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May 21, 2019

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Comments 7 618
THE PRINCE FAMILY 2 months ago
Lets Get 100K Likes & We Will Drop The Next Vlog πŸ’•
Carmelo Turner
Carmelo Turner 12 hours ago
Who is this who is this
Metro Metro
Metro Metro 2 days ago
Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey 4 days ago
@Mayaa The simmer !v!MV!mhgkv!mgkhkvshdfhyc Ggffgzxvcxczvzdgdfgfgttilk Vvvbvvcbvcvvvbnbg Nbmbnnhb Nmnnmnv B N. cbfv⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫
Lisa Harvey
Lisa Harvey 4 days ago
@Kobe Vlogs hgkj
John Lewis
John Lewis 8 hours ago
Niyahh Reacts
Niyahh Reacts 8 hours ago
If the baby is this cute,πŸ‘‡
Micah Maxwell
Micah Maxwell 12 hours ago
LikeVideos_ Zakyah
Seema Goring
Seema Goring Day ago
Good luck on your baby
Dolly Page
Dolly Page Day ago
May god bless you
Jaida Londyn
Jaida Londyn 2 days ago
Msta Nasty
Msta Nasty 2 days ago
Team Damien
Jack MeHoffer
Jack MeHoffer 2 days ago
The kid is just born. How are these malcontents already disappointed?
Mia Louis
Mia Louis 2 days ago
My name is Camille and I love to see Nova
Keisha Frederick
Keisha Frederick 4 days ago
Tori's Show
Tori's Show 5 days ago
When I saw her crying I started crying 😒
Jordyn tv sis Davis
Jessica Olivo
Jessica Olivo 5 days ago
Time Warner Cable Guy and the guy πŸ‘ŽπŸ’ͺπŸ€πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘πŸ‘€πŸš™
sweetlove lively
sweetlove lively 5 days ago
Tremaine Pinder
Tremaine Pinder 5 days ago
Keymani Girl
Keymani Girl 6 days ago
Johanna Bell
Johanna Bell 7 days ago
I love the prince family and I love the video when Bionaca And Damien broke up
Kiarra Campbell
Kiarra Campbell 8 days ago
Can you make a video of you putting dj kyrie and biancca asleep
Michelle Ulrich
Michelle Ulrich 8 days ago
Lakensya Pulliam
Lakensya Pulliam 8 days ago
Hey prince famliy
Myrtle Johnson
Myrtle Johnson 8 days ago
At 3:04 you can see his license plate I’m not trying to be a stalker... I’m just saying 😐
What You Want tf
What You Want tf 8 days ago
This is why i can’t be a youtuber. There’s always some boys in the comment talking shit with β€œπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈβ€ and girls with β€œsis” and β€œhun”.
Andrew Diaz
Andrew Diaz 9 days ago
I am pregnant to
Alline Ndayishimiye
It hurts
NANE 3 9 days ago
I love your now babby girl
Nikki Cole
Nikki Cole 9 days ago
I heard the screaming
kerri dawn
kerri dawn 10 days ago
Turned on post notifications 😍
Elektra White
Elektra White 10 days ago
Always you now it this channel is amazing 😍
Baller Billy
Baller Billy 10 days ago
Y’all post y’all child’s birth to the public, wowπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ
Jasmine Snell
Jasmine Snell 11 days ago
Bryan Luke
Bryan Luke 12 days ago
Kimberly Beard
Kimberly Beard 12 days ago
vanajah Slaughter
vanajah Slaughter 12 days ago
Omg is she ok!?!?!
