The pregnancy test was negative... then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱 - BBC

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A panicked caller needs help for a friend who has given birth in a hotel room despite not knowing she was pregnant.
Ambulance | Series 4 Episode 5 | BBC


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May 19, 2019

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Comments 5 755
Sweet Girl
Sweet Girl Day ago
Can I still get pregnant if I take birth control pills?
Uni Unicorn
Uni Unicorn Day ago
Awww she’s probably the best mom in the world 🥰😆
Issa Princess
The fact she just had a baby in the hotel bathroom! And she didn’t know she was pregnant it’s was a huge surprise for her 🙏🏼 amen and aww she apologizing for the mess in the hotel bathroom
Stephen 2 days ago
Trisha’s Slime
Trisha’s Slime 3 days ago
I’d love to do that job for the baby of course
Gracie Colby
Gracie Colby 3 days ago
Child: Mom where was I born? Mom: In a hotel room toilet...
no name
no name 4 days ago
Awww shes a gift .. bless her she said sorry theres blood every were ...
Owen A
Owen A 4 days ago
Holy shit .. I really wants a baby I have been watching baby videos for 2 hours Any girl want to help me to make a baby with me
Wolfie Plays
Wolfie Plays 6 days ago
I’m scared to poop now
Säturn's Riñgs
Wolfie Plays XD
Laura Land
Laura Land 7 days ago
I realize this is likely the most excitement the hotel clerk has seen ever, but he needs to get out, and shut the door! Sneezing in the open doorway. So gross. The girl was so calm, and apologizing to the oaf. I was screaming at him for her.
Cynthia Kila’
Cynthia Kila’ 8 days ago
Man I keep getting negative test “ but I swear im feeling off and people telling me is it pregnancy
Whalesnamedshark 10 days ago
I hope they name her Hermine
Mama Bear
Mama Bear 10 days ago
Poor girl nearly crying while apologizing about the blood
Animal vids with Maya and Alfie
Hotel: "We won't charge you for the mess, but for the additional guest!" Lmaooooooo
NATTY mcLAWS 11 days ago
He’s so tiny. Almost makes me want another one, actually no. I’ll just admire hers
NATTY mcLAWS 11 days ago
She is surprisingly calm for this situation, like it’s happened before and she knows what to say. I am not the one, ABABYJUSTCAMEOUTMYVAGINA GET HERE NOWW.
iris masterson
iris masterson 11 days ago
Wait for a clinician with extra skills? What skills pray? Women working in the fields in Africa etep off to the side and give birth, strap their babies to them and go back to work! No midwives and no clinician! The paramedics are completely capable.
moi 3 days ago
no wonder they have such high death rates
Shyya Dream
Shyya Dream 13 days ago
Shit I’m noisy i wish that the EMT would have let us see what he was doin. But I would have been just like Stacey confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ & apologizing to the staff. My heart goes out to that young lady because AINT nothing like u not knowing that u prego!!!
Selenahug 13 days ago
Shouldn’t the baby be like 9 months old
Brent Miller
Brent Miller 14 days ago
how can you not know ?
liberacion7 14 days ago
My buddy and also her partner have already been looking to have a child for3 years. None of their advisors could do much support. She bought the “Gοfαt Fanvuko” (Goοgle it) with following the directions in the plan for two months, they to be expectant. You could go to Goοgle if you want to learn more in regards to this spectacular strategy..
Liuhuayue 14 days ago
Spoiler They didn't name the baby Hermione after all. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or approving.
obi wan Kenobi
obi wan Kenobi 15 days ago
I cant change my name on youtube its been 4 months over 90 days but it wont let me change it if you can help please reply Edit: the reson i commented on this video is cause i clicked a random video
Blake 16 days ago
More to this story. She maybe thought about hiding it or even killing it.
Brown jin
Brown jin 16 days ago
Beautiful baby cries.
