the new secret "aimbot" sniper..

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epic games just added the most broken weapon in fortnite battle royale history (legit 100% accuracy no scopes aimbot)
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Jul 17, 2019

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Comments 4 385
McCreamy Month ago
like if u can't wait for this sniper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dat random gamer
Dat random gamer 12 days ago
Only losers ❤️ there own comment
Jessica Marrow
Jessica Marrow 26 days ago
You are better then everybody
Crimson Kat
Crimson Kat 28 days ago
McCreamy i have a trickshot map you cant beat! Wanna try? Then friend xd stormyboixxX
aLeX fLeTCheR
aLeX fLeTCheR 28 days ago
Colin Herp’s I play Minecraft now
Colin Herp’s
Colin Herp’s 28 days ago
Korupt_Cookie I quit a year ago and these are the reasons why. All people liking this are bots.
REaCtzzz To some stuff
Dude your aiming at the player before you shoot
Faze_BRY4N 3 days ago
Give this man a Diamond play button
-GD- Seth YT
-GD- Seth YT 3 days ago
When I looked at the picture of the video I saw the title and I was like Sounds cool I look in to the picture and he was holding a infantry rifle
Oskar Haver Johansen
Dude You should join faze
Jackson Errair
Jackson Errair 6 days ago
Mr.Gill57 Boi
Mr.Gill57 Boi 10 days ago
But did u see infinite war fares sniper before it can out... u didn’t even have to be looking at then lol
Baconboi 11 days ago
This is called the aim bot sniper, children.
Hyb 11 days ago
A Sdude
A Sdude 13 days ago
that’s some fortnite clips u playing like a bot
Eddy Fortnite Gamer
Dat 100% accurate gun has been patch
Ethaan 15 days ago
Anyone remember when this bloke was an absolute god on widowmaker?
XD is the best Everyone is trash compared to you
Add me I sent a friend request plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
paradise gaming
paradise gaming 17 days ago
Subscribe to my channel nelan gaming
svid 18 days ago
*you are sneaky man* *only legends will understand*
Sway Kriptic
Sway Kriptic 18 days ago
I was the dark bomber you killed Oof
ItzJustFiend 69
ItzJustFiend 69 19 days ago
2:20 is why they call mccreamy the king of no scopes
YungSaiyan٦٦٦ 19 days ago
Wait are u from NZ
Gacha Life Funtime Freddy
You know....Fortnite always brings these cool overpowered weapons like the Zapatron sniper,the gauntlet,the infinity blade and now it’s the scout sniper
Xiao Meri
Xiao Meri 19 days ago
Can you change your voice please 🤘🤘🤘
Xiao Meri
Xiao Meri 19 days ago
Deacon Wilson
Deacon Wilson 20 days ago
Jodi Mosqueda
Jodi Mosqueda 20 days ago
People who like this game🤡
Bigkilla43 20 days ago
Like if mccreamy is the goat
50NiC 21 day ago
This is going to break the game when real aimboters use this gun to cross map people
Zachary Suters
Zachary Suters 21 day ago
Not a secret anymore
Dark Ice
Dark Ice 21 day ago
imagine controller aim assist
HyPeRz TrAnCe
HyPeRz TrAnCe 22 days ago
YEET YEET 22 days ago
Where did ainsley go???!!!
