The Origin of Consciousness - How Unaware Things Became Aware

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Sources and link to book by Rupert Glasgow:
Consciousness is perhaps the biggest riddle in nature. In the first part of this three part video series, we explore the origins of consciousness and take a closer look on how unaware things became aware.
This video was made possible by a grant from the Templeton World Charity Foundation.

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Mar 17, 2019




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Sir Occupy
Sir Occupy 11 hours ago
My theory is that consciousness is just groups of thought and consciousness is just a construct for thinking. And I think a thought is just the circles and rings that the brain creates through electromagnetic pulses through synapses, these rings find information and then travels the ring through valuable parts of the brain to find the components of that particular thought. Then repeats the ring at least once to build on that “thought”
Pro Bro Gaming
Pro Bro Gaming 16 hours ago
Consciousness is when u have a bruh Moment
Probrorule 16 hours ago
1:59 she kinda bad tho😳😳
Analise Evalise
Analise Evalise 23 hours ago
What if chickens are more conscious than us?
Analise Evalise
Analise Evalise 23 hours ago
Omg I get my food by smelling it. It’s so I can find the secret stashes of candy and yummy pizza
Marc Hermans
Marc Hermans Day ago
Wow, what nonsense. A lot of ‘probablies’ in this video. If you don’t know what you are talking about, it is ‘probably’ best to be silent. If we don’t yet understand consciousness, which is onviously the case, than don’t spread nonsense to the general public like this.
What happens when we have passed, what happens to consciousness as a whole. What is it like when our consciousness ceases to exist. Oh geez I'm having an existential crisis at 3 am
Simon Johnson
The first thing to become concious must have been very weirded out
krishna patel
Thing is, consciousness of getting more food came before searching food. So where does that come from. How an unaware thing knew that one is hungry or not.
Markus XD
Markus XD 2 days ago
some primates consuming psychedelic mushrooms must have been a great step forward in the development of consciousness
Leode Siefast
Leode Siefast 2 days ago
The Fromth of Inwitship.
Dmytro Picky
Dmytro Picky 2 days ago
again wrong statement. humans dont enjoy consciousness.
Jeremiah Gilbert
Jeremiah Gilbert 4 days ago
I disagree with the idea that "Because they delay satisfaction, they can visualize a better meal later." Thats kind of a leap to a conclusion.
boreddude123456 4 days ago
Dugesia tigrina is my soul animal.
Radames Natal
Radames Natal 4 days ago
Apeksha 5 days ago
Where are the other two parts?
Hotked 880
Hotked 880 5 days ago
probably bc u have a soul use ur head
Darkner 2 days ago
That still doesn't answer everything, nor is it a substantiated claim.
AllNamesAreTaken 5 days ago
Or scientists are just looking for a simple way to understand a complicated mystery of which they have no answers for by doing a bit of false association.
DEMON XD 5 days ago
I am re-watching old vids on 23-9-2020 cause they’re cool BUT ONLY NOW I REALISE THE EXAMPLE SYSTEM HAS A SECOND SUN
NvrMoar 5 days ago
Julien Lucca
Julien Lucca 6 days ago
I already watched this video a couple of times, but only now I noticed that they used a green rock to represent the rock gaining consciousness. The symbolism is staggering, the emerald tablet, also a symbol for wisdom, has the same color. Or maybe i’m stretching too much here?
EonCringe 6 days ago
4:48 POV: You are a developing alien species
Utkarsh 6 days ago
DMT has entered the chat.
atanu nath
atanu nath 7 days ago
Are we saying the "sense of self" is consciousness? Or this too is an object to be conscious of and just a construct of our mind, mind, which is also probably an object to be conscious of and maybe also a tool of the consciousness to interact with nature? In that sense, can we not also say that the basic life forms and us humans have the same consciousness, nothing there to evolve, just different levels of "the sense of self" + "memories" + "Intelligence". Like in a deep sleep, we are conscious but there's nothing to be conscious of. Are we really that sure that, matter->complex matter->life->brain->consciousness that's how it happened, or the consciousness cam first! The wavefunctions to collapse and an object to take a solid form, we need a conscious observer, so it seems like matter/nature needs a conscious object to exist in this "solid/real" form!
Ze Ro
Ze Ro 7 days ago
the book is unable to acces
ThePartarar 7 days ago
I think to assume we have some kind of special consciousness is very primitive thing to do
What if we are not consciousness as we think we are
Shawn Steuer
Shawn Steuer 8 days ago
Simple and complex consciousness? Did you made this up yourself?