Susana Chavira
Susana Chavira 17 days ago
Ellie 17 days ago
Thats bullshit. U know when you’re pregnant. You feel the baby kicks And everything. Your hormones change. I’ve been pregnant I know what it’s like. So sorry but I don’t believe this. I hate when women says they didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth. You did know !! You feel the baby in your belly ! His moves and everything
moi 3 days ago
Haadi Aslam
Haadi Aslam 18 days ago
Frisbee Girl
Frisbee Girl 18 days ago
Does the BBC just have random camera crews set up in emergency vehicles and first responder centers and hotel rooms just in case this happens? Well done, you lot!
Kiera Frost
Kiera Frost 19 days ago
Ok but the medic (is that the right term?) was so sweet and funny. Like when he said to call her Hermoine and stick with the Harry Potter theme 😂. So sweet!
jade ac
jade ac 19 days ago
was she married
Doc And Cassie
Doc And Cassie 20 days ago
no one: her: *youve got a ginger*
Марина Ищенко
How it's possible! You're pregnant and don't know! I can't understand it
Lua 20 days ago
how did she not know she was pregnant? was she still getting her period every month? im so confused how does this happen O:
Lamir Ranee
Lamir Ranee 21 day ago
im glad she didn't name that baby Hermione haha Elizabeth sounds much nicer!
canessa johnson
canessa johnson 22 days ago
*Throw the whole hospital AWAY.*
Samantha Cole
Samantha Cole 24 days ago
I’m wondering that since she had went to the doc that very day, that her hcg levels dropped because she was going in labor. I know your hcg levels drop before a miscarriage and that you’ll get a neg. result.
Juliette Canas
Juliette Canas 25 days ago
Life hack, if theres no firefighter station around u, go 2 a police station basically the same thing.😉
andrea barns
andrea barns 25 days ago
Wow! Poor woman is apologising for making a mess on the bathroom floor. How could the GP miss a full term pregnancy, they obviously didn't feel her stomach or do a physical exam?
Ms. Take
Ms. Take 24 days ago
Poor doctor is probably rushed off his feet. If someone has several negative pregnancy tests, has vague or no symptoms, I can see why it would be easy for him to say 'well, it may be a cyst, but you'll need an ultrasound, so I'll refer you' and go on to the next patient who he may actively be able to help. Doctor things take forever, even when they refer you, they still have to take that action, fill in the report on the computer, etc. etc.
Sophie Adams
Sophie Adams 26 days ago
I know this is a dumb thing but I don’t think the hotel employee should be there because that is personal and he has no right to stay and watch
Ms. Take
Ms. Take 24 days ago
I'm not saying it's appropriate at all, and I would have shooed him out of the room if I were the friend or paramedic, but it technically is his hotel room and he was probably initially concerned that it was a prank, or didn't even know why the paramedics were there (like, is someone drunk and smashing up a room?) and then was just sort of looking at the damage, I'd imagine. Again, not saying he's in the right! Just saying what probably went on there.
kidsfun keyfam
kidsfun keyfam 26 days ago
where would the baby sleep when she fell asleep
Kat Fox
Kat Fox 28 days ago
Why TF did you tube suggest this?
Public Public
Public Public 29 days ago
My pregnancy test was positive and I'm a bloke. Quick call for an ambulance.
Public Public
Public Public 29 days ago
I then gave birth to a hotel toilet.
Jackie smith
Jackie smith 29 days ago
Beautiful baby.
Denise Smith
Denise Smith 29 days ago
Name the baby Harry Potter
Michael Pink
Michael Pink Month ago
Kinga Olah
Kinga Olah Month ago
3:42 look at the reaction of the staff. his eyes are like 😱😱👀👀
Kim A
Kim A Month ago
What a brave couple of women...I feel sorry for the trauma they endured, but I would be seeing a different Dr. and taking that precious "tumor" in for a visit. Tough ladies for sure.
an dian bkv
an dian bkv Month ago
Most important she and baby safe
Kathy McGirt
Kathy McGirt Month ago
Ok - so I’ve seen this several times with people who use THC - I wonder ehat else contributes to this phenomenon?
