The Neighbourhood - Pretty Boy (Official Video)

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Director: Ramez Silyan
Producer: Mike Lev
even if my heart stops beating
you’re the only thing i need
with me
even if the earth starts shakin
you’re the only thing worth takin
with me
even if the sky’s on fire
got you here it’s alright
with me
if it’s all over
i’m taking this moment
with me
wherever i’m goin
happy you’re comin
with me
pretty boy
you did this with me boy
now it’s all about to end
baby girl
look where we made it girl
now we’re fallin
as long as i got you
i’m gonna be alright
as long as i got you
i’m not afraid to die
even if my heart stops beating
you’re the only one i need
with me
even if the earth starts shakin
you’re the only thing worth takin
with me
even if the sky’s on fire
got you here it’s alright
with me
if it’s all over
i’m taking this moment
with me
wherever i’m goin
happy you’re comin
with me
#TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #PrettyBoy


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Aug 27, 2020




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Comments 100
Öykü Beste Kaya
Öykü Beste Kaya 2 hours ago
03:55 TØP - Trench Vibes
Cindy 4 hours ago
if i had a bf id dedicate this song😔😔
Danah 5 hours ago
This song reminds me of ash & eiji from banana fish :’(
silver moon
silver moon 5 hours ago
he looks like david bowie and this is giving me “the man who fell to earth” vibes.
Shayan. A
Shayan. A 6 hours ago
Can’t believe this song/video has been out a month and just now discovered it. Love the neighborhood, and this new sound makes me nostalgic for something I don’t know.
The Dubstep Place
The Dubstep Place 7 hours ago
Las moneditas 😔
it ain't me
it ain't me 11 hours ago
Imagine seeing him playing guitar in the streets like that... 👀
D G 13 hours ago
The RealGrap3z
The RealGrap3z 17 hours ago
Check out my latest upload "Lujuria" for more vibes like this 🖤🖤
MezzyD 17 hours ago
What is it to have all the success? But not peace.
Billy Mcbatz
Billy Mcbatz 19 hours ago
Beautiful. Just beauty 🖤
Lugui :0
Lugui :0 20 hours ago
his smile is unsurpassed, oh my... 😳❤
Tair tair
Tair tair Day ago
This is amazing
FAZEPEPINITO 24 2 days ago
This music IT'S sou sad
napping koala
napping koala 2 days ago
: open.spotify.com/album/0edXLDH6XYJV74C4DXCOaJ x
Tat Wort
Tat Wort 2 days ago
Clicked accidentally this was surprisingly good compared to the stuff I accidentally click normally.
Abril Garcia
Abril Garcia 2 days ago
Is anyone else still trying to figure out what the scream means?
Alejandra Soliz
Alejandra Soliz 3 days ago
This song just fixed my 2020
Diego Mogollon
Diego Mogollon 3 days ago
I just want to fall in love so I can dedicate this song to someone
Diego Mogollon
Diego Mogollon 3 days ago
I literally can’t wait to fall in love to dedicate this song to someone
Black apple
Black apple 3 days ago
راقيه الاغنيه، 🥺🤍💫
Mifta Kholifatus Solikha
manusia silver? is that u? lol jk it's rlly a good song anw
Mariana Wayne ღ
Esto es tan hermoso, la letra, el vídeo, la maravillosa voz de Jesse... Es perfecto. Se la dedico a mi perrito 💜😌
vanille fraise
vanille fraise 3 days ago
ily u idiot
Alejandro Flores lira
k snw
k snw 3 days ago
is that post malone?
vanille fraise
vanille fraise 3 days ago
Jennie’s yeux
Jennie’s yeux 3 days ago
Amna Naved Khan
Amna Naved Khan 3 days ago
it feels like he's tryna say something through the song and if it is what i think it is, im afraid its gonna be bad.
Christian-Nicholas Paulino
you sent me this song and you said that you think about me when you hear it, that made me smile. you make me the happiest and I wouldn’t need anything else but you. I hope it stays like this forever honey.