Magical like this π
This video is ok but evolution=natural selection=Search of food=eventual Emergence of Consciousness I think the key word here is emergence because our relative illusion called Consciousness is something that emerged out or evoluted out of matter this video suggest right?now explain to me why the fuck was I'm a Oblivion before I was born it's obvious Consciousness creates matter of experience not the other way around but I agree you guys are trying your best to explain such an hard topic but I expected more to be honest but I'm still a sub to the channel anyways.
Artkidtek 10 days ago
all these interstellar related videos that im watching has made me hungry. pizza
Ciara O'Hare
Ciara O'Hare 10 days ago
So..consciousness is...the munch!
Jorge Pereira
Jorge Pereira 11 days ago
Is this the guy from "how do they do it?"
Bean Sandwich
Bean Sandwich 12 days ago
This is either gonna make my existential crisis a lot better or a lot worse.
Yogendra Gupta
Yogendra Gupta 13 days ago
Consciousness is associated with “Thinking” and is independent of “Thinking”. This thought is understood only by Consciousness.
morty eating rick
morty eating rick 14 days ago
Rocks thought more and better than me :(
IHAAB ELRASCH 14 days ago
Ariey 16 days ago
It seem like we’re design by aliens.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 18 days ago
So over the hedge was right. We live to eat.
GROWING TALENT 18 days ago
Hendra Adi Saputra
Hendra Adi Saputra 18 days ago
Try to imagine emptying all the physical things around us, leaving only the humans, then eliminating all the humans, leaving only the memories, then erasing all the memories, leaving only the consciousness, then connecting the consciousness, feel who we are ??
Olga Hein
Olga Hein 8 days ago
I feel hungry.
Nelson SYMMONDS [07W]
Good video. But ded mammoth make me sads :(
Sucral0se 19 days ago
So you're saying blind people are lesser beings in the ladder of consciousness
carenevo 20 days ago
The form of consciousness is like an ATOM. The form of the universe is like an ATOM to. It is a fractal. the universe is an orbital inside the consciousness . around the center of the universe exists the general. consepts are the elements of reason. life is an orbital inside the universe. deep inside life exists man. Reason is a circle around the man. Neuroscience maps the machine, but ignores consciousness because consciousness is the program.
D C 20 days ago
"We have no idea what consciousness is, or how to define it, but it is likely to have occurred through evolution" = That is the most unscientific and ridiculous thing I have heard. We don't even know what "living thing" is. By the analogy in this video a crystal would be living, it sustains itself and needs energy from the environment. Are crystals living? I mean, an awareness of the environment does come in handy to a crystal, and it has evolved for a lot longer the DNA and RNA. Surely, if a Trichopax can move towards its food, it is aware of its environment. We can't put a boundary on the distance to decide what awareness is. If you have a blond dog that moves haphazardly until it finds food, is it not aware? I have just watched the part on the worm and realised this video is so flawed I think I will stop now, we should probably wait until we know what consciousness is. But this video is ridiculous.
Magical like this π
@D C however I also believe Consciousness is the father of the universe.
D C 9 days ago
@Magical like this π It really doesn't. There is no scientific theory that predicts consciousness. In order to be science, something has to be theorised and then make testable predictions. To suggest that consciousness is an adaptation of evolution when we don't even know what it is and under what circumstances it can be formed is quite ridiculous. It is similar to religion.
Magical like this π
Ridiculous but it adds up
shwetha nirvani
shwetha nirvani 21 day ago
Great Ancient Indian sages have experiend what is Infinite consciousness, and supreme bliss....
Farcraker 1132 Yeah
Farcraker 1132 Yeah
Where are birds
Jamal Nabhan
Jamal Nabhan 21 day ago
What if when we are looking out into space were actually looking into our collective consciousness.
Jamal Nabhan
Jamal Nabhan 21 day ago
Some Physicist say consciousness emerges at a quantum level in Microtubules of brain cells.
