The new Tom & Jerry movie in a nutshell

Melly Vuong
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Also pls check out the Tom & Jerry 2021 film trailer: ruvid.net/video/video-KW8fGRTFWKc.html

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Nov 24, 2020




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Matheus Filipe Castilho Rodrigues
Tom and Jerry: *causes chaos in the hotel* Kayla: 😧 Robyn Starling: First time?
Galatea Loves Ramen
I don't know why instead of reading Kayla I read Karen HAHAHDHDDYZI
M M Month ago
My name is robin
• Mikzz Yushima •
oh dang my nickname is kayla o_o
yuni rue
yuni rue Month ago
I have friend named kayla
Steven Andersen
Steven Andersen Month ago
Cursed, all of it, the human depictions, the joke, the comments, I am scared for what 2021 is going to be
TheUwUz OftheOwOz
Imagine staring into pure nothing but the universe, and there’s an grey cat man fighting with an mouse boy set the place on fire and the cat man lokey hot and the mouse kid is just lokey cute and you ship them to hard.
MEO MEP Day ago
me casually screenshots where Jerry almost hit tom with a chair
laura Mella
laura Mella 2 days ago
Czarina 3 days ago
Haven’t seen anyone tell about this, but Tom and Jerry in casual clothing is just- 👌
0:30 LOL THEY DED!! hey are they dead?
S_A_S_H_A 4 days ago
Я одна задаюсь вопросом где хвосты у этих двоих? ,_,
Lerriboogusto 4 days ago
Kayla: end me...PLEASE
Quinzii 4 days ago
Tbh this is better than the trailer-
Leucia Delleva
Leucia Delleva 5 days ago
Did tom just wrryyd?
Keelin M
Keelin M 5 days ago
Chair go *brrrrrrrr* at tom's face
Khadiza Bhuiyan. Random
Ngl. They we’re looking absolutely good in those sunglasses.
Zero :D
Zero :D 6 days ago
Can we just talk about how adorable Jerry looks
Shumon Abdullah’s Channel of Random Videos
What my mom experiences everyday after she gave birth to my lil bro
Nobody is like Toto
Kayla has had enough
cartoonclimax 7 days ago
Accurate. Very accurate.
Spazz 7 days ago
no, no, you're right.
the f
the f 8 days ago
Brazil 9 days ago
*Me and my cousins fighting because why the hell not*
So basically, it’s business as usual, right?
*RAT Lord*
*RAT Lord* 9 days ago
this is pretty much accurate
Gabi Ramirez
Gabi Ramirez 9 days ago
Mi tía: tus hijos se llevan muy bien de seguro, se ven tranquilos Yo y mi hermano:
Nerissa Noname
Nerissa Noname 11 days ago
Fire and she still stands there
Turtle Texter
Turtle Texter 11 days ago
This song is a meme called trumpet meme if you know that... Ughee...
Erika Reynoso
Erika Reynoso 11 days ago
nice, pretty good stuff, I finally gotta see the movie early :)
Cannoli Wave Studios
First time I saw the trailer my thought was “This girl isn’t ready for this.”
Dad 13 days ago
Kayla is Abbachio and the other two are Narancia and Mista
Fl00f Doof
Fl00f Doof 15 days ago
Best friends start a new year of being enemies ONCE AGAIN
duckie craft
duckie craft 15 days ago
Lol i really want to watch this movie question why did u decide to do tom and jerry animations?? plus like the (tom❤️jerry) ship im new to this ship yr vids make my day love yr vids could u do bakugou and deku animatic? (if u can :^ )
AlexAndCasper 16 days ago
Oh my gosh, I love their modern clothing re-designs. They are babies!
Sangyoon Sim
Sangyoon Sim 16 days ago
Now this with the world revolving!
Zodiac Weirdo
Zodiac Weirdo 16 days ago
Isn't it the case of all of Tom and Jerry movies?
Erem şeyma can
Erem şeyma can 19 days ago
My Şihip tom be jerry😍😍😍
kim oanh tran
kim oanh tran 21 day ago
Midnight Diary
Midnight Diary 22 days ago
Kayla: I’m never gonna emotionally recover from this...
Unfunny Clown Несмешной клоун
This reminds me of my friend group-
Sasha Bashnya
Sasha Bashnya 23 days ago
Roselia's Daycores
Roselia's Daycores 23 days ago
Tom And Jerry: *Running* 0:08 Kittypop time: -_____- *Two Hours Later....* Tom:badass 0:38 Jerry:badass (too) 0:40 Kittypop time:O___O
prosper lebyit
prosper lebyit 26 days ago
where is le movie at
uni_berry chan
uni_berry chan 26 days ago
is it the OtHer wAY
liz 26 days ago
The ending 🤣🤣
F Etel
F Etel 26 days ago
Fun fact : tom and jerry are demons (joke)
Bunni Rats
Bunni Rats 26 days ago
They should have worked together rather than fight cuz its a whole as movie
Two Face
Two Face 27 days ago
Có 3 câu hỏi mình muốn hỏi, bạn có thể trả lời không? 1:Bạn chỉ mình lên màu sáng tối đc ko? Mình vẽ màu tranh của mình đầu thì tông này ok rồi nhưng quần áo thành kiểu vẽ thực tế luôn chứ không phải hoạt hình nữa. 2:Bạn có định thử tạo 1 animate hay 1 amv về Tom và Jerry ko 3:mình kết bạn đc không? Mình mới làm RUvidr nên chưa biết rõ lắm
Bratislav Cvetkovic
