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May 21, 2019




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Roblox girl Wh
Roblox girl Wh Month ago
Do it girl for h
Willie Bradham
Willie Bradham 6 months ago
nikkibyrd23 6 months ago
Hey what’s your name
nikkibyrd23 6 months ago
THE PRINCE FAMILY hey the prince family
Xavier Britton
Xavier Britton 6 months ago
Xcgxghs DtfttufrufrufrLoL
Taylor Reece
Taylor Reece 7 hours ago
Nova is cute she looks the myCousin
Azia Thomp
Azia Thomp 7 hours ago
your wrong there is another baby on the way
Jay Hereford
Jay Hereford 9 hours ago
Jay Hereford
Jay Hereford 9 hours ago
How many girls you have one or two
Channel Summer
Channel Summer 18 hours ago
Am Bance most have D 4 baby
kadinesebastien 23 hours ago
All notifications on!!and congratulations!! Strong! Well done damien for supporting and encouraging her
Sharae Parrish
Hi. BB❤️❤️🦄🦄🦄
Motlatso Agnes Matheere
Two boys two girls
Melvin James
Melvin James Day ago
where is dj
Chloe Giles
Chloe Giles Day ago
All notifications done
Kera Davidson
We will get you all that like do cook from the day
HayHay Squad
HayHay Squad 2 days ago
if u watchen this 2020 and they have baby #4 coming soon
Kiyah Hall
Kiyah Hall 2 days ago
I can't wait till Noah comes out
Arianna Lofton
Arianna Lofton 3 days ago
Queen C Production
Follow me ❤️
Unicorn cat Caleia
Did u know when a woman gives birth they totally forget how much it hurts right after
gacha_Limez 3 days ago
Yayy Bianca nova is coming no more pain
Traevon Elder
Traevon Elder 3 days ago
Monique Richards
Monique Richards 4 days ago
Girl u strong I got a csection but I was there crying from I went in couldn’t have baby until like 9hours later they broke my water ,,she pooped inside of me ...girl u calm I swear .. take care of nova ...btw d called down the 4th baby on ya ...lol
Aaliyah Civerne
Aaliyah Civerne 4 days ago
IH THIS IS Aaliyah and i love your vidoe and tell the baby that a say hi
Damaris Grant
Damaris Grant 5 days ago
I like your Viedos and my name is Damaris Grant 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😘😘😭😂
Prospere Amy
Prospere Amy 5 days ago
This is the 3rd baby & they both act like it’s their first time being in the hospital and having a baby. They act like they don’t know anything LOL.
Kim Bondora
Kim Bondora 6 days ago
No way I have one brother and me girl Courtney can you GUYS DO SHOT OUTS I loooooooooe by your Channel YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AMAZING SWEET People love your Channel hope Beyoncé Feels better with baby girl 👧 nova
Felicia Lyles
Felicia Lyles 6 days ago
All notifications are on
'Ungatea Fusitu'a
How many likes do you think? 💯
'Ungatea Fusitu'a
I do it all right 😎
Yuliett Santacruz
Well their wish came true who here after their fourth baby
charlotte timmins
well done beocker and well done damien for saporting her
Francette THOR
Francette THOR 7 days ago
No 10009000000000990999999999999990900
Iama Sanchez
Iama Sanchez 7 days ago
What is the baby's name 👀💐🌹🌷
Keyshia Moore
Keyshia Moore 7 days ago
100,0000 like
Raelynn R
Raelynn R 7 days ago
hay baby
The Sisterhood
The Sisterhood 7 days ago
Yes I agree to there strong and all stuff they said
Paula Ramirez
Paula Ramirez 8 days ago
I love you
Tammy Romero
Tammy Romero 8 days ago
What is your girlfriends name
Lashanda Loreal
Lashanda Loreal 8 days ago
All notifications on!! Wow you spoke y’all 4th baby into existence Damien... You guys have a beautiful family. Blessings to the prince family! 😘😘
Princess_Mani Darden
Hi there just 😔😭
Joevon Smith
Joevon Smith 8 days ago
How much people love nova Baby 💕💕💜
Britany Ramírez
Britany Ramírez 8 days ago
Done Damian
