The Neighbourhood - Cherry Flavoured (Official Video)

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Director/Animator - Christopher Wilson
sweet & sour motivation
wish i could keep concentration
ive been gettin high
keeping me low now
doin it alone now
think i gotta slow down
& i know i
gotta take control now
but i sold my soul
a long time ago
feel like a ghost now
cherry flavoured conversations
got me hanging on
down to earth from all the waiting
take me somewhere beyond
i’ve been gettin high
but i don’t ever stay up
feel like i’m fading
gimme stimulation
gimme to the next level
gimme levitation, god
slow dancin with the devil
sent my soul on a vacation
ive been gettin high
keeping me low now
doin it alone now
think i gotta slow down
& i know i
gotta take control now
but i sold my soul
a long time ago
feel like a ghost now
#TheNeighbourhood #ChipChrome #CherryFlavoured


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Jul 30, 2020




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Comments 100
JJ Hoffman
JJ Hoffman 2 hours ago
I love this song.
Daniel SnHd
Daniel SnHd 3 hours ago
Instrucciones: 1) Tiene que ser en un momento que estés relajada o tranquila 2) Ponte en un lugar donde nadie te joda, un lugar cómodo 3) Auriculares a un volumen agradable (o parlantes a alto volumen) 4) Deja fluir tu mente 5) Cerrá los ojos y se guiado por la música:)
Kardelenimsi 11 hours ago
You are very beatifull!!
devils spit
devils spit 18 hours ago
The neighborhood symbol looking like nickilodelion is crazzyyyy
snufalufagus II
snufalufagus II 19 hours ago
This is the one that shoots them over the top
snufalufagus II
snufalufagus II 19 hours ago
Cherry 🍒 flavor with extra whipped cream
Noa Berry
Noa Berry Day ago
I really really like this EP. I had only ever known them from sweater weather and but for some reason I listened to this EP and it’s really good I love it. Glad I listened.
Dyami 15 hours ago
I recommend listening to the full album when it comes out next week, this might end up being my favorite album from them
Amala Kaiel
Amala Kaiel Day ago
I have a neighbourhood addiction. I love this so much!😍
hjönk hjönk am GOOSE
Am I listening to this because I miss my girlfriend? *M a y b e*
nini aa
nini aa 2 days ago
Safeeya Samad
Safeeya Samad 2 days ago
Magdalena Gavric
Magdalena Gavric 4 days ago
did anyone notice black lives matter and no justice no peace?
Cinthya Rivera
Cinthya Rivera 5 days ago
First of all, why the fuck am I a month late on this??!!!.... the return of my fav fucken band ever. And THIS fucken song tho it’s vibe is so fucken amazing and chill and I love jesses voice so much, he soothes me❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍 Recently I’ve just been listening to it while I smoke n I’m just blasting this song 😎😎😎 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💙💙💙💙💙💙
Vitor Cabral
Vitor Cabral 5 days ago
Album name: Chip Chrome & The Mono-Tones *My mind*: Alvin and the chipmunks
Sam 5 days ago
“this song reminds me of you” ouch.
kuoyske 6 days ago
I love this song so much 🍒
victor torres
victor torres 6 days ago
frecks`` 6 days ago
The neighborhood saving 2020
Crisu20 6 days ago
Candace Pero
Candace Pero 7 days ago
Shout out to Grease
Hope B.
Hope B. 7 days ago
No ones talking ab how this video is like the intro to Grease..? Iconic
Adrian Stanley
Adrian Stanley 8 days ago
Nice vids!! Keep on uploading! By the way, go and search for smzeus . c o m!! Loads of RUvid channels use the site to promote their videos!
Guille Acdc
Guille Acdc 8 days ago
TaeTae's Beret
TaeTae's Beret 8 days ago
4am is the best time to listen to these guys
Kevin Zkeekz
Kevin Zkeekz 9 days ago
This video is seriously enchanting. Great Work.
joanne brown
joanne brown 9 days ago
Good band.. love your old stuff too! You've have an image adjustment?! Still love you! Now blow up!