poor kayla you know what shes going to my un nessecary graveyard R.I.P BANANA R.I.P SNOW AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. R.I.P *KAYLA*
The monster Under your bed
i love the concept of animal eared human tom and jerry
Jade Potato
Jade Potato 28 days ago
I'm still wondering why they still alive when their literally like 69 or something
Anonymous weeb
Anonymous weeb 28 days ago
Yesss the jojo reference
INA 미술
INA 미술 Month ago
The ending tho😂😂😂👍
SomeoneElseYT Month ago
0:10 Oop- Pause Here Noobs For A Free Reference
if ur suprise on whats happening your probobly in ur first time
Lu y Luisito
Lu y Luisito Month ago
0:32 Just like in the old days :>
• Mari •
• Mari • Month ago
Meow 😻 squeak squeak 🐀
mundo da diversão da pintora
I...want...see...this .....movie!!!!!
[Rqmdxm ]
[Rqmdxm ] Month ago
Tom and Jerry :*destroy the hotel* Kayla : Do I even get money for doing this job? Welp I quit I don't get payed enough for this job
Alien Queen
Alien Queen Month ago
Your Tom and jerry art gives me life 😌💅🏽💅🏽
• Lizzy_Buns •
Oml the girl has the same name is me lmao
Kiyoshi Zoldyck
Kiyoshi Zoldyck Month ago
Ray set the fire and now Tom and jerry are dead on the floor lmao
Toni Eliz Zapanta
Tome and Jerry: killing each other Kayla: *This is fine*
søfį Free fire
søfį Free fire
mundo da diversão da pintora
They are my fairly odd grandparents.🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️🧚🏽‍♂️
DayStar Month ago
Ah, this so funny haahhahaah 🤣
La Keasrun
La Keasrun Month ago
How about the both of them become you know😳👉👈
Just your Average Rando
lmao I love this
MANDO Dilo Month ago
Fancy and fragil hotel with alot of glass vases:*exists* Tom and jerry:ma'am u must be new let us show you what happens here Tom and jerry again:*WRECKS THE WHOLE ENTIRE FRICKIN HOTEL* fancy hotel worker:why are we still here,just to suffer- T~T
MixelFanGirl100 Month ago
Kayla: Tired mom Tom: Tired Dad Jerry: Choatic Son
Kasarachi Ananti
Title: The new Tom & Jerry movie in a nutshell Me: Seriously? Really? More like, The new Tom and jerry fighting in hell
рар пвси
рар пвси Month ago
shwe thu
shwe thu Month ago
I can't stop watching this And l laugh all the time after watching this This is so cool
:3Raylla:3 gacha
KokuriN 14
KokuriN 14 Month ago
TOM : i'M GoOnA GeT YoU To ThE MOoN JERRY : *Escapes* / *kick tom* / *Throw chairs at him*
Bluegamer Boi
Bluegamer Boi Month ago
*I if this copyright strike I swear*-
Elka Sulyati
Elka Sulyati Month ago
Hehehehe tom x jeri 🤣😅
Sans La sansasional
:V :3 great UwU
Penguin même
Angelina Pak
Angelina Pak Month ago
Tom has IQ and Jerry has IQ and understands socially
M M Month ago
Imma go get the hotel girl a check
sumaila Sarah
sumaila Sarah Month ago
Funny 😁
EUAsickboy Month ago
wow kkkkk
Anonymous Month ago
tom and jerry: *causes chaos* kyla: this is fine-
ScarlettShana Month ago
Why you made me to ship that girl and Tom?
Inkky Creator
Inkky Creator Month ago
Time to kick em out
azeem zaheer
azeem zaheer Month ago
Who remember robyn starling in tom and jerry movie 1992
[ milky la pirata¡ • milky the pirate!¡ ] • • ¡ •
Kayla: *this is fine everything is so fricking fin-*
ThisIsConfusion Month ago
Ngl- Jerry looks like Makoto Naegi at some moments😳
-Just Aleksa-
-Just Aleksa- Month ago
Five minuts later : every thing is on fire
M y t h î e C e l e n a
🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂 my man went JoJo 0:10 💃🏿 he jumped kick Tom with a single try 0:18 0:11 hit him with a chair
Undertale Taze
Undertale Taze Month ago
This ain’t the first time.
ThatOneIdiot UwU
Tom and Jerry in da hood 😙
Erem şeyma can
Erem şeyma can Month ago
My sahip tom and Jerry😍😍😍
Lo2 Salmon
Lo2 Salmon Month ago
I like how Jerry just beats tom up with a goddamn chair while the person in the middle just stares directly at the camera
I'm honestly just here for Loki.
im in love with your character design for tom and jerry. as in i think its amazing, not like im in love with a cat in mouse. :D
Ezekiel Tamayo
Ezekiel Tamayo Month ago
Melly voung why dont you try animating a clip from a episode of tom and jerry called : "bottled up emotions "(jerry accidentally took an love potion and was in love with tom)
Ezekiel Tamayo
Ezekiel Tamayo Month ago
You might like it :)
King Froggy Boi
King Froggy Boi Month ago
Traumatized 4 year olds watching this be like: it’s all pretend it’s ALL PRETEND
Gacha Gamer Funtime Foxy
Me(blink) and my sister (army) in a nutshell
Alix Wølvë
Alix Wølvë Month ago
Meh: U In fIrE y U nO blEEd?!
DoggyKid official
What a bootiful movie I better get pop corn for this
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