The Most Uncomfortable Celeb Interviews Ever

Nicki Swift
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Tom Cruise is probably the undisputed king of the bizarre, awkward interview, but he's not alone when it comes to cringe-worthy celebrity Q&As. Whether an interviewer intentionally asks provocative questions, or the star maybe just isn't feeling it after a long press junket, it's satisfying when the cameras record these tense interactions. Here are the stars whose press agents probably should have been a little quicker to throw in the towel...
Samuel L. Jackson | 0:24
Robert Downey Jr. | 1:17
Quentin Tarantino | 2:33
Jesse Eisenberg | 3:28
Cara Delevingne | 4:30
Vin Diesel | 5:29
Bruce Willis | 6:32
Kanye West | 7:23
Chelsea Handler | 8:22
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Mar 30, 2018




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Comments 80
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift 2 years ago
Which of these interviews were the most cringe-inducing in your opinion?
RAY NL 22 days ago
Your talking...
Mordecai Harmon
Mordecai Harmon 3 months ago
Joaquin Phoenix on the David Letterman Show! 😁
Robert Jones
Robert Jones 5 months ago
Karla delevine still pretending hes a she
Elliot Markwardt
Elliot Markwardt 6 months ago
jan and qt
Zen Master
Zen Master 7 months ago
@afringedweller ...She's Satan.
Keith Springston
Keith Springston 7 days ago
Cara develigne or how ever u say her name is a snobby spoiled little brat that doesn't deserve fame. Her attitude is completely unacceptable in this interview and incredibly rude! I agree she does need to go take a nap but also quit thinking shes better than everybody!
Nathan Christopher
Nathan Christopher 20 days ago
This mf actually pissed of Tarantino AND Downey
ali al jabr
ali al jabr 21 day ago
Super Bowl commercial 😂😂
Solvem Probler Studios
Vin Diesel was hilarious. It was definitely a bad thing, but it made me laugh.
Gary Dimaggio
Gary Dimaggio 27 days ago
I notice we don't hear about west the fake christian anymore he's nothing but a real douche
M a
M a Month ago
stop f*cking talking
DAV!D&CLARA Month ago
Interrupt your work? You're a youtuber, get over yourself.
Toppy Cat
Toppy Cat Month ago
Not sure how Vin diesel telling you how beautiful you are can be insulting.
Lulu Month ago
Shut the hell up and let the video play for crying out loud
gib501 Month ago
Show the full clips and shut up please, you ruin the fun.
Karen Dilday
Karen Dilday 2 months ago
Cara. Delevingne belong to one of the 13 family's that think they rule the world , u notice I said they think they rule the world !!! There fixing to find out deal is when GOD puts them in there place !!!
Daisy Duke
Daisy Duke 3 months ago
What Superbowl commercial? 😂😭
Allan Logsdon
Allan Logsdon 3 months ago
Jackson and fish burn look nothing alike wth
Palm 001
Palm 001 3 months ago
Downey not the only one who was pissed at Murthy.
Chris Taylor
Chris Taylor 3 months ago
Who is Lary King ?
Len Frohemian
Len Frohemian 3 months ago
I’m pretty sure Lawrence is being mistaken for Joe Jackson
Sujita bhujel
Sujita bhujel 3 months ago
Tim Scabnib
Tim Scabnib 3 months ago
Vin Diesel...C rate talentless actor.
phillydisco 3 months ago
Vin Diesel is over compensating, if you've heard the rumors about him lol
Chickon wings
Chickon wings 3 months ago
Cara kind of hot
wayne5009 4 months ago
terantino is a dirt bag and probably satanic. he used to work at a movie store down the street from my parents home and thats where he stole most of his movies from.
Sean Burke
Sean Burke 4 months ago
Kanye West is trash !
Jon 4 months ago
Jesse is always an assholr, not surprised to see him in this video?
Drew Cowlthorp
Drew Cowlthorp 4 months ago
Thanks for braking down the whole clip before it plays
Michael Lee
Michael Lee 4 months ago
The vin diesel one was just funny
Modern Rustics
Modern Rustics 4 months ago
I dont need your insufferable narration
SlayerJ 77k
SlayerJ 77k 4 months ago
Tarantino is a jerk off and overrated🤗😘
Joshua Reiss
Joshua Reiss 4 months ago
Anyone else find Chelsea handler painfully unfunny?
Mac 101
Mac 101 4 months ago
I loved what they both said to and about Guru-.Murthy! Yeeees!
Dima is a tree.
Dima is a tree. 4 months ago
What is the point of this video?? I came here to see the awkward interviews not listen to someone explain what happened and not even show half the interview.
IEnglish 96
IEnglish 96 4 months ago
Jesus! you talk to much woman
lbb2r 4 months ago
Obviously stolen and repackaged from other RUvid videos.
comfeefort 4 months ago
Tom Cruise is CREEPY! He would make a good MORMAN!
Unorthodo_x 4 months ago
5:09 "We'll let you go then, how about that, let you go take a lil nap maybe get a Redbull, how about that." OMG, what a condescending bitch...uh.
Yank ee
Yank ee 5 months ago
Handler is trash personified.
Rachael Molineaux
Rachael Molineaux 5 months ago
Are you Taylor swift sister?
A A 5 months ago
Robert Downey Jr. is telling Howard Stern that someone is a bottom feeder? LMAO! Howard Stern is like the KING of bottom feeders. Wow!
Yank ee
Yank ee 5 months ago
With the exception of the more refined arts, such as Opera and ballet, most entertainers - more specifically, actors and pop stars - make their livings off of people's fantasies, egos, and their need to be titillated (aka need to waste time.). In that respect, irrespective if their perceived celebrity, they're all bottom feeders.
