The Offspring - Let The Bad Times Roll (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for The Offspring’s “Let The Bad Times Roll”.
Get the new song and pre-save the upcoming album LET THE BAD TIMES ROLL now at found.ee/OffspringBadTimesRoll
Our tenth studio album 'Let The Bad Times Roll' will be available everywhere on April 16, 2021!
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Director: Marc Klasfeld
Producer: Nicole Acacio
Production Company: Hound
EP’s: Missy Galanida & Isaac Rice
DP: Corey Jennings
Editor: Steve Rees @ Sunset Edit
"Let The Bad Times Roll" Lyrics:
We’re gonna hang ‘em high
We’re gonna shoot straight up in the air
This eye is for an eye
Don’t need to ask and don’t need to care
But don’t be thinking we’re crazy
When you see all the hell that we’re raising
Don’t be thinking we’re crazy
Cause the truth is what we’re erasing
And so I
I’m doing it all for you
I’m doing it all for you
Oh baby let the bad times roll
Machiavelli flow
Hey Lincoln, how does your grave roll?
Take what’s right and make it wrong
Make it up as I go along
Let me know when you decide
Apathy or suicide
Oh baby let the bad times roll
Now it was all a lie
But that bitch won’t get in my way
Keep shoutin’ what I like - lock her up lock her up
Now that’s a good one I gotta say
But don’t be thinking we’re crazy
When you see all the hell that we’re raising
Don’t be thinking we’re crazy
Cause the truth is what we’re erasing
And so I
I’m turning my back on you
I’m turning my back on you
Oh baby let the bad times roll
On a stripper pole
Ya fuck it let the bad times roll
Mexicans and blacks and Jews
Got it all figured out for you
Gonna build a wall let you decide
Apathy or suicide
Oh baby let the bad times roll
#LetTheBadTimesRoll #TheOffspring #Offspring #MusicVideo
Music video by The Offspring performing Let The Bad Times Roll. © 2021 Wabi Sabi Worldwide, LLC., Under exclusive license to Concord Records. Distributed by Concord.


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Mar 25, 2021




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Comments 100
Евгений Сергеевич
Great !!! Better than Days Go By !!!
David Vollmar
David Vollmar 14 hours ago
Thank you
Sadieandmaya1 18 hours ago
Kid Weirdo
Kid Weirdo 21 hour ago
Listen to offspring songs at 1.25
Alberto R
Alberto R Day ago
Krotch Kritters
Dam good song still rocking out to you all after all these years
kristdelgado Day ago
"Ixnay on the hombre" was their last pure sounding album, no keyboards, sampled drums, filtered vocals, just pure punk. The drummer and the bass player were their secret weapon. Dexter and Noodles made a big mistake... This sounds like a side project rather than The Offspring.
Devil's Offspring
We know. But, the whole album doesn't sound like this. Also, a lot of us are glad they're still around.
Grahm1993 Day ago
Wow the cut the mids atta the guitar sounds like shit
Michael Harness
Hi. I’m Michael and let me tell you about “hell”. It is personalized punishment for your sins. It can be 7 minutes or 70,000 years. If you shoot someone be prepared to feel those wounds and the emotional pain you caused. You don’t have to believe me. Just REMEMBER. It will help. Trust me. I know. Magic Mike the music/movie/tv show man. Michael the Arch Angel......Michael of big bull falls. It’s called psy ops. Lmao. “Just don’t call me crazy let the bad times roll.” Lol.
Michael Harness
In 6th grade I took Your Gonna Go Far Kid into show and tell. Made the kids laugh and the teacher get pissed off. Lol. I like this one but that’s still the best. It told the future. Was “inspired”. I knew.....Michael the Arch Angel.......Michael of big bull falls.
Diogo M
Diogo M Day ago
This is getting very successful! more than 3M. views and #1st on American Radio Rock
Евгений Беляев
С этой команды у меня и началось увлечение роком,а потом и металлом!Эх,ностальгия!:)
Ava life twin sisters Queen
We love this. Song great job.
Arief Pangestu
Ah good music #90skids
Thought it was new I've heard this love it still
jessica bremer
FYI no one can stop Lazer Kitty!
jessica bremer
Never been a big Offspring fan, but love their new single.
Guillermo Vitola
They still kicking it with the videos 🤟🏼
Leah Raymont
Leah Raymont 2 days ago
this is on triple m!
