The New Ford Ranger Raptor

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Explore Ranger Raptor here 👉 ford.to/RangerRaptor
The New Ford Ranger Raptor is the toughest, highest performing version of Ford’s best pick-up. And it’s coming to Europe. See it in explosive action.
The New Ford Ranger Raptor is the ultimate adventure pick-up. And in this exclusive launch video it takes on challenging terrain, bikers, ATVs, explosions and much more.
The commanding presence delivered by the Ranger Raptor’s imposing scale and distinctive styling is supported by a unique Ford Performance chassis optimised for high-speed off-road driving and go-anywhere capability.
The Raptor’s suspension has been specifically engineered and tuned to tackle formidable terrain at high-speed whilst remaining in complete control and comfort. Fox Racing Shox shock absorbers with Position Sensitive Damping provide the damping forces necessary for extreme driving situations.
The new Ranger Raptor’s aggressive design is driven by performance and functionality. Ford engineers extensively tested the new powerful Bi-turbo 2.0-litre EcoBlue and 10 speed automatic powertrain to prove durability in the most demanding conditions. And Ford’s 10-speed automatic transmission, that is shared with the F-150 Raptor, has been created using high-strength steel, aluminium alloys and composites to optimise durability and weight. There are also driver assistance and safety technologies that boost confidence for drivers facing unknown off-road challenges or tough working environments.
A series of sophisticated technologies are designed to make the new Ranger Raptor comfortable and convenient on- or off-road. These include Ford’s SYNC 3 communications and entertainment system. which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto™. It also incorporates SYNC AppLink for voice-activation of a range of smartphone apps. The system’s central 8-inch colour touchscreen can be operated with pinch and swipe gestures, and features sat-nav technology that comes into its own when off-roading in remote locations, even offering a ‘breadcrumb’ feature to leave a trail when exploring unchartered areas.
Developed for the true enthusiast off-roader, the first-ever Ranger Raptor will go on sale to thrill-seeking drivers in Europe in mid-2019.
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Aug 21, 2018




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Comments 1 282
XxX Day ago
The engine is just a joke.
Anil Kumar V
Anil Kumar V 2 days ago
That looked like KGF movie , the scenes , dust and the bgm 😃 Love Ford SUVs
Mehmet Efe YILDIZ
Oh my got. This epic 🥇
Lalou Allouache
Lalou Allouache 6 days ago
Le milieur du monde
rares tudor
rares tudor 9 days ago
Is this leak footage from the next fast and furious ??
Ezain Lamir
Ezain Lamir 10 days ago
F 150 ❤ 🤑😅
i d
i d 13 days ago
BADASS yazıyor aynı anlamamı geliyir acaba? Videonun ilk saniyesinde mavi ekranda alt kısımda
Raymond Reese
Raymond Reese 15 days ago
That was Awesome!.
Sachin Shet
Sachin Shet 15 days ago
After 1:05 kannada movie #KGF chapter 1 trailer.
Emmanuel Sambu
Emmanuel Sambu 16 days ago
Best of best
Naim Bolu
Naim Bolu 17 days ago
Anasının avradını şu reklama bak🔥🔥
Qwin GT
Qwin GT 18 days ago
This already have in America
0:50 That 'ting ting ting tingg''
Rafy Hendriatna
Rafy Hendriatna 26 days ago
Istimiwirr wong
Saroj Bala
Saroj Bala 29 days ago
Like please!
Abdurrahman Yusuf
Abdurrahman Yusuf 29 days ago
mobil bosok istimintilcrot
Aman Chakravarty
Ford: The world's most badass car manufacturer.😎😎 A proud Ford owner.
Terminator Month ago
I don't know why this comment say bring the car to America but Ford is American company
Nishant gupta
Nishant gupta Month ago
Bring it in India...
LeonLA Month ago
Omg, what a great and badass commercial @ford
VnM Wars
VnM Wars Month ago
Tundra Toyota le boss
VnM Wars
VnM Wars Month ago
C'est nul le raptor le boss c'est Toyota revo le Toyota revo bas cette merde de raptor
Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa Month ago
A P Month ago
Mobil impian masa depan
Gaurav Kumar Chaudhary
V 6 🤮
Luis Felipe Villafane montanez
That truck is a awesome machine good job Ford
TH SQUAD Month ago
Wow taths look amazing
Asaxx89 Month ago
Beat that CyberTruck!
primeluke with the nuke
I need one
Bikramaditya kashyap
India needs this vehicle
Richard Suarez
Richard Suarez Month ago
Can’t wait for that mini Raptor
MARC Antogop
MARC Antogop Month ago
But in the Philippines the raptor has a huge issue when it comes to its transmission not shifting anymore
Maniac Month ago
The way it came on those bikers rear view mirror !
Faisal khan
Faisal khan Month ago
who is here after tesla cyber truck launch
Lan Case
Lan Case Month ago
I prefer thia
Aler Aler
Aler Aler Month ago
Ping mobile reklamı mi bu
Arman Ansari
Arman Ansari Month ago
Directed by Michael Bay
Diyar Andıç
Diyar Andıç Month ago
Ford C'um alamıyoruz sadece izliyoruz 🌹
Taysean Shivrattan
Let’s go raptors
E Month ago
Wow, but the Tesla Cybertruck is better
Vie&Trasporti 2 months ago
Don't miss our prehistoric journey into a #JurassicQuarry on board of the amazing Ford Ranger Raptor! Watch now Fuori di Test® latest episode here: ruvid.net/video/video-UTofG6E-gjs.html
meriç karacik
meriç karacik 2 months ago
Ford proved that they can make realy high level commercial like their vehicels ❤
HyperVlogz 2 months ago
Would be great to add a petrol version, v6 EcoBoost preferably.
Kym Phillis
Kym Phillis 2 months ago
qqiiiiiooirw I’m zyyyioolp B
W Cubero
W Cubero 2 months ago
Un H
Omen Hp
Omen Hp 2 months ago
A great job by Ford. It is mind blowing
Bager 2 months ago
Woooow great SUV
Felicito Maia
Felicito Maia 2 months ago
Land Cruiser will eat that thing for breakfast lol.
asianboy8969 2 months ago
Please take note that the explosive do not go on the whole road that the truck has plenty of space after the truck passes the dust, it’s all for effect.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 2 months ago
I'm buying this raptor
Tyler Menhs
Tyler Menhs 2 months ago
Don't tell me it's KEN BLOCK 😎
Lyn Broqz
Lyn Broqz 2 months ago
Wow amazing
Ksv Tech
Ksv Tech 2 months ago
Awesome, Seems Like Hollywood Sequel Movie
Ross Moore
Ross Moore 2 months ago
Pity they forgot to put the rest of the engine in
Denis Aslan
Denis Aslan 2 months ago
I Like the f150 raptor shelby not this becouse orice exactli Like the raptor
Internet bull
Internet bull 2 months ago
Beast is always beast
Adarlindo Nunes
Adarlindo Nunes 2 months ago
bruno bar a dele
ym Ym
ym Ym 2 months ago
والله يا هذا الاعلان مكلف ومتعوب عليه عساهم على خسارتهم هذي تجي مبيعات
Selvin Edgardo B
Selvin Edgardo B 2 months ago
Mustafa Elmas
Mustafa Elmas 2 months ago
This is machine
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