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The Prince Family Documentary Part 1 Was Filmed In January 2018.
More Parts Are Coming Soon As Our Story Continues To Unfold.
The Prince Family Documentary Part 1 Here:
The Prince Family Documentary Part 2 Here:
The Prince Family Documentary Part 3 Here:
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Jan 5, 2020




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THE PRINCE FAMILY 8 months ago
Never Give Up On Your Dreams. If We Can Do It, You Can Do It. Our Goal Is To Inspire Others, That’s Why We Put This Documentary Together Of Our Life. Sometimes God Let’s You Hit Rock Bottom, So That You Will Discover That He Is That Rock At The Bottom 💯😌🙏🏽
Dezoria Taylor
Dezoria Taylor 9 days ago
Dezoria Taylor
Dezoria Taylor 9 days ago
Hi I will send you a RUvid thing cuz you are my
Kimie Taylor
Kimie Taylor 10 days ago
John Felder
John Felder Month ago
Dang they went through a lot
Zaniera Campbell
THE PRINCE FAMILY all day everyday❤️
Kaylee Alfaro
Kaylee Alfaro 2 days ago
Why does plaz with my bae give me fast in the furious vibe? 🤔🧐
Destiny Draper (dd1643)
this is why prince family is man top 1 fav couple chanel bc all they wanna do is help inspire others to do right and never give up btw love u prince family
Sierra Hall
Sierra Hall 4 days ago
I have b
TBG Bagman
TBG Bagman 4 days ago
Y’all tuff
Harmonee Knox
Harmonee Knox 5 days ago
I love this video
Serenity Jefferson
wassup Prince Family
World of Kelani
World of Kelani 6 days ago
A13X 6 days ago
crazy cuz all of the girls you left you is probaly crying now seeing how successful you are and that they could of had this too
Makaylah Mucker
Makaylah Mucker 7 days ago
🥺y’all deserve everything y’all have ‼️this is exactly why you do not judge someone you don’t know ....I wish you the best and to continue to succeed and stay blessed
Subbing to everyone who subs to me with notis
Don’t lie who’s been a Fan for a very long time “¡ᴍ ɢɪғƬɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜō Łɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙꇙ ᴛô ᴍᴇ
Subbing to everyone who subs to me with notis
@NUMB 4EVR im not a bot
NUMB 4EVR 7 days ago
eww bot
Kristen & Damien
Kristen & Damien 13 days ago
my boyfriends name is damien too 🥰
qalpit 9 days ago
Start posting more ! Kristen & Damien
Kristen & Damien
Kristen & Damien 13 days ago
Luxe Capital
Luxe Capital 16 days ago
Wow I love this 😍🙏🏻
You two our my favorite couple on youtube. I'm a stay home momma and it's hard we struggle all the time. I wish I knew what I could do for videos to bring in some money to help my husband 😰
Sommer Lamb
Sommer Lamb 16 days ago
omg do'sent damien look just like CHARLIE WILSON if anyone agree like this comment he looked like that when his puffy hair was up
Danielle Herod
Danielle Herod 17 days ago
Thier background scares me💯
Mandy Deng
Mandy Deng 18 days ago
yasss pisssssaaaa hahahah
Stephen Stanley
Stephen Stanley 19 days ago
Bianca is good to you and your good to her and that’s good
Haileigh Glover
Haileigh Glover 21 day ago
I...I didn’t know your life was this sad...I’m sorry I love y’all tho!
Mariel Graham
Mariel Graham 21 day ago
I’m now crying 🥺
RTN gaming vlogs
RTN gaming vlogs 12 days ago
I watched this 30 times over and i cry every time
gemmi queen
gemmi queen 21 day ago
The past really hurts yall been tru alot god bless your family
Famouszz Yannah
Famouszz Yannah 22 days ago
Now I see the meaning of y’all intro omg I’m Finna cry🥺💙.
