The Newsroom - America is not the greatest country in the world anymore...(Restricted language)

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Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) hits the nail straight on the head in the opening minutes on HBO's new series 'The Newsroom'. He is asked by a college student a simple question during a campus debate. 'What makes America the greatest country in the world?'. Daniels initially goes the politically correct route then at the last minute goes with a honest, bold, straight forward answer that sums up a lot of the worlds problems that so many are afraid to accept because we all want to believe in our system and that it is our system that works. The evidence that is out there today is to the contrary and he discloses such information in his argument. We used to be the worlds best of the best and now we are just pretending. The first step to solving a problem is to admit there is one.




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hvelavan1 2 hours ago
What moral reasons? Genocide, slavery and ethnic cleansing! Great Britain, China, Greece were also powerful countries at some point in time. This kinda grandstanding is the reason for what’s happening today. Locking children at the borders, supplying weaponry to create artificial famines in Yemen, it is all happening right now too. Powerful and rich is not equal to great.
281cobra car
281cobra car Day ago
My 86 year old dad send this to me. Powerful but true.
Toomas Karmo
Toomas Karmo Day ago
The idea of "greatest country" is kinky, a bit like the idea of "master race". Once you start thinking in such categories, you are thinking illogically. "Greatest country in the world" - kinda like "Greatest ice cream flavour in New York" or "Greatest pair of shoes in California" or "Greatest song ever sung". This illogic comes in part from the inappropriate importing into politics of football concepts. Additionally, it is encouraged by an educational system in which students are pitted against one another, in a zero-sum game where the winner gets the Big Scholarship. The sooner we stop seeing life as a competition, the faster we will emerge from our current pandemic miseries. - (signed) Toomas Karmo, Nõo Rural Municipality, Estonia (writing in the European afternoon of 2020-04-02, probably less than 24 hours before the count of detected COVID-19 cases passes the million mark)
Daniel Asbridge
OK, boomer. They created what they rail against, they only have themselves to blame. The next generations are doing fine without you.
Ajay Harry
Ajay Harry 2 days ago
When Americans say America is the greatest country in the world, you guys are stupider than u look. No country is the greatest in the world, not America not Australia not England not China. If you guys cant get that may god have mercy on your souls.
Rom Capprotti
Rom Capprotti 2 days ago
One of the greatest scenes in television history and by the way the truth
Sophia Writes
Sophia Writes 2 days ago
He was wrong at saying we’re the worst generation. The boomers are! They ruined the country
Valtér Hégér
Valtér Hégér 2 days ago
America was the greatest country in the world after WW2. It destroyed Germany and nuked Japan. Europe was in ruins. The USSR just came out of a 15th century agricultural feudal society, barely recovered from the revolution with no investment and was bankrupt for most of its existence. Germany was rebuilt so that WW3 would be fought in Europe. Japan and Korea received US investment to keep China from eventually rising and becoming a threat in one hundred years. BTW, this was taught to me in 1979 by my high school history teacher, Mr. Gillmete! In 1985, I read a similar article written in 1960!
Vmancanada1 3 days ago
Freedom and freedom lmao, such an ambiguous word.No 1 has any freedom whatsoever. The word freedom itself has not finite definition. Freedom is interchangeable and depends on who gives it to you and the person giving such freedom is not ultimately free. You are only free when free of existence itself....V
Russ Q
Russ Q 4 days ago
This speech is Jeff Daniels best. This gave him the Emmy and it was worthy.
Davy Msafiri
Davy Msafiri 4 days ago
In this time of the Coronavirus, this is 100% true
J A 4 days ago
Loved this dialogue, but the cinematography ruins it for me. The scene is constructed melodramatic. It takes me away from what he's saying--what he saying is straight fire--but the camera work and the background music is very Hollywood. Also, the interviewer is only pressing him for answers? The question "what makes America so great in one sentence or less," and everyone else said two word answers, but _he's_ the only one who need to elaborate? Wished they didn't have background music. I don't need someone _telling_ me how I should feel about a scene or character. Emotion should be evoked. Which they did, with the dialogue. 9/10.
