The Neighbourhood - Devil's Advocate (Official Video)

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Lasco Productions
Co-director: Adam Baldwin
Co-director/dp: Calvin Reboya
Producer/editor: Pat Lascu
Art director: Coleman Butts
trade the whip out for a bike
designer for some nikes
switch the stripper for a wife
black tie for a white t
i’ve been moving lightspeed
i don’t want to try
keep it cool like ice tea
if i seem shy
cause you seem shiesty
sellin what you buy
just product of the 90’s
if you close your eyes
that’s where you’ll find me
im the devils advocate
you don’t know the half of it
good luck tryna manage it
if a god is a dog & a man is a fraud then i’m a lost cause
22’s on the ride
put me back a 5 piece
same ticket for the rent
but i split it with a dime piece
married all my friends
they don’t always like me
stay together for the kids
gotta do the right thing
im the devils advocate
you don’t know the half of it
good luck tryna manage it
if a god is a dog & a man is a fraud then i’m a lost cause
#TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #DevilsAdvocate


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Aug 20, 2020




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Comments 100
jakub challupa
jakub challupa 48 minutes ago
so good!!!
hurmiohuora 7 hours ago
he’s so charming
cloudisounds 16 hours ago
i’m half the views
El Pensador
El Pensador Day ago
Here we go again
amanda x
amanda x Day ago
why did i look at him with the silver body paint and think they hired Micheal Cera smh
outxmind Day ago
I deleted the number of a friend of mine, and i have the hope to find him again, pls like this comment 🙏🏻 so when he listen to this song he will see my comment and contact me
Slow Ver
Slow Ver 2 days ago
too good ☝
Pouplooser69 Br
Pouplooser69 Br 2 days ago
eu fico genuinamente feliz ouvindo isso
Alexa Georgina Zavaleta Guzman
Una verdadera joyaaaaaaa
Clara Melo
Clara Melo 2 days ago
Alguém do Brasil aqui!??
Allan Andriel
Allan Andriel 20 hours ago
✋🏽 presente
Mary Jennings
Mary Jennings 2 days ago
i dont know what I'd without them
gizzykat kat
gizzykat kat 2 days ago
Fuck this is so good.
Armando Hilario
Armando Hilario 2 days ago
Los amo ❤❤
Ryan Barajas
Ryan Barajas 2 days ago
Jesse has had the opportunity to create something he thought of at a younger age much before this and to make it happen and execute it so perfectly was something that is truly revolutionary, artists cant simply 'make their own personas' create a whole ABLUM off it but Jesse did, he made Chip Chrome and the Monotones and it's something that will forever be immortalized as a California dream
FOEreigner 2 days ago
I hate my self for not liking this song when it first came out
May Flower
May Flower 2 days ago
I mean... It's smth between David Bowie and The Doors... U feel me?
May Flower
May Flower 2 days ago
This gives me goosebumps
David solis
David solis 2 days ago
How can you be cool without fucking trying? my fave rn
Vazzly 3 days ago
quiero ser plateadita :(
Euphoria 3 days ago
istg all the dislikes are from the ppl who have only heard sweater weather-
imma_eatjin 3 days ago
bruh i’ve only actually jumped into the neighbourhood and i’m literally in love so bad i’ve missed out on them omfg
AbigailSalgado 3 days ago
I watch this while on shrooms and it changed
Paulina García
Paulina García 3 days ago
Varinia Barragan
Varinia Barragan 4 days ago
esta cancion es una de mis favoritas ahhhhhhhhaahahahahahahahaha me encanta
- ̗̀ᴊᴇssɪᴄx -̖́
Burny Khed
Burny Khed 4 days ago
Dope beat ✌
Sam bro
Sam bro 4 days ago
2 Aum yamakanta hum phat l Aum mane padme hum l Aum vajrapani hum phat l aum yamakanta khatuneeyars l aum mane padme hum l Aum hiri shirthi vikrantans hum phat l Aum yamakanta hum phat l >3-4• ~=•|_ Aum mane padme hum l Aum mane peme hum l HURRAH
Lucia Leiva
Lucia Leiva 4 days ago
Who the hell had the audacity to dislike this song?! >:(
Demeitus 4 days ago
Way to much auto tune man
Pouplooser69 Br
Pouplooser69 Br 4 days ago
Sky Miller
Sky Miller 4 days ago
Who is better? 🕊 Jesse Rutherford: like Jesse Rutherford: comment Jesse Rutherford: ignore
gina vazquez
gina vazquez 5 days ago
21 century diamond boy
Alex Morell
Alex Morell 5 days ago
song about entp
salmavia 5 days ago
i literally played this song hundred times today... i just CANT stop replaying:(
Helen 1
Helen 1 5 days ago
im so addicted to this song😭
Rishav Aikat
Rishav Aikat 6 days ago
1:53 is he talking about the band and the kids being.. us?
