The MOST VALUABLE PIECE I have ever created

Pablo Cimadevila
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Today I am going to create the most valuable piece that I have ever designed. The main stone of the ring is a 5.53 carat (GIA certified) yellow fancy diamond worth $62,000. The inner dome is made of 24K yellow gold to enhance the yellow color of the diamond. The outer dome is made of 18K white gold and is set with a diamond pave (1.68 carats). The arm is made of 18K white gold and is set with diamonds (0.65 carats)
Thanks to:
PepeTools - 130 mm Double Electric Flat & Wire Mill X-Drive - 0:40 ► bit.ly/2NnxZEG
Pepetools - PepeLube Lubricant 2:13 ► goo.gl/EDFVk1
Pepetools - Superior Ring Bending Tool 5:49 ► bit.ly/2zzhtL0
Elma - Elmasonic P (ultrasonic cleaner) 10:37 ► bit.ly/2VcVnqF
Elma - Elmasteam 8 basic (steam cleaner) 11:26 ► bit.ly/38OU8lo
BUSCH & CO 9:30 ► www.busch.eu/es/
Carbide burs and cutters, diamond instruments, polishers, abrasives and steel instruments.
Edelkrone (camera movements) 0:00, 9:30, 11,26
SliderPLUS Pro Long: edel.kr/kG
HeadPLUS: edel.kr/kH
Slide Module v2: edel.kr/kG
Focus Module: edel.kr/kH
My camera ► bit.ly/2KPTL1u
My macro lens ► bit.ly/2Xdch5C
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I’m a jewelry designer. In this channel you can find the beauty of the small things.

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May 12, 2020




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Comments 100
Pablo Cimadevila
Pablo Cimadevila 5 months ago
Jewelry art is a language for me and that's why I don't speak during the videos on this channel. You made this channel a unique place on youtube and I dont want to change that by talking. I have created a NEW VLOG CHANNEL where I do speak so I can share the jeweler's journey with all of you. ruvid.net/show-UCIk1R_zDHzenCMTJTrtoiKQ Thank you for watching! Stay safe. Your jeweler, Pablo.
فكره ومشروع #1_على_المحتوى_الرائج
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Манзура Титова
Evelyn Rivera
Evelyn Rivera Month ago
Sencillamente espectacular.✨
Hey D
Hey D Month ago
Love it!!! You are the best!
Miami Month ago
Love it:]
Dead Asted
Dead Asted Hour ago
Сразу видно, профиссиональный ювелир
Sherry Nycum
Sherry Nycum Hour ago
I love watching you bring the pieces to life.💁💯💯💯
Sherry Nycum
Sherry Nycum Hour ago
My mother in law. Left us beautiful stones and tumblers and grinder machines. We are learning as we go along. I think he misses her and this is the only way he can feel close to her. She went and had a glass humming bird made for him with her ashes in it. She was a strong woman.
Lorenzo Farella
Vorrei fosse il mio dito ad indossarlo ...è stupendo e si vede tutta la maestria dell'artigiano
Wild Wes
Wild Wes 2 hours ago
My girl wears jewelry made from wood and shells, like her ancestors did, she doesn't value the gems like most other women so I cant buy her a diamond ring or ruby necklace. Go figure!!
Nancy Santos
Nancy Santos 2 hours ago
Esa piedra se falsa
Anisa Kusmiati
Anisa Kusmiati 4 hours ago
Pedro Volga
Pedro Volga 6 hours ago
Editing us beautiful, but that music choice ruins it.
Puja Jana
Puja Jana 6 hours ago
Very beautiful ring.
Shilpa Matkar
Shilpa Matkar 7 hours ago
Can you give me that ring??????
Nir Far
Nir Far 8 hours ago
Abig wow.great job sir...
时评 8 hours ago
I like your job! Thank you for your sharing.
Shivani Singh
Shivani Singh 8 hours ago
I want this ring 💍
Aarya Bharatiya
Aarya Bharatiya 9 hours ago
So who is lucky to get that ring
Nini Fox
Nini Fox 9 hours ago
This was absolutely beautiful, I wish I had the skills you do.
ahsaaan100 9 hours ago
Welldone ,,, but must get real heaven's satisfaction happiness by getting world's most powerful most satisfying beneficial knowledge by watching on RUvid dr zakir naik and gift it to all ur love one's
shikha Ghildiyal
shikha Ghildiyal 11 hours ago
It’s so mesmerising to watch ❤️❤️❤️
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez 11 hours ago
Your skills are priceless, your the art 🖼
ale gr
ale gr 12 hours ago
Relajante de ver
kkong86 13 hours ago
Its really beautiful
Gil Vieira
Gil Vieira 14 hours ago
Magnífico, uma obra prima, grato por compartilhar conosco.
Shabeer Ahmed
Shabeer Ahmed 15 hours ago
Price and availability please?
Helene B
Helene B 16 hours ago
Beautiful work !!
Jorge Lopes Lopes
Jorge Lopes Lopes 17 hours ago
teacher you are the guy i loved your job my congratulations may god give you more willpower in your life ♥ ️
Valdenira Goncalves Dos Anjos
Que lindo!!
Baba Jalijali
Baba Jalijali 17 hours ago
El Dr. John daniel me ayudó a recuperar a mi ex esposa. No le creí antes, pero ahora es un hechicero muy real, envíale un mensaje en WhatsApp si quieres ser feliz como yo. (+2347041975284).
The_ Foreigner
The_ Foreigner 19 hours ago
brooo this is just amazingly beautiful from the music to your expression with all this dedication in this art is just exceptional brother. Much thanks for sharing this with us
iiJetpack 19 hours ago
True art nice ring good work man!
Derica Moreno
Derica Moreno 19 hours ago
Your videos are amazing. Simply breathtaking. Bravo!
Artearq7 20 hours ago
Absolutamente maravillosa. Ahora bien, creo que es algo incómoda de llevar en el dedo.
Cecilia Lopez
Cecilia Lopez 21 hour ago
Yves Aumont
Yves Aumont 22 hours ago
Cette musique chiante
Hack Braten
Hack Braten 22 hours ago
Was it an H diamond (because of the colour), this yellow touch means it is a "cheap" stone, right?
ARAVIND LAKKOJU 23 hours ago
How much you charge for making this item? Only making charge
STOFI - POLYGON 23 hours ago
Fun fact : U didnt search for this video Интересный факт ; ты не искал этого видео
Kathleen Loucks
Speechless...this would take the breath away of any woman, past or present. Liz...are you seeing this?!!@#$%^&*()_
Mr 123 tutoriales
Realmente me emociona y me da placer ver videos de este nivel, sos único Pablo! Admiro tu talento y tu lucha ❤️
Pou Kit.
Pou Kit. Day ago
Naylah The Owl
Amazing!!! Blessed be.
Caterina Pirina
Bellissimo non ho mai visto un anello così bello questa persona ha delle mani d'oro tantissimi complimenti beata la donna che lo riceverà
Hsusjqj Jdkqk
Really beautiful
Юля Я
Юля Я Day ago
Потрясающе!!! Зрелище завораживает!!мастеру респект!
Mahi Sharma
Mahi Sharma Day ago
Wow the way you make is more beautiful and decent than the ring ❤️
Nehemiah Melton
This legit made me shed a tear,it so beautiful I had to look away 😩
KreativeWrk J M C
Beautiful workmanship....unbelievable precision when cutting prongs on top of diamond...I was sweating lol!
Jahid Samed
Jahid Samed Day ago
good man
Never fails to make a beautiful piece of jewelry.
Axśtro Day ago
Can we just appreciate this cinematic
Hamza Awais
Hamza Awais Day ago
Beautiful mind beautiful piece
Sherry-Ann Best
Wow you are bless.
Esa Khwaja
Esa Khwaja Day ago
*imagine dropping a diamond on a messy floor*
D Sheep
D Sheep Day ago
Queria ver um anel igual do Lord of Rings...
REDMAN Live&Game
Каждое твое видео как фильм. Фильм о большом профессионализме и душе, которые ты вкладываешь в работу и в каждое изделие! Уверен ты прекрасный человек!👍
Christopher allen sutton
that's beautiful whiskers, maybe i would have wiped my finger oil off the bottom of that rock ...but i'm learning
Liezl Smal
Liezl Smal Day ago
WOW. Just W-O-W. The care and the love and the patience you put into your work. Its palpable in the video.
Олег Предан
Только у уникального человека рождаются такие произведения искусства!!! Очень красиво!!!
Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar Day ago
Active Woman
Active Woman Day ago
impresionante!! un ejemplo a seguir!! ya me he suscrito a todos tus canalles...tus joyas me encantan pero de momento las disfrutaré tal como tu nos las enseñas. Gracias por compartir tanta energía, tanto arte y tanta vitalidad!!! A seguir!!
zorro R'us
zorro R'us 2 days ago
Imagine caring more about jewelry than the plight of billions of people living on less than $5 per day. Or the open corruption from elected officials who sell out their fellow human beings for trinkets like you are making? Glad we have $70k diamonds to make me forget about it. Thanks!
Miguel Calascibetta
Che meraviglia di gioiello. Ipnotica visione 🔥🖤🔥
jia yu
jia yu 2 days ago
When the piece was finished, that smile and the look in your eyes when admiring your work is the best part
Rashmi Khadka
Rashmi Khadka 2 days ago
How many days it take to complete a one ring like that?
Make this eggdog get 1k subscribers
Imagine if your fingers slipped and the diamond falls down the sewers *BUTTERFINGERS*
Pato tio patinhas
that made me wanna cry
Mystic Mama Devine Healing
Carolina Solorzano
Le Georgie The Epic One
that is more than the money of all my bloodline together
Luiz Henrique Feitosa Maciel
quando arte e ciência se encontram
Mara Bello
Mara Bello 2 days ago
I Love.
Luz De Alba
Luz De Alba 2 days ago
Luis Iriarte
Luis Iriarte 2 days ago
Your skill is more valuable than jewelry :-)
Андрей Баев
Все гениальное просто👍
Жандос Бостанов
akif erbek
akif erbek 2 days ago
👏👏👏Bon produit pourquoi c’est cher voilà résultat
Francesco de Marco
WOW, ogni volta che lo guardo resto incantato. Meraviglioso.
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Kamikaze, BANZAI 🔥🔥🔥
Nikita Turgunov
Nikita Turgunov 2 days ago
Ну ты что😱?😱?😱ты стачиваешь,пилиш,а частички золота разлетаются будь по экономнее !!!эту быль можно собрать и переплавить обратно
Famosos Tv
Famosos Tv 2 days ago
Oi gente ... Estou começando agora com o meu canal Peço a ajuda de vocês para se inscrever no Meu canal por favor😍🙋🙌😻... Sou muito humilde e o meu sonho é ser uma RUvidr, conto com a ajuda de vocês... Muito obrigada e um beijo❤❤👐 Estou começando agora com o canal
Famosos Tv
Famosos Tv Day ago
Muito obgd
Alexandre Xande
Não e não ;desumildeeeee
Alexandre Xande
Sua locaaa
Alexandre Xande
Não vou me escrever é nada
Marina Iljina
Marina Iljina 2 days ago
Браво мастер!!! спасибо!!!
Paul .Austin
Paul .Austin 3 days ago
Fascinating! Was that a laser you used to fix the cup into the frame?
Arionaldo Duarte
Arionaldo Duarte 3 days ago
Trabalho magnífico lindo Pablo 👏👏👏
Raju Baburao
Raju Baburao 3 days ago
In his previous video platinum diamond eternity ring the subtitles were in hindi but why. You know hindi or what?
Alan Brown
Alan Brown 3 days ago
Juganwa Comedy
Juganwa Comedy 3 days ago
والله كم سعرها
Pa Vang
Pa Vang 3 days ago
Very talented. I don't know why...this may sound weird but I get a holy and divine vibe from watching you. Very creative, talented, passionate, patient and precise. Your eyes reminds me of him. He definitely is working through you.
miko 3 days ago
Heiwa 3 days ago
I have never watch a "making" vid that is so calming
Joe Gar
Joe Gar 3 days ago
He's got skills for a blind man.
Betzaida Pucllas
Betzaida Pucllas 3 days ago
Wow increíble
Summer Gray
Summer Gray 3 days ago
Wow ...... so amazing you have a gift from God .......
Thomas Martin
Thomas Martin 3 days ago
He has the hand of god on his side
Membry 3 days ago
eres capaz de recuperar el oro que sale del corte y limado de las piezas?
Cece Babii
Cece Babii 3 days ago
Master piece
Changdev Lohakare
Sofía Becerra Calviño
Nononono la forma en la que lo grabaron y LA EDICIÓN we love that
Franco Sarti
Franco Sarti 3 days ago
A true artist
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