Augijyot Bali
Augijyot Bali 21 day ago
Nice man
Small_drop in_the_big_ocean
So 'wanting more' i.e. played the most crucial role in developing consciousness? Hmm.
impact0r 22 days ago
I wonder what's the angle of the Templeton Fundation sponsoring Kurzgesagt, which - as far as I've seen - does not mention god or intelligent design anywhere in their videos. Historically, the mission of the Templeton Fundation was to prove god by science. This led to funding numerous god-proving initiatives - like early support for intelligent design (dressed-up creationism: look up "Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District", videos with Ken Miller, a catholic and key witness against intelligent design are quite amazing) or Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer, to name a couple (all failed to evidence any god or magic) - and skewing grant-granting into direction of god-minded scientists and endeavours. Who knows - perhaps after the death of John Templeton and slight re-branding, the foundation rid itself of theistic biases. To be fair, after aforementioned prayer study (conducted still under John Templeton) showed that patients who were prayed for were not getting any better than control group (in fact, they were getting worse), the fundation did not try to dress it up and subsequently gave up further prayer studies :)
wiskey 92
wiskey 92 23 days ago
that's it
wiskey 92
wiskey 92 23 days ago
count to ten
Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster 23 days ago
I swear you guys are just gods trying to guide us
Ceren Özer
Ceren Özer 23 days ago
guys, do you know any other channel like kurzgesagt?
wiskey 92
wiskey 92 23 days ago
now i understand
Laura Ess
Laura Ess 24 days ago
Well, I just felt hungry after watching this!
rakesh sharma
rakesh sharma 24 days ago
Consciousness is not for survival..
Umer Hassan
Umer Hassan 24 days ago
Who or what created these conscious creatures? Make a topic on this please.
William Baker
William Baker 24 days ago
BurkyBurks 24 days ago
I'm not gonna lie, I thought we were about to get a Dominoes Ad at the end there.
0ThouArtThat0 25 days ago
"Awareness of the world comes in handy" and has functions. Right. I thought this video was going to explain how awareness or function emerge? Did I miss it?
CL Melonshark
CL Melonshark 16 days ago
Yeah, right before the intro.
Steven Linky
Steven Linky 25 days ago
Mantap bro
Chiyaam Plays
Chiyaam Plays 26 days ago
Someone help me find out the third part of this series
Al Pac ino
Al Pac ino 27 days ago
Misleading title, focused more on evolution than consciousnesses
bic boi
bic boi 21 day ago
As it should....
Waffle Ways Gaming
Waffle Ways Gaming 27 days ago
So trees live without a consciousness
rent a shill
rent a shill 26 days ago
depends on how you define consciousness
akatakata 27 days ago
The style of animation, the narration and the music in your videos are all very appealing. Your discourse however is heavily misinformed bordering on childish assumptions. If your excuse for this is that this is for kids it is even more horrible because they take this at face value.
Aleksander Blinn
Aleksander Blinn 27 days ago
Jacob Whittington
Jacob Whittington 27 days ago
Mfw a chicken is smarter than my dog
tashhw 28 days ago
individuality as "me" or "I" is illusory..we as human beings are the common consciousness of mankind
tashhw 27 days ago
@Tien Trien Nguyen if you're looking for an explanation from a source..i'd suggest looking up Alan Watts or J Krishnamurti
Tien Trien Nguyen
Tien Trien Nguyen 27 days ago
GameCube38 28 days ago
I think consciousness also connects to our imagination
Fucj U
Fucj U 28 days ago
I have no friends :(
Magical like this π
Trust me u don't need one
Anthony Simone Sacluti
so it's basically because we're hungry?
- 28 days ago
I suspect that consciousness is itself a fundamental property of matter.
Shawn Steuer
Shawn Steuer 8 days ago
How about consciousness creates the illusion of matter?
Saumya Panwar
Saumya Panwar 29 days ago
I think something is missing to what we already know. We don't evolve to get food easily. Why, then, would we reproduce to create parasites who take our share of food with no returns?
Timothy Paul
Timothy Paul 29 days ago
Consciousness: The ability of a living being to become aware of what it is doing and thinking. Simplified.
Shawn Steuer
Shawn Steuer 8 days ago
plus awareness of doing nothing and not thinking.
gaming cat
gaming cat 29 days ago
A lump of rock
John Halim
John Halim 29 days ago
Sooooo. Who’s high
Like Reyest
Like Reyest 29 days ago
Because this is akin to asking what is the meaning of life, and everyone wise being knows that that question is unanswerable.
snowboarderforlyfe 29 days ago
They consumed psychotropics and raised their level of awareness.
Gaurav Parashar
Gaurav Parashar 29 days ago
Why do living things need food? I know it is to grow and survive, but why can't we stay at a particular state. Why is the state so constantly changing that initiates hunger in living beings? What is the explanation for an ever changing state. Especially when you think about the newtonian physics on particles, an object continues in its state, until an external force is acted upon it. So why are living beings state changing all the time. What is that agent of change?
