The Neighbourhood - Paradise (Official Audio)

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"Paradise" by The Neighbourhood
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No matter where you go (Doesn't matter where you go)
You'll never have control (No, no, no, no)
Woke up feeling paralyzed (Yeah)
No one makes it out alive (Yeah)
In paradise (Yeah)
#TheNeighbourhood #Paradise #OfficialMusicVideo


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Sep 20, 2018




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Comments 100
DevilzVs • 10 years ago
*Insta edits* : 2:56
Chloe Ć
Chloe Ć 6 days ago
me liking comments that was 2years+ ago anywaysss these type of songs slapppp ahh>>>
* Mahogani *
* Mahogani * 7 days ago
The neighbourhood has been my favorite band for over a year now 💕 I’ll edit this in a year when I’m still obsessed with them 💖 2020: ✅
* Mahogani *
* Mahogani * 7 days ago
I love this song
Rüya İşlek
Rüya İşlek 12 days ago
Emel Kekeç
Emel Kekeç 12 days ago
ı love you :"
sweet girl
sweet girl 20 days ago
This song needs a video clip it would be perfect
Jinmo Yang
Jinmo Yang 22 days ago
Josh P
Josh P 24 days ago
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😌😌💖🌹🎶😌😌😥😂 (Can you get this?)
Rana R
Rana R 28 days ago
What would i even do if i made it i just keep on fading *hits defrint*
Z.Delfin Çuhadar
who tf needs porn when there's the neighbourhood?
Alyssa 25 days ago
seriously 😤
Dinara Kazenova
Dinara Kazenova Month ago
Do you know that feeling when you see some song of the nbhd that you've not listened to yet but you understand that if you will you will love it from the first note cuz they do everything so good I cant be the only one
rüzgarı hisset
çok seviyorum bu şarkıyı
Ana Alvarado
Ana Alvarado Month ago
Yoongisss yoongi
Robert Vigh
Robert Vigh Month ago
1:56.....is that John Gourley of Portugal. The Man doing back-up vocals for like 10 seconds??
line xy
line xy 2 months ago
i miss 2018
Farzeen Fairooz
Farzeen Fairooz 2 months ago
Let's pretend like we did not listen to this song for the 1000th time and still replaying it-
Michael Mutara
Michael Mutara 2 months ago
Thumbs up if you are here post COVID-19
shudy 2 months ago
imma comeback here every year ,remind me: 2020- ✔️ 2021- 2022- 2023- 2024- 2025-
øli minsuga
øli minsuga 2 months ago
so fucking good and underrated
avesta 2 months ago
thank you for saving me, over and over.
Motivação Cristã
Motivação Cristã 2 months ago
this vibe is amazing and reflexive, a lot...
Maddox 3310
Maddox 3310 2 months ago
I'd love to hear instrumental version of this song
Thais 2 months ago
Que música perfeita do crlh 😔❤
ɱαɾყ '
ɱαɾყ ' 3 months ago
vsf essa msc eh perfeita que odio
Kehr'i bar
Kehr'i bar 3 months ago
This song is so hard to make cover..
Lucia Retamero
Lucia Retamero 3 months ago
2020 and still not tired of this song or any other the nbhd song
Asti kusuma putri
Asti kusuma putri 3 months ago
This music heals me when im sick tbh
Rey Hamzi
Rey Hamzi 4 months ago
hello imhere
hello imhere 4 months ago
how are they so underrated 😭
Smirnad 4 months ago
I was listening to this song when the album just released and - like a hundred times a day- i should've stopped cuz i didn't wanna get bored of this gem.Yeah here i am now
ALEX RAMÍREZ 502 4 months ago
The neighborhood los mejores del mundo 😍😍
Oriyan Sason
Oriyan Sason 4 months ago
Wow can’t stop listening
Vriti Bakshi
Vriti Bakshi 4 months ago
I hate the beach.. but I stand 🎶
Vriti Bakshi
Vriti Bakshi 4 months ago
No one makes it out alllivveeee 🎶🎵
Korame 5 months ago
When she was just a giiiii- oops wrong song
ane 5 months ago
i’ve spent the entire quarantine listening to theNBHD
Miahnhe .V
Miahnhe .V 5 months ago
That's hurt.. 😖😖😖🗣
Sar B
Sar B 5 months ago
How can I relate this to my relationship w life and FYCKING SCHOOL
sickxanax gang
sickxanax gang 5 months ago
who's still here?