Ranko Orović
Ranko Orović 5 days ago
There is no such thing as the greatest country in world,one off the stupidest claims in history.For any country to say that is idiotic.
Nomad 5 days ago
Spoiler alert: it was never the greatest, it's just cold war propaganda
Muhany 6 days ago
The Corona virus just shows how bad America really is too corrupt
Durontae Jones
Durontae Jones 7 days ago
Hollywood actors all speak with the same sneering spite and searing hurt. It's like they're all bitter victims of childhood sexual abuse. Whenever these morons moralize I can't help but think of Harvey Weinstein and the long parade of these stars and starlets who wallowed in that pig's den of depravity. No, Hollywood is morally corrupt beyond anything that would allow anything in their sordid art to be the least bit redemptive.
The Real Firelord
This is what every person outside the USA thinks when the USA says their the best.
Montana Manculich
I wish this was a real video and not from a tv show. We need something like this with all this covid 19/crashing economy chaos going on
Gaviota Marina
Gaviota Marina 11 days ago
It never was.
thomas987 12 days ago
so very true
HGP Gaming
HGP Gaming 14 days ago
aptly describe the USA right now
EconAtheist 17 days ago
"Jenny, I gotta tell ya - you still have the tits of a 17 yr old. Impressive."
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 24 days ago
To the 401 people that disliked this: your what's wrong with America. His whole answer is basically the gods honest truth
Bender Rodriguez
Bender Rodriguez 2 days ago
@Jaye Batista Well I hate to say that in the last election I actually voted for Trump. But I had two evils in front of me and had to pick the lesser of two. Even then that turned out to be just as bad over the last four years.
Jaye Batista
Jaye Batista 2 days ago
Trump supporters disliked this video.
Juicy Puicy Productions
Bender Rodriguez I like it all except for the part where he said the people used to be well informed by great mean. I’m curious at what point a large percentage of the population was well informed ever in american history.
Brett Whitten
Brett Whitten 27 days ago
Impassioned, but sooooooo wrong. With all America’s problems it is BY FAR the greatest country in the world!
Brett Whitten
Brett Whitten 14 days ago
C U It is and I love it!!!
C U 14 days ago
Brett Whitten this cannot be a real comment lol
Brett Whitten
Brett Whitten 24 days ago
Glen Arnold I’ll give you a bunch of reasons why: baseball, monster trucks, back to back world war champs, AR-15’s, 70’s sitcoms, 80’s music, the bald eagle, best flag ever 🇺🇸, USMC, the Pony Express, Wal-Mart (with optional upgrade to Target), the moon landing or the hoax of the moon landing (whichever you believe - both were impressive), chicken sandwich war that is currently going on between Chick Fil A and Popeye’s, Fridays off after Thanksgiving, the Grand Canyon, high average wages, English spoken everywhere, the top 5% (which I am not a part of) pays 50% of the tax revenue - so bonus for me, cowboys (not the NFL team), the cheeseburger, the bacon cheeseburger, FREEDOM, Elvis Presley, Route 66, The American Red Cross, public libraries, HOT DOGS (this alone should be enough to prove my point), Mark Twain, and The American Dream - anyone can have it, but you have to work for it. Most just expect it but it doesn’t work that way. Good enough? Hope that impresses you, cause I spent a lot of time on this comment! 😂
Glen Arnold
Glen Arnold 24 days ago
Prove it.
Bill Fred
Bill Fred 28 days ago
Anyone else watching this in 2020 and getting anxious realizing it's more relevant than ever?
Ryan Walker
Ryan Walker 28 days ago
Yes other countries have freedom but individual states have way more autonomy than other countrie's districts, provinces, etc... Evidence to support we are greatest country in the world: Cultural Influence, affluence, government influence, everyone can be heard (even the karens), and I'm sure there are a lot more aspects that you could name yourself that are positive. He mentions world rankings but for our size what we have and do is great. Other western democracies are the size of singular American states and some states even have a larger economy. Our downfalls come down to media manipulation in this new age of tech and polarization of politics (the big two). You only think you aren't great when someone tells you, don't let this scripted scene tell you otherwise.