Max НМДЗ 5 months ago
Vin Diesel sounds like my diesel car
Ben Brewer
Ben Brewer 5 months ago
The Chelsea handler one was brutal, when she said “maybe that’s why your job is coming to an end” and when he laughed I could tell he was wounded lol
Gypruzz Caccamo
Gypruzz Caccamo 5 months ago
Eisenberg's infamous interview was the moment for me when he completely fell as a person. I didn't really mind the "real him" before, but instead I just quietly enjoyed his movies. But, after that shit he pulled, not only I started to strongly dislike him as a person, I couldn't even watch a movie with him without feeling a strong dislike towards the movie itself, and the same thing happened to his old movies, even those few I really liked. I literally couldn't bear to watch him anymore. And, as far as I've read around on the web about it, I'm not the only one.
Nancy l
Nancy l 5 months ago
Chelsea Handler was pretty bold and funny.
flight doc 094502-75
Eisenberg is shuch a douch.
flight doc 094502-75
I love lawrense fishburne. He is a true gentelman.
CrocDoc1 5 months ago
To not have one of Mike Tyson's famous interviewer knockouts is pure folly. Iron Mike could be the king of awkward.
We Are Many
We Are Many 5 months ago
Why do people like that clown Kanye? I don't get it?
Doctor McGoveran
Doctor McGoveran 5 months ago
what do you expect the guru murty is a brahmin caste vedic guy and the rest of us are dog eaters.
Zezima scape
Zezima scape 5 months ago
*it was not nice he interrupted my work*.....she totally ignored his answers and forced her next questions then put up a paper and made vin read *I am groot* .....
Lynn V.
Lynn V. 5 months ago
I dont blame robert Downey Jrs. Reaction. The guy had a rocky past perhaps did so nothing hes not proud of. Why bring it up to throw it in his face. When hes clearly moved on and hes sober. I'm a huge fan of Downey's.
solid man
solid man 5 months ago
CL8ON J 6 months ago
In that Carla Delawhatever interview, (I know it's Cara) I just LOVE the fact that the news anchor ended the interview instead of the other way around. Sarcasm and a sense of humor my a$$. She was being a b*tch. I can't stand these narcissistic, self absorbed actors/actresses that think they can treat people like dirt under their feet. Way to go lady.
Richard Padden
Richard Padden 6 months ago
Krishnan guru Murphy is, like John Snow and Cathy Newman and all on C4 news, CCCUUUNNNTTTSSS one and all.
Tara Doran
Tara Doran 6 months ago
This is a awkward example of shitty journalism
Derek Westbrook
Derek Westbrook 6 months ago
wheres jonah hill where he gets straight up bullied
Toopran Dinesh Kumar
That indian hurted Robert Downey jr 😢😢😢
Uncle Nasty Fingers
Uncle Nasty Fingers 6 months ago
Lawrance Fishburne, Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman who can tell them apart. I hear it that their moms used to give the other ones Christmas presents by mistake.
Suzie Anderton
Suzie Anderton 6 months ago
Not sure why I watched this. Kanye who?
Mark 6 months ago
Good for Robert Downey
Jo Ordinate
Jo Ordinate 6 months ago
The brazillian girl isn't even hot.
Robert Draco
Robert Draco 6 months ago
I think Nicki Swift is a stupid slut!
AnAmericanMan 6 months ago
Why would Jesse Eisenberg attack that girl? What is the point of that?
SpyWhoLovedHimself 6 months ago
How about Robert Blake and Piers Morgan? That will NEVER be topped ROFL. I mean Piers is literally accusing him of murder (which he probably was involved in) several times rofl.
SpyWhoLovedHimself 6 months ago
In fact it's more awkward than Sacha Baron Cohen interviewing OJ. Lmfao. Robert Blake goes fucking INSANE.
Alpha Red
Alpha Red 6 months ago
I think that poor dude was trying to flirt with her
James 6 months ago
jaclyn jester
jaclyn jester 6 months ago
The women who interviewed Cara knew she was gonna irritate Cara before the interview shes obviously jealous of her
The Jazz King
The Jazz King 6 months ago
How do people mistaken Fishburne and Jackson for each other?
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell 6 months ago
Vin comes off as a scumbag moron!
Cody Chabot
Cody Chabot 6 months ago
since when is it innapropriate to tell a beautiful woman shes beautiful? its not gross, and its not cheating either its called being nice and complimenting someone, nd the interviewer said "i didnt like it" than why does she continually say thank you and never once says hey could we maybe not talk about me its making me uncomfertable. but shes a woman so she didnt do that of coarse
Ken Gutierrez
Ken Gutierrez 6 months ago
As much as I like Vin as an actor..... that was a disaster
Chris L
Chris L 6 months ago
Please don't talk so much. I'm 0:38 seconds in and will be blocking your channel.
neoasura 6 months ago
How does that Krishnan Guru Murthy guy still have a job after bombing two interviews like that?
neoasura 6 months ago
How does that Krishnan Guru Murthy guy still have a job after bombing two interviews like that?
Jack Garey
Jack Garey 6 months ago
Jesse eisenburg is a dickhead lol
Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
Handler and Morgan are both awful people
Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
Jessie Eisenberg is a scum bag entitled little butt boy
Jaime Ruiz
Jaime Ruiz 6 months ago
When it comes down all these celebrities are assholes they treat their fans like shit screw them
jousif21 6 months ago
how dare you call men jerks. you are puke worthy
Leon Harpley
Leon Harpley 6 months ago
Beumadine Sweevy
Beumadine Sweevy 6 months ago
It may have SOMEthing to do with their living a lie, but, I'd go after the parents, first. They are sad, sad freaks. We KNOW males & females have distinctly different Bones! Whoa Show one that is NOT a transexual fraud. 😂
Beumadine Sweevy
Beumadine Sweevy 6 months ago
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