Ace 32
Ace 32 2 days ago
Love ya offspring don’t change :)
NoahBG Young
NoahBG Young 2 days ago
The coakroach with the corona mask on 😂😂😂
Yohanes Rizan Prakosa
Wowww cool
Dynamite21 2 days ago
Used to listen to The Offspring back in my high school days. Been a good 20 years since, and they still sound just as good now, as they did back then.
Lisa Murphy
Lisa Murphy 2 days ago
I'm almost 60 years old, a grandmother, and the Offspring is still my favorite band.
A 1
A 1 Day ago
silkktheshocker 2 days ago
That verse is the same as RX by Theory of a Deadman
Joseph 2 days ago
dosei san
dosei san 2 days ago
Nikolai Shtokolov
D \ m / V
D \ m / V 2 days ago
HELL FUCKEN YEAH! this whole album is kickass :D
Sebazdian X
Sebazdian X 3 days ago
Great like always :)
Summit Junky
Summit Junky 3 days ago
Punk isn’t dead, it just goes to bed earlier.
Devil's Offspring
It gets the runs more often too
João Brasil
João Brasil 3 days ago
Welcome back, guys!
Alex56 røp
Alex56 røp 3 days ago
Qui est français ici et kiff leurs chansons 😁
ken lombardi
ken lombardi 3 days ago
I love the new album. welcome back!
Hanz Alfan
Hanz Alfan 3 days ago
Nice song never change...
BBC EXPRESS 4 days ago
as an offspring fan this song is horrendousl
jermaine rucker
jermaine rucker 4 days ago
I can hear the old offspring in there trying to escape. Not quite there yet though.
Nicholas Sherwin
Nicholas Sherwin 4 days ago
Crushed it lads 💯
The chord and vocal melody in the chorus is genius
Victor Arantes
Victor Arantes 4 days ago
Aula sempre 🍻
jonathan morand
jonathan morand 4 days ago
thank you guys.
Денис Устинов
Круто! Круто! Круто!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emerson Bernardes
Música com a cara das pegadas das músicas antigas dos caras muito top
Zach West
Zach West 4 days ago
Hopefully rest of the album is better because this ain’t it
David Diggs
David Diggs 5 days ago
Best yet. Want more more i got to have more T.Y.OFFSPRING
Adnan Rivera
Adnan Rivera 5 days ago
The lyrics bash so hard on Donny. 😂
Yadirobi Br
Yadirobi Br 5 days ago
Best song of the album
Brandon Purvis
Brandon Purvis 5 days ago
these guys sucked when they were young .Should have stayed old retired
Antonio Muñoz
Antonio Muñoz 5 days ago
This song starts like Hey ya! - Outkast hahahha
Hard Knox
Hard Knox 6 days ago
Thank you Offspring, Conspiracy of one...Woke me up to real music, and you still never let me down.
Marcel 6 days ago
Guys olds, this clip, me remember the Limp Bizkit... Counterfeit...... im from Brazil
Mike Taylor
Mike Taylor 6 days ago
Song makes me feel like a kid again
Evan Eichenberger
Punk is more relevant than ever , well done
Roger Kiplinger
Roger Kiplinger 6 days ago
Still F'n Rock!
davmatt74 6 days ago
Cockroach in a mask. Hello dr. Fauci. Excellent assessment of the situation. Let the bad times roll! The Offspring on point again with another great song
Noah Calhoun
Noah Calhoun 6 days ago
Thank you offspring. I thought you were lost. Now I am sure all these new kids will play your music which I have been listening to since 1997. The sound never changes!
Gerd Geldhai
Gerd Geldhai 6 days ago
Wirklich sehr passen in der aktuellen Situation!
Ignatius Noirant
Ignatius Noirant 6 days ago
And they are
Kinsley Williams
Kinsley Williams 6 days ago
I'm disappointed.
Chris G music channel
Excellent album... Consistently amazing and enjoyable.
2ndFace666 6 days ago
Let them Rock and Fucking Roll!
PinkCosmoCrafts 6 days ago
Cat lasers!
JABarnes18 6 days ago
How is it possible to make a song that sounds like it has a cowbell in it, and yet there is no cowbell?
2ndFace666 6 days ago
Just imagined Christopher Walken in the Offspring studio. More Cowbell!
ClassicMiddleton 7 days ago
I remember being 7 and sneaking my dad's Americana CD to listen on my discman, thinking I'd get in trouble because some songs had bad words... He totally fuckin' knew. Wild that 23 years later, here they are releasing a TENTH album.
Julio Urias
Julio Urias Day ago
And what about your dad?? Still loving them?