It’s Me
It’s Me 6 days ago
I listen to this everyday, everyday that my own parents know the words to this song😭💀 im proud 😂
It’s Me
It’s Me 6 days ago
My head at 3 am; light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed light speed
Manuel Guillén
Manuel Guillén 6 days ago
"Last Train To London" vibes AF.
— cinnamoon ୭
A R T E 💓💕💗💞💕💓💕
MAX HEITOR LINS 7 days ago
Joann 7 days ago
new fav song
Molor Erd
Molor Erd 7 days ago
goy duu bn amjilt
Orbie 7 days ago
It feels like I'm on drugs in a different era with this song ooohhhmmmygood
NickDC (FKA: UTbound09)
The natural swagger this Chip Chrome is like next level enticing. I wanna do bad things. Lmao.
Maximiliano Gascon Rodas
ok lets face it, the sweather weather era was his best selling era, everybody was on The Neighbourhood train there is never gonna ba another era like it, however just because this is not streamed on every radio station doesnt mean its not a gooooooood song/video/lyrics EVERYTHING!
danny 8 days ago
can y’all stfu abt tiktok damn enjoy the song and if tiktok finds it be happy for the nbhd getting more recognition than just sweater weather and daddy issues hate y’all sm smh
anderson custodio
anderson custodio
this is art
deisy 8 days ago
Always feel the need to listen to cariño by the marias after i listen to this song
natalia 8 days ago
every time i hear this music i became a personification of my internal chip chrome ✨
blee blee
blee blee 8 days ago
I love to hear this as im high
OrionCROW 9 days ago
ruvid.net/video/video-aK8D234zJc0.html 🎵
OrionCROW 9 days ago
Raj Kundra
Raj Kundra 9 days ago
Indiaaaaa since female robbery 👍
I Am Who I Am
I Am Who I Am 9 days ago
I've never heard of this group. Stumbled on this looking for a movie clip. I started tapping my foot out the gate. Funky!
JustAnOpinion ChiLL
I have a tattoo of the house on my wrist
Jesenia Balderas
Jesenia Balderas 9 days ago
Is it me or does the guitar kind of sound like the song Cariño by The Maria’s Correct me if I’m wrong lmao I love this song anyway🤍
The RealGrap3z
The RealGrap3z 10 days ago
Check out my latest upload "Lujuria" for more vibes like this 🖤🖤
Leah Mejia
Leah Mejia 10 days ago
Going to the comments for the lyrics...😂
N A V A.
N A V A. 10 days ago
A ponernos High! 👀
oliwia agajew
oliwia agajew 11 days ago
Is it just me getting Crowley/Good Omens vibes?
soyunlobo 11 days ago
Jesse needs to be protected at all costs
kay dwell
kay dwell 11 days ago
this man is so fucking attractive omfg
Amo esta canciiiion mi favoritaa uwu
Skeila Productions
Skeila Productions 11 days ago
Amazing 👌🏾
Lulu Milify
Lulu Milify 11 days ago
No me canso de escuchar y ver este vídeo, divino.