Bob Month ago
Trump watched this, looked at Melania and said "hold my diet coke". Thanks newsroom for giving this former democrat the red pill needed to board the Trump train to American hegemony.
JVisME Month ago
2:01 - Me nervously watching the DNC primary in 2020
BEN. 19 days ago
That fucking quote could not be more accurate in today's political atmosphere. Liberals pretend like they won before the actual debate then when they actually lose, they'll blame anyone but themselves.
miyahtallulah Month ago
Constitution may well be the best but, "great" nation? No way. Kids killed by guns in their schools, health service which excludes the poor. No thanks.
Ali Türk
Ali Türk Month ago
Ok boomer.
yifan ding
yifan ding Month ago
Freedom American shooting everyday
James Parker
James Parker Month ago
When was it?
CCJJ160Channels Month ago
Wish this show would come back in the age of Trump.
Albert Sun
Albert Sun Month ago
“America is not the greatest country anymore” So we need to Make America Great Again! Trump 2020
C U 14 days ago
Albert Sun then America really isn’t that great then is it? America is made up of the people in it. America is NOT the winners who survive based on a broken system
Albert Sun
Albert Sun Month ago
Antediluvian Atheist We shouldn’t care who’s suffering. This is natural selection you win or you lose
Antediluvian Atheist
According to trump, it's already great. This is it. this is what trump says is great. And if you're rich, it is great. Sure, others are suffering and dying, but the rich don't see it, or care. Now what?
Coleyobooster WFJC
At this point, it’s an indisputable fact that the United States of America is undoubtably the greatest country on earth. By far. Any attempt to argue this fact would be nothing but ill informed delusion.
C U 14 days ago
Coleyobooster WFJC go back to boot camp buddy. And pick up a book, not a rifle
Antediluvian Atheist
Nope. You could make the same claim about Nazi Germany. What makes it great? MoneY? The rich have that, not you. Freedom? Most countries elsewhere have more freedom. Military power? Why is that a measure of greatness. You need to set your standards, and then justify them, not simply assert that it is so. Try this: "At this point, it’s an indisputable fact that the -United States of America- *France* is undoubtably the greatest country on earth. By far. Any attempt to argue this fact would be nothing but ill informed delusion."
Writz Month ago
"We waged wars on poverty, not poor people." There is no better quote that shows the difference between the times of FDR and LBJ verses today.
Andrew Month ago
He was wrong at one point. "we used to be". America was never the greatest and never will be. No country will ever will be. Those who believe that are full of themselves. America was born in war and greed and theres nothing great about that
C U 14 days ago
Vengess1 you listed arguably awful countries. Maybe list Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, etc next time?
Paul Demay
Paul Demay 23 days ago
Vengess1 that’s not the point he’s making. He just says you can’t realistically compare countries and say which is best. You can just say which are worst.
Vengess1 26 days ago
No repercussions no punishment for your comment, because you are indeed in a great country, however in china, russia, north Korea, Venezuela, Iran, and many other countries your ass would be behind bars for a simple comment such as the one you innocently made. So how's that freedom of speech working for you?
Gabriel Self
Gabriel Self Month ago
This is, always has been, and always will be the greatest speech about our country.
Jay Lee
Jay Lee Month ago
How the fuck is this guys the same guy from Dumb and Dumber?
