 in the spring she was already prego
Tina Obi
Tina Obi 17 days ago
this was filmed while she was pregnant with nova
**Alaysia Smith**
**Alaysia Smith** 19 days ago
Followed Facebook page , turned on post notifications ❤️❗️
Danae Lott
Danae Lott 19 days ago
Is Bianca Prego again
Chelsy Boehm
Chelsy Boehm 16 days ago
Biannca isn't pregnant y'all this video was filmed in spring 2019 before nova came
Tina Obi
Tina Obi 17 days ago
this was filmed while she was pregnant with nova. it was filmed a while back
Vane Menjivar
Vane Menjivar 17 days ago
I see you Hahahahahahah
And she’s not and you see her stomach
I see you Hahahahahahah
And when the was doing new house tour she said something and Damien said shut up and then tried playing it if she said tell about the baby she is
Sally Eriacho
Sally Eriacho 20 days ago
Yup you can't trust everyone or anyone..just yourself..
Johnathon Brown
Johnathon Brown 21 day ago
Do not stop You Tube now we all love ❤️ plz do not stop
Johnathon Brown
Johnathon Brown 21 day ago
Do not stop You Tube now we all love ❤️ plz do not stop
De’Maureion Geathers
Team Damien
Aries10K 21 day ago
Shit teach me and my girl the ropes of youtube 🙏🏽 10kFamily
Betsy Dean
Betsy Dean 22 days ago
Whoa Biancca u look different in this. Or is it just me
Imari Stokes
Imari Stokes 2 days ago
Team bianca
Zaytiana Darden
Zaytiana Darden 22 days ago
She was pregnant
Im A Dookie
Im A Dookie 22 days ago
Why the stepdad got a damn cover on his head
Mally MalGaming
Mally MalGaming 22 days ago
He looks like Yo Gotti
Semaj Lopez
Semaj Lopez 22 days ago
😢😢😢 can you part 4
Semaj Lopez
Semaj Lopez 9 days ago
You dum
C Ochieng
C Ochieng 21 day ago
It's called the end. Duh.🤖🤖🤖. SMH.
Im A Dookie
Im A Dookie 22 days ago
Semaj Lopez it’s the end wym
Katerica Bryant
Katerica Bryant 22 days ago
Aziah Chambers
Aziah Chambers 22 days ago
just be you
Ayanna Temp
Ayanna Temp 22 days ago
14:00 just putting where I left off lol
Iyahna Sawyer
Iyahna Sawyer 17 days ago
It be like that 😂🤷🏽‍♀️
lovely Queen Alex
lovely Queen Alex 22 days ago
Everybody has a story I hope y'all stay together and continue to follow ur dreams I love y'all
MattyB drum mag eBay again
Alex Honey k
Emma Alexander
Emma Alexander 23 days ago
When did y’all do this because Bianca is pregnant
Iyahna Sawyer
Iyahna Sawyer 16 days ago
Emma Alexander it means for real...and they filmed this when she was pregnant with Nova
It’s OG!
It’s OG! 19 days ago
Read The Description Box.. That’s Very Important
Noella Angel
Noella Angel 22 days ago
Rhonnie Wooden
Rhonnie Wooden 22 days ago
It said it was filmed spring 2019
Emma Alexander
Emma Alexander 23 days ago
Do you know ne
Jada Kapri
Jada Kapri 23 days ago
Payton Baby
Payton Baby 23 days ago
Novas the same zodiac sign as me. (Taurus)
Payton Baby
Payton Baby 23 days ago
I actually like y’all songs❤️
alecia sutherland
alecia sutherland 23 days ago
These documentaries are super amazing 😉
Chastity B.
Chastity B. 23 days ago
His mother is just...im sorrry....but annoyinggggg
MattyB drum mag eBay again
Chastity B.
Italian Joya
Italian Joya 23 days ago
Beautiful. I love it
Itsyaboiks 78405
Itsyaboiks 78405 23 days ago
Wow I just realized what they song was ab 😭😢 that’s deep
Bmoney Town
Bmoney Town 23 days ago
You’re wife is sexy
Layla Scott
Layla Scott 24 days ago
Now they on the road to 6 million subscribers
Shameka Dixon
Shameka Dixon 24 days ago
Aww i cried thru out every part..
antonia olivarez
antonia olivarez 24 days ago
Wow the channel is growing every day love y’all
Paulette Poole
Paulette Poole 24 days ago
Seen all 3 Docs. I see where there has been much hurt to everyone. Damien, you had a lot of anger issues as a teen. I hope you deal with that and not allow it to emotionally and mentally abuse others. Overall, it seems like you're moving forward with your family. I thought it was mature of you to include the good and the bad. That's real. I pray that you and your immediate family, your dad, mom, her husband, and in-laws all find peace and forgiveness. Family is important. Appreciate them while you have them. I can see your family doing Reality TV. You have what it takes for your own TV Show. Hopefully something the world can see in a positive manner. May God bless all your endeavors. Documentary was good. Thanks for sharing💙💙
That Girl Jada
That Girl Jada 24 days ago
juice Ofom
juice Ofom 24 days ago
Tht boy DNT have anger issue he js need someone to punch him in the face
XxxbriiibabexxX 24 days ago
No hate but why are y’all reposting documentary from last year ago BEFORE YOU GAVE BIRTH TO NOVA
Idra Lewis
Idra Lewis 13 days ago
Think of how much editing this was especially due to the fact that they had to break it down to three parts. They probably took their time with it and still wanted to upload stuff on the regular
XxxbriiibabexxX 20 days ago
Raeana E and you think agreeing with someone can make me pressed like I don’t care🤣
XxxbriiibabexxX 20 days ago
Kassi Webster but what the whole point like that was old tf
Raeana E
Raeana E 22 days ago
Kassi Webster ikr like does she not understand that like her saying no hate doesn’t make it any different
Kassi Webster
Kassi Webster 23 days ago
XxxbriiibabexxX probably bc it’s their channel and they can do what they want 😂🤣
DESTINY LA'SHAY 24 days ago
y’all annoying 😂🤦🏽‍♀️ no she ain’t pregnant , this was filmed before nova was born .
Kiyah davis
Kiyah davis 22 days ago
DESTINY LA'SHAY 22 days ago
Funnyboy68 Aka somebody u know nah , they filmed this before she was born , while she was pregnant with her .
Funnyboy68 Aka somebody u know
DESTINY LA'SHAY wait if it’s before nova was born that means she’s pregnant right ??
Brendell McIntosh
Brendell McIntosh 24 days ago
Why leave
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