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Jul 31, 2019




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Comments 806
lilly pulp
lilly pulp 3 months ago
The best ever radio show host is Nigel Farage
Barbara Johansson
Barbara Johansson 3 months ago
Steven are best..
Barbara Johansson
Barbara Johansson 3 months ago
God Bless you David...so truth...
Frank Chandler
Frank Chandler 3 months ago
Brexit is more important then the Union to me.
Centient Being
Centient Being 4 months ago
the people did not vote to come out of EU (whatever that means) as ALL (s)elections are rigged ... it was the elites that needed a club so as to negotiate with the EU as until this staged Brexit event they had no position, its all an elites fight for the spoils of "The Crown" at the centre of this battle, the innocent public are just pawns.
Capta1nCaveman 4 months ago
Yourr a c@nt man arn't you rather than a can
Madame Clark
Madame Clark 4 months ago
Irish unity yes.
Goss Kamperis
Goss Kamperis 4 months ago
David Essam
David Essam 4 months ago
If you think the Remaniacs are irrational, just watch what happens if there's an Irish unification vote. Whichever side loses guns & bombs will come out.. If they don't come out before the vote that is. The fight will then last decades. Both sides there can out-stubborn rocks.
Maurizio Cigognetti
Maurizio Cigognetti 4 months ago
Farage did not liberate his country; he sold it to the United States. He cleverly betrayed his people with a pile of lies. The American flag is waiting for a new little star. Nothing wrong with it, but the British should have known the truth; nobody in this world can prosper without partners, which in this case will be very, very cumbersome in the Uk economy and politic.
OneBagTravel 4 months ago
Hopefully the Republic of Ireland will eventually get their freedom from Brussels. Have a lovely holiday Nigel.
Tessa Smith
Tessa Smith 4 months ago
People should read this brilliant 3 part article and question why Farage is fully supporting Trump. Is it a Khazarian Mafia thing? PART 1 mintpressnews. com/shocking-origins-jeffrey-epstein-blackmail-roy-cohn/260621/ PART 2 mintpressnews .com/blackmail-jeffrey-epstein-trump-mentor-reagan-era/260760/ PART 3 mintpressnews. com/mega-group-maxwells-mossad-spy-story-jeffrey-epstein-scandal/261172/ Will Farage be hopping across to New Zealand from Australia to catch the premier of 'Where's My Roy Cohn' which is playing in Canterbury New Zealand to gauge the reaction from the audience to report back to his false idol Donald? ticketing.oz.veezi. com/purchase/1113?siteToken=yy3jdf694afk32tzbdj30agtdr
david cooke
david cooke 4 months ago
Vote Brexit party at next election lets get rid of the tory traitors
Diarmuid Keane
Diarmuid Keane 4 months ago
That's second fella on the phone... What a absolute fool 😂😂 United ireland will come and u will have to put ur picture of the queen up in England where it belongs... Not in Ireland! 🇮🇪🍀👑🍀🇮🇪
William Bagley
William Bagley 4 months ago
Where is Nigel? Why arent there any of his podcasts from August 2019?
B34Z73Y 4 months ago
Think he may have been on holiday this week. JRM isnt on today either
roger clark
roger clark 4 months ago
Where is Nigel? Nothing on LBC!! This is the last program to be found?
andygll38 4 months ago
well if you prpperely listened to the broadcast towards the end , Nigel said he will be on holiday for two weeks, and will be back on LBC on the 18th August
Simon Pemberton
Simon Pemberton 4 months ago
I want all leavers to unite in calling 'no deal' brexit "Clean Break Brexit"! let's pack it in with this negative no deal crap. Clean Break Brexit! people
mal MALLY 4 months ago
I remember putting my trust in May at the last election and voted conservative instead of UKIP, Look where that got us, no more brexit party all way
J K Harry
J K Harry 4 months ago
mal MALLY I still have some hope on Boris (around 5%) that he will deliver Brexit, but after 31 Oct it’s Brexit party all the way🚀
Anafe Camingue
Anafe Camingue 4 months ago
why are brits as him so full of complexes? Because the EMPIRE is gone and Britain did not achieve nothing anymore since the battle of Britian? My god... you brits truely overestimate you to the maximum. Honestly: who cares about your small country anyway? Britain is an US colony soon. Simple as that. And Farage is its first clown. The EU rocks, Britian sucks.
Mike M. Rocker
Mike M. Rocker 4 months ago
Provisional SF/IRA is a eurofederalist party.
William Bagley
William Bagley 4 months ago
Where is Nigel? Is he on vacation? No new podcasts since 31st of July 🤨
J K Harry
J K Harry 4 months ago
William Bagley He will be back on 18 Aug; it’s mentioned in the last minute of this video
Ruth Whelan
Ruth Whelan 4 months ago
It’s definitely not like Ohio...