Ez Target
Ez Target Month ago
It's a shame that Jeff Daniels in real life is a complete progress liberal moron. Daniel's doesn't even realize that the REASON America is so low in all the things his character described is because of the fact that the LEFT has taken over public schools through their horrible NEA unions. They are more concerned with feelings instead of facts and would rather brain wash our kids with their liberal views than teach them to critically think for themselves. It's disgusting the amount of overpaid "doctors" that work at the school administration level. People with useless Phd's getting paid way too much money to fill BS positions like "diversity officers", "inclusion specialist" while the front line teachers actually in the classrooms get paid peanuts. I went to school in the 70s and 80s and at that time American schools were just fine. It was understood that not EVERY kid "deserved" or needed to go to college. But today I watch as my children come home from school and tell me stories of other kids just being pushed through the system. And my kids go to school in a very good school district in Upstate NY. I can only imagine what happens to kids in poor school districts. If we want to fix this problem we'll look to the past at the way children were educated in this country and return to those times. It's time to eliminate public school unions, they only care about themselves, their liberal ideas, and enriching their pockets.
Antediluvian Atheist
Yeah, so that's all bullshit. And nearly all of the issues are due to the GOP cutting funding. The right did this, not the left. the US does not HAVE a left.
Brandee Miller
Brandee Miller Month ago
This should be shared now.. and Thomas Jefferson wrote The Declaration of Independence. Just to clarify.
Brandee Miller
Brandee Miller 8 days ago
@MARVINTRON Thomas Jefferson wrote it himself. They did however remove articles... which I will not discuss here because it's a sensitive subject.
MARVINTRON 8 days ago
He wrote the first draft
rich ernest
rich ernest Month ago
Mike Can do/Will McAvoy 2020!
wildley007 Month ago
The interviewer was such a cunt.
Charley Ghanem
Charley Ghanem Month ago
Trump was sadly cleared of all his charges and this short clip is perfect.
Valtressa Washington
First part was great... the second part? well, let's just say not everyone had that same experience.
david Month ago
This is just liberal power fantasy porn. Fucking terrible.
Squirrel36 2 months ago
This is what I loved about Will McAvoy! Like Jeff Daniels, the man that plays him, he is a very smart and profound gentleman. And very handsome, at that!
Ante Andric
Ante Andric 2 months ago
Thank god i don’t live in n the USA!
Casey Chandler
Casey Chandler 2 months ago
Loved Molly's Game, love this, Loved Aaron Sorkins letter to his daughters. Wish this didn't get canceled. To honest for TV and the pressures put on HBO for this? Needs a reboot!!!
Tommy Shelby
Tommy Shelby 2 months ago
0:02 That's not Jenny. That's Freya Mikaelson😁
Jeffrey Raymond
Jeffrey Raymond 2 months ago
This is an amazing answer and more relevant for today considering our political sliding back to a horrible time for people.
Jarrod B
Jarrod B 2 months ago
January 2020 here
atul cgpsc
atul cgpsc 2 months ago
2:05 She lose on House of cards too
Amber Liversedge
Amber Liversedge 2 months ago
Everyone needs to hear this.
Brian Fitzpatrick
Brian Fitzpatrick 2 months ago
Great video thanks. TRUMP 2020
Y2Kazan 2 months ago
This should be Bernie Sanders next campaign AD! I can’t believe he hasn’t used this yet.
Ez Target
Ez Target Month ago
How would anything said here fit Bernie's socialist views?
PaperMoshe Month ago
Any politician could cite this video with as much success as Bernie could. I'm not a fan of our current President, but this is essentially the intellectual version of "Make America Great Again." How about instead of rallying behind candidates you personally like you do something that sadly too few Americans do: you research every candidate's platform. Americans don't research ideas, they pick their favorite and participate in a "Power Pageant". It's a television singing competition but on a level that affects everyone. And when you actually do take the time to research ideas you only choose to get your news from "legitimate" sources. But the truth is that EVERYONE skews the truth. I consider myself a liberal, but if I only watched CNN or if I only read the news stories that pop up in my Facebook feed I'd also have to consider myself a fool. If someone disagrees with you, find out why. Read the articles they read, and check the sources of all articles, including the ones from your preferred news sources. The most inspiring thing about this video was when he said that Americans used to be well informed. Bernie is not a cure for ignorance.
Connor Davis
Connor Davis 2 months ago
So america used to be great.....but it's not anymore......so you're saying we need to......MAKE IT GREAT AGAIN?!
