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On the day Jeremy Corbyn says he'll do "everything necessary" to stop a no-deal Brexit, Nigel Farage is asking one question: Do you trust Jeremy Corbyn?
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Aug 19, 2019




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Comments 787
khankrum1 Month ago
Which planet does Corbyn come from ???? Of course the government is mandated for a no deal BREXIT!. The referendum was passed into Statute Law by both Houses of Parliament and given the necessary Royal Assent! If you follow the idiot Corbyn's logic the no statute law is lawful, and that includes the Treaty of Rome that brought about this debacle in the first place!
Alistair Macrae
Alistair Macrae Month ago
For a moment consider Diane Abbott as the UKs Home secretary.
Binky Boo
Binky Boo 2 months ago
Do I trust Jeromy Corbyn?? No,no...and no.Not on any count!! He is so dodgy !!
Goss Kamperis
Goss Kamperis 3 months ago
What would happen if 288 Tory MPs resigned thus giving rise to 288 by elections ?
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. 3 months ago
is it illegal to get a gold pen and write EUROPEAN UNION on top of the new pass ports
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. 3 months ago
where is the European Union at the top? must be a fake
Anthony Clegg
Anthony Clegg 3 months ago
This bloke gets £75,000 a year pension from the EU. Talk about bite the hand that feeds you. Is he giving it back, is he bxxxxxxks.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear 3 months ago
lol Why dont the renaguers renague and go back to supporting Brexit? lol
SonofaGib 3 months ago
How can you call "Going back to the status quo" a "Change of direction"?
Cath bowie Grinter
Cath bowie Grinter 3 months ago
Nigel definitely said he wanted to be like Norway and just like jeremy has changed his mind
Cath bowie Grinter
Cath bowie Grinter 3 months ago
Nigel sorry I would not take your word if my life depends on it I would believe anybody else first .no they r not the same that's why there are gagging orders to try n get a deal n keep the truth quiet
Cath bowie Grinter
Cath bowie Grinter 3 months ago
JC is going the best for the country as he knows no deal will trash the country he cares not like nigel
Steven Langley
Steven Langley 3 months ago
Jeremy Corbyn man of principal when it suits him parasite
humphrey peek
humphrey peek 3 months ago
the labour leader is two faced
law abiding Canadian citizen free speech
Eu Where is democracy (BREXIT )
John Payne
John Payne 3 months ago
I want mine now
OneBagTravel 3 months ago
I'm shocked that remoaners are using the talking point, "we never voted on a 'no deal' brexit" when the same argument can be used against them when saying "we never voted on a brexit treaty". The vote was to leave the EU. The fact that it doesn't say "with or without a deal" implies if a deal can't be reached, then a no deal is by default the way to leave. Remoaners should be upset that the EU can't come to the table with a reasonable and fair offer. Instead they're still trying to argue about something that wasn't even on the ballot. At the end of the day, a deal was never a guarantee let alone mentioned.
cheltenhamSpa 3 months ago
Corbyn's voting record is on record 100% against the EU his position now is not credible
Alan Davies
Alan Davies 3 months ago
Relying on you to keep a watchful eye on proceedings in the next few weeks Nigel to see they don’t sell us down the river Without the necessary paddles.
300tawan 3 months ago
Borris is making the same mistakes as May thinking most people that want to leave are stupid and while he thinks we are not looking thinking and listening he will try to pull our pants down.
Roland Rohde
Roland Rohde 3 months ago
Corbyn is such a unfortunate character as leader of the opposition. If they had a proper leader, Brexit would have been thwarted long ago...
Ron Keelor
Ron Keelor 3 months ago
I would never trust Corbyn, and I don't think boris will deliver, Brexit party all the way,
Steven Borg
Steven Borg 3 months ago
This 'deeply principled' man that Momentum and Labour voters keep banging on about has been exposed as an absolute sell-out who did a total 180 as soon as he was in a hair's-breadth of power. Total disgrace. How people can consider voting for such a sell-out who has publically spoken about not using a nuclear DETERRENT and is a socialist Marxist to top it all off is beyond all comprehension.
stoneyard100 3 months ago
Corbyn is a not pro EU but he's not pro Tory UK. If labour get to negotiate our departure then we secure workers rights, food quality and pro NHS policies. What we don't need is for the working class to be sold to the highest multinational corperations for the benefit of Tory Donnas
Kevin Havard
Kevin Havard 3 months ago
But your kids still states "EU"
Danny Mcgauley
Danny Mcgauley 3 months ago
Once in a generation...what like brexit yeah lol
Peggy Churchill
Peggy Churchill 3 months ago
Congrats on your passport. I hope you win.
CK Shine
CK Shine 3 months ago
Effective politicians have to subjugate their personal preferences based on the desires of the electorate and ever changing circumstances.
J Sev
J Sev 3 months ago
Corbyn is a wak betamale, not fit for leadership - but he certainly excels at gurning, whining and puling!
Freshwaterdiver1 GB
Freshwaterdiver1 GB 3 months ago
Corbyn speech very revealing. He's clearly now in the EU pocket, as was Cameron. Look where they all go when their time is up here! Gravy boat they follow. Lets vote Brexit Party. Why cant the remainers do they research on this issue?
Yo Yo
Yo Yo 3 months ago
great news about the passports! :D god bless Boris and Priti Patel!
Jack Newton
Jack Newton 3 months ago
I love that Alex realised he had no point at all and his ‘argument’ fell away in seconds.... so he hung up 🤣🤣🤣
Jose Fachada
Jose Fachada 3 months ago
Does it say Nazional Sozialist ....
MrAmberol 3 months ago
Corbyn is the one with no mandate... he’s doing the Lib Dem Shuffle... Lies lies and more lies. Traitor!
BedsitBob 3 months ago
I don't trust Corbyn to call the GE, and to instead try to hang onto the keys to No10.
Reality Always Bully’s Opinion
Hi all, I’m a current People’s Republic of Islington resident and have been my whole life. I’m a local tradesman and proudly tell anyone who brings up the subject that I’m a Leave voter and I DO MEAN LEAVE. The reactions I’ve received have been priceless and I can tell you from firsthand experience that most people here either don’t care about politics, haven’t a clue what their on about or their late to the party and follow the BBC but their all part of the outrage mob and it’s definitely a PC group mentality 😤😤😤 Every conversation starts with varying levels of them trying to blow their steam followed by shocked faces 😳😳😳 when they realise they have been brainwashed after actually having a conversation about it. Anyway Nigel I want you to tell James O’Brien he has 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason and it may help him to warm his brain up before he starts talking over everybody. BREXIT ALL THE WAY 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
BedsitBob 3 months ago
They're creating a Frankenstein? So they're creating a Doctor?
Aidan Masterson
Aidan Masterson 3 months ago
Dilemma! Don’t trust Corbin or Farage.
Jon Bod
Jon Bod 3 months ago
Hold all those responsible for going against the will of the people, to account.. just leave. Praise be Farage
Ojciec Rydzyk
Ojciec Rydzyk 3 months ago
Only fools voting for this moron Farage
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