Ra'Lynn Garrison
Ra'Lynn Garrison 9 days ago
Love❤ her❤🖤
Lily Vernon
Lily Vernon 9 days ago
I already think bianca's baby gonna be beautiful
Lily Bowker
Lily Bowker 9 days ago
nowadays your cough would be called " CORONA"
Lynnh Homez
Lynnh Homez Day ago
very funny
Skigh Pretty
Skigh Pretty 9 days ago
My name is Jakori 😚😚😚😚😚🍉👌
Victoria Ferguson
Victoria Ferguson 10 days ago
M&T Nation 4L
M&T Nation 4L 10 days ago
whos here after the baby #4 mukbang 🙃
Maleeha Dickinson
Maleeha Dickinson 10 days ago
I love his background of his phone
Maleeha Dickinson
Maleeha Dickinson 10 days ago
I love them but why is she holding her own bags like she is pregnant
Jessica McCubbin
She was pregnant, not disabled. I'm 38 weeks pregnant and I carry my 2 year old son around who weighs about 35lbs. And she obviously wasn't having serious contractions or she wouldn't have even been able to walk right going into the hospital
Cheryl McCoy
Cheryl McCoy 11 days ago
The baby.s name is nova and she a girl and she is pretty. spoil elert
Kiersten Erives
Kiersten Erives 11 days ago
You are the best
Sharot Kintu
Sharot Kintu 11 days ago
🔮🔮 9
سوسايةةツ 11 days ago
Dhi Qar Governorate / Al-Bathaa today was rocked by the killing of two girls who did not go beyond the legal age of age under the name (washing shame) and this is what is in line with the Islamic religion and its belief and its provisions that came about this issue where the Al-Batha district is known as its tribal fanatic people .. the girls of two teenage sisters from a very closed society
Cody sotelo
Cody sotelo 11 days ago
Jessica Silva
Jessica Silva 12 days ago
Did anybody notice they spelled matter wrong 18.51
Heaven Norwood
Heaven Norwood 12 days ago
Y'all having a 4th baby
Kelly cruz
Kelly cruz 12 days ago
I cry every time I see Bianca in pain.
Dj Mixx
Dj Mixx 12 days ago
“We’re not having a 4th baby” baby number 4 2020 sheesh
Days Wit Jo
Days Wit Jo 12 days ago
Look at y’all now 😭😭😭 on baby #4
Khaniyah Gamble
Khaniyah Gamble 13 days ago
I did it
MaRyiah Martin
MaRyiah Martin 13 days ago
I love nova
Tasean Montique
Tasean Montique 13 days ago
Hahaha B
Hahaha B 14 days ago
Emely Rivas
Emely Rivas 14 days ago
i love ti 1009k likes
Aretha Leatham B
Aretha Leatham B 14 days ago
u not surpose to touch
Amiya Curry
Amiya Curry 14 days ago
Two boys two girls .
Jurate Steponaviciene
Jurate Steponaviciene
Jurate Steponaviciene
Jurate Steponaviciene
Emily hall
Emily hall 15 days ago
ahh well to bad you where blessed by god with a forth baby
Tennicer Lee
Tennicer Lee 15 days ago
I love your wife she is cute
X X X six pack X X six pack
Yes I did everything love you
Sophia Day
Sophia Day 16 days ago
Ok I did it!!!!😽
pumpy9 16 days ago
I think u should have another boy and girl twins
Zahra Amin
Zahra Amin 16 days ago
Janie Vasquez
Janie Vasquez 17 days ago
I have 2 cats
BEAUTY SQUAD 17 days ago
It’s crazy how Bianca said she didn’t wanna have his 4th baby but now she pregnant again...lol but I’m gonna support no matter what
Mira plays Roblox
3rd baby 𝑑𝑢ℎ 𝑎𝑟𝑒 𝑢 𝑑𝑢𝑚 𝑛𝑜𝑤 𝑡𝑜 𝑏𝑒 mean🙄
Sarah Ishmael
Sarah Ishmael 9 days ago
I was literally going to comment that too
Tembakazi Qotoyi
Tembakazi Qotoyi 17 days ago
trust me you are having a fourth baby
Dellina Christopher
Congratulations 🎉 send me a pic of your baby
Ghost RetroPlays
Ghost RetroPlays 16 days ago
Dellina Christopher they not gonna send u a picture of the baby dummy
Daniel O. Taiwo
Daniel O. Taiwo 18 days ago
im praying
Bailey Staggs
Bailey Staggs 18 days ago
This is how many thoughtful people love the price fam and the new member too 👇🏻
Aniya Ellis
Aniya Ellis 18 days ago
going to have a nouther baby
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