FaZe F.E.4
FaZe F.E.4 22 days ago
Karima Ulehe
Karima Ulehe 22 days ago
Maybe your aim is just so facking good YEET
ProGoat25 24 days ago
I made a montage if anyone wants to see it
Jeremy Alama
Jeremy Alama 24 days ago
Jade Wiles
Jade Wiles 24 days ago
Are you in xd
Shontayne Davis-Watling
new faze member loldude to new trick shots
Oliver Young
Oliver Young 25 days ago
Yesterday in a pub I hit a 357 meter no scope
PAULO ESPINAR 25 days ago
Fortnite sucks
Pequena Airi
Pequena Airi 25 days ago
some ppl are gonna be mad asf
logan Bertsche
logan Bertsche 26 days ago
How the actual fu** are you so good
Maria Regina
Maria Regina 26 days ago
thanks your video's entertained me a lot
Elegy Beast
Elegy Beast 26 days ago
Plot twist it sucks
SeeKnee 26 days ago
Gorb was in your game
Xplicit HND
Xplicit HND 26 days ago
Who else dies when he moves his head up and down
spcx 26 days ago
Epic nurse: nert
Splashboat 26 days ago
That trickshot was so dope, but so confusing xD
Aldo RC
Aldo RC 27 days ago
Come back to Overwatch pls.
Isaiah Walker
Isaiah Walker 27 days ago
can i getr some vbucks McCreamy
Startrae 12
Startrae 12 27 days ago
That I played with my friends
Startrae 12
Startrae 12 27 days ago
U guys r getting ghast when there was a secret creative map near the end of june
Giulio Bertoldo
Giulio Bertoldo 27 days ago
This will be the new double pump😂
Cutie Pie
Cutie Pie 28 days ago
is it realease in asia?
TBMT Gaming
TBMT Gaming 28 days ago
You should use a custom crosshair with the new sniper 🤔
DJ Da beast
DJ Da beast 28 days ago
“Hit the like button or uhm yeah” Me: OH CRAP WHERES THE LIKE BUTTON
Sabage Potatoe
Sabage Potatoe 28 days ago
I miss your over watch videos
Philomena Okolie
Philomena Okolie 28 days ago
hes coping lazar beam
Ayan Nizami
Ayan Nizami 28 days ago
2:24 longest noscope comfirmed.
Luis Galang
Luis Galang 29 days ago
4:46 Dude you had 2 Shadow Bombs
Logan Bredimus
Logan Bredimus 29 days ago
its in bois
Weaboo 29 days ago
lol lol
lol lol 29 days ago
play overwatch you cuck lord
That guy
That guy 29 days ago
Sniper shootout/one shot 4 storm scouts 1 heavy
Star Carly
Star Carly 29 days ago
anyone gonna talk about the trees at 6:57
lazar beam
lazar beam 27 days ago
Haha wow dude you made me laugh HARD
cobs 29 days ago
We don’t need another sniper bro
ethan munsell
ethan munsell 29 days ago
love the vids keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes 29 days ago
How are you using the sniper
Allam Khoury
Allam Khoury 29 days ago
It doesnt have aimbot i glitched it into my island
Sergeant Bean
Sergeant Bean 29 days ago
How long did it take to get the sniper ?
Quifferiskraqked 29 days ago
Your mother will never die🙏 👍 this and sub to activate..
Long Live Jahseh D. Onfroy
I’m so exited bro let’s goo
SeanDalai 29 days ago
They didn’t even use the scope to shoot at all
itz redstarz
itz redstarz 29 days ago
Looking at how inside his keybinds are
Dawson 0
Dawson 0 29 days ago
Aim assist for PC players be like...
Future gaming
Future gaming Month ago
McCreamy Can u help me get Better
The vlog's Gaming
they are gonna vault the heavy sniper for it tho
M1st_AlphaWolfYT 28 days ago
Nope your wrong
Antonydabossman Month ago
Yeah... when they are standing still.
Animedorableking H
The part when mccreamy got mad at his partner and said ok ok😂
lazar beam
lazar beam 27 days ago
Your lic is a flex I bet that's not even you
Buddy Clareburt
Buddy Clareburt Month ago
They r probably going to need it now lmao
Anonymous Anonymous
I’m so scared so I had to leave a like and also leave a like or else I’ll.............yeah
Christopher Gonzalez
If you wanna use it just add my epic and whisper me saying your from mcreamy and I'll give it to you my epic is UDFHKSCNJDG
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