Ms. Take
Ms. Take 24 days ago
...What? You really think a bit of weed is the only ever reason someone may not know they're pregnant?
Jyn Meyer
Jyn Meyer Month ago
If her placenta was in the front, she would look smaller and feel less movement.
Ŵòłf Päćk :3
You’ve got a ginger 😂😂😂
Queen Bianca
Queen Bianca Month ago
Ewa Zizemska
Ewa Zizemska Month ago
Tyler Month ago
The comments are hilarious 😂 like where have you all been all my life? All these comments are funny. I couldn’t even focus on the video
A Shah
A Shah Month ago
I love little princess crying sound so cute bless her 😘😘
Agent Loo
Agent Loo Month ago
just had a bebe
vaneita hickman
vaneita hickman Month ago
This is a joke: Rebecca: You have a daughter with Stacy Tom: No, I have a baby with Jessica Rebecca: Wait who's Jessica?! Tom: My wife.😅 Tom: Tell Stacy i love her!! Rebecca: Your the worst father ever.
Gacha Fay
Gacha Fay Month ago
That must be the easiest birth ever...
Robin Turnbull
Robin Turnbull Month ago
This made me cry, she did incredibly well
Ms Bee
Ms Bee Month ago
I just wanna say the baby cry is so cute. when a baby use to screaming high pitch crying, she just cry a little and it sound very gentle cry.
Courtney Reinwald
Love the gossip in the office 😂😂
Aaliyahfan2010 Month ago
Is this real? Paramedic is hot 😍
Janice White
Janice White Month ago
I'm confused how did she not know she was pregnant if she has a belly bump
Ms. Take
Ms. Take 24 days ago
For so many reasons. Negative pregnancy tests would be a good start.
Tiago Month ago
the fucc
payman rauf
payman rauf Month ago
7:10 story of my life
MultiMusicus Month ago
wow kommt auf die welt und spielt schon mit den eigenen fingern....wie fortschrittlich :D :D :D
Grace Williams
Grace Williams Month ago
The Accent tho... God!!
Anja Pflaumbaum
Anja Pflaumbaum Month ago
Dear Stacey, you are awesome! Just giving birth to your little girl and say sorry for the blood. I wish you and your little family just the best! Loving greetings from Germany! 💖
Andrea Charikar
Andrea Charikar Month ago
Oh, it was a ginger girl born at a Harry Pottery convention, and she WASN'T named Ginny? I'm a bit sad about this, but overall happy that mother and baby are healthy!
Feline Queen
Feline Queen Month ago
She should be called Ginny considering she's a ginger and all. Glad to see the mom looks so well. She looks like she hasn't given birth at all.
Tiffany Allen
Tiffany Allen Month ago
3:09 Paramedic, “well she looks nice and pink and happy” Baby, “yeeeeea“
Anisha Singh
Anisha Singh Month ago
I love how they called her Hermoine that was nice and sweet
IamSalt Month ago
How do you go to hospital. They test you and say no baby then you get to the hotel and go to in labor. If a hospital cant tell a 9 month pregnant woman she is pregnant that hospital should be under review.
RosiePie Month ago
7:08 I cant xD "I was like a potatooo"
Rob L.
Rob L. Month ago
Who is that stupid?
Käte Nicole
Käte Nicole Month ago
This happens more often than people would think. Same thing happened to a friend but she delivered the baby boy in her house, not a hotel.
Mr Meme
Mr Meme Month ago
Harry Potter convention 😂
Kleicer Med
Kleicer Med Month ago
My utmost admiration to the both ladies for staying calm with that such (for me) daunting situation. When my friend had given birth I barely breath on our way to hospital (despite of the fact that she was also calm. ) and when we arrived at the emergency only then I realized I was bare foot. I do hope next time my panic attack won't let me forget to check wether I am fully clothed or not before attending upon emergency.
tiara cooks
tiara cooks Month ago
I love that they were at a Harry Potter Convention
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