Theodora Popa
Theodora Popa 12 days ago
This is giving me majorrr West World vibes
EYEAM KI 12 days ago
MAGIC ✨✨✨✨
SAMO * 12 days ago
The beginning screams Riders on the Storm for me. Love it
Аля Верхагенн
He went nuts
Miriam Quintana
Miriam Quintana 13 days ago
Cuando oigo esta cansion me recuerda a mi papá javier
Benjamin Cowen
Benjamin Cowen 13 days ago
Favorite song on the album
Vialet World
Vialet World 13 days ago
Dad I'm in love
maria monteiro
maria monteiro 13 days ago
Caralhooo,ficou muito bommm🖤👉🏻👈🏻😳🇧🇷🖤
Rebecca Rush
Rebecca Rush 13 days ago
The tin man would be so proud rn
Emely Cestino
Emely Cestino 13 days ago
I like the part where he walks 😍
bugjean 14 days ago
yeah daddy issues and sweater is good but THIS??? WOWW
Mariana 14 days ago
This is it
Jenifer Velasco
Jenifer Velasco 14 days ago
Necesito esa chamarra🥺
Gala Eleonor
Gala Eleonor 14 days ago
I would sell my soul just so listen to this song for the first time again or see my reaction, I was so amazed when I first heard this song
Karen Thaily
Karen Thaily 14 days ago
אליה בן משיח
Patrick M.C H3LL
Patrick M.C H3LL 14 days ago
Every time i hear this band i feel something that i can't explain. And every time i feel surprised with they talent! They are so awesome!!!
Valeria Almendariz
Valeria Almendariz 14 days ago
Nicole Gantly
Nicole Gantly 15 days ago
If ur watching this just know u have great taste in music 🤙
shehnila huq
shehnila huq 15 days ago
i want to marry chip chrome.
S T E P H A P 15 days ago
te amoooooooo , i love you ,i love your songs , peru present
Angela Ayson
Angela Ayson 15 days ago
yashvi 15 days ago
This is my favorite song on the album. I like them all but i am never gonna get tired of listening to this.
Pue Sur El Toro
Pue Sur El Toro 15 days ago
Me complaceria de ante mano que hubiera un (oficial video de la melodia de flowers) Creo que sería algo sensacional Buen trabajo 💯
biarisoflora 15 days ago
Zaid Sánchez
Zaid Sánchez 16 days ago
También te equivocaste de canción?
Zain Haider
Zain Haider 16 days ago
am I fr the only dude here?
god563616 16 days ago
Dang this is😏🔥
BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid 16 days ago
I cant get enough of this !
isa playtube悲しい
ok stop arguing if they changed the style or whatever the fuck yall are complaining about. can someone please explain what this song means? I'm trying for days
cl0ud 9
cl0ud 9 15 days ago
i been waiting for this one, TURN IT UP okay so to start this is obviously part of the new album which in my opinion kinda sums up a sort of story. with it being a part of the new era for the band its kinda about changing if you watch the pretty boy music video its like going from gold to silver so if you think of it in a competition its just second best. from my perspective thats like with sweater weather where they have millions of streams on there but the other songs from across the years have so much less in this song, one of the lyrics are 'stay together for the kids, gotta do the right thing' which sounds kinda worrying on its own but when you add it to pretty boy and the overall album its basically saying that fame isnt the goal anymore but to continue making music for the fans that have been with them since sweater weather and have stayed on the journey anyways i wouldnt know because a lot of it is up to your own interpretations
yashvi 15 days ago
yeah even i wanna know
fanni 16 days ago
i am curious about it too!! i hope we can get an answer soon
Mariam Ordaz
Mariam Ordaz 17 days ago
Tiene ritmo
HARLEY FF 17 days ago
Algum BR apreciando esse hino?
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