Kauany Ribeiro
Kauany Ribeiro 9 days ago
Perfeitos! Nunca erram ❤️
GhostyLoser 9 days ago
! LYRICS ! Sweet and sour motivation Wish I could keep concentration I've been gettin' high It's keeping me low now I'm doin' it alone now I think I gotta slow down And I know I I gotta take control now But I sold my soul a long time ago I feel like a ghost now Cherry flavored conversations with you Got me hanging on Down to Earth from all the waiting Take me somewhere beyond I've been gettin' high But I don't ever stay up, no no I feel like I'm fading, yeah Give me stimulation now Get me to the next level Come on, give me levitation, God Slow dancin' with the devil Sent my soul on a little vacation I've been gettin' high It's keeping me low now I'm doin' it alone now I think I gotta slow down I know I I gotta take control now But I sold my soul a long time ago I feel like a ghost now Cherry flavored conversations Lover boy Body toy Cold, cold, body toy Cold, cold, I tried to drown All the pills, I wish they'd Lover boy Cold
UNSINCITY 9 days ago
The Neighbourhood makes the type of music that you would listen to when you’re chilling in your car at night. it's good music half copied comment.
mateo ordoñez
mateo ordoñez 10 days ago
Who produced this?
NixcoleM 10 days ago
Just cried to this song. Cheers 🥂
Ling Ling
Ling Ling 10 days ago
1:58, the respect I have for the neighbourhood🙌🏽
funkii junkii
funkii junkii 11 days ago
Good song too pop oxy's and smoke too
Sammyuel Mann
Sammyuel Mann 11 days ago
The nbhd gives you that vibe when you listen to them, like it’s been a while but it hasn’t and their music always are masterpieces. Jesse is my idol and has been for a long time 😂 love this band they’re so great and I wish everyone knew who they were.
Cam Taylor
Cam Taylor 11 days ago
No one's gunna mention the Grease intro lol
World Era Comics Official
“Sold my soul on a little vacation”, He’s crying out for help. Look at all the symbolisms and checkerboards you know. Then listen to Devils Advocate, great music being made from a place of guilt and pain.. sad.
Tina b
Tina b 11 days ago
This song makes me sad and happy at the same time. Can’t describe it
Guilherme Kaio
Guilherme Kaio 11 days ago
Pqp que música
MSelenne Guedes
MSelenne Guedes 11 days ago
Essa banda tem que ser enaltecida. Na moral sem condições.
誇大宣伝天帝 11 days ago
Love the music, always - But am I the only who thinks the visual treatments the last few years have been trash??
Karen Nuñez
Karen Nuñez 11 days ago
Pfff... I didn't know that I needed this until it came out.
adzr 7
adzr 7 12 days ago
why do i have a feeling this song would fit in GTA online so well
Heloísa Ferreira
Heloísa Ferreira 12 days ago
instant when LSD falls into the bloodstream
Abby Ayala
Abby Ayala 13 days ago
Chip chrome and the Monotones is going to be the best thing of 2020
Althea Acap
Althea Acap 13 days ago
I cant believe this was a month ago
Ashley 13 days ago
anyone else just noticed the " BLACK LIVES MATTER" on the pole ? thats very nice of them to include
Jehnifer Vitória
Jehnifer Vitória 14 days ago
Essas 772 pessoas que deram deslike não sabem o que é música boa! '-'
E.M-A 14 days ago
vamo arriba guric
Moré 15 days ago
So I’m the only who thought it was “Sweden sour”
Zul Lo
Zul Lo 16 days ago
i really missed the feeling that the nbhd music gives me
Júpiter Júpiter
Júpiter Júpiter 16 days ago
Toxic Games
Toxic Games 16 days ago
00:01 nostalgia:")
GELINK 16 days ago
0:53 Sharingan sound lol
Luciana S
Luciana S 16 days ago
someone told me there’s gonna be a lana feature on this album can anyone confirm?!!
Eda Okutan
Eda Okutan 16 days ago
this song is soooo good i cant stop listening
brantley gutierrez
brantley gutierrez 16 days ago
Getting some serious Cocteau Twins vibes on this one!! Cherry flavored goodness!! Nice work!!
