THE NORVINA PALETTE... Is It Jeffree Star Approved??

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to another first impressions video! Today I'm testing out the much talked about NORVINA eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills! The color story really intrigued me so I tried to use as many shades as possible in my review today! What is the formula like?? Is it Jeffree Star Approved?? Watch me create a look and swatch the entire palette.. and find out xoxo
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Comments 80
samj530 5 days ago
@jeffreestar try manuka honey 🍯
Stephani Castillo
does PR stand for press release?
Sarah Erdelen
Sarah Erdelen 8 days ago
I could literally watch you do nothing and still be mesmerized! One day I will meet you @jefreestar, I want to do each other's makeup while drinking red bull, and watching the sun set! Uhhh, I love you so much!
[ lavender ]
[ lavender ] 9 days ago
"I feel weird and naked with nothing on my lips" GURL YOU HAVE PERFECTION ON YOUR LIPS
Nasa Bella
Nasa Bella 11 days ago
I'm dying for that top! oml
Sanvi Sinha
Sanvi Sinha 11 days ago
Jeffree you are my Netflix
The_Red 11 days ago
Even ifits a Jeffree Star approved, I still can't buy it. Ahahahhaha i still stan.
xoOericaOxxo 12 days ago
I get eczema everywhere all the time... it usually happens when i have super dry skin or im stressed
Miss Mausoleum
Miss Mausoleum 13 days ago
Jeffree: We all have modern renaissance in our makeup kits Me: (looks around) Where?
Felicity Nicholls
Felicity Nicholls 16 days ago
I use aloe Vera on my exma it really helps
Samantha Curschmann
I want a pallet that is all shimmer. 15-18 shades of just shimmer. For all of us ladies that want nothing to do with mat.
Kelly Hanrahan
Kelly Hanrahan 17 days ago
Everything is fucking fresh honey!!!! LOL
PandahHeart 18 days ago
This is the first name brand pallet that I purchased. I was in Spehora and swatching a bunch of pallets but I fell in love with this one.
Aylexx G
Aylexx G 19 days ago
even just watching Jeffree gently apply a shadow on the lid ever so gracefully is physically relaxing to watch, love that
weirdyetsane89 19 days ago
AHHHH! I have Eczema too, but i was placed on prescribed lotion based steroids due to its severity when flares do occur..-_- But i've tried that Honey eczema soothing cream, and I like that it's natural with an anti-inflammatory benefit. (:
Angie Traveny
Angie Traveny 20 days ago
I know this video is older but I just purchased this palette and my fall out is crazy in the pan! Am I pressing to hard? It even happens when I use the brush that came with. Advice? I love the palette just wondering why my fallout is waaaaaay worse than the video.
lalla12123 26 days ago
Comments: omfggg palette dissing!! Me commenting: he really looks like a Jojo character dressed like that
Brandi Miklos
Brandi Miklos Month ago
If you have Eczema, you need to keep your skin moisturized. A Cetaphil cream ia really good.....thicker the better.
Matija Markovic
Matija Markovic Month ago
Did anyone else noticed the rip in his shirt
Hayley Pulley
Hayley Pulley Month ago
Omg I LOVE the lavender mirror! Please keep marking pastel mirrors, they are STUNNING!🤞 love you Jeffree😘
ClarifyEht Month ago
What the fuck are you wearing girl
Kay May 420
Kay May 420 Month ago
"wanna put it on my ass" We love you Jeffree! XD
Carole-Anne De Kalbermatten
⚘🕊🏆🦄🏆🕊⚘- Very Nice White Dress ◽🕊 ◽- You LOOK absolutly Beautiful ⚘🕊🏆🇧🇱🏆🕊⚘
shai G
shai G Month ago
Anybody else re-watching all of jeffrees videos 🤔💙
Brittany Merriman
Who’s buying this in 2020?!!!??!!
