The Pagani Huayra Roadster Is an Insane $3 Million Supercar

Doug DeMuro
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The Pagani Huayra Roadster is a $3 million car -- and an insane one. Today I'm reviewing the Huayra Roadster, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of one of the most unbelievable cars. I'm also driving the Huayra Roadster to show you what it's like on the road.
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Nov 19, 2019




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Kim Bitsch Larsen
Inside looks like a really bad steampunk movie, headrests looks like buttholes and that key is just childish
Terrance Collins
Terrance Collins 5 days ago
And Savage Garage got 30 MPG out of one 😭😭😭 this car is awesome
TanzanianRoots 5 days ago
....And continuing the aviation theme...the headrests are reminiscent of bright red baboon bottoms which.....(please help finish)
Anime Lover
Anime Lover 6 days ago
Pagani in 2030: still old school
Jo 7 days ago
You can keep the windows up with the top down because the car still looks better than most.
Momchil Kolev
Momchil Kolev 8 days ago
I just noticed that he took the GT to the review. He's usually with the E63 or the Stinger.
That Sad Miata
That Sad Miata 9 days ago
I have this car in real life It’s one of my first hot wheel toys.....
Angel Chavez
Angel Chavez 10 days ago
Arte Pagani
Michael Murena
Michael Murena 10 days ago
Its an Expensive can🤦‍♂️
Jumping Jesus on ice skates I fucking love this car...
Robert Melendez
Robert Melendez 12 days ago
I am pretty sure that everyone doesn't watch the Doug score because no one cares what bad things this guy have to say
Peter Sampson
Peter Sampson 12 days ago
Caribbean GTR
Caribbean GTR 13 days ago
What a lovely car. Can't wait till the C8 ZR1 arrives so we poor people can enjoy some of all that.
Waqar Yousuf
Waqar Yousuf 15 days ago
Coupe version was more cooler
A Gator
A Gator 16 days ago
I can hear an imaginary Jeremy Clarkson in my head calling the seats "Absolutely pornographic."
MXA 18 days ago
S S 18 days ago
10:04 Doug is that your gt?
DJ Boi
DJ Boi Hour ago
Rick J
Rick J 19 days ago
I'm sure the boys at Discount Tire would love to change a set of these tires.
T Gill
T Gill 19 days ago
Ugliest key ever!
Eric smith
Eric smith 19 days ago
I was always wonder how is it that the Pagani logo isnt in the middle of the steering wheel but the Brand name can be found all over the rest of the car
Eikamvir Singh
Eikamvir Singh 20 days ago
honestly the key is nice idea but a terrible execution. Like man you couldve made it look so much better
Pure Syclone
Pure Syclone 20 days ago
Most people don't know that Doug makes millions every year being a hand model.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 21 day ago
I just noticed that Doug's Gt is in the back ground and you know what If these cars were woman In my opinion The Ford GT would be a beautiful woman that you met at say Macy's she is wee bit better than a JC Penny's Gal (as The almighty Big Country Rabbit Rob Pitts would say ) Now as for the Paganini She is a super model just mouth watering she will bring mear mortals to there knees she is Christy Turlington the complete package She has brains and stunning beauty where a quick glance at her just won't quite do no a long gaze is more like see what I mean Gentleman.
William Felix
William Felix 20 days ago
The ford gt sits lower. It has a 44.3 inch roof line. The pagani sits 44.9 to 45 hard top. The pagani sits bit taller.
Patrick Smith
Patrick Smith 21 day ago
This is by far the most beautiful car in the world its just sex on wheels every thing about these is just over the top sexy. Come on Power Ball Big Daddy needs this car . You know how the hell do you drive this car I would be just nervous wreck what a nightmare everyone would be wanting to smash you or race you at every light bla bla bla I don't care it would be worth it
Phillip Cunningham
Phillip Cunningham 23 days ago
Lol I love Doug's humor
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 days ago
Great Review otherwise Doug your reviews are top! Can i make a suggestion to mention the cars weight, you never mention that and the power to weight ratio info would be very cool to hear. thanks
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 days ago
i still feel after watching many of dougs reviews that the Lambo Performante is probably the best value for money super car! that makes you cum in your pants!!! LOL
Sean Thompson
Sean Thompson 24 days ago
i prefer the coupe doors looks way more out there!
