The Oscars have a gender problem. Non-binary actors have solutions.

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Awards shows like the Oscars and Emmys separate their acting awards into male and female categories. But that division doesn’t address the growing cohort of actors, film professionals, and audience members who don’t identify on the gender binary. Subscribe to The Washington Post on RUvid: wapo.st/2QOdcqK
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Comments 18
Josh the Art Critic
Non-binary is just another word for fashion statement
sonoki82 Month ago
Tens of thousands of Amazon workers are exploited to create wealth for Jeff Bezos, who then uses it to buy WaPo and create garbage like this. "Non-binary" propaganda is created off the sweat of exploited labor.
Josh the Art Critic
People these guys are so clueless in how basically no one finds this acceptable.
I'd rather the Academy allow in Horror performances. I mean in my mind Lupita Nyong'o from Us and Bill Hader from IT Chapter two should have been nominated along with Midsommar. Also these people need to be real as The Oscars are a BRIBED win. Studios will roll out the Red Carpet for Voters to give their vote to that movie or that actor. It won't matter what you identify as, the only pronouns Academy voters respect is $$/$$$$
voodotc11 Month ago
love how we all have to be cool with this or were close minded/ ignorant xD xD Im democrat and things are getting ridiculous here...
Jordan P
Jordan P Month ago
We don’t have to be! It’s science. Male and female. Anyone who thinks they are something else are deluded
sundevil 22
sundevil 22 Month ago
Non-binary actors need to man up instead of bitching like women.
Austria Germany
Austria Germany Month ago
Hollywood trash drugs and stupidity
Juliana65 Month ago
There are two genders: male and female. No problem.
Generalissimo Spergo
Cringe you have posted. Lose social credit points you will
loszhor Month ago
Stop whining about your genitals and be a better performer and then you'll get more awards.
eva Month ago
Linda Minton
Linda Minton Month ago
I love when the left eat their own.
extra solar
extra solar Month ago
ill go against the conventional wisdom of youtube audience expectation here a bit to say yes, the wapost does have latitude of authority and has been granted variable elements of expertise to evaluate the oscars according to what their preferences desire to express. however, fancy nancy and the corrupt polluted dnc house spectacle meltdowns cant be given any dr ford type therapy nor can they be awarded any type of honors or respect, constitutional or institutional, as you are aware.
David Turner
David Turner Month ago
White people are the problem. They should not be included in the Oscars. This is not a white country anymore, it is brown.
Jezballz Month ago
Yes where is the "pineapple" category:-)
Ferdinand Mcelroy
Since I'm a doughnut I'm only worried about cops with coffee.
Count Blah
Count Blah Month ago
Nah...it doesn't have a problem...human beings in "first world nations", content with full bellies and not a real care in the world have become idle and channeled their minds to creating issues not found in the natural world...ignored, they have since dedicated themselves to the goal of dragging everyone they can into their fabricated existence an the issues they have created.
Amy Sullivan
Amy Sullivan Month ago
Liberals are out of control.
Generalissimo Spergo
@Tony P LGBT Lobby is primarily leftist. Try looking up "non binary Trump supporters."
Amy Sullivan
Amy Sullivan Month ago
Tony P liberals run Hollywood get a clue.
Amy Sullivan
Amy Sullivan Month ago
Tony P then your a tool that watches CNN and MSNBC.
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