Allison Denham
Allison Denham 17 days ago
Alexia Castillo
Alexia Castillo 17 days ago
Okay but no one is talking about how similar the beginning is to the intro to Grease.
kyle lynn
kyle lynn 17 days ago
I think I might if manifested this,,,, for weeks I’v been looking for a song abt cherry flavored things cause my partner loves cherry chapstick so I wear it all the time so anything cherry makes me think of them and ghhhhgggghg the nbhd + my partner YES PLEASE 😻
Cem Bakis
Cem Bakis 18 days ago
casa uhuu
casa uhuu 18 days ago
the guitar in the start reminds me lights up from harry
no not my name yours
Ok but Grease
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe 18 days ago
You know their good artists when they put the lyrics in the description.
sad cearence
sad cearence 18 days ago
eu queria você perto de mim
sad cearence
sad cearence 18 days ago
Nicolly Paiva gay
Nicolly Paiva
Nicolly Paiva 18 days ago
Ana B
Ana B 19 days ago
Cherry Flavoured is Officially 1 MONTH OLD!!! 🍒🍒🍒🍒
Simple Fall in Mars Δ
Grease ? 🤔🍔🍟
Hanna Be
Hanna Be 19 days ago
This sounds like the last song being played at prom
Benjamin Lake
Benjamin Lake 19 days ago
this is art
M EE 19 days ago
FREEE BEATS..... sound cloud..EKAJ, colorado, usa.....
Black Cat
Black Cat 19 days ago
OWEN 19 days ago
the rest of the band are invisiable, and in devils adviocate he says gotta stick together for the kids. makes me things band members are split up :O
Eduardo Mata97
Eduardo Mata97 19 days ago
that nickelodeon animation looks cool !
jade 19 days ago
this reminds me of the grease movie animated intro❤️
Braulio Duran
Braulio Duran 19 days ago
my favorite from pretty boy
Hanna Harshenin
Hanna Harshenin 20 days ago
i love this song so much
Juliane França
Juliane França 20 days ago
I could die listening to this song without any problem 🇧🇷
Des 20 days ago
god i fucking love this band
SoloSoso 20 days ago
Love the old Grease style
johanna 20 days ago
monsta'exo trash
monsta'exo trash 20 days ago
It reminds me to Tame Impala for some reason
Arizonaspast ¡
Arizonaspast ¡ 20 days ago
One of few bands i know that get exponentially better with each album 🖤
Monica Warden
Monica Warden 20 days ago
Diana De Diego Mabrouki
J Rocha
J Rocha 21 day ago
Reminds me of intro to grease
l u c i d t r a m p
cannot wait to get baked and listen to this masterpiece
Jessica Kempim
Jessica Kempim 21 day ago
I love you very ❤
F D 21 day ago
Wait what's the song at the end....
KingMasss /
KingMasss / 17 days ago
Hopefully something on the album😬
kaltrinamusic 21 day ago
My favorite • daddy issues & scary love come next. Thank u the neighborhood • I feel ya deeply 💗
Larissa Vitória Ferreira da Silva
Jeremiah Slowik
Jeremiah Slowik 21 day ago
Give me levitation God
Allyna Magno
Allyna Magno 21 day ago
Eu só queria alguém para ter conversas com sabor de cereja🍒
Bárbara Medim
Bárbara Medim 21 day ago
i’m so obsessed with their vibe. i’ll never get over it.
zayna 21 day ago
when he's on the chain it reminds of how he swings on that mic at concerts
valeria 22 days ago
this song is like just touches my soul idek how to explain it
valeria 22 days ago
omfg i love them so much like wtf
Pierina Carmona jaramillo
Am Vanatti
Am Vanatti 22 days ago
This song just hits something in me that makes me want to cry...and also keep listening to it on repeat...
brendon urie
brendon urie 22 days ago
Ehtesamul Azim
Ehtesamul Azim 22 days ago
such a good song
Ingrid Phelan
Ingrid Phelan 22 days ago
This piece of art will be exploted by TikTok
Pía Rincón Mélliz
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