The Most Underrated Game Ever

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dino time gets weird
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Feb 9, 2020




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Comments 80
SpiderMonkey353 8 hours ago
Holy shit I forgot about this game I would always play this I never knew what to do so I never got past the first part
Babita Thapa
Babita Thapa 8 hours ago
3:35 me:... 7:47 me: ................ ??
Xeno Halliday
Xeno Halliday 8 hours ago
6:13 *Unseen conversation between Bakugo and Kirishima*
Phantom Beings
Phantom Beings 9 hours ago
The sequel to fossil fighters was my favorite childhood game.
Riley Sigler
Riley Sigler 9 hours ago
This was the first video game I ever played
Jean Robert Fonrose
Hella yeah
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 9 hours ago
Rock falls on Duna. Jaiden: Oh shi
Oli 9 hours ago
i was watching this with a friend and he said dynal was hot---
Honey Lemon
Honey Lemon 10 hours ago
So like its like Pokemon but like different?
ohlegod3D 846
ohlegod3D 846 11 hours ago
Duna? More like Tuna
Yovan Joshua
Yovan Joshua 11 hours ago
Alright Ima just think it like dis Fires burn down buildings which makes fire beating earth Earth beats air since air can't really don't anything to solid stuff see And I actually don't know about air Air beating water makes noooo sense Maybe it's hot air evaporating water but idk
Love Joy Binobo
Love Joy Binobo 11 hours ago
Who else heard jaiden say the F word????
omga knight
omga knight 11 hours ago
Am i the only one who noticed that jaiden said air earth fiire and ground Not air earth fire and water LOL
Memes Never Die
Memes Never Die 12 hours ago
Guiller Eiardo Logronio
"Lemme revive them legs, they'll kick your a-" Oh so this is Pokemon but its just the fossil reviving? Also "Thanks Duna, I'll be on my way-... Duunaa"
Oliver Haslam
Oliver Haslam 13 hours ago
did it acure to you that this was a nock off Pokemon game
No homo
No homo 15 hours ago
I used to have this game, and God it was fun. I miss it
Ramsha Ahmad
Ramsha Ahmad 15 hours ago
At 11:07 if you pause u can see a secret...tofu If ya know ya know
Stanley Suguitan
Stanley Suguitan 15 hours ago
Thats hurts with that scream cause i have airpods
Stanley Suguitan
Stanley Suguitan 15 hours ago
Ow that scream its hurts cause i have iphone ☹
Grumio est Coquus
Grumio est Coquus 16 hours ago
Dude I swear let’s play WHEN
Grumio est Coquus
Grumio est Coquus 16 hours ago
Abby Wolf
Abby Wolf 16 hours ago
I’m sure people after watching this bought the game, jaiden should get some money from Nintendo
Luke Milot
Luke Milot 17 hours ago
Nowadays it’s like kids are watching your videos on their DS
Man Nguyen
Man Nguyen 18 hours ago
Me when my mom won’t let me 2:28 have chocy milk!
Pauxelle 19 hours ago
Someone: **dies** Me: *HIP SHAKING INTENSIFIES*
HeX VibeZ
HeX VibeZ 19 hours ago
I’m ready for the grind ... the blood , sweat and tears..... The jojos references 1:34
Rai Shouta
Rai Shouta 19 hours ago
Luke Pokémon
Luke Pokémon 19 hours ago
2:17 2:34 3:34 9:52
Rai Shouta
Rai Shouta 19 hours ago
Noone: JaidenAnimation: *Boogle*
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
Rosie: Do you hate my. Jaiden: Yes. Alternate Universe Jaiden: No. Rosie and Jaiden kiss on the lips. Gayyyyyyyyy
1k Subs Without Videos
Why did you comment a million times
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
A pit of man eating sharks. I’m not joking
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
5:59 blows on water
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
Jaiden: There’s a weird dog and a pointy nosed fee ahhh. Still Jaiden: OMG it’s Rianna
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
Rosie: That guy stole my Dino medals and there’s nothing but trash here. Jaiden: Gosh Da hey. Smashes him with a giant dino
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
I’ll show you I’ll dig this fossil like a what the. A normal rock
Zacharie Peardon
Zacharie Peardon 22 hours ago
Those hips just could not lie
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 22 hours ago
Fossil Fighters 2: electric boogaloo
Stevette Linden
Stevette Linden 23 hours ago
Let me revive them legs they’ll kick your a beeeeeeeeeeeep
Starla Gonzalez
I love dinosorususers
Origami and Stuff
why isn't this game called hip shaking simulator?