Peter Sampson
Peter Sampson 26 days ago
Mario Borg
Mario Borg 26 days ago
It looks more like a vintage New York diner
Turbo 27 days ago
Zonda still looks way more badass. Next Pagani should go back to that line
Stan the HeadHumongous
I think the oval shapes are also a homage to classic racing plane wing designs. Conventional aerodynamic wisdoms (pre 50s) was rounded wing tips reduces turbulances/drag so many fast planes from that era had oval shaped wings (e.g. spitfire)
PhantomPanic 27 days ago
It scares me that so many exotic cars are housed together. Catastrophe waiting to happen.
Angelo Congelosi
Angelo Congelosi 27 days ago
Lol if this shit were on a corvette he’d bash it
Fit_PharmD 27 days ago
A bit of a let down driving the car. For those of you who haven't heard it sing boy are you missing out...I wish he would have got on it just a bit to hear the orchestra that is the Huayra.
Alexis Fretes
Alexis Fretes 28 days ago
23:51 that's the nose of an F1
Jay Saunders
Jay Saunders 29 days ago
I was thinking about getting this car but i end up getting the Honda Accord instead because it has more passenger seating
Itz Nayem
Itz Nayem Month ago
Can’t imaging my dad really owns one of these
Tijuana Red Life
Kit car
Tijuana Red Life
That key looks stupid
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia Month ago
At 401 there was a car and it disappeared
Eduardo Soto
Eduardo Soto Month ago
the climate control keys are meant to look like a clarinet keys
Kye JT-R
Kye JT-R Month ago
kind of a missed opportunity for butterfly or scissor doors........
OKLM rems
OKLM rems Month ago
In term of attention to details pagani is above everyone else, including koenigsegg and bugatti. Pagani is just in a class of their own.
Car would have totally been cleaner with just two larger headlights.
Instrument panel looks like a freaking cappuccino machine 🤣
Those are the cleanest wheels EVER!
Sam Winston James
This car needs more refinement to justify its status (price). Thanks Doug. Excellent presentation
J Greenseed
J Greenseed Month ago
Tenet is the only movie in the world
Adam Burgess
Adam Burgess Month ago
Great video!! Absolutely love that car!!
did he really be surprized because of the key written roadster on it come on Doug you pay actually 1.2 mil for this car when it was new.it is like 2-3 dolars to write that on the key!!!!
deereboy8400 Month ago
Somewhere there is an offended Huayra coupe owner who is totally oblivious to the irony.
Sheldon Miller
Sheldon Miller Month ago
The headrests look like buttcheeks
K Sanchez
K Sanchez Month ago
When he says THIS in the beginning of all his videos it’s like a snake hissing in my EAR!!! Please tone down the hissing !!!!
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson Month ago
interior looks like a steampunk pinball machine.
Patty Sinclair
Patty Sinclair Month ago
It looks like a 1950s SciFi movie that was sponsored by Coca-cola. But I want one.
Jo n
Jo n Month ago
The Coupé is better...
CalvinMagnus Month ago
7:19 Doug's Ford GT staring jealously at what is going on
stew675 Month ago
The interior reminds me of a Johnny Rocket's Soda Pop shop
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Month ago
Its got like a retro style
Cris Anister
Cris Anister Month ago
It says it's made in Italy but it's actually a German town with facade made from cardboard cutouts of Italian houses.
The Bass Boost Bruh
This thing is just a really expensive spyker
The elegance of the interior is off the charts, definitely one of if not the most beautiful interiors I’ve seen in a car
lostasadorespr Month ago
Doug excellent critical thinking with the Pagani key!