Samirah Fazilahmed
Samirah Fazilahmed 22 days ago
Now i understand what the intro means
asti fowler
asti fowler 22 days ago
Ashley Martinez
Ashley Martinez 22 days ago
Y’all made it 🙌🏻🙌🏻
LUVENIA BRYANT 23 days ago
Iam Jeaneiah
Iam Jeaneiah 23 days ago
“How the hell they gon’ judge us when we came from the bottom.”
mystery Queen
mystery Queen 23 days ago
This made me cry 😢😢
mystery Queen
mystery Queen 23 days ago
RTN gaming vlogs
RTN gaming vlogs 23 days ago
I've watched this 20 over
Yt_Cyb3rShadow4r 23 days ago
imagodatlfgg _
imagodatlfgg _ 9 days ago
C00chie man
Samara Jay
Samara Jay 23 days ago
Rashalanda Gaines
Rashalanda Gaines 24 days ago
When i was 12 years i never had nobody do this for me caught with everybody missed you blessed
Ty 25 days ago
Y’all are the true definition of real love because no matter what y’all went through y’all was always there for each other and that’s what matters the most team prince family
Joud Alsayed
Joud Alsayed 26 days ago
Jb audio TV
Jb audio TV 26 days ago
Why he always say pit instead of "put".. make all that money and won't take a speech class.. come on G.. fix that ish yo!
April Starr
April Starr 19 days ago
Guess what?............shut up.
mayiah gang
mayiah gang 29 days ago
Cesar Guerrero
Cesar Guerrero Month ago
Everybody’s calling the police on you
Aaliyah Wilson
Aaliyah Wilson Month ago
JJ AND JAMER Month ago
Na'Shawn Anglin
Na'Shawn Anglin Month ago
Tiara Black
Tiara Black Month ago
I love yall
Fanta Maloid
Fanta Maloid Month ago
now i really know the meaning of that song on yall intro
Wvyy Month ago
yup finna focus back on youtube😂
Aliyah Gilbert
Aliyah Gilbert Month ago
That girl Lailah
His stepdad is a shame of his self
Taneika Davis
Taneika Davis Month ago
Y'all have alot to be thankful for if it wasn't for lord on y'all side
Nisha Sri
Nisha Sri Month ago
His mum is still with his stepdad after he stabbed Damien
Juresha Cholopray
Juresha Cholopray 26 days ago
Damian has a good heart he took his mom and step dad out of hood by buying them a house.
Bjk bluface
Bjk bluface Month ago
Idk how is mom can stay with his stepdad after stabber her own son 🤨
Mahogany Wright
Mahogany Wright Month ago
I'm happy for you guys
Aircia Litus
Aircia Litus Month ago
This is the most beautiful story ever I’m in love 🥰
Sherry B
Sherry B Month ago
Danielle Durham
Danielle Durham Month ago
Yeah y’all situation was bad but I’m way down under the ground I mean staying outside can’t afford a room I would love to be In the motel room right now but I’m proud of y’all 😊 it’s gone take me some time but I’m trying my best if y’all can do it I can do it too 💯🅿️ Number one supporter been down since day one ☝️🎉🎉
Lyric Brazell
Lyric Brazell 28 days ago
Ive been there buddy.
Kenya Green
Kenya Green Month ago
It gets better!!! I promise you stay strong
tylersavage22 brooklyn
I mean subscribers
tylersavage22 brooklyn
I remember when you have 3.9M subscriber and now you have 6.7m
tylersavage22 brooklyn
now you got 6.7M subscribers now I know the intro what is feels like keep grinding BIG BRO ❤️❤️ and be strong
Peaches Berry
Peaches Berry Month ago
who wiching in 2020
YoMumOnMyPP Month ago
James Bond
James Bond Month ago
wonderland Month ago
But why aren't the telling people how to become a RUvid im not hating tho some people wanna know
Hername_Denim !