*мαяιlуи *
I would love you to try IT makeup brand (foundation, concealer, eye shadows etc etc etc)
*мαяιlуи *
That Colour palette looks incredible on you!!
Meghann Evans
Meghann Evans Month ago
I have baaaad psoriasis.. there's some amazing creams like CeraVe you cAn use. And it smooths things out with daily use. ThAnk you so much for what you do. I feel so much more confidence after seeing you work it.
Lívia Vieriu
Lívia Vieriu Month ago
I can look at u non stoooop. Your videos r for me shoooort 😉
natalieczka Month ago
nonce alert
Mika Month ago
Who's here after the Blood Lust collection reveal? 😃💜
Ileana Zayas
Ileana Zayas Month ago
"Now let me really smoke this out like it's me, Nate, and a bong." 😆😂🤣
Renato Month ago
Hi eczema, how are you doing gurl
psychicoutlaw Chanel
Finally found the one where you shout out Rich Lux! Bc I love him so much lol!! Pretty palette for sure, still a bit pricey for me :( . Thanks Jeffree!!
Karen Nevins
Karen Nevins Month ago
You look AMAZING!!!!! Thank you for your videos!!! I know it doesn’t take only 15-20 minutes to make one video. You can tell how much you truly love ❤️ makeup and doing all the things to teach us. Thank you love ❤️ karen
Charmed Life
Charmed Life Month ago
Jeffree Star approved my ass! Fake person in the world!
Yasmin Begum
Yasmin Begum Month ago
Questions I need answers to: Is it the S or C silent in Scent Who taught the first ever teacher If cinderellas shoe fit her perfectly, how did it come off
Glessier Month ago
i'm definitely going to buy this palette tomorrow. love you, Jeffree
Twitchy Witchy
Twitchy Witchy 2 months ago
Girl I just bought this palette, it's actually my first Anastasia palette and I immediately went to find your video on it
Alex Prins Real Estate Agent
Love the video. I had the same issue with the skin around my nose always benign dry and peeling. The skin looked thick around the edges and I had no idea why. It was a combination. I was over exfoliating with scrub and also not properly cleansing with my face wash and water. There was caked in product and dry skin that looked like I had eczema. Just scrub more with your fingers when washing your face and make sure you hit it with more moisturizer.
kota da bear
kota da bear 2 months ago
Idk if it’s just me but his voice isn’t lining up with his lips for some reason it looks like he did a voiceover
Therese Potes
Therese Potes 2 months ago
watched the whole vid because i’d like to buy this palette for the longest time! after saving money, i’m proud to say that I watched your review before buying this 💖
Summer 2 months ago
Get a prescription for eczema from your doctor. It works the best :/
kim davBG
kim davBG 2 months ago
Damn he is so good
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark 2 months ago
Would you mind me asking what you use on your hair to give it a healthy shiny look? 💖
Calum Durnall
Calum Durnall 2 months ago
Hes like the Gordon Ramsey of makeup
Delfhinium Lutikov
Delfhinium Lutikov 2 months ago
Мляяяяяя чё за бабка накрашенная? Пипец этот мир сошёл с ума.
priya g
priya g 2 months ago
For 42$ the quantity in each pan is not doin anything for me
Aleya Marie
Aleya Marie 2 months ago
SO I have the same problem with eczema on my eyelid. I know this video was forever ago, but if you still have the same issue, try hydrocortisone. Even a 1% "anti-itch" cream has made all the difference since eczema lotion doesn't want to work on my eyelid. Hope that helps! I love your energy by the way :)
Geena Varghese
Geena Varghese 2 months ago
Where is the purple blood palette ????
Mazie Mitchell
Mazie Mitchell 2 months ago
I've loved everything I've got from them
Catherine Landers
Catherine Landers 2 months ago
If everyone was as honest as Jeffree the world would be a better place.
