The New Roommate

Bridge Stuart
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"You've gotta meet him."
Bridge Stuart
Rex Howell
Janell Lenfert
Bridge Stuart
Director of Photography
Reed Windle
"If You Want Me To Dance" by New Feelings




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Comments 56
Bridge Stuart
Bridge Stuart Year ago
I have a twitter you can subscribe to @bridgeofstuart or an email you can send to bridgevidz@gmail.com
SuperSMT Month ago
That timing with the "He's not real" genius!
Ben Segal
Ben Segal 2 months ago
These should be taught in history class.
Donnie 4 months ago
holy shit you make the greatest videos on this platform
111imagine111 7 months ago
Is it only me or Randall looks like Saitama?
Æsh 7 months ago
Her enthusiastic little “oh” when they shake hands kills me every time
Brown Recluse Bear
Brown Recluse Bear 9 months ago
only 15k subscribers?! a travesty- dude, this is genius.
Jon Openshaw
Jon Openshaw 9 months ago
That is potentially the worst song I've ever heard. The awkward is too high.
iPlatinumb // dhamage2k
Really late to this but this is honestly really fucking good. Like real creative comedy shit.
Alejandro Gama
Alejandro Gama 9 months ago
This channel is saving my mind sanity
Noku M
Noku M 11 months ago
Isaac Trail
Isaac Trail Year ago
this is an extremely powerful video
Andrew Turkington
Yo this channel is gold
BMurray BMurray
I just found the best youtube channel
Kyle Ruscigno
Kyle Ruscigno Year ago
Your channel is criminally underviewed
J Archer
J Archer Year ago
really glad gus mentioned you, love this brand of humor.
This is extremely entertaining! Glad I stumbled upon your channel, man!
Rich Clark
Rich Clark Year ago
You have a Patreon? I would donate for sure.
Jesse Moody
Jesse Moody Year ago
I was expecting a resolution like Julian Smith's "Trees Hate You" sketch, but I was left hanging! Ha ha, so great!
Liam Tice
Liam Tice Year ago
Found this channel today cant stop watching
Don't know if I'm just too high. But I enjoyed your video. And subscribed.
Electro Spot
Electro Spot Year ago
Very funny. I wish the ending was longer, like the other guy ran to the door as he was leaving and shouted something hilarious at him. Nice video, good comedy.
Saif Shahrin
Saif Shahrin Year ago
Why does this make me feel like the same comedic effect of the Office? I love it!
Shaler The Act
WTH, im ....what?
t Year ago
i get my mail
diegox1994 Year ago
holy shit this is great
ronald broersma
One of the greatest secrets of the internet is why this video has only 6686 views. Prolly something with C.I.A. covering up newspapers.
Peter Billings
“I’m sorry, it seems like ..you guys need this.. or something.” ( 4:00 )
Jedward K
Jedward K Year ago
Thank you for existing.
Caleb Eliason
Caleb Eliason Year ago
I've never flexed from awkwardness so hard in my life.
Geoffrey Eggleston
Your videos are incredible!
Cody Avant
Cody Avant Year ago
2:37 LUL
Connor Duffy
Connor Duffy Year ago
is it me or does this dude look like a young jason slater?
Danny Bradford
Everything on this channel is amazing. It's deserves to more popular than it is.
Brandon Reda
Brandon Reda Year ago
Wait whaaa.... uhsuh!
David Gallo
David Gallo Year ago
Honestly not sure why you aren't a big youtuber by now, these are all absolutely hilarious!
Jordan Downey
Jordan Downey Year ago
lol awesome Bridge
Jack Hall
Jack Hall Year ago
Dude should be on SNL
Polan 2 years ago
This is too fucking good lmaoo
Ben Gabrielson
Ben Gabrielson 2 years ago
Everybody has there own Randall’s. Thanks again Brodge.
Ander Chisholm
Ander Chisholm 2 years ago
You deserve to be trending every time
Simonas Lu
Simonas Lu 2 years ago
youre the best man
RecIPiesorTed 2 years ago
Sure, Ted and Jane are 'fun' but we still don't know why the heck Brian's locked out.
clammaster4 Year ago
randall did it
Dustin Hahn
Dustin Hahn 2 years ago
awesome! Bridge, you've done it again
Sam Koloc
Sam Koloc 2 years ago
Sam Koloc
Sam Koloc 2 years ago
Thanks bud, love ur vids
Bridge Stuart
Bridge Stuart 2 years ago
"If You Want Me To Dance" by New Feelings. Immaculate Swedish songwriting.
Spycrabs 2 years ago
wow this is wonderfully put together.
StereoTypo 2 years ago
It's just like that Black Mirror episode with the dead boyfriend, only infinitely more awkward.
Lunch Time
Lunch Time 2 years ago
Your video's are so consistently excellent man. Great stuff! x
LeonidasSthlm 2 years ago
Surreal and funny! The ending could have been better though. Maybe a callback to the crane-accident could have been appropriate?
LeonidasSthlm 2 years ago
Yeah that sounds good.
NoJusticeNoPeace 2 years ago
No, he returns to his apartment and we watch him saying, "Thanks for letting me in," as he locks the door. "You know those neighbours across the hall? They're really weird." Then he turns and we see he's talking to women's clothes stuffed with newspapers and a drawn-on face sitting on the couch.
Kerzid 2 years ago
The way he says "what the hell is that" is so satisfying.
BIG SOSA Year ago
Julien Lormant
It's so goddam good. Cracking me up.
huh968 2 years ago
Too relatable.
Romain - Sn0wiss
Romain - Sn0wiss 2 years ago
that's so awesome man, you deserve way more subscribers !
0SharkGuy 2 years ago
I was sold the instant it focused on his face when Randall first came out
Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson 2 years ago
My god, these sketches are gold.
Scandal Production
Scandal Production 3 months ago
Colab still in my heart lol
MadSlav Year ago
Thank you Gus for recommending this channel
Marco Forte
Marco Forte 2 years ago
Gus Johnson I'm glad I found him through you
G Guy
G Guy 2 years ago
I agree
Josh Deerinwater
Josh Deerinwater 2 years ago
Gus Johnson you two should collab.
Matthew Narea
Matthew Narea 2 years ago
I am very happy you exist
Tyler Markowitz
Tyler Markowitz 2 years ago
Two vids so close together? Nice!
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