Jimmy Nevski
Jimmy Nevski Month ago
Seen this video before but only just noticed dougs ford GT in the background
Peter Sampson
Peter Sampson Month ago
GMP 2 months ago
6:00 When Doug praises the same door opener as in the Nissan Micra as "way cooler" -_-
bharat varma
bharat varma 2 months ago
So where do u keep the roof?.......🤔🤔🤔🤔
Eff Taroza
Eff Taroza 2 months ago
Its funny how Doug is always shocked by this shtuff he finds out about cars the lil quirks, I've only been watching the Doug show for 6 months and I'm no longer surprised by these quirks, and I have the feeling Im not alone, 👀
Eff Taroza
Eff Taroza 2 months ago
See now this is the kind of car you're supposed to buy when you have it all, so you buy a car that lets everybody know. That not only do you have it all, you know how to show, oh and it also says, Now get the phuck outta my way, I have places to go, and while I'm going faster than you, you can dream about winning the lotto, and owning one of these or yes you do have to get that Gran Turismo because yes this mfer does sound like a fast car should! 🤑
Scott Brock
Scott Brock 2 months ago
Doug definitely has a gift keeping people's attention and entertained while he's reviewing a car I really enjoy watching his videosespecially is dry sense of humor. You know it's really understandd all the itty bitty details of the cars he reviews that must take a a ton of research.
Pablo Nieto
Pablo Nieto 2 months ago
Is that a silver clit at 5:56?
Justin Coccia
Justin Coccia 2 months ago
Does California not have back roads? I live in the third most populous state and we have plenty of them. Why do rich car collectors let Doug drive all these rare cars on busy streets? Why not let him do it on back roads or private roads?
Elias Håkansson
Elias Håkansson 2 months ago
Who else thinks the little plastic huayra replica for a key, is kinda tacky and ugly?
Menguhan Bulut
Menguhan Bulut 2 months ago
was dying due to overdose sarcasm watching this episode
Ekay ATL
Ekay ATL 2 months ago
Keyhole was to meet the Emirates regulations
D R 2 months ago
Those headrests look like butts wearing weird diapers.
G M 2 months ago
A magnificent car..just love the "steam punk" interior,especially the exposed shift mechanism. An automotive piece of fine art. Horatio Pagani is a maestro of car design. Doug DeMuro is one of the most annoying people on the Internet however :/
franco ferraro
franco ferraro 2 months ago
Is This Geezer For Real Or What🙄
M. Wojtania
M. Wojtania 2 months ago
Better than ferrari, lamborghini, and better than a koenigsegg
chuck Core
chuck Core 2 months ago
Surprised he didn't mention that it's clearly modeled after the batmobile
ArabianFoolio 2 months ago
If yall think he dosent know anything about the cars he reviews your beyond stupid.
epicLaserSharks 2 months ago
ugliest key ive ever seen holy shit
Thomas Rappelin
Thomas Rappelin 2 months ago
From FRANCE 💪💪💪🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷🇫🇷
James Yoon
James Yoon 2 months ago
i could probably afford one tire
Chanda's Akam
Chanda's Akam 2 months ago
ruvid.net/video/video-AQzrcXjjJJI.html Creazy Wind God
William Wallace
William Wallace 2 months ago
I take this over any bugatti or koenigsegg
Brendan Doria
Brendan Doria 2 months ago
Correction: it’s a hypercar
Wladimir Putin
Wladimir Putin 2 months ago
Kinda feel uncomfortable when watching your videos but I can not stop
sevin furly
sevin furly 2 months ago
Imagine how cool it is when you replace all the "cool" words he said with the word "stupid"
sevin furly
sevin furly 2 months ago
That's why they are called Million worth stupid toys
Mikey Bustamante
Mikey Bustamante 2 months ago
I feel like Paganis look like as if Disney were to make a super car?..
Dominick Gonzalez
Dominick Gonzalez 2 months ago
This is how many times he said “roadster” v
Saad Mohammad
Saad Mohammad 2 months ago
Never forget that it's a roadster.
JTMarlin8 3 months ago
The interior is like a Johnny Rockets. Milkshakes, anyone???
thegoodone55 3 months ago
and now I can't hear the word oval without it sounding weird
Manolo 3 months ago
Love it, Pagani the best of the best !!!
James Bond
James Bond 3 months ago
Awesome car for sure. For me the cockpit is a bit too much *blink-blink*. Anyway; from the outside very nice... Only question that isn´t answered: where i put the roof? If it begins to rain i should have it with me. ^^
lalos 3 months ago
its not "OVOL" shape, its ellipse, like the aeroplane ellipse
Subscribe to me If you are a cool bean :D
no one: Pagani:HE FOUND OUT ABOUT THE KEY Doug: I have to leave the country and change my identity **like James Bond or something**
Pranav Paladugu -
Pranav Paladugu - 3 months ago
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