Magical like this π
@Farhan Fiaz Alvi we can't stay in that state because we r never satisfied yea that's about it
Farhan Fiaz Alvi
Farhan Fiaz Alvi 29 days ago
Literally moving around, using our brains etc takes alot of energy. We absorb that energy in the form of chemical energy that can be used by our body.
Stephen Nixey
Stephen Nixey 29 days ago
Deeper consciousness can't even define or quantify itself so what makes us think at a superficial level we can define it? Consciousness is not simply awareness or behaviour either! Those are simply some aspects of consciousness :-) so back to the drawing-board :-) Clue: Humans exist in a 'field' of Consciousness that the brain and body interact with and each human is a tiny part of existence connected to everything in existence both living and not living.
Stephen Nixey
Stephen Nixey 27 days ago
@Farhan Fiaz Alvi This is fine and I present no evidence here either as I do not have to or have any need to sway another opinions or views in any matter. I found it 'hard' to believe' 'things' in my past, it was easier to 'disbelieve'! Science may not ever find the 'truth' it seeks either! My hypotheses started some time ago. If we do not experiment within ourselves and with our own conscious or awareness how do we gain empirical insight into what we actually are? The world has relied on other people (nothing wrong or bad here) and so called 'experts' and 'teachers' for millennia and history shows the accuracy of such experts, much dogma exists in science and 'belief' nowadays in all areas genetics, neuroscience etc. My hypotheses are based on empirical observations (and self empirical) and not fallacious vicarious teachings of others. The 'belief' (materialistic reductionist belief system) in most science is that there has to be a physical action, physical reason, physical explanation for 'everything' (this has been long inherited in our 'thought' though much of academia). I was taught by own findings and experiences early in life that most I was taught and told at school was not factually 'true' or correct by any 'reason' so that was my base assumption and guide in helping me figure out what people/humans are (what I am and 'who' I am - true Identity without image or fears that drive such). We (humans and probably all animals) are both physical in the physical reality and we have 'non-physical aspects', emotional and 'thought' energy connected and one with everything in existence (as after all science tells us we are purely energy in every aspect). The non-physical aspects is simply our consciousness coupled with our 'awareness' which more than probably holds much long term memory, 'imagination', 'illusions', 'truths', emotional energy and other items that is not for disclosure here and another subject altogether. The quantum area of science is starting to push this forward now especially with the 'observer problem' and the older 'Double Slit Experiment' (these being external experiments by 'experts') we do not have to be a so called 'expert' to experiment internally with our own states of being or emotions we simply need the help of our deeper aspects of consciousness which I use daily to guide me away from and dissolve illusory 'belief' and 'disbelief'. So simply put to have a hypotheses with own experiments coupled with what is 'truer' and inner inquiry no further external evidence is needed (however am open to evidence in 'truth') when we start to use our deeper attributes over our superficial 'mind' (even 'mind' is illusory and does not exist in 'truth' or 'reality' or 'What Is'). And although I still have some 'belief' and 'disbelief' within me (to which I am aware) I do not use this as my guide and often ignore the emotions, story and thoughts that arrive with those as they are all self-limiting (and not the absolute 'truth' in many situations). I do not use many of my 'thoughts' as a guide in fact even if it makes me feel 'bad' I use that as an indication to need to clear something that is illusory. Experiment within yourself and find our illusions there are many that humans live with causing them issues daily (as I found out the hard way). The physical reality is not purely the only reality there is, we interact with physicality with our non-physical realities consciousness and awareness (which is an aspect of consciousness and holds and is responsible allot more than current science with lead us to or be able to explain - limited 'mindset'). We do not need science to tell us we are experiencing 'something' as after all science is purely a tool and a tiny part of 'What Is'. Even I do not 100% know what the moon is made of? we can only postulate from presented evidence as I have not been there!, however I have more understanding with my way hypotheses of how a caterpillar, pupa can morph into a butterfly without any brain in the pupa as it's liquid, science and biology gets confused at this juncture. And (this statement is simply to open your mindset and not as critique) - You based your question on one assumption, that being science has proven and can prove everything!, just because there is no evidence that something does not 'exist' does not mean it does not! And simply as 98% of people 'think' one thing, does not make that one thing 'true', even intuition can lie :-) I wish you well.
Farhan Fiaz Alvi
Farhan Fiaz Alvi 27 days ago
@Stephen Nixey I genuinely don't understand how you can believe something like "a field of consciousness" when you have no science to back it up.
