The Most Uncomfortable Celeb Interviews Ever

Nicki Swift
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Tom Cruise is probably the undisputed king of the bizarre, awkward interview, but he's not alone when it comes to cringe-worthy celebrity Q&As. Whether an interviewer intentionally asks provocative questions, or the star maybe just isn't feeling it after a long press junket, it's satisfying when the cameras record these tense interactions. Here are the stars whose press agents probably should have been a little quicker to throw in the towel...
Samuel L. Jackson | 0:24
Robert Downey Jr. | 1:17
Quentin Tarantino | 2:33
Jesse Eisenberg | 3:28
Cara Delevingne | 4:30
Vin Diesel | 5:29
Bruce Willis | 6:32
Kanye West | 7:23
Chelsea Handler | 8:22
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Mar 30, 2018




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Comments 4 263
Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift Year ago
Which of these interviews were the most cringe-inducing in your opinion?
Elliot Markwardt
Elliot Markwardt 8 days ago
jan and qt
Zen Master
Zen Master 25 days ago
@afringedweller ...She's Satan.
Jason B
Jason B 29 days ago
none your videos commentary is shit
Bucky Preseau
Bucky Preseau 29 days ago
i do not blame R.D.jr. for reacting the way he did. i remember the days when he was written off as a losst cause. he was ridiculed by a very unforgiving media and public. at that time, there was little to no empathy for drug addicts, who may as well been satan worshiping puppy kilkers. he came back from the abyss as a true talent who posessed a genuine likability. who could blame him for not wanting that shit thrown at him at the peak of his comeback.
Amanda M
Amanda M Month ago
@Diax1324 in my opinion, the name being mispronounced from the start was disrespect, they already had no intention of having a good interview. Strike 2 was the backhanded question they asked. They were just the WORST. I wonder what made them want to be so trashy to her, or if they are just trashy ppl?
How about Robert Blake and Piers Morgan? That will NEVER be topped ROFL. I mean Piers is literally accusing him of murder (which he probably was involved in) several times rofl.
In fact it's more awkward than Sacha Baron Cohen interviewing OJ. Lmfao. Robert Blake goes fucking INSANE.
Alpha Red
Alpha Red 3 days ago
I think that poor dude was trying to flirt with her
James P
James P 5 days ago
jaclyn jester
jaclyn jester 5 days ago
The women who interviewed Cara knew she was gonna irritate Cara before the interview shes obviously jealous of her
The Jazz King
The Jazz King 5 days ago
How do people mistaken Fishburne and Jackson for each other?
Tom Campbell
Tom Campbell 5 days ago
Vin comes off as a scumbag moron!
Cody Chabot
Cody Chabot 5 days ago
since when is it innapropriate to tell a beautiful woman shes beautiful? its not gross, and its not cheating either its called being nice and complimenting someone, nd the interviewer said "i didnt like it" than why does she continually say thank you and never once says hey could we maybe not talk about me its making me uncomfertable. but shes a woman so she didnt do that of coarse
Ken Gutierrez
Ken Gutierrez 6 days ago
As much as I like Vin as an actor..... that was a disaster
Chris L
Chris L 7 days ago
Please don't talk so much. I'm 0:38 seconds in and will be blocking your channel.
neoasura 7 days ago
How does that Krishnan Guru Murthy guy still have a job after bombing two interviews like that?
neoasura 7 days ago
How does that Krishnan Guru Murthy guy still have a job after bombing two interviews like that?
Jack Garey
Jack Garey 9 days ago
Jesse eisenburg is a dickhead lol
Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
Handler and Morgan are both awful people
Jason Dubya-DEEZNUTS
Jessie Eisenberg is a scum bag entitled little butt boy
Jaime Ruiz
Jaime Ruiz 11 days ago
When it comes down all these celebrities are assholes they treat their fans like shit screw them
jousif21 15 days ago
how dare you call men jerks. you are puke worthy
Leon Harpley
Leon Harpley 15 days ago
Beumadine Sweevy
Beumadine Sweevy 15 days ago
It may have SOMEthing to do with their living a lie, but, I'd go after the parents, first. They are sad, sad freaks. We KNOW males & females have distinctly different Bones! Whoa Show one that is NOT a transexual fraud. 😂
Beumadine Sweevy
Beumadine Sweevy 15 days ago
Reisen Bunny
Reisen Bunny 15 days ago
Whenever Kanye Wast gets interviewed, I get scared
Aliens are Real
Aliens are Real 16 days ago
You should add Jimmy Fallons interview with Joaquin Phoenix
eternity cosplay
eternity cosplay 18 days ago
This is why i'm cocky with those people
Dank’ntrans 18 days ago
Morgan is a knob 🤪
jenmar45 19 days ago
That reporter is a shmuck
Jeff Piper
Jeff Piper 19 days ago
Umm Vin Diesel is gay no?!
