The pregnancy test was negative... Then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱- BBC

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A panicked caller needs help for a friend who has given birth in a hotel room despite not having a clue she was pregnant.
Ambulance | Series 4 Episode 5 | BBC
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May 19, 2019




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Comments 5 948
My Life
My Life Day ago
Lilly Langkous
Lilly Langkous 2 days ago
the teacher: okey class who gave birth at home no one answers teacher: and who gave birth in a hospital everybody but elizabeth teacher: where where u born then? elizabeth: in a hotels toilet :)
•Milky_ Chan•
accio baby?is this harry potter :0
itz__eevee !!
itz__eevee !! 4 days ago
Rebecca:'you've got a red head... Me: @_@ 'Dude she just freaking had a baby on the bathroom floor. No time for colour of hair!!!!'
Boutique Bitcoin
Boutique Bitcoin 5 days ago
I got 8 Negative but I'm 28 weeks now. Tests suck.
zahra waheed
zahra waheed 5 days ago
Who else though t she was like 16 and thought she had a teen pregnancy
E Lief
E Lief 5 days ago
I feel so scarred for her
silly slimer
silly slimer 5 days ago
poor girl just given labor whole film crew HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
שיר בו
שיר בו 7 days ago
I think its not real because who is filming? From the bagining..
Taylor Hagler
Taylor Hagler 8 days ago
Did she only take one test ?
Valerie Andrews
Valerie Andrews 8 days ago
The baby is adorable
The Three Musketeers
Hermione or Ginny would suit the baby quite well, especially Ginny.
Zoe Ziburis
Zoe Ziburis 10 days ago
At Least there was someone else there
Marius Stone
Marius Stone 10 days ago
Amazing 😛
Amber Klopp
Amber Klopp 10 days ago
Girl how did you not know you were pregnant for nine months like did u ever worry about period times
Unicorn Chloe
Unicorn Chloe 12 days ago
Omg hope she is ok.
Moon Dash
Moon Dash 12 days ago
Sadly this happens more than we think(people not knowing they’re pregnant until birth)
dsa gsa
dsa gsa 13 days ago
Lucky, to no need to consider appropriate pregnancy dressing and diet Unlucky to the new born to not knew his gender sex before and prepare earlier his or her clothing.
_Spinel.Is.Baby_ 15 days ago
I wonder if she actually named the baby Hermonie
Raven Owens
Raven Owens 17 days ago
Bless her heart she looked so scared
Trisha 2418
Trisha 2418 17 days ago
Isn't it little weird where the hotel manager Is seeing her you know what
LazyZinc 18 days ago
3:11 Doc:she looks pink and happy Baby:YEAA
Nat and Tati
Nat and Tati 19 days ago
I remember when my mom had my brother she pushed him out then got up and walked around the doctors were like "you sure be sleeping" #SUPERMOMS!
FreestyleGirl 25 days ago
This should be on I didn’t know I was pregnant 😂😂🤣🤣
Dominic The Dirtbiker
“It’s crying and it’s screaming and everything” Well what do you expect from a baby that joins this world of ours?
I look at the description and scroll all the way down and see the category and it says Entertainment what ENTERTAINMENT
Dexterthewolf Month ago
I would have clicked on this earlier but that 'Accio' thing got me laughing so hard XD
Gacha Teddy
Gacha Teddy Month ago
Hi im Alice, i was born in a hotel bathroom:)
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Month ago
I think they are both super brave
Joanne August
Joanne August Month ago
I know it's not funny, but I just imagine the new father's grandparents' faces when they found out... Also this is a really, really cute baby.
Abdulnasser Dimnang
What kind of pregnancy test is that? Maybe expired.
Laura Vevers
Laura Vevers Month ago
She is so sweet. Apologies for the blood and mess! I wish her and her gorgeous daughter the best of luck in the future! 💖🌹
Fatima Begum
Fatima Begum Month ago
O my goodness she is cuter than me when I was born omg SHESS SOOO CUTE I CANT TAKE ITT
M A Month ago
sHe JuST haD a BEh bEh
Anna Playz
Anna Playz Month ago
Why is it that I’m 12 and want to be with a baby
Agata S.
Agata S. Month ago
Oh I'm so happy to read all these nice comments. I was expecting most people to judge her for not knowing and being rude to her. What a nice suprise ❤️ (sorry for my english, I'm still learning)
mark the shark🦈🦈
Kid:mommy Mom:yes Kid:we're do baby's come from Mom:the toilet sweete
Aimalicious18 Month ago
The scariest part of this video "you've got a ginger" 2:25
Laney Lancaster
Laney Lancaster Month ago
If my grandma who is 81 had a baby i would die
lyvsix 2 months ago
"Thanks for telling me". He's now hiding in mexico under a new name.
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