Alexandra Luster
Alexandra Luster 17 hours ago
Because they lacked imagination.
Steven Universe
And there’s a Steven unierse fan under me
Steven Universe
The intro looks like pokemon
Steven Universe
Steven Universe 14 hours ago
1k Subs Without Videos I know
1k Subs Without Videos
That’s the point of the joke
Mekhi Smith
Mekhi Smith Day ago
well i guess theres no water dibbadoors
Mekhi Smith
Mekhi Smith Day ago
*insert flamingo joke here* 2:32
ZR ClikZ
ZR ClikZ Day ago
There is a sequel
_OkStY_ Day ago
I think you should make a nintendo game lol
Trash Boy
Trash Boy Day ago
11:06 HOW COULD YOU NOT LIKE SPAGHETTI O'S?!?1?!?!1??!111!!!
Hussain Virk
Hussain Virk Day ago
PaRt TWo please With all the things u weren’t able to put in this ep
Tyler Brandon
Do part 2
txiong09 Day ago
Is that real about that hip shaking!!🤣🤣🤣
Alice Wang
Alice Wang Day ago
Who actually read the credit? 🤣
Ethan Day ago
Welp, now the game is becoming rare thanks to this video
Tino On
Tino On Day ago
Isabella Riley
Boogle needs to be a thing!!
Omni Verse
Omni Verse Day ago
You never watched Avatar did you
Oh my god I so remember this game from my childhood. This is the game that got me into video games wich is sad
Tammy Brenner
I’m ready for the grind blood sweat tears,hours day weeks I’m gonna give it my all and...is that what I look like
MrPukii YT
MrPukii YT Day ago
new mic?
Bendy Expecto
Pokemon in a nutshell
Blaze _
Blaze _ Day ago
That scream is a cursed image.
Javon Hopkins
Jaiden:we get farther in the game and we hear about this evil organization called the BB bandits *pauses video* Me:wait this is just like pokemon's team rocket just with out the motto
Aarav Reddy
Aarav Reddy Day ago
When your parents never buy you video games and you are first allowed to play them at age 13....
xstation 64
xstation 64 Day ago
Is it just me are the BB bandits just team rocket but not
שחף בן נעים
Did you guys see the tofu easter egg at 11:07 (In april jaiden said she got tofu in september so whan she released this video tofu was still a secret)
The MingMong
The MingMong Day ago
Plot twist: The protagonist is an under cover dinosaur working for the monster's brains.
Neonkitten Day ago
2:27 when I scream
Hardik Kumar
Hardik Kumar Day ago
Tum Minecraft ko Khali hai To Batao mujhe
dragontuber m
I got confused here 6:10 and here 6:36 but then I realized that she was a boy in the game
stampy Dragon
That was a rip off of digimon and Pokemon
do not read my description ok
"if you shake your hips hard enough for Duna, she should be revived." Anyone who's good with a hula hoop: *My time has come...*
Dionisios Antzoulatos
Fossil fighters is technically POKEMON
Angeltastic games
One morning I was playing GTA and I kept watching this video over and over again at least a hundred times my eyes hurt now
Chanae H
Chanae H Day ago
Fossil fighters a rip off of Pokémon
nicole dockerty
jaiden: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! me: call the anbulance somones dieing
Ian Bernard
Ian Bernard Day ago
I just noticed that Jaden says "Earth, fire, ground (Its not ground its water)
Ashton A
Ashton A Day ago
6:34 l bought the game just for that
Colton Thompson
Every aspect of this was golden
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