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The Prince Family Documentary Will Release Spring 2019
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Feb 28, 2019




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Comments 80
We Filmed This Documentary In January 2018 In Our Hometown Fort Wayne, Indiana. We Are Finally Ready To Release It This Spring 2019! We Are Excited To Share Our History With You! If You Guys Are Ready For The Full Documentary Smash The Like Button ❤️
Jean Strickland
Jean Strickland 3 months ago
If your baby died I am sorry for your lost
Jean Strickland
Jean Strickland 3 months ago
Your baby died if it did I'm sorry for your lost
ZZ Gang
ZZ Gang 4 months ago
I love y’all videos
Mckenzie White
Mckenzie White 4 months ago
You guys this reminds me of the story
ZZ Gang
ZZ Gang 4 months ago
I love y’all videos and y’all encourage others
Chloe Wright
Chloe Wright 37 minutes ago
That was a good a** trailer for real
Anastasia Munoz
Anastasia Munoz 20 days ago
And then y'all show out
thats crazzy
Queen Destiny haper
Queen Destiny haper 3 months ago
Love it
prettygirl hunt
prettygirl hunt 4 months ago
Gracie 😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶😍🐧👶
Deshawn Morrow
Deshawn Morrow 4 months ago
what y’all do
Charizard X
Charizard X 4 months ago
I was homeless for a while-2 months I had my daughter at 17 and graduating this June. I want to be as successful as you all. God bless you 🥰
The King Family
The King Family 4 months ago
D&B to the day I die
Mulenga Chilupe
Mulenga Chilupe 4 months ago
Don't worry I can always donate
Life with Ja’Niaya
Y’all should make a movie
Shaniqua Nash
Shaniqua Nash 4 months ago
This gives hope❤Much Respect🇹🇹
Low Life
Low Life 4 months ago
Yeoo am I tweakin or it’s January 2020 welp
Bianca McFarlane
Bianca McFarlane 4 months ago
When is the doc coming out
A’babiees Nation
A’babiees Nation 4 months ago
Wheres the documentary?
Mentus Metu
Mentus Metu 4 months ago
Why was Damon smiling in the picture with Bianca
It’s Zariah
It’s Zariah 4 months ago
Uhhh where is the documentary
Calvionne Sanders
Calvionne Sanders 4 months ago
Wait where is the documentary its past 2019 I been lookin forward to this full thing
Yanique Riley
Yanique Riley 4 months ago
I am very sorry I wish I was there during the struggle
Neika Dorcin
Neika Dorcin 4 months ago
It’s 2020 n still no Documentary
Katie & Raelynn
Katie & Raelynn 4 months ago
Where’s the documentary ?? It’s 2020 and I’m ready to see it !!
ShortieSanaa 4 months ago
Katie & Raelynn it just came out
Jamor Daley
Jamor Daley 4 months ago
Are you still gonna release it cause it's 2020
shootem96 4 months ago
When is this coming out i cant wait !!!!!!
shootem96 4 months ago
When is this coming out i cant wait ??
Johzire Talley
Johzire Talley 5 months ago
When r u guys releasing the documentary
Christlyn Betner
Christlyn Betner 5 months ago
Who is here 9 months after spring of 2019 and still has not saws the documentary
Maneste Alexandre
Maneste Alexandre 4 months ago
I just did I just saw this trailer and put the first hours ago in 2020
Ashleigh Hagood
Ashleigh Hagood 4 months ago
Benjamin Lagunas I noticed! Thanks
Benjamin Lagunas
Benjamin Lagunas 4 months ago
@Ashleigh Hagood now is here
Ashleigh Hagood
Ashleigh Hagood 4 months ago
Me! Would LOVE to see it
Elijah Best
Elijah Best 4 months ago
Nakiyah Scott
Nakiyah Scott 5 months ago
why y’all ain’t drop ?
S & R Nation Number 1
The Prince family has expired me to be better I love the Prince family
Cooking with mom !!!!!!
Unfortunately that whatever you went through in the past Need your future grader and the best part you and Bianka are still together standing strong you guys are blessed
O_o 5 months ago
Spring 2019 yeah right I was low-key exited about this....🙄
Zy Bandz
Zy Bandz 4 months ago
2020 i guess
Jason Creed
Jason Creed 5 months ago
I love yall. Yall were strong and persistent especially u biannca god bless yall. TEAM PRINCE FAMILY
It’s all About Rai
When’s it gonna come
Rainbow girl Cute
Rainbow girl Cute 5 months ago
Rainbow girl Cute
Rainbow girl Cute 5 months ago
CHEY BREEZII 5 months ago
Wow I can't wait till I get where yall at
Yourgirl_ Keycia
Yourgirl_ Keycia 5 months ago
Are y’all still releasing this?
nasa pilly
nasa pilly 5 months ago
Courtney ODonnell
Courtney ODonnell 5 months ago
Where is the documentary?
