The *NEW* Fortnite Battle Royale? (TABG Royale)

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Today we play the new Battle Royale game in the market - TABG!
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Comments 80
Gabriela Marquez
Gabriela Marquez 3 months ago
Kaushik Vanavada
Kaushik Vanavada 4 months ago
You should have played fortnite
Sniper Freedom
Sniper Freedom 5 months ago
noob noob
Matt Gamestar
Matt Gamestar 7 months ago
U can't aim looser 😂
Elitimus Gamer
Elitimus Gamer 8 months ago
He was watching his own video. So humble
sara_kurd 8 months ago
Super coool
Brady Martin
Brady Martin 9 months ago
Lachy: is this a sniper?! Me: it is a m1 grand you doofus😛
Macauley Chaplin
Macauley Chaplin 9 months ago
please do fllor loot only challenge love the vids
Никола Батаклиев
THE scar in PUBG uses 556 ammo
Ultimate Dino
Ultimate Dino 11 months ago
Lachlan swears maby I will unsubscribe on he's channel.
Marcie Burleson
Marcie Burleson 11 months ago
Is it just me or was he watching one of his old videos
Xtintic 11 months ago
Olumese Ebodaghe
4:26 I thought he said I will fist you.. XD
Claire Jiang
Claire Jiang Year ago
can you meetup with san again?
The OiS
The OiS Year ago
This game is a living meme...... so is Lachlan
Itsalfie 123
Itsalfie 123 Year ago
Btw it’s the new pubg
Oh yeah yeah 2
Itsalfie 123 hi
Rowan Geiselhart
Lachlan you forgot to edit out the f word and don't say the f word
Red X
Red X Year ago
Who's watching 1987???
Brett Coccia
Brett Coccia Year ago
Who here in 2019
Barbara Fisher
Its not fortnite its pubg thats why its called tabg
o-_ Krusty _-o
This game makes no sense but it is so fun
You killed dantdm
Woo F
Woo F Year ago
iet Year ago
no censored swears btw*
Jimarko Crumitie
The people who are knocked down are your teamates so your teamkilling
Stephen Ballinger
Play tabz
ENDER gemz
ENDER gemz Year ago
This game is hard pekoz its not fornite!
ENDER gemz
ENDER gemz Year ago
This game is hard pekoz its not fornite!
Cetrix Year ago
Scar-L and Scar-H is different
LOLNE Mayday
LOLNE Mayday Year ago
Anyone I need help putting this Chair from IKEA but I don't know Sweden
Owen Ewing
Owen Ewing Year ago
Scar H actually does take 7.62
skrek ugre
skrek ugre Year ago
Do TABG!!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Hensley
They’re on your team but you can fight them
Rusty Orsak
Rusty Orsak Year ago
Cool game I might play it my self
Kings Year ago
13:09 he swears
David Shinault
hi lo
A Persone
A Persone Year ago
life2474 Year ago
U should just got mrfreashasian if u needed help lachy
Jaiden Fritz
Jaiden Fritz Year ago
In fort nite
Jaiden Fritz
Jaiden Fritz Year ago
Can you add me on fortunate my name is lil'alpha2007
Johan YT
Johan YT Year ago
Scar h takes 7.62 scar L takes 5.56
I'm English and we call it were wally do other country's do "waldo????"
Seth Jones
Seth Jones Year ago
Connell lockie
lachlan lachlan u forgot something UR A PRO FORTNITER YEH YEH YEH Y DOT U BOT BYDL ORI VASES
Kirstie Dye
Kirstie Dye Year ago
There is no solo is a team squad and buos
Ninja Blaze
Ninja Blaze Year ago
who else calls him Wally and not Waldo
Skuter Year ago
33 punch to the nuts
Tajah Rubiera
Tajah Rubiera Year ago
you can make teammates if you down them
Bradley Wilson
You mean the new pubg
Wangchum Year ago
XD he picked up an M2 50. cal
Carlos87bap87 87
This is one of my favorite games but I can never win cause it’s hard
WeeDee Year ago
I just see a minigun
Tribe King
Tribe King Year ago
16:00 me in pubg
Datboi 789
Datboi 789 Year ago
Scar in pubg is a scar L this game has a scar H not because they dont want to get sued
batman bruce wayne
this game is dead :(
Connor Ehmann
Connor Ehmann Year ago
The solos and team servers are on the same server for reduced lag and savings.
Get In My Van
Get In My Van Year ago
Why does he have to ruin this game
Jay's Vlog
Jay's Vlog Year ago
Nolan Bell
Nolan Bell Year ago
I remember when u played Minecraft and no swear
Duncan Riley
Duncan Riley Year ago
mm B
mm B Year ago
Lachlan swore
Brownsfan32 Year ago
The last non Fortnite video I think.... and it still has Fortnite in the title
The Pope
The Pope Year ago
its not fortnite god dammit stop calling it that
Brayden Lurie
Brayden Lurie Year ago
Didn’t cut out the swears
James Cameron
James Cameron Year ago
The hell are you talking about? This is clearly a PUBG clone.
Thomas Olson
Thomas Olson Year ago
When did u start saying f@&*
ROBLOX & MORE Year ago
It’s the new scuffed fortnite
SuperDude Comedy, Skits and Gaming
Thumbnail GREEN RPG
Jimmy Jim Jim
Jimmy Jim Jim Year ago
Remember when he played all sorts a of games now it's basically fortnite only
Ammosam Hurst
Ammosam Hurst Year ago
What happened to your yellow pet dolphins
WolfSpot Year ago
Fortnite sucks
plusRy Year ago
You should play more TABZ (Totally Accurate Zombielator)
Pedro Soto
Pedro Soto Year ago
Timuçin Cihangir
Why do you think its fortnite hmm? Its pubg
HexariaNoob Year ago
Thumbnail is clickbait He didn’t win
Abdelkrim Ibnoukady
wen did lachy become a dic
Alex Vasquez Ortiz
Abdelkrim Ibnoukady when you were born and learn how to write
Abdelkrim Ibnoukady
wen did lachy become a dic
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