Stephen Nixey
Stephen Nixey 29 days ago
@Farhan Fiaz Alvi Another impossible answer as Jesus 'apparently' died Roza Bal in India :-) I also wonder sometimes as what Jesus has to do with any question about what consciousness is in itself! I wish you well
Farhan Fiaz Alvi
Farhan Fiaz Alvi 29 days ago
ok Mr jesus
fucktrump 29 days ago
I decided to look up this video while waiting for delivery and then it went and called me out
Kris Life
Kris Life 29 days ago
I believe it’s all the holy spirt
potatotuber disease
Canadian scientists did some brilliant experiments to find out that tress communicate among themselves using hyphae connections. That's consciousness right?
potatotuber disease
Canadian scientists did some brilliant experiments to find out that tress communicate among themselves using hyphae connections. That's consciousness right?
NiteCyper Month ago
I learned more about the evolution of consciousness from this video than my psychology of consciousness course. Well done!
Shawn Steuer
Shawn Steuer 8 days ago
Nobody can explain consciousness, you can only experience it.
Arandomdude11 Month ago
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Jerimias Fabbro
Jerimias Fabbro Month ago
Consciousness always has been and always will be. There is no beginning and no end.
Zach Dauman
Zach Dauman Month ago
Consciousness is an emergent property of a biological brain which provides the illusion that we are free agents in control of our actions, when in reality we are controlled by our instincts, emotions and other external stimuli coming from within and without. These factors influence us to make decisions that we cannot consciously explain or justify because they lie outside of our conscious mind's perception
Shawn Steuer
Shawn Steuer 8 days ago
That makes no sense at all. Perhaps you should join other experts with not understanding consciousness. Welcome to the club.
goddess of cats
goddess of cats Month ago
Wait but crystals reproduce.... so they have energy
Magical like this π
Crystal r energy
Armann Brar
Armann Brar Month ago
they do how?
Todos Locos
Todos Locos Month ago
Here's a good description of what consciousness is. Close your eyes. Ignore all senses in your body. Don't think about anything. Forget who you are. Now, look inside yourself. If you are not conscious, you will find nothing. If you are conscious, you will find awareness. That's it. That's what consciousness is. You are a thing that knows it's a thing.
Todos Locos
Todos Locos Month ago
These are all senses that the brain uses to become aware of it's surroundings, but none of it actually requires consciousness if the brain is sophisticated enough. Consciousness seems so impossible, and yet it so obviously exists.
Farhan Fiaz Alvi
Farhan Fiaz Alvi 29 days ago
@Todos Locos This is what I've posited too. Cool to know someone else thinks of it the same way. The reason I make the same argument you do is because we've made intelligent systems like self driving cars who can sense alot more than even us humans can. And we all know they aren't conscious.
Todos Locos
Todos Locos 29 days ago
@Farhan Fiaz Alvi Well, yeah. The senses we feel are transmitted through neurons to the brain where it processes them to understand the world around it. That doesn't have anything to do with awareness. Yes, the brain becomes aware of its surroundings, but there is no need for it to actually know it's a thing. Again, if you ignore any impulse in your brain, all you're left with is awareness. If you took that away, there is a possibility that our brains and bodies would continue on living without us. They might just continue to gather and process information, only without us really in there. tl;dr, the five senses are the way in which our brain gathers information about the world. That has nothing to do with an awareness of being
Farhan Fiaz Alvi
Farhan Fiaz Alvi 29 days ago
Question: Do you think something with all the 5 senses we have can still not be aware of itself being a thing?
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Month ago
8.1k stones disliked this video
sandeep saroha
sandeep saroha Month ago
A negatively charged molecule craves electron, so it is conscious in that way
Magical like this π
No it doesn't it's chemical compound needs to react with a negative charge that's why sparks happen when u throw 2 stones together.
markQ08 Month ago
But it's already moving faster when surrounded by food and slower when not surrounded by it 🙂 what does it mean?? I think in this very simple organism is already some kind of consciousness 😌
Jordan P
Jordan P Month ago
A different side of the spectrum though
Mr Bluntforce T
Mr Bluntforce T Month ago
There are many types and levels of consciousness and its awareized energy stamped with your identity
Leo Pruneda
Leo Pruneda Month ago
When explaining @5:34 the evolution of the eyes how would they be created without having prior knowledge to know what’s needed? Or did the use other senses to find out
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