Xo-Monte_ Yt
Xo-Monte_ Yt 5 months ago
Marian Ansah
Marian Ansah 5 months ago
Please release this now
Lily Ann
Lily Ann 5 months ago
I just want to tell the Prince family that GOD is good and won't he do it.. God had other plans for you all. When he closed one door he opened up another door. God made away out of no way for your family and start giving thanks to GOD for everything because we could do nothing in life without GOD.
XxStarlightUwUxX 6 months ago
I was at 0:17 and getting teary eyed but now im like they now got what they need
Takoya Chestnut
Takoya Chestnut 6 months ago
When can we see the full documentary.....
Tink’s Nation
Tink’s Nation 6 months ago
Can this drop already
Queen 2323
Queen 2323 6 months ago
andrae oliver
andrae oliver 6 months ago
dj scares me
JAYLA 24 シ
JAYLA 24 シ 6 months ago
I’m sad🥺💔
Benjamin Mphisa
Benjamin Mphisa 6 months ago
November 2019 still waiting Love for the Prince Fam ❤❤❤
lifewithjazareia 6 months ago
when is this coming out ??? 🥺😩
Baby Kaylah
Baby Kaylah 6 months ago
This Documentary is the best one I ever watched! I’m here in 2019! It’s November! Even though this was short!! I still love it! Prince family all day everyday
melody seja
melody seja 6 months ago
This is just supposed to be the preview to the documentary they were supposed to release spring 2019 , been waiting for this to come out for almsot a year :(
Alexis C
Alexis C 6 months ago
When are y'all releasing this?
Mariah Thompson
Mariah Thompson 6 months ago
Need more
Miss Diva
Miss Diva 6 months ago
Did they ever post the actual documentary??
Tiara Morrison
Tiara Morrison 6 months ago
I am sad
Porsha 6 months ago
I’m waiting on this
elli plays ROBLOX
elli plays ROBLOX 6 months ago
LyfeWitAkilah 6 months ago
Where can I watch this ?
Tianna Daniels
Tianna Daniels 6 months ago
wheres the documentary .. ? cauuuseeee i wana see it .
Candypie 2010
Candypie 2010 6 months ago
un were can I watch this 🤨
Sxk Lil
Sxk Lil 6 months ago
Nigga is almost Christmas
Wavey Daii
Wavey Daii 6 months ago
Im still waiting cause its finna be 2020 and we dont got our video
Jamie HENDRIX 6 months ago
I love it 🥰
Destinique’s Life
Destinique’s Life 6 months ago
Is this coming out or what 🥺💛
Monse Chavez
Monse Chavez 6 months ago
When are y’all going to release the documentary?
crislye makodi
crislye makodi 6 months ago
Still waiting...its fall 2019 guyzzzz
the future
the future 6 months ago
We have a close enough situation Even though close enough is coming to hbo max
Aunisty Carter
Aunisty Carter 6 months ago
Candace Batiste
Candace Batiste 7 months ago
Bianca do a prank on Damien 🖕🖕👀
Brandon Daum
Brandon Daum 7 months ago
Wheres the documentary??
Randi Roney
Randi Roney 7 months ago
When is the Documentary coming out family 😍😍😍
aida S
aida S 7 months ago
I cried
marlene ivette
marlene ivette 7 months ago
Lakeisha McCall
Lakeisha McCall 7 months ago
When Is the documentary supposed to be released/ posted? I would like to see it❤️
anabella 7 months ago
Janae Jones
Janae Jones 8 months ago
Hey Qi is the day I gotta start ya
Cydnei Nicole
Cydnei Nicole 8 months ago
Uhhhhhh....where it at tho.
kai Kai Tv
kai Kai Tv 8 months ago
Are they still going to release this documentary????
Hentai 8 months ago
I been watching y’all since the reaction videos way back when y’all lived in that house with the stairs. I used to watch y’all everyday. Glad to see y’all way up now ❤️
Serenity Gunter
Serenity Gunter 8 months ago
Serenity Gunter
Serenity Gunter 8 months ago
And where is it lmao
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