Devin Julio
Devin Julio 13 days ago
Biannca if you can two boys two girls if you can afford it
Donald Trimble
Donald Trimble 13 days ago
Thanks Mitch said she will soon##
Arianna Brunner
Arianna Brunner 13 days ago
Haha Damien funny and biannca funny and they both sneaky
Jazmine Duran
Jazmine Duran 13 days ago
Where team Bianca at??❀️ You strong sis, bless youπŸ₯°
Aaron Mays
Aaron Mays 13 days ago
Aww I live y'all
Miracle Kimvell
Miracle Kimvell 14 days ago
ok im telling the truth her face is red and im not trying to be rude
Tay Robinson
Tay Robinson 15 days ago
Ken'nique Hawkins
Ken'nique Hawkins 16 days ago
OMG I HOPE I GET SHOUTED OUT AND hope Nova is glad to be with u guys I cause I love u guys
Kisha Shantell
Kisha Shantell 16 days ago
I did it
Kisha Shantell
Kisha Shantell 16 days ago
Damien you drive just like my step dad
Deshaela Walker
Deshaela Walker 16 days ago
This is how many people love love love this channel and they fam πŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏπŸ‘‡πŸΏ
kaylee Briscott
kaylee Briscott 17 days ago
If they have another girl the family will be like ming my family is two boys and two girls😊
Tiffany Smith
Tiffany Smith 17 days ago
I love you guys hope you have a good baby girl
Carl Platts
Carl Platts 17 days ago
Lil Baby
Lil Baby 18 days ago
I love her
Stephanie Douglas
Stephanie Douglas 18 days ago
It hurts to see her in pain
Oluwashina Tosin
Oluwashina Tosin 18 days ago
Can I get you guys to reply me please?🀧🀧🀧🀧I really need some love and the first RUvid channel I get to subscribe.I am seriously not tired of your video and I am getting addicted.I Love You Bianca,and all of you that are part of THE PRINCE FAMILY Vlog❀❀❀❀❀much love from Nigeria residing in France.I LOVE YOU ALL😘😘😘😘😘😘.
Toraino Johnson Jr.
Ben Thomas
Ben Thomas 18 days ago
❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️. Kindell πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
Avriyana Allen
Avriyana Allen 18 days ago
I love your family your family is beautiful
Noemi Figueroa
Noemi Figueroa 19 days ago
I’m just going to go poop in the bed πŸ˜‚
Paul Garcia
Paul Garcia 19 days ago
Did your baby come Yes or no
Lera Farmer
Lera Farmer 19 days ago
I did it
Alyssa Etheridge
Alyssa Etheridge 19 days ago
I love your video
sabrena Spaulding
sabrena Spaulding 20 days ago
The love siblings
The love siblings 20 days ago
I turned it on the post notifications
H2O CO2 20 days ago
The things us women go through ❀
dc11845 21 day ago
i thought you had to be 7 meters dilated but 2 thats odd
Brittany Russell
Brittany Russell 18 days ago
Goodness Gracious, 7 METERS though? 😬😳 ouchhhh
Deaven Clay
Deaven Clay 21 day ago
Oh you have a bady
Markus Lockley
Markus Lockley 21 day ago
I hope you feel better is we going to see the baby
Heaven T.
Heaven T. 21 day ago
What day she will born
Mary Val emoji 33
This video was supposed to welcome the baby not the Rolly pollys
Mary Val emoji 33
Good luck I know I'm 2 months late and why are his shoes NAMED DAMIEN
Dezarai Mudd
Dezarai Mudd 21 day ago
Aw the baby is going to be cute
Leandre Oliphant
Leandre Oliphant 21 day ago
Love nova # cute
Jeffery Calhoun
Jeffery Calhoun 22 days ago
team b go
Jayla hackwoth
Jayla hackwoth 22 days ago
I love the prince family 😍❀️
Hayden Lamb
Hayden Lamb 22 days ago
Jasim Smith
Jasim Smith 22 days ago
Did it
Angel Taylor
Angel Taylor 22 days ago
In in
Cherish Lofton
Cherish Lofton 22 days ago
I did
Patty Street
Patty Street 23 days ago
Wat. Is. That
Mayra Duran
Mayra Duran 23 days ago
Tow boys and two girls
cmontgomery08 24 days ago
The baby is going to be Beautiful
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