Hername_Denim ! Month ago
Hername_Denim ! That’s how I was
Jazzy's Life
Jazzy's Life Month ago
Kadian Brooks
Kadian Brooks Month ago
You are my favorite youtuber
Kadian Brooks
Kadian Brooks Month ago
You guys are really up love u all
Dioone Cooper
Dioone Cooper Month ago
reyna queen
reyna queen Month ago
I love you guys I am a fan
Quincy Opoku
Quincy Opoku Month ago
😢 😢 😢
Zaniera Campbell
Olivia Jean Baptiste
go bless
Sherlindrea Green
When Bianca started to cry idk why but I started to cry
Bridger6 Month ago
Too emotional bruh
Gacha Bella Volgs
Me too
Zellexz Month ago
Idk what to say I love y'all
alicia williams
alicia williams Month ago
Awww I am crying 😢🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🥺 Never give up on your dreams
Kimmis H
Kimmis H Month ago
J o d y
J o d y Month ago
God is god and god is amazing 🤍
Jr_4x_ Month ago
The definition of came from the bottom but up now 💯😩
Krisey Griggs
Krisey Griggs Month ago
this is sad and happy
edot Month ago
This documentary was hella good I was here when you posted 10 reactions videos a day shit was going crazy especially the Maury show ones had me weak 😂😂😂
Diana Medina
Diana Medina Month ago
My parents went through the same thing they raised my brother and sister in a basement and no matter what my mom always made that they were fed
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Month ago
My sister was born and weighed was 2lb
I was staved to death and chocked and i was post to weigh 10 but l weighed 2
Tayłor . S
Tayłor . S Month ago
When I was born I was 1 pound and 7 ounces
HC FAMILY Month ago
Damiens story makes me not judge them as much !
but why would you wanna judge them tho?
Emily DeJesus
Emily DeJesus Month ago
i bet his ex from the begginning mad that she aint part of his successes and biannca is..
Thedopest V
Thedopest V Month ago
It’s still messed up that they fired him just because they found love there🤷🏽‍♀️.
Mia Babycake Suwannarute
That happened to me when I was a baby too when I was first born.
Bulus Mayom
Bulus Mayom Month ago
Ask your mom
JM.j World
JM.j World Month ago
I love you prince family
Var-Kelso Scott
Var-Kelso Scott Month ago
me to
Unphazed AU
Unphazed AU Month ago
August 2020 like if u are
John Johnson
John Johnson Month ago
Mirthekid _
Mirthekid _ Month ago
The mom not disappoint no more they rich and famous now
Mirthekid _
Mirthekid _ Month ago
That’s a love story they met at little Caesars and became rich and famous together B&D my best couple on RUvid now.
Mirthekid _
Mirthekid _ Month ago
Damn they really came from nothing
Devin Berry
Devin Berry Month ago
Don't ever give up
Tyler Massey
Tyler Massey Month ago
Your ex sucks
Tyler Massey
Tyler Massey Month ago
I see why they made the intro
Maleah Brown
Maleah Brown Month ago
I scribe
Maleah Brown
Maleah Brown Month ago
You know what I net
Unphazed AU
Unphazed AU Month ago
Maleah Brown u can’t spell in this bih
Edzer Fertil
Edzer Fertil Month ago
Brandsen cuevas
Brandsen cuevas Month ago
Edzer Fertil
Edzer Fertil Month ago
Edzer Fertil
Edzer Fertil Month ago
From get64
Edzer Fertil
Edzer Fertil Month ago
Your time
That must've been a hard time for you guys but you work out all the stuff that happened to you guys together do you guys get married that's good
Major Ball
Major Ball Month ago
No way they made 100k in 30 days that’s like a years salary bruh
FENOM TV Month ago
I'm waiting to hear how that was possible...they got some explaining to do.
Aka Lwa ngc
Aka Lwa ngc Month ago
Guys went through a lot
Aka Lwa ngc
Aka Lwa ngc Month ago
@Major Ball yes we all do
Major Ball
Major Ball Month ago
Aka Lwa ngc no shit we all do
FlamesTTV Month ago
Did the prince family like my comment
formalxbubly _ii
Aminataa World
Aminataa World Month ago
FlamesTTV Month ago
all the tea
all the tea Month ago
And people would always hate on them 😢 god is great ❤️💖
Xiaz widda pump
Xiaz widda pump Month ago
this vid is awesome
Gabe_ Taking Real
Hey watsup y’all
NotKoryシ Month ago
Jacobi Fudge no❤️ you need a stop hating for no reason.
Jacobi Fudge
Jacobi Fudge Month ago
Shut up
Disturbed curls 4a chronicles
Love this , reminds me of my husband and I , y’all are doing well keep it up stay strong together!!! Blessings
Eunice Gang
Eunice Gang Month ago
Now u guys r a big family baby number 4 is coming we love yall we will support yalls never give up , yalls from the bottom now u up to the top ✨❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖🍭🍭☮️☮️🍫🍫 Hope baby number 4 will make yalls life better
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