Juan Armenta
Juan Armenta 4 days ago
The neighborhood honestly saved my life, ever said Afraid I’ve never heard a bad song from this band, love you guys. Thank you Jesse❤️
Belinda Hughes
Belinda Hughes 4 days ago
Artemis 4 days ago
Why am I sad now...
Amanda Fernandes
Amanda Fernandes 4 days ago
i'll never regret having a tattoo for you
Yasmeen Zoubi
Yasmeen Zoubi 4 days ago
the voice 🥺
smooth kido
smooth kido 4 days ago
"You're the only one worth taking" Says while he is grabbing the coins, I think he means something here?
vanille fraise
vanille fraise 3 days ago
Im not veneco
Im not veneco 4 days ago
That song renember "the joker" or "the bromas" in my bronx
Hamzah Imran
Hamzah Imran 5 days ago
My ex gave me this song
Jake Bani
Jake Bani 5 days ago
thanks for the song 😴
Valeska Lima
Valeska Lima 5 days ago
toda vez q eu escuto eu choro 👉👈😭
Ana Rita Hernandes
vanille fraise
vanille fraise 3 days ago
Dairy Soto
Dairy Soto 5 days ago
First time listening to this song and I am in love all over again
Saara:D 5 days ago
he looks so pure and innocent here i'm crying
챛챛ᄎ 5 days ago
누가 관절에 기름칠 좀 해줘라
blee blee
blee blee 6 days ago
We’re just going to ignore the scream at the end?
Sérgio Silva Drums
Check out my new drum cover!!🤪
o pablao
o pablao 7 days ago
simplesmente perfeito.
G4UTO 7 days ago
te amo Lara Thalita, sos la dueña de mi corazón
BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid 7 days ago
1:23 That McDonald's sign is extremely crooked
Tamanna 7 days ago
I love The Neighbourhood songs' comment sections, other people judge me for listening to this band but everyone here is just vibing.
JH 7 days ago
The intro sounds like ALICE by AVRIL LAVIGNE from the movie Alice in Wonderland ...
VN Marlon
VN Marlon 7 days ago
Essa música mexer com meu psicológico
VN Marlon
VN Marlon 7 days ago
Sou muito fã de vocês
Elcentry 7 days ago
Who's that girl who looks like her parents had her out of incest close to the end
tee 16 hours ago
Wtf that's so rude
Elcentry 7 days ago
I don't like the song, thinks the dude's voice is annoying but I love the video
Shafira T. Khairani
ete sech
ete sech 8 days ago
Que cansion tan hermosa me la dedico a mi mismo
esty 8 days ago
I’m a pretty boy livin’ on the west side
iammelissa 8 days ago
Have you noticed that a lot of people claim they listen to the neighborhood but only have daddy issues and sweater weather in their playlists...smh
tee 16 hours ago
I mean they do lol
vanille fraise
vanille fraise 3 days ago
just sadderdaze, scary love and this one i actually love
vanille fraise
vanille fraise 3 days ago
Life blues
Life blues 8 days ago
This song makes me so sad , yet makes me smile and lip sink till I’m out of my breath . I’ve cried to it and and danced to it . It may be my favourite song now :(:)
Johnny Volume
Johnny Volume 8 days ago
Song blows
hazel lopez
hazel lopez 9 days ago
Tan relajanteeee 🌠🖤
hazel lopez
hazel lopez 9 days ago
🖤 Amo esta canción 🖤
lil shortie
lil shortie 9 days ago
Jessie next time use make-up remover not wipes
Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell 9 days ago
just stopping by for the 10th time today huhu
Juliana Gomez
Juliana Gomez 9 days ago
adoro esta canción
Thamires Martins
Thamires Martins 9 days ago
Frai !