nilsu 5 months ago
Fika green 私
Fika green 私 6 months ago
ryan cook
ryan cook 6 months ago
currently working on an ASL cover of this song for school :)
Matea 6 months ago
jesus thank you
Professor Wikipedia
Professor Wikipedia 7 months ago
Need to get this banger on Spotify
Eliot Antony
Eliot Antony 8 months ago
parks rt
parks rt 8 months ago
0:28 holy shit when he said in paradise it just sounded so beautiful woth his voice that i'm literally dyimg over here like call a fucking ambulance wee woo wee woo
maxmagenta 8 months ago
I've never heard of this song before I listened to a BBC podcast called "Paradise" I'm hooked on this song now.
imrul islam
imrul islam 8 months ago
I'm here after BBC podcast paradise
Kyara Deventer van
Kyara Deventer van 8 months ago
i cried
Isabelle pine
Isabelle pine 8 months ago
I love the darkness
Mitinam Borang
Mitinam Borang 8 months ago
Told me that you see me and I see ya and I really wanna believe ya. Find your freedom ♥️♥️
Bread Dog
Bread Dog 8 months ago
Have fun. Run
Vitor Alves
Vitor Alves 8 months ago
Mt corno, assim q eu gosto
Kyara Deventer van
Kyara Deventer van 9 months ago
The Love Witch
The Love Witch 9 months ago
Did you ever like a video and then disliked it so you could like it again?
scarfrom lionking
scarfrom lionking 9 months ago
“what would i even do if i made it” hits different. i thought i would have been dead by now lmao sooo idk what im supposed to do w my life
Karimy Vulcão
Karimy Vulcão 9 months ago
Isso aqui é sensacional
Kyara -
Kyara - 9 months ago
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow
luiz gustavo
luiz gustavo 9 months ago
Me desculpa Maria por estragar tudo
Arcane Serein
Arcane Serein 9 months ago
Fuckin' flawless
Can you not?
Can you not? 10 months ago
Love this
gil 10 months ago
i really think this band is the reason i'm still here
Edward Robinson
Edward Robinson 10 months ago
Amazing Song🔥
Big Chief
Big Chief 10 months ago
These dudes fell off
Natalia Carrasco
Natalia Carrasco 11 months ago
Paulette M
Paulette M 11 months ago
I freaking love this song. I'm in love. Literally in love with every single song from you guys.
Goth Kitty
Goth Kitty 11 months ago
o̷̷̷̷h̷̷̷̷ s̷h̷i̷t̷
akise 11 months ago
Essa música me tira de órbita.
Samantha Duchene
Samantha Duchene 11 months ago
Their new single triggered this. Yes. I’m binging Neighbourhood for the rest of my life.
dhemo anugerah
dhemo anugerah 11 months ago
bristol trip hop vibe, love it
Jiokii 11 months ago
El pre coro y el coro me llevan a un plano existencial donde todo es posible, es un orgasmo para los oídos.
Lanoviadel TonJolan
Lanoviadel TonJolan 11 months ago
Hace 5 minutos estaba buscando el nombre de una canción y ahora ya se cual es mi segunda banda favorita,The Neighbourhood.❤ (la primera es twenty one pilots)
Santiago Alamilla Morales
Esperemos que the neighbourhood pronto tenga más reconocimiento que el que hoy en día tiene es una banda única en lo que te transmite, bueno eso es a mi parecer 🖤
Penny Farmer
Penny Farmer Year ago
Great signature song for true crime BBC Paradise podcast - well done Dan Maudsley
Matheus Duartt
Essa musica faz delirar
casually obsessed
I wish this had a music video
Lucas Luz
Lucas Luz Year ago
Música boa não é mostrada infelizmente. Que obra de arte essa música
Yeet Year ago
How is it possible not have ANY bad songs?