Cesar Valle
Cesar Valle 19 days ago
Cara is the most gorgeous white woman I’ve ever seen
knee knee knee
knee knee knee 20 days ago
"IM SHUTTING YOUR BUTT DOWN!" 😂 😂 😂 get's me everytime
jasonshasen 24 days ago
Sam took that way to far.
Theo 24 days ago
Vin Diesel used to play D&D, so of course he's awkward.
Davy Bo
Davy Bo 24 days ago
Vin was on coke
Gerald O'Hare
Gerald O'Hare 25 days ago
Those people who interviewed the British girl were very rude. I don’t know who they are and I’m American. Maybe they were from some backwater station and they wanted to sound clever. In any case suggesting that an actor doesn’t read is mean spirited.
Barbara Bullington
Barbara Bullington 25 days ago
tarantino got annoyed. So he shot the interviewer.
Ankur Ghosh
Ankur Ghosh 24 days ago
Did u get inspired by his bullying (it was deserved) and changed ur surname to bullington?
Ankur Ghosh
Ankur Ghosh 24 days ago
Logan 26 days ago
WHOOPS! I thought the thumbnail was Michelle Carter!!
just pablo
just pablo 26 days ago
She sounds like Siri.
master ikt
master ikt 26 days ago
Kanye West is such a cockwad talentless big headed fuckweazel
Bizzig TTV
Bizzig TTV 28 days ago
How dare vin diesel compliment a woman on her beauty. And WHILE HE IS MARRIED!?>!?! You're not even supposed to look in the direction of another woman Vin!!! HOW.....DARE.....YOU!!!!
Erudite 28 days ago
That girl wasn't even that hot, Vin Deisel is way too horny, man
iluvrimmel 28 days ago
Damn! The only time I have ever agreed with Chelsea Handler. Ice cold.
Alex J. Qeblawi
Alex J. Qeblawi 28 days ago
That Christian Guru guy is a PoS. His only goal is not to interview the person it's to bait a juicy sound bit.
Jsweizston 28 days ago
Laurence Fishburne should've said.. everyone should know me by know..my daughter is in hardcore porn. Notice how all leftists are douchebags and assholes. Interview Gary Sinise and see what he says to a "bad question".
Lara Stemmer
Lara Stemmer 29 days ago
Reporters are just shit 🙄. Except Kanye he's just an idiot
Marianna Tsemekhman
stop calling people with addictions or anger bad....anger is NOT bad ....its very noraml
Michelle Jollie
Michelle Jollie 29 days ago
Oh spare me! I should like to have a man like Vin Diesel say he was having trouble doing the interview because I was so beautiful. She needs to lighten up. He wasn't disrespectful, I found him adorable.
Michelle Jollie
Michelle Jollie 29 days ago
I don't care for Tom Cruise, never really been a fan (although I did like him in Valkyrie) that being said, when he jumped on O's sofa I laughed. That's all. I didn't really think it was weird.
Caleb Bay
Caleb Bay 29 days ago
Pierce Morgan was cancelled because he was exposed as a socialist tool by ben shapiro.. I think Chelsea Handler just smelled blood in the water.
Xander Zone
Xander Zone 29 days ago
Vin Diesel is making a bad name for my channel
Steve Stockmal
Steve Stockmal 29 days ago
2:21 For the ‘express’ purpose... not expressed !! Grammar police can now go to sleep 😴 😜😜😜😜😜
T Fellino
T Fellino Month ago
Ha. Vin Diesel trying his best impression of a besotted straight man. Meh, I give it a 4.
Angus Jobson
Angus Jobson Month ago
So you list them but don't show them
ALPH4 0M3GA Month ago
No mike Tyson interview?
seanc41556 Month ago
Did you just say "slagged" Americans don't say that word. Stop it
Jakie Senn
Jakie Senn Month ago
God dammit youtube I dont care about fat pants.
Dad Minus One
Dad Minus One Month ago
Vin Diesel is such a bottom feeder. Hate that wannabe tough guy and his BS acting.
ab cd
ab cd 29 days ago
@WrathofBabushka same can be said for the people hating the interviewers
WrathofBabushka 29 days ago
Oh relax, you don't even know the guy. No need for baseless hate.
One4All All4One
One4All All4One Month ago
Murphy next interview: O.J.
Glenn Wishart
Glenn Wishart Month ago
Kanye? You mean Kenny? West? You mean Washington? Kenny Washington .
Forest's Edge Productions
Murphy is such an awful interviewer. Why would you ask TARANTINO that question??? Why would you bring up Robert Downey He’s past like that? jerk.
ab cd
ab cd 29 days ago
He did a mistake forgive him
Phaseryo Month ago
Kanye is has a proven IQ of under 80
NOISYBOY Month ago
Tu é gay mano ?
Brennon Ryan
Brennon Ryan Month ago
What about joaquin Phoenix lmao
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