Frai ! 9 days ago
Somos duas aaaaaaaaa
Rishikesh V.M
Rishikesh V.M 9 days ago
Could someone explain what this video means?pls
Daniella Torrez
Daniella Torrez 9 days ago
Sounds like oldies music❤️ I love it and his voice 😍
franks ocean
franks ocean 9 days ago
jesse is so cute :(
hee hee
hee hee 9 days ago
El Pensador
El Pensador 9 days ago
This is art my friends please
Lil Canadying
Lil Canadying 10 days ago
I screamed when I saw Devon! Yes you finally got that moment girl!💖 can’t wait for you guys to get married xo
IHave ToGo
IHave ToGo 4 days ago
Slow down...
Ebony22 10 days ago
He really do be sounding like frank ocean during the chorus
Andrey Izotov
Andrey Izotov 10 days ago
Good mood!
Sebastián Pacherres
Feeling like the silver man all night
• nina •
• nina • 10 days ago
this is a song u slowly dance to with your partner
Nadhif Aulia Ardra
Nadhif Aulia Ardra 11 days ago
manusia silver woi!!!
Niamh Doyle
Niamh Doyle 11 days ago
This song brings pure peace to my mind I love the neighborhood ❤️
whoopscandy 11 days ago
I was going through all of the neighbour hoods songs and omg 😭
Jorge William Prates
moedas de 1 real kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Fraiツ 10 days ago
Qual a graça?
Isha Khanna
Isha Khanna 11 days ago
this song makes me happy :)
yagmur okan
yagmur okan 11 days ago
omg i love devon🥺❤️
Taquito Al pastor
Taquito Al pastor 12 days ago
Я ничего не понял
iamvampire 12 days ago
Been listening to their every song ever since I heard Sweater Weather and I have to say it's one of the best decision I made. Jesse never fails to amaze... I hope one day they get the recognition they deserve.
Paul DCMV 12 days ago
Mr Bowie
Andres Baca
Andres Baca 12 days ago
Buuuuuuuu que caca seca
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega 12 days ago
nananannananna mejor borra el youtube
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega 12 days ago
mira estreno sombrero de vete
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega 12 days ago
ademas estas feita
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega 12 days ago
si no te gusta vete a nadie le importa y tu eres una KKCKDBB
Vick's Vaporub
Vick's Vaporub 12 days ago
Now we're falling, as long I got youuuuu, I'm gonna be alright. As long as I got youuuuuu, yeah! I'm not afraid to die. That hit different...
Aldana Santin
Aldana Santin 12 days ago
stil crying with 1:09
janguizz_ 12 days ago
imagine NBHD collaborating with Arctic Monkeys ... that would be a legit heaven 😳
Yo Girl Brenda
Yo Girl Brenda 12 days ago
i fuckin love it
Michelle Torres
Michelle Torres 13 days ago
today was the day i told her, this song reminds me of her, i hope she is listening to this & realizing. “wow, she’s is in love with me!” i love you emilija b. i’m so happy, that we are soulmates. to the end of time my bebe
Kenny Jones aka relientkenny
i somehow discovered this song and it’s all i can listen to
Vinicius Styfler
Vinicius Styfler 13 days ago
Incrível ❤
Vinicius Styfler
Vinicius Styfler 13 days ago
amar uma banda perfeita 🖤
Heather B
Heather B 13 days ago
What an immensely talented bunch is this side of town, this particular NBRHD maybe where Jessie sees a silver shiny world! Where art & tenderness rule & we all cruise in a '57 Chevy w holes in our designer sweaters
Suelen 13 days ago
não vou mentir, chorei
Frai !
Frai ! 13 days ago
Somos 2
Sterling Hampton
Sterling Hampton 13 days ago
I saw this a month ago... I just played it again and immediately started crying for an hour.
roe flack
roe flack 13 days ago
Filthy frank is different nowadays
Erick Villegas
Erick Villegas 13 days ago
Samuel Vega
Samuel Vega 12 days ago
f :c
syarifah sera
syarifah sera 13 days ago
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