casually obsessed
This song is criminally underrated
Elaine Lima
Elaine Lima Year ago
Essa banda é perfeita meu pai ❤
Nix Mergría
Nix Mergría Year ago
📁Documentos L📁Músic a L📁The Neighbourhood L📁 Canciones malas L⚠️ Este folder está vacío
Bannana Split
Bannana Split Year ago
WITH YOUR BAND OF BROTHER!!! AND WHEN WE PULL UP IN A PHANTOM THE FANS GON LOVE IT!! I have no idea why this is stuck in my head but i love it!
Soraya r
Soraya r Year ago
Sooo good I love the Beginning 😭❤️
Abdul Alazzawi
Who’s going to their concert in Vegas
Miriam Morais
Miriam Morais Year ago
This song is the paradise.
Ivone Soares
Ivone Soares Year ago
I think if one day I meet someone who is a fan of this band I will marry without asking any question.
Sintizm Year ago
Great song! As always...
Sol10127 Year ago
Is that the new logo for homestuck
ANNA OOP Year ago
Y’all wanna hear a nice playlist? TNBH with Lana del ray.
Silvia 1997
Silvia 1997 Year ago
me gusta este grupo y todas sus canciones
Arizonaspast ¡
Ah, I love NBHD Fans
XayahLieForMe Year ago
No matter where you go, you'll never have control No one makes it out alive, no one makes it out alive In paradise Picture you in summertime Drinkin' white wine, an empty girl Told me that you'll see me And I see ya and I really wanna believe ya, I do Singin' blues, no shoes on Strummin' in the sun and you've got your feet up I remember when you used to tell me that you'd find your freedom It was hard to believe ya 'Cause you never feel enough, it never fills you up And if lyin' on an island is the closest that you'll come Then run, go ahead, have fun, run No matter where you go (doesn't matter where you go) You'll never have control (no, no, no, no) Woke up feeling paralysed (yeah) No one makes it out alive (yeah) In paradise (yeah) Picture me in the major leagues Livin' in a dream that I created, mhm I wrote my own books so I never had to read your pages I've got no patience for that anyway Sensations don't mean anything If I can't just have everything Some days I think I'll run away But what would I even do if I made it? I just keep on fading 'cause I never feel enough, it never fills me up I'm climbin' up a giant rock, I'll never reach the top But I can't stop, I can't stop, so No matter where I go (doesn't matter where I go, no, no) I'll never have control (never ever have it under) Woke up feeling paralysed (yeah) No one makes it out alive (yeah) In paradise (yeah) Paralysed (yeah) No one makes it out alive (yeah) In paradise (yeah) With your band of brothers Band-band of brothers And when we pull up in the Phantom, the fans gon' love it With your band of brothers Band-band-band With-with your-band-band of brothers And when we pull up in the Phantom, the fans gon' love it
Stxner Boi
Stxner Boi Year ago
my fav song rn for sure mannn
Monico Carrera
I live my life with nbhd songs in my head , like a blissful schizophrenia. Beautiful shit ❤️🏡
Mayraly OoO
Mayraly OoO Year ago
Cachorro Mafioso
Ysa Rodrigues
Ysa Rodrigues Year ago
sofía rayon
sofía rayon Year ago
IM IN LOVE WITH THIS! I´m on my way to make a great music playlist with all the music that I like, it has a little bit of everything! if you see this comment you have the same taste in music as me! see ya! you can visit my playlist in youtube or spotify: ruvid.net/group/PLshn5GvexKbm-J62ELiG-PPkkI-lnUTt9 open.spotify.com/user/u20c0y225u4hbi1u3rpamhuto/playlist/4DD3AIuJuNl2rEWYd0cpzk?si=3nNmHugWQeOIbo4YJccI7A
erick matias yañez guzmán
Great! I would recomend you to listen to Jakob Ogawa, judging by your music taste.
Cameron Rogers
I discovered this while sitting in Starbucks and I Shazamed what was playing over the loud speakers lol. Glad I did :)
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