Vivian Péré
Vivian Péré 7 days ago
I am french I love you
mlb591981 7 days ago
Turning 40 in 3 days. Been a fan of these guys since jr high and they're still doing it well.
John Munoz
John Munoz 7 days ago
You guys are all smoking BBC for thinking this song is somewhat good lol Terrible sounds like a gym class heroes song
John Floyd
John Floyd 7 days ago
When I heard this on the radio I just knew the video would be silly af
Jacob Butner
Jacob Butner 7 days ago
I thought that this was an older song...
Realtalk 4eva
Realtalk 4eva 7 days ago
Woohoo! Great song! Offspring is in the house bitches! 💃
Anthony Blackburn
My favorite song so upbeat and catchy fucking love u guys I remeber being in 3rd grade having the offspring playing on me CD player and wearing headphones. I love this beat I first heard it lastnight full blast in my car and instantly wanted to cover it and I rarely cover songs anymore thanks for bringing me back to life guys 🤟
Jimmy John
Jimmy John 7 days ago
Lock the Dems up!!
Benek Benek
Benek Benek 7 days ago
Ooooo Baby let The Bad Times Roll Ooo Ooo Ooo Ooo !!!
Kray Kray
Kray Kray 7 days ago
My favorite rock band! Love you guys!
Dániel Beke
Dániel Beke 7 days ago
Love you guys! Keep on doing your thing cause you never disappoint my taste of music!
UKE 7 days ago
No. Just... no
Paint47 8 days ago
Personae Gratae!
SLEEZY 225 8 days ago
Yu will forever be my go to band . Yur on yur way boys, back to the top.
MVP channel
MVP channel 8 days ago
Real video clips can be considered those that are made according to the lyrics of the song, preferably with scenes taken from films where the actors express emotions. When creating video clips, I took this into account, so I suggest you watch them, for the purpose of entertainment and to assess their quality. Best regards MVP channel. Thank you...
James Biggar
James Biggar 7 days ago
spanner in the works
I've got tickets for these in November, I pray that the establishment have gave up with this hoax that's still going on.
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez 8 days ago
Is it me just me or this song is all about donald trump 🤔🙄
Diogo M
Diogo M 8 days ago
yeah basically
WacKEDmaN 8 days ago
Ahhhh!...its time to relax And you know what that means... A glass of wine, your favourite easy chair.. And of course this youtube video playing on your device So go on, indulge yourself Thats right, kick off your shoes, put your feet up Lean back and just enjoy the melodies After all, music soothes even the savage beasts
Mr Syafiq
Mr Syafiq 8 days ago
Tommy Turnbull
Tommy Turnbull 8 days ago
I thought this was from 2007
KiMax 8 days ago
Вот это охуенным трек.
NZT-48 3 days ago
Ты охуенно прав 👍🔥😂
D T 8 days ago
Don't be so dramatic, just pull the spider phone off your face immediately goddamnit... And we've all had the huge hands thing (not so much the covid scared cockroach?) ... Shame I didn't have a stack of toilet paper in my fire place, that would have been rad... Then laser video game cats eyes with lucky alien shields for protection... Then Slipknot burst into my bedroom... Then the not very serious flu tries unsuccessfully to attack me... Phew, that's one of my least weird dreams right there...
Digital Soundgarden
3 decades of making music not selling out and still sounding good and looking good.....my first question is you guys vampires cause if so i want in
Kevin Spilker
Kevin Spilker 8 days ago
Them kids always be looking at their phones and taking them pills!
Justan Ol ' Guy
Justan Ol ' Guy 8 days ago
I've missed these idiots!
Cléo Camilo
Cléo Camilo 9 days ago
The Offspring voltou.
Jason Loves Watching Movies
I always like to listening Green Day but thier new album is not my favourite sound like Pop compared to The Offspring new album is more sound like Punk. I prefer The Offspring.
gianthailand 9 days ago
too many ooh, oh,oh,oh ........
Dennys Oliveira
Dennys Oliveira 9 days ago
Greg K ?
Tokyo Damage Report
Play Original Prankster!
James Hetfield
James Hetfield 9 days ago
S O 9 days ago
May The Fourth Be with youuuuu
Ryan Hammond
Ryan Hammond 9 days ago
I saw an ad on my Xbox, tried it, nope
Renato Gonçalves
33 years old and I'm here ... rock lives forever ❤️❤️
Richard Gonçalves de Carvalho
"we" are here. :)
HinjuRock 9 days ago
Let the Auto-Tune roll.
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