Darren Kiggins
Darren Kiggins 4 months ago
Mr Farage you have never respected democracy, why dont you have a manifesto? Why are you not respecting the good Friday agreement? Why dont you go back to the Conservative party from where you originated. Anyone who thinks the EU where ever going to give the brexit militants a be spoke trading arrangements are simply deluded. If the EU did it would break the EU up and that is not going to happen. Give the Irish independance, everyone would have what they want that way they can decide for themselves there EU future.
Greg Green
Greg Green 4 months ago
Asturias Scotland and Ireland are Celtic countries. For all intents and purposes they were once long ago ONE nation. Ireland was actually called Scotia Major and Scotland, Scotia Minor. I'm an Eire citizen and a Catholic and if the Majority in the North wish to stay with the UK; fine. If Cork wants to join France, have at it. Sinn Fein are New Age morons. The Republic is full of EEU morons. No matter, EEU is about to crash anyway. Study your history.
Greg Green
Greg Green 4 months ago
REXIT. That's your next issue.
nope not me
nope not me 4 months ago
He's gone again ..6.8.19..
UnknownMacarena 4 months ago
no one do you know where he’s gone?
suzy schwarz
suzy schwarz 4 months ago
By the way later when piers Morgan interviewed you in August 2019 I found him Piers morgan to be a sanctimonious fool, trying to trip you up all the time he was as foolish as he was when he was here in USA. On television.What a bore he is !
Gordon Morris
Gordon Morris 4 months ago
There are about 150 disputed borders in the world, and of the approximately 193-7 countries in the world 164 are in the WTO, so it doesn't seem likely that the border in Ireland is an issue preventing WTO regulatory controls from being utilized, even if disputes arise, and if the EU excludes the Irish Republic from border decisions, IREXIT can rectify that problem!
South London Metal Detector
The BBC has edited a scene in Stacey Dooley's Panorama documentary after she described a Muslim prayer gesture as an "IS salute". SCUM BBC
Hein Scheffer
Hein Scheffer 4 months ago
Nigel, not sure if you will see this but here is it anyway. RUvid are taking your comments and channels of the display cabinet where we sign into RUvid. We have to explicitly ask search for your videos. Everything else about Brexit on different sites and BBC, is displayed, but not your sites.
The Shootist
The Shootist 4 months ago
A united Ireland is inevitable. It may take 50 years or it could happen this year, but it will happen. If the Irish wake up in time to realise the EU has been largely responsible for saddling them with crippling debt, unwanted and unsustainable immigration and get themselves out of the EU then a united Ireland would be a fantastic opportunity for real freedom, for the first time! 🇮🇪
Karezza Kenosis
Karezza Kenosis 4 months ago
How to be Irish: 1. Dress all in green 2. Drink only Guinness 3. Believe in Leprachauns 4. Look to the past not the future 5. Speak a dead language 6. Say "top of the morning" at every opportunity. 7. Be sexually abused by a Pope Cult priest. 8. Blame everything on England. 9. Emigrate and parasite on other countries. 10. Dance in a silly way 11. Worship the Pope
djstona 4 months ago
I think nigel and Joe rogan should have a big old chat who else agrees
X-PUKKA-X 4 months ago
If the conservatives don't give us Brexit I see you becoming Prime Minister leading the Brexit Party
R 4 months ago
The union needs to wake up. I'm is going to be smaller
Rob Jones
Rob Jones 4 months ago
An eu Pro conflict in Ireland party..?
John Heppenstall
John Heppenstall 4 months ago
It is strange that nationalists are so keen to stay in bed with the EU and really forfeit their nationalism. The Irish and Scottish must hate the English and the union with a passion.
steady eddie
steady eddie 4 months ago
you are strange,but not a thing more
Truthspoon 4 months ago
Noel Edmonds has been preparing us for years, but the banker is calling the shots.
Mike Durrans
Mike Durrans 4 months ago
We deeply care about Northern Ireland and Scotland also Wales. We will fight for that, it must NEVER happen
Richard Kennedy
Richard Kennedy 4 months ago
Usual, desperate no-hopers Sinn Fein 'talking up their arses' again. Lost the war (of course) - and still getting nowhere ... and never will. Eire will be out of the EU, too, soon.
Coulter 4 months ago
I love that remainers seem utterly convinced that the Irish are bloodthirsty psychos who will go murder crazy the instant that a political and trade agreement with the EU & the UK ends. Also I *hate* this backwards history, the armed border did not cause the Troubles - it existed because of the Troubles. These people trying to say A follows B, instead of B follows A, to try and attack Brexit are horrendous.
steady eddie
steady eddie 4 months ago
@Coulter Never relent....
Coulter 4 months ago
@RUvidr Do you think they might have grown out of it by now? They've lived at peace for many years now, why would they want to go back to terror? The revenge stuff should have faded with time, the original participants will be older (possibly wiser and with more to lose) and the younger generation don't even remember it because they weren't there. You'd know better than me though.
Youtuber 4 months ago
Customs posts will be seen as the physical partition of the Island of Ireland again and likely be targeted.. take it from someone from the border region who lived through all that bullshit
steady eddie
steady eddie 4 months ago
A camel is a horse designed by a commitee
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