Al Pacheco
Al Pacheco 2 months ago
did they just switch actresses mid shoot for that woman?
Toongeek45 2 months ago
The reason politicians hate the arts is that they are afraid of speeches like this.
Google User
Google User 2 months ago
"America is the best country in the world" propaganda is a lame excuse for America to try to dictate the world. Everyone knows its not true, but there is always some r*t*rd who repeat these propaganda cluelessly.
Loyd 503
Loyd 503 2 months ago
Saying that America has freedom is such a dull statement. It's built upon taking the freedom from the natives and murdering them.
Pillow Princess
Pillow Princess Month ago
@EM B what a convincing argument
EM B Month ago
Oh you mean like every nation in history has done?
Whitleypedia 2 months ago
This is so moronic. But it was editing quickly so he must be right!
Rick B.
Rick B. 2 months ago
Alot of times, the simple truth hurts...and this time, It does...time to face facts...
Stephen Shortt
Stephen Shortt 2 months ago
This is one of the top 10 moments on TV of all-time in my judgement. His statement is so true on so many levels. He says what only alot of people are thinking and wanting to say.
Luke Dias
Luke Dias 2 months ago
First 3 minutes: PREACH. 3:00 onwards: OK Boomer.
Fred Gwynn
Fred Gwynn 2 months ago
that blonde shoulda dropped an “Ok boomer”
GEORGE MITCHELL 2 months ago
Dumb and Dumber speaks!
Neil Merchant
Neil Merchant 2 months ago
This is great minus the "worst. generation. ever" bit - no sir, that was YOUR generation. Fucking boomers.
AZ Splitter
AZ Splitter 2 months ago
If I travelled from the past, visited modern day Japan, Germany, USA and was asked who won WW2 I would guess wrong 100/100 times.
Don Edwards
Don Edwards 2 months ago
I cannot remember the number of times I have been drawn back to watch this scene again and again. It is brutally honest. Sorkin is a genius and unfortunately usually overlooked. Thanks Aaron. This is from a Canadian that used to revere USA as a philosophy/way of life to aspire to.
souleater0815 2 months ago
Denmark, Sweden, and Norway generally have the happiest people.
Fred Gwynn
Fred Gwynn 2 months ago
I still hate this monologue and scene. Honestly whether or not Sorkin intended it it’s pretty Trumpy.
Michael F
Michael F 2 months ago
Anyone watching cause that ww3 carp going on?
Mikey V
Mikey V 2 months ago
The only part of this statement that irks me is when he says that all of the problems with America today are not the fault of a 20 year old college student but then proceeds to call her the worst generation ever. Say what...?
Leonardo Contin
Leonardo Contin 2 months ago
I suppose it is because they are mesmerized by the idea of being born in the greatest country in the world
Robert Frank
Robert Frank 2 months ago
wow, that was intense.
Depressed Turtle
Depressed Turtle 3 months ago
149th in infant mortality, isn’t that a good thing. It’s not that high to be honest...
Giorgi Mghvdlishvili
What is student's name in real?
Paul Krasner
Paul Krasner 3 months ago
This is the fruition of the attitude promulgated in the 50's 60's. We were told that the US is the greatest Country and its citizens the smartest and best and didn't have to do anything to achieve this status except work on their tan. We became lazy and entitled even as we saw other cultures zip by us. For example, not many white finalists at the National spelling Bee this year. We can recover but there has to be an immediate change in the Country's mantra. It has to be, "Stamp out corruption in Government and Corporate America". It has to be trumpeted by numerous well-respected people over and over and over. Here's some heresy: pay someone from Fox News like Steve Doocy, to recant on Fox News and say what horrible things Trump has done.
Brownell Landrum
Brownell Landrum 3 months ago
Aaron Sorkin is a genius - though he needs to know that he shouldn't be giving credit to James Madison when Madison totally lifted the Bill of Rights from George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights - nearly word-for-word.
JinaSolo 3 months ago
So, is there an updated list somewhere?
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