Pocky Pokey Cam
Pocky Pokey Cam 3 days ago
Catherine Landers And appreciated the world like Joanna Jinston, she’s so iconic
Jordann _officiall
Jordann _officiall 3 months ago
Hydrocortisone cream and tea tree oil, I swear by it.
Shelby Hill
Shelby Hill 3 months ago
Love his hair😍😍😍💗
GoldenTrio 4Life
GoldenTrio 4Life 3 months ago
Anna Marks
Anna Marks 3 months ago
Dying for that top-nothing beats white. 💋
TheMachFive Pets
TheMachFive Pets 3 months ago
I dont like pink.. But dam! That pink is georgeous!!!!!
Angela Kauffman
Angela Kauffman 4 months ago
I just use coconut oil on my face for eczema
Mikel Cochran
Mikel Cochran 4 months ago
I loveee this pallete! It is absolutely beautiful and so are u Jeffree 🌟 im thinking of buying it for myself as an early Christmas 🎁 so thank u so much for reviewing this and sorry its a year late😔😜
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa 4 months ago
Thanks you Jeffree Star love you so much💋, I would like you to Try Carnival pallete please❤
Mary Goodnight
Mary Goodnight 4 months ago
You’re so fake
Black Hood
Black Hood 4 months ago
I have eczema on my eyelids and it flakes in the summer I'm definitely trying that out 😍
Shayna Camacho
Shayna Camacho 4 months ago
How come no one is talking about the fact that Norvina is the only person who can make Jeffree say “that’s sooo pretty”.
potridge 4 months ago
I had the same problem with eczema on my eye lids. I was allergic to the nickle in the eyelash curler i was using.
Denee Rivett
Denee Rivett 4 months ago
I gag every time you wear WHITE to do your make up.
Cyndi R
Cyndi R 28 days ago
Denee Rivett the CONFIDENCE lol I could never
Katieishere 4 months ago
It's awkward that he ripped subculture for its fallout but not the fallout in this ://
Jennifer Roma
Jennifer Roma 4 months ago
You’re so pretty!
Carl Matias
Carl Matias 4 months ago
Romy Avidan
Romy Avidan 4 months ago
It might be just mine specific, but damn this whole palette is a mess. It has an exaggerative fallout, the shimmers a i n t working like it shown in this video - pigmented who? I need to be VERY rough if I want to use one. And ofc, it causes SO MUCH POWDER and the whole shades are meshed up. I'm sorry Anastasia but I am not approving this one.
Alice 4 months ago
Are Jeffree's eyes brown or blue? I swear they change every video.
Hemalatha Ravinthran
i think its hilarious how every time jeffree says painterly paint pot I hear paintchilly paint pot and then get super confused.
Shay Sama
Shay Sama 4 months ago
I loooove this palette and use it very frequently. It's really easy to create simple looks that look stunning!
Rachel Crowder
Rachel Crowder 5 months ago
Honestly got into jeffree late 2017 and when I ran out of newer videos to watch I started watching old ones. The old videos weird me out because jeffree has eyebrows lol
Lisa L
Lisa L 5 months ago
I love this palette and am a huge fan of Jeffree... your reviews are so entertaining, endearing and honest! Thank you x
Joyce Barrientos L
Joyce Barrientos L 5 months ago
You're so beautiful!!
Emily Hanley
Emily Hanley 5 months ago
Also the rose gold was my absolute favorite from that palette... ugh, I miss it. All gone lol.
Emily Hanley
Emily Hanley 5 months ago
“I wanna put it on my lid, I wanna put it on my ass... I wanna put it everywhere.” I love you so freakin much. 🙌
Silverxdiamond 5 months ago
Love this outfit and hair 😍
Melanie 5 months ago
Their best palette to date.
Alice Volkov
Alice Volkov 5 months ago
I’m still waiting for the pregnancy lol
Catherine Montalbano-Harris
Do you have a refrigerator in your makeup area? I just purchased a small one from Amazon and it’s very small. I have it filled with some masks